CMLL on Televisa #1123 (10/13/2012) 

Match 1: Guerrero Maya Jr., Sagrado, Valiente © vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Taichi ©
Arena Mexico, 10/05/2012

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time 15:49
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Babe Richard. Monito is with the tenicocs.

1: Okumura and Maya start off with basic hold for hold and don’t get two far in their two minutes in. Sagrado flips in to face Namajague, who’s not nearly as excited. Namajague tries headlocks and armbars, but is just armdragged away. Namajague does better for himself when they’re actually on the mat grabbing holds, but neither man gets one for long. Valiente comes in for his turn, and Namajague fakes like he’s going to fight him before facing Taichi. Taichi laughs at Valiente! That’s not nice. Valiente rallies the crowd, and Taichi eye rakes him, before stomp and forearming Valiente down. Taichi doing a bit of Nakamura like mannerisms right now. Whip, clothesline misses, Valiente back with a headscissors, Taichi out, Valiente just gets him on a tope. Taichi was all the way back to the barricade, tough to hit him here. Maya in, but Namajague slaps him down. Corner whip, Namajague charges into Maya’s kick, then Sagrado flattens him with plancha. Okumura pulls Sagrado down from the outside and fixes things in the ring – German suplex, Michinoku Driver, that’s it.

Announcers say hello.

Mercurio vs Fantasy promo

CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Mexico, Mercurio vs Fantasy

2: Taichi rushes out of the ring to hit on the edecan, Valiente goes after him, and the rest of the Japanese attack Valiente. Valietne’s left laying on the ramp, and Sagrado’s back elbowed in the ring. Namajague bows before double chopping Sagrado. Dr. Morales calls them “el Sushi trio!” Because they’re Japanese, you see. Okumura with a corner back elbow and a corner clothesline the other way. Kick to the ribs. Taichi in, and throwing Sagrado out. Maya in, ready to fight. Taichi lets Maya have one free chop to the face, then gouges his eyes. Taichi now doing Rainmaker poses – and then he does the Rainmaker! It could use some work. A lot of work. Two count. Okumura in, Maya fights back with elbows, ducks a clothesline, but still runs into a quebradora. Okumura gives Maya a second, but can only get a two count. Whip, reversed, Maya with his own quebradora. Namajague sees this going wrong and kicks Maya, but Maya is able to roll out and Valiente comes in. Namajague is not sure about this. Chop to Valiente, Valiente chops back harder. Taichi hits Valiente from behind. Valiente tries to rally back and hit both, but they knock him down and stomp him out. Sagrado in but missing a dropkick. Corner whip, Sagrado kicks away Okumura as he charges in, they reverse whips, and Okumura lands his corner clothesline anyway. Valiente in and backdropping Okumura, then setting up for a monkey flip – we don’t see it, but we hear it, then see them trying it again. The monkey flip just leaves Sagrado standing in the middle of the ring, still waiting for Okumura to get up and get closer to him. Valiente runs, and Sagrado tentatively waves him into a dropkick on Okumura. Taichi kicks Sagrado out, Namajague dropkicks Valiente in the knee. Taichi up top, plancha onto Valiente. Maya in with a plancha on Namajague, then gets up and grabs him – Sacrifica Maya. Sagrado drops Okumura in position and lands his springboard moonsault to take the fall.

3: Rudos stall for a while, then Taichi begs off for a while until the others attack Sagrado from behind. Taichi doesn’t do much with him. Everyone takes turn pinning Sagrado in an armbar and hitting his arm. Taichi kicks Sagrado in the chest for a while. Corner whip, corner back elbow, corner back elbow, Taichi stops short and slaps Sagrado. I liked that better when Misterioso did it. Sagrado comes right back with a hiptoss. Taichi flips him the apron, Sagrado swing kicks him from there and comes in with a springboard silla. Headscissors ends Sagrado out. Namajague in, kick caught and dropped into the splits, and Sagrado knocks him over with a dropkick. Namajague up but staggered – and Maya takes him over with a flying armdrag. Maya off the ropes, armdrag sends Namajague spinning out. Okumura mocks Maya’s posing, but Maya pull him down by the hair for a quick count. Jumping armdrag by Maya, then a spinning one sends Okumura out. Okumura rolls and poses. Valiente in and catapulting Namajague with a springboard armdrag, then dropping him by a short clothesline. Valiente jumping splash for two. Valiente rallies the crowd. Namajague wristlock, Valiente starts with another one by Namajague kicks him free, walks up the ropes and does the Jinsei Shinzaki prayer rope walk! This is going perfectly fine until Valiente starts to break free, and Taichi kicks the ropes out from under Namajague by mistake. Namajague lands hard on the ropes. Valiente takes care both of the other rudos, dropkicks Okumura out, and Maya topes him into the ramp. Sagrado out the other way, springboard tope con giro onto Sagrado. Taichi and Valiente left in, Taichi kick to the midsection works, Valiente ducks the high head kick, Valiente Cracker, one two three. Hooray!

