CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #323 (10/13/2012) 
Recapped: 10/16-17/2012

Guest announcers is Amapola.

Match 1: Hombre Bala Jr., Sensei ©, Super Halcon Jr. vs Bobby Zavala, Disturbio, Hijo del Signo ©
Arena Mexico, 10/05/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:05
Rating: good!
Notes: Tecnicos seem like they all new music, but maybe it's just been a while since I've heard their music. Zavala now has sunglasses. Referee is Rodolfo.

1: Halcón and Signo start in the ring while Disturbio poses on the buckle. Zavala does the same. They're not missing much. Sensei and Disturbio are next, but Disturbio tells Sensei to hold up, pulls out hachimaki (martial arts headband) and puts it on! Kata. Bow. Sensei actually bows back, and Disturbio kicks him. Half crab, which I believe is a kung fu hold. Sensei stands up out of and flips free, then snap mares Disturbio out of head band. Chinlock, Disturbio escapes to an armbar, Sensei to a leg bar. Sensei armdrags Disturbio to the ropes. Disturbio frustratingly tags out. Tag to Zavala and Bala. Bala has pointy nose on his (new) mask. No mouth either, no sure how he's breathing out of that thing. Face slaps exchange, evasion off the ropes, whip, reversed, Zavala misses a clothesline, Bala headscissors him. Chop sends Zavala into the ropes. Whip, reversed, Halcón flipping armdrag and Zavala goes spinning and swinging out. Bala flips Signo with a dropkick to the knee, and kicks him in the back. Halcón flips in, evasion, slow motion quebradora falls apart. Dropkick sends Sign out. Disturbio back elbows Halcón, then takes a shot at Sensei while he's at it. Quick trip on the ropes, and a legdrop on the apron. Disturbio is very happy with how this is going. Back in, and Sensei lands on him with a plancha for two. Disturbio clothesline misses, he kicks sent into the corner, misses the charge, Sensei pushes off headscissors takes Disturbio out. Zavala in, Sensei evasion includes a cartwheel, but Zavala calmly dropkicks him out. Halcón in, but kicks as he does. Whip, backdrop, Zavala sharp dropkick. Zavala stops to show off anew pose, then kicks Sensei as he comes in, scoop, slam, tag to Signo, top rope splash by Signo one two three.

2: Disturbio whips Halcón into kicks from the rudos. Double clothesline by the unmasked rudos, Halcón slide out to the apron, and Signo adds a sliding dropkick. Signo and Sensei in, Sensei lands some leg kicks, but Signo spins him around and slaps him in the face. Unmasked guys in, Dropkick to the head, dropkick to the side. Bala charge in, but the rudos all stomp him down. Whip, rope bounce, triple dropkick. Rudos are rolling. Halcón misses a dropkick and is chopping into the rudo corner for more stomping. Whip, double clothesline misses, Halcón springboard flip escape, backwards roll, Signo grabs him, other rudos chop him by mistake. Other rudos block Halcon's kick and kick him out, Sensei flying armdrags Disturbio out, Zavala kicks him, Bala armdrags him. Bala armdrags and dropkicks Zavala out. Disturbio back in and chopping all the técnicos, but they all go after him with kicks and punches. Disturbio booted out. Signo tries hitting everyone, and this time it's the técnicos taking each other out by mistake. Sensei still blocks a Signo punch, and traps him in an armscissors for the submission. Other rudos stay far away from the ring.

