CMLL on Televisa #1124 (10/20/2012) 
Recapped: 10/23/2012

Announcers introduce the tournament.

Match 1: Diamante Azul vs Último GuerreroVolador Jr.AtlantisLa SombraMr. ÁguilaEuforiaShockerTama TongaMarco CorleoneTerribleRushSuper PorkyKráneoDiamanteMisterioso Jr. in CMLL Leyenda de Azul Tournament match
Arena Mexico, 10/12/2012

  1. Super Porky sit Misterioso (6:20)

  2. Euforia Niravanalock Diamante (13:21)
  3. Diamante Azul German suplex Kraneo (16:55)
  4. Terrible half crab Super Porky (18:24)
  5. Rush double pin Terrible (20:37)
  6. Terrible double pin Rush (20:37)
  7. Euforica Special on Ultimo Guerrero (21:00)
  8. Shocker spear Tama Tonga (22:12)
  9. Mr. Aguila moonsault Shocker (23:30)
  10. Sombra double moonsault Euforia (24:35)
  11. Atlantida on Atlantis (25:18)
  12. Volador mask pull Sombra (26:15)
  13. Ultimo Guerrero inside cradle Atlantis (27:11)
  14. DQ Volador [unmasking Diamante Azul] (29:13)
  15. Diamante Azul grounded crucifix cradle Ultimo Guerrero (34:37)

Winner: Diamante Azul
Match Time: 34:37
Rating: good
Notes: Lineup graphic has quite the goofy Shocker photo. Somehow, they have a video clip of Tonga but not Mr. Aguila. I dunno. Referee is Babe Richard. Break before they get started.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday in Arena Coliseo – Rush, Diamante Azul, Atlantis vs Terrible, Tama Tonga, Volador Jr.

Volador and La Sombra start, where a Sombra flipping run meets superkick. Volador goes right to work at untying Sombra's mask, because he's kind of a jerk. Volador off the ropes, Sombra captures him a 'rana, Sombra shoulderblock, hide in the ropes meets dropkick. Sombra really needs to rethink that. Volador runs, and tope con giros Sombra – but on the técnico side! Tecnicos are all to happy to stomp the crap out of Volador. Rudos have to distract them to allow Volador to escape, and there's some light skirmish between the teams. CMLL must've thought this was an important show, because they had twice as many edecanes as usual and two refs on the outside (Tiger Hispano and Terror Chino) to keep order, which they didn't do last cibernético.

Porky and Ultimo Guerrero in as they resume, UG running over Guerrero with a shoulderblock, but running past him and into an armdrag the next time. Belly bump sends UG out and Porky planchas him from the apron. Tecnicos rush and stomp UG too, but the refs got involved before the fight breaks out again. Clip.

Tonga and Shocker in. Crowd loud for Shocker. These announcers bring up Tonga being son of King Haku too; it would've been nice to show some actual footage of King Haku on the odd chance fans don't remember a guy who was around for a few months twenty years ago. Lockup, Tonga forearms and headbutts. Headlock, shot off, shoulderblock, neither man goes down, both are fired up. Both off the ropes, clothesline, neither guys goes down. Punch and slap exchange, Tonga off the ropes, and into a Shocker boot. Shocker makes the tag to Marco. Crowd is loud or way turned up today, not sure. Tonga gets away, so Marco does his dance.

Terrible tags in, and they have a chop vs punch exchange of their own. Terrible wins via kick. Whip, clotheslines misses, Marco head down way too soon, Terrible kicks it. Terrible clothesline misses, Marco armdrag, armdrag, Terrible kicks him back in the corner, Marco flips him to the apron, miss the punch, Terrible slaps, Marco punches him down anyway.

Aguila and Rush in, so many boos. Aguila stuns Rush with a chop, flips off the rope, ducks a clothesline, and headscissors Rush. Just when it seem to be going well for Aguila, Rush lays him out with a superkick (or Aguila falls down before it gets there.) Rush stomps him out, then rolls and poses.