Sagrado remembers Monito is there, and has him hip smash Taichi in the head. Nice way for Taichi to go out.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – Psicosis, Olímpico, Kraneo vs Delta, Guerrero Maya, Atlantis

and hype for next Friday.

Match 2: Felino, Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas vs Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush
Arena Mexico, 10/05/2012

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:42
Rating: ok
Notes: Both trios enter as groups. Zacarias is in his Thing gear. Pesta Negra attack before the whistle. Referee is Maya.

1: Brawling beatdown. Negro kicks and elbows Rush while Felino bites Máximo. Niebla slaps Felino down on the outside. Rush gives Zacarias a death stare, that’s no good. Whip, back elbow, down goes Máximo. Felino holds him over the ropes for kicks and headbutts. Rush comes in, Felino gets cared, but Negro attacks Rush from behind. Niebla comes over to get in his short, and makes a point of not budging a millimeter when Rush chops him back and spits on Rush when Felino gets a hold of him. Big slap to the head too. Felino strips off his garbage man vest, to reveal his normal vest underneath. Kicks for Marco. Stomps, leg splitter, dropkick to the face for Marco. Corner whip, Marco evades and clothesline down two rudos, Negro throws him out, Máximo knocks Negro out of the ring and topes him, while Rush and Marco dive into the ring . Rush’s tope con giro just brushes Niebla, so he adds a double stomp before the pin.

2: Máximo gets the better of Negro. Rush in and posing glorious. Felino competes for cheers. Felino strips off his other vest, then rubs his backside and rubs it on Rush. Rush angrily shoulderblocks and stomps him. Evasion, Rush elbow smash wins. Kick to the side of face, out goes Felino, in comes Niebla with chops and slaps. Niebla dance. Spit is – caught! Niebla is very happy. Is his mask broken? Maybe just unsnapped. Rush puts him down with a superkick. Rush in and battering Rush with kicks to the chest and the head. Rush turns the tables with chops and kicks and choke in the corner, then argues with the referee like a good técnico. Maya threatens the DQ, but Máximo talks him out of it. Rush back to work with kicks and punches. Corner whip, charge, Negro kicks Rush away, Negro clothesline Rush, but Rush won’t go down. Rush dropkicks him out, fakes the dive, and poses. Niebla in, Marco in, waving and dancing. Niebla up to the bottom rope to get the leverage, but Marco headbutts the hand. Niebla to the middle rope, Marco elbows the hand. Felino helps Niebla to the top rope – so does Máximo! That gets a rebuke form Rush. Marco can still high five. Niebla loses his balance and crotches himself on the corner, though Marco punches him anyway. Felino rubs his hand in his armpit and offers it for a high five. Marco declines, and punches him in the face. Negro in and kicking and chopping. Testicular claw? Corner whip, reverses, Marco charges in, Negro kicks him away, Marco fights back with a punch and Negro starts to fall down. Marco catches him with one hand and sets Negro back in the corner for another punch. Negro set all the way up on top of a chop battle, and still getting the worse of it. He kicks at Marco, but then jumps off right into the clothesline. Niebla and Felino check on Negro and then both trying chopping Marco. Sunset flip, Marco dances, Niebla clotheslines him over, both Niebla and Felino cover, referee won’t count as long as Niebla is covering and Niebla doesn’t know this for a while. Finally, Niebla lets go – and it’s a three count? Huh.

That’s the fall, though the rudos still beat up on Rush, and Zac stomps Marco.

3: Niebla and Máximo comedy. Máximo tags out to Rush, who tries to take on everyone and just gets booted out. Marco punches everyone then slaps Rush to come in and join him. Rush is always willing to help hit people. They thru Felino into the corner a couple and slap him. Rush spits too, which Felino is okay with. Corner whip, corner clothesline by Máximo, and he goes on all fours to boost Rush’s dropkick. Marco adds his springboard clothesline. Maxim covers one two – and then stops covering or Felino gets up, it’s not clear. Máximo half crab while the other two técnicos cradle the rudos, one two NO. Máximo and Rush chop Niebla down and hold him upside down, and Máximo crawls over for the kiss. Niebla starts to roll away, Máximo pretends to grab his mask, bends over and hikes it to Marco, and Rush kicks the invisible mask into the crowd. They all watch it go. They’ve all finally lost their minds! So sad. Peste Negra rush the técnicos and send everyone but Marco out Felino plancha on Máximo, Negro silla on Rush. Niebla and Marco in, Niebla dancing and not paying attention Marco. Marco up and punching him, then landing the Aero Italiano to the floor on everyone. Zacarias in – no, Zacarias back to his corner as Niebla, Rush and Marco come in. doubles suplex, Rush stomps, Máximo top rope splash one two three. That’s it.

Técnicos celebrate with their pose. Announcers wrap up, then set up the Fantasy/Mercurio video package once more. They’re trying hard with this match, and what an odd match to try with.