3: Sensei kicks around Signo, and headscissors him away. A nice bit of Sensei as unbeatable at strikes, blocking every Signo try and hitting him back harder. Sensei lands big jumping spinning heel kick, and Signo gets out. Disturbio and Halcón in. Shoving, where Halcón somehow shoves Disturbio down. Halcón jumping shoulderblocks looks odd, gets two. Halcón slaps Disturbio into the corner. Corner whip, reverses, Halcón escapes out of the ring, flipping push off headscissors sends Disturbio cross ring. Whip, Halcón sends him out with a slow spinning armdrag. Fake dive pose. Bala and Zavala last. Zavala knocks Bala down with a back elbow. Bala slaps him back. Zavala slaps Bala, Bala dropkick him in the chest. Off the ropes, over, waved by, springboard tope knocks Zavala down. Slap sends Zavala into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Bala bounces out and leapfrog over Zavala, then kicks him into the corner. Bala running double knee into the corner, cutter out of it. Bala off the ropes, grabs the ropes (?) Zavala charges, Bala kicks, Zavala flips him to the apron, Disturbio trips Bala off and Zavala rolls into a guillotine pescado Disturbio flapjacks Halcón, running legdrop to the back of the head, one two NO. Disturbio picks Halcón on his shoulders, Halcón slips free, superkick, and a running dropkick to knock Disturbio face first into the corner. Amapola yells at that one. Drapping spinning DDT one two NO. Disturbio will not go down so easily, I Guess. Counters lead to a Halcón rolling reverse cradle with bridge, Disturbio turns it into a double pin, Rodolfo shrugs and counts one two three. Double pin outside a cibernetico!

Signo misses a kick, and Sensei inside cradles him for two. Sensei pump kick misses, Signo chops him down. Corner whip, Sensei kips up, Signo slips under for a big spinebuster. Signo lock, Sensei is done, and the técnicos have taken it.

Match 2: La Máscara, La Sombra, Místico © vs Dragón Rojo Jr. ©, Euforia, Rey Escorpión
Arena Mexico, 10/05/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 13:59
Rating: good considering the angle
Notes: Rudos still come out together to the Guerreros music. Dragon has his new belt and he and Rey Escorpion are best buds. Euforia is aware he's probably not going to like this but is gamely going ahead. Referee is Tirantes.

1: Dragon Rojo and Sombra takes turns backing each other into corners. Dragon Rojo is feeling extra confident after last week, and slaps Sombra in the face. Sombra immediately takes him down and they go back and forth with quick pins. Sombra up, rope bounce jumping snap mare, quick covers gain, and face off though Sombra wouldn't actually face Dragon Rojo. Tags to Mascara and Rey Escorpion, which armdrags and more quick pins. Místico anticipates is spot to come in a bit too soon, but does hold up until Máscara has reversed a sunset flip to set up a Místico plancha. Místico headscissors him out, Euforia shoulderblocks him out., Sombra springboard sillas him. Euforia back up and missing a dropkicks and Sombra takes him over with a rope bounce headscissors. Sombra goes for a dive, Dragon Rojo waves him by and gives the spinning faceslam. Mascara in, rolling dropkick send Dragon Rojo out. Rey Escorpion in and kicking Mascara, Místico back in with a springboard headscissors. Euforia back in – infinite cycle! - and tripping up Místico, but Sombra springboards back in and dropkicks him out. Okay, no more rudos for the moment, so Sombra boosts Místico out of the ring into a crazy headscissors on Euforia. That looked so dangerous, but they pulled it off. Rojo back in, Sombra dumps him in the corner of the ring, double moonsault, three count. Mascara gets the campana on Rey Escorpion, though it's beside the point.