Euforia in while Rush posing, but Rush backs out to tag Diamante Azul. Clotheslines, neither man goes down. Clothesline, neither man goes down. Azul clothesline misses, headlock, shot off, missing a Azul clothesline and into the super armdrag. Flashy elbow drop follows. Euforia out, Azul rolling and challenging him to go in.

Tags. Porky in again? He's versus Misterioso? Misterioso bullies Porky and knocks him down with a clothesline. Stomps. Headlock – Porky with a frighting back suplex to escape. Whip, Misterioso tries a sunset flip, Porky sit one two three. Nice day's work, Misterioso. Actually that back suplex was scary enough. 14 to go.

Clip. Atlantis and Kraneo in and avoiding each other. Atlantis gives Kraneo a big running monkey flip, and a huge quebradora.

Tags to Ultimo Guerrero and Sombra, UG immediately landing a back elbow. Whip, UG flips off Sombra's chest, and over the top with a headscissors. Huge tope con giro wipes out Guerrero and almost sends Sombra into the barricade. Of bigger problem are the rudos stomping Sombra, Volador leading the charge. Técnicos rush over to fight, and the refs barely keep it apart.

Diamante and Terrible in. Terrible is not impressed. Kicks to the leg, shot to the chest, slap to the back of the head. Whip, Diamante back with a headscissors. Diamante off the ropes, tope con giro – finally some one did it it on the right side. Técnicos stomp Terrible instead. Rudos don't try to make a run this time.

Volador and Shocker in. Volador fakes a handshake and Shocker oles him. Volador keeps going for it, then slaps Shocker down. Volador turns around and taunts the entire técnico side! Volador spits, and suddenly Marco is in to kill him. Volador makes the ref tell Marco to leave. Volador clothesline misses, Shocker Stunner, quebradora, second quebradora, third quebradora. Shocker goes for more, but Volador slips away and out.

Rush and Tonga in. Forehead to forehead before shoving. Long clip, and Rush is out of the ring when they come back. Marco is advising Rush about something. That must've not gone well.

Sombra now in with Tonga. Sombra headlocks, shot off, Sombra shoulderblock, Tonga doesn't go down. Tonga yells. Sombra off the ropes, under, over, double chop knocks Sombra down. Tonga poses. Tonga of the ropes, but Rush (now on the apron), grabs Tonga by the hair, then steps in and throws Tonga down. Kicks and stomps on the floor. Sombra tries to pull Rush off, but Rush convinces him to lift Tonga up so they both can hit him. Tonga tries to give up, but he's pull in the corner for chops. Rush chokes him too. Sombra's not really sure if he should stay or go. Double corner whip, Tonga leaps over Sombra and dropkicks Rush. Sombra watches as Tonga stomps in Rush's direction, Rush rolling out before he can. Hmm. Sombra kicks Tonga to get him back in the match. Corner whip, Tonga kicks Sombra away, Tonga charges out into a boot, Tonga turns and tries a top rope springboard, but slips and falls embarrassingly in the ring. Sombra poses to call for his moonsault. He lifts a fighting Tonga up, drops him in the corner, and lands it. Rope flip moonsault, one two NO. They replay the botched spot from another angle, because CMLL is so weird. And now I really want to know what they cut out since they left that in (and Rush was clearly upset about whatever had happened.)

Diamante and Euforia in as they continue. Euforia misses a clothesline, Diamante flips over Euforia back, Euforia drops Diamante with a clothesline. Euforia takes a second to yell at Rush, which is really not a wise mood right now. Rush storms in, but Euforia uses Babe Richard to send him out. Rush swats Diamante in the head as he finally gets up. Whip, Diamante with an over head headscissors. Diamante fireman's drop, Rush and Sombra in, Diamante backdropped into a 450 splash. Diamante hangs out to cover, but referee is distracted by UG running cross ring and forearming Rush in the back of the head. Babe Richard stops to count, one two UG breaks it up with a dropkick, and then bails. Just back to the legal two in. Euforia slaps Diamante. Corner whip, charge, no one home. Diamante fireman drop in front of the corner, up top, 450 splash, no one home, Diamante rolls thru, Euforia throws him in the corner – Niravanalock! Euforia can't get the sleeper portion on but Diamante gives up quick anyway.

Atlantis and Ultimo Guerrero in. UG knocks Atlantis over with a clothesline. Shoulderblock, evasion, Atlantis monkey roll, and Atlantis goes flying over the top rope. Atlantis runs – tope on the rudo side. Still a bad idea. Atlantis rolls, and the técnicos get there quick.

Terrible and Shocker back in. Shocker trips Atlantis from the mat, misses a dropkick, and Terrible kicks him in the spine. Shocker slapped into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Terrible bounces out and dropkicks Dorada instead. Terrible charge in, Shocker drops down, Terrible takes the hip bounce out. Weird clip here, and back to see Rush and Terrible fighting each other on the outside. A ref gets in a way, and Rush almost this him. Rush turns around, and Tonga comes out of nowhere to leap on Rush's back and start punching him in the head. Everyone swarms in to break it up as if it's legit for a second (and I'm not sure!) Volador runs towards the fight, then realizes Rush is getting loose and finds himself a safe place to kick from. Rush either shoves or punches Sombra in his rage, then trips over Aguila and falls tot eh ground while trying to get after something. Tonga is behind him, far behind him, but Rush has lost his mind. Euforia almost gets racked around the post, but is freed. The riot settles down and the técnicos go back to their side, totally oblivious to Atlantis still fighting Tonga. The rudos maul Atlantis for about twenty seconds before Marco leaps over to make the save. That settles it down.

Azul and Kraneo in. Azul off the ropes, over, into a dropkick to the knee. Azul press slam on Kraneo! Azul grabs his back, then covers, one two no. Replay of the dropkick, not the pres slam. Kraneo back elbows Azul in the corner and does a wacky dance. This match needs a wacky dance to calm down. Corner charge misses, Azul waistlock, Kraneo switch, Azul switch – Azul German suplex! He can't hold the bridge. One two three.

Terrible & Porky in, Terrible corner clothesline Porky, Porky revers a whip and belly bumps him in the corner. Corner sit. Porky goes for another one, at the encouragement of his corner (Sombra very much wants it), but takes way too long and gets dropkicked instead. Terrible titled crab, Porky done.

Rush in, wanting Terrible to stay. Terrible just laughs. Mr. Aguila comes in, a braver man than I. Rush leaves the ring, and decides he's just go to have a chop fight with Terrible in the middle of the rudos. Rudos actually give him space, for to have an even battle, but UG helps Terrible toss Rush back in. Kraneo is being escorted to the back by the doctor, holding his neck. Terrible and Rush in, as we see another play of the German suplex (and Ultimo Guerrero freaking out in the background.) Back in time to see Rush do his invisible kick into the crowd. Marco and Rush check out how far it went. Rush goes back to kicking Terrible in the chest. Chop. Corner whip. Rush charges in, stops short, and slaps Terrible in the face. Terrible out and dropkicking Rush. Crowd is happy with that. Terrible tries a roll up that will never work, Rush small package, both men pinned, one two three. Sombra is standing right outside the ring next to the pin and has no idea Rush got pinned too. Neither does rush, who tries to choke out Babe Richard. Terrible seems okay with eliminating Rush.

Break. Ultimo Guerrero and Marco in. Evasion, sunset flip, Marco dance, and Euforia slips him before he finishes. Whip by the Guerreros, Marco leapfrog and clotheslining run. UG takes the stone punch. Marco stands them both up for the clothesline, but only hits UG and Euforia shoulderblocks him down. Whip, double shoulderblock, does goes Marco. Euforica Special! UG covers, one two three.