2: Místico evades Escorpion, including flipping off his chest, before coming up with a headscissors into an armdrag. Crowd is loudly cheering him. Euforia flips Místico to the ramp, Místico avoids the kick and kicks Euforia down. Místico backs up, charges and doe s no hands flip into the ring into a headscissors. Místico sent in to the corner just long enough for Euforia to misses a charge, then sent the other way to be flipped to safety by Sombra. Sombra charges in and back elbows Euforia. Dragon Rojo grabs at Euforia from the outside, but he just looks at keeps going. Headscissors ends Euforia down, then a 'rana sends him out. Rojo in, yelling, and missing. Sombra is up, down, and dropkicking. Shoulderblock, springboard - and backpresses in a Dragon Rojo dropkick. High ten for Rey Escorpion as we get a replay of Sombra jumping backwards into a dropkick. Rojo awkwardly big boots Máscara after they come back. Whip, high kick, misses, but back elbow still lands for Rojo. High ten Rey Escorpion, mean gesture to Euforia. Hmm. Euforia is sad. Whip, head down too soon, Máscara kicks it and down goes Dragon Rojo. Dragon Rojo clothesline misses, and Máscara superkicks him. Rey Escorpion clothesline misses, quebradora for him. Mascara off the ropes, Euforia hits and grabs him, but his rudo partners chop him to the floor by mistake. They turns around and kick Mascara down, but the técnicos quickly gets them with a headscissors. Técnicos set up, run, stereo tope con giro wipe out all the rudos. Escorpion and Mascara back in and chopping each other. Máscara of the ropes, onto Escorpion's shoulders, and around into a 'rana one two NO. Máscara casadora, campana – no Euforia breaks it up with a chop and covers. Tirantes won't count until Rey Escorpion rolls out, and he does so slowly. Still, same two count. Mascara drop toe hold, casita, Euforia blocks it and cradles, on Místico break it up. Whip, reversed, Euforia knocks down Místico, and Místico users Euforia's leverage to get up to his shoulder. Euforia teases a powerbomb, but Místico turns into a sunset flip one two NO. Both up, Euforia feeds his arm to Místico, Místico puts on the armscissors. Dragon Rojo break is it up. Corner whip, charging clothesline, corner whip, charge clothesline, Rojo forward tirabuzón cradle, one two three? Tirantes stated to count three, stopped, then count three. Everyone is totally confused for a moment, then Tirantes raises Rojo's arm like it was supposed to happen. Místico never got his shoulder up, Tirantes just counted oddly.

Rudos beat up técnicos on the outside.

3: Rojo and Escorpion boot Sombra out. Flapjack and kick to the back for Místico. Máscara and Escorpion have the worst punch battle, just tapping each other in the face for a bi and not moving their head. They both pick it up, but it's laughable moment. Máscara sidesteps a corner whip, superkicks Euforia, then stands around with Rey Escorpion before they get the quebradora worked out. Sombra comes in to send Rojo out, then follows with a moonsault to the floor. Escorpion's shoulders Rey Escorpion out, and follows with a tope that almost sends Escorpion over the rail. Místico back in, backspin headscissors sends Euforia out, and Místico follows with a big shooting star press to the floor. Sombra helps Místico up and huddles with Mascara. Sombra's elected to go back in and face Dragon Rojo. Rojo stand waiting, so Sombra flips over him, and Northern lights suplexes him for two. Escorpion dived in to break the pin, but would've been short. Sombra dumps Dragon Rojo in the corner, goes up the wrong way, and missile dropkicks Escorpion while landing a senton on Dragon Rojo. I guess it was the right way! One tow Escorpion recovers enough to break it up. Escorpion grabs Sombra and says this is it – sit down powerbomb. One two NO. Escorpion slams Sombra in the corner and tags in Dragon Rojo, but Sombra shakes the ropes by jumping in himself to stomp Sombra. Dragon Rojo falls, and Escorpion rushes in to shove Euforia. Mascara in, Escorpion grabs him, but Euforia hits Rey Escorpion by not so total mistake. Euforia drops Máscara with a faceslam and dropkicks him out, then follows with a big tope. Better to be outside right now anyway. Other four in, Sombra reverses a whip and sends Dragon Rojo to Místico. Místico drops Rojo in the corner as Sombra drops Escorpion in the opposite one. Both up – rope flip moonsault, shooting star press, one two three.

Euforia comes back in and kicks Dragon Rojo and Rey Escorpion as they're down. Euforia turns to leave, but not quick enough, and Dragon Rojo and Rey Escorpion pulls him down and stomp him. Rudos rip up Euforia's pants – not only does he have knee pads on, but his left knee is quite wrapped. Escorpion gets the microphone to mock Ultimo Guerrero, and say it's him and Dragon Rojo who are Otra Nivel. Rojo says the Guerreros are done. Rudos finish with Euforia's pants, and go after his mask next, pulling it off and posing with it.