UG leaves as Shocker comes in. Tonga in to face him. Replay of the last finish. Corner whip, Tonga corner splash lands. Atlantis tags in, Tonga hits him as he does, and elbows him in the back of the head to knock him down. Shocker whipped cross ring, but Tonga misses the splash this time. Shocker chops, whip the other way, quebradora by Atlantis. Tonga slow up, quebradora again. Shocker winds up his right arm, Tonga clothesline misses, Shocker spears him. Why did you swing your arm for that? Atlantis covers on two three.

Aguila in, flipping out of a Shocker hiptoss but still eating a boot to the face. Corner whip, reversed, Aguila charges in, Shocker moves, Aguila hits the corner. Aguila bends over for the next spot, too soon for Shocker, and then they get lost a moment. Aguila just breaks free and heels kicks him, thens laps Shocker in the corner of the ring. Aguila moonsault one two three. Aguila turns a bit on the landing, his hip might have hit Shocker in the face.

Euforia in, knocks down by a Shocker springboard plancha. Sombra clothesline misses. Euforia back elbows him. Euforia off the ropes, rope bounce escape. Euforia clothesline misses, Shocker powerslams him. Double moonsault lands well one two three. Things are picking up. Six to go.

Volador and Azul in, Volador kicking Azul questionably low. Corner whip, Volador corner splash misses, Azul monkey flips him cross the ring. Tonga still hanging out on the ramp for some reason. Azul monkey flips Volador across the ring again. Volador rolls out, Azul the other way.

Atlantis in and monkey flipping Aguila, bu Aguila lands on his feet. Aguila jumping heel kick, but Atlantis moves out of the way. Aguila runs into the Atlantida, he's done.

Sombra and Volador in. Evasion, dueling flipping urns, Sombra just a bit better. Sombra springboard backspin headscissors. Volador dazed, and walking into a Somrba's fireman's lift – but Volador pulls off his mask! Sombra's face is exposed for a split second before Volador cradles him into a pin, one two three.

Down to Diamante Azul, Atlantis, Volador and Ultimo Guerrero. Volador puts Azul on the top rope, and goes to unite his mask too. Volador pulls it off in front of Azul's face, Azul barely keeping it down. Azul frees himself, and flips Volador to the apron, but Volador swing kicks him away. Flying headscissors sends Azul to the ramp. Atlantis in, Volador escapes for a tilt-a-whirl, Volador kicks Atlantis and holds him, UG rushes in – and dropkicks Volador by mistake. Atlantis quebradora on UG, Azul apron tope con giro on Volador. Atlantida on UG – no, Guerrero rolls thru, one two three! UG might have had tights pull there, wasn't clear. Atlantis doesn't protest,

Azul and a tired Volador in as they resume. Volador double rotation headscissors gets screwed up. Azul sets Volador down, Volador slips behind Azul, turns him, and blatantly unmasks him. Volador is done with this man and this match, he just don't care.

Graphic for the final, Ultimo Guerrero vs Diamante Azul. They're chopping it out as the match resume. Corner whip, reversed – no, stopped, and Azul puts UG in on the tope rope. Pulled down into the tree of woe. Kick, back up, charge, and the Azul corner senton. One two NO. Corner whip, UG sits on top. Don't go up! You are not Místico! Miguel is calling it before it happens. Azul charges, jabbed, front superplex one two NO. UG off the ropes, jumping into Azul's arm, swinging side slam one two NO. UG set up on the top rope, Azul climbs up with him – top rope 'rana blocked into a superbomb. I'm really sad I didn't have my Ultimo Guerrero bingo card ready. Two count. UG up first, but Azul grabs him first, press slam one two NO. UG up and chopping. UG waistlock, Azul switching quick German suplex one two NO. Azul can't believe it, that always works. Replay again. Azul dumps UG in front of the corner. This is a horrible idea! Azul climbs up, and UG crotches him. Fans boo. Guerrero Special – connects, Azul taking quite a header on it one two NO. Azul cradle one two three! UG sure likes that finish.

Azul gets his plaque and belt. He must be totally shocked about how much he looks like that mask since he's never considered such a thing prior. Replays.