AAA on Televisa (Regional) #48 (10/07/2012) 
Recapped: 10/12/12

Open goes right into hype for Heroes Inmortales: tomorrow.

the monster Abyss overly dramatic promo. Joe Lider thinks he's hardcore, Vampiro thanks he can fight them, but they're both sadly mistaken. A lesson in pain, humility and devastation. Their blood will be Abyss and Chessman's hands. Anything goes! They'll be victorious, and Lider & Vampiro will be laying in a pool of their own blood. This is over the top but would be good if it wasn't about this match.

Video package about Pena creating the minis division, so they're having a minis match at Heroes Inmortlaes. It's a reason!

Trios match hype.

Promos between Cuervo and Jack and Psicosis and Teddy hyping up the cage match. They're outdoors, and Jack appears to be practicing climbing (!!) in some shots. Psicosis is acting crazy. Teddy is not acting. Jack is so bored with facing Teddy. Teddy can drop naughty language. Jack points out he wins between them every time.

Skipping to the only new match...

Match 3: Alebrije, Fenix, Samurai del Sol vs Devil Rocker, Machine Rocker, Soul Rocker
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, EdM, 09/16/2012

Winner: Infierno Rockers
Match Time: 16:22
Rating: ok
Notes: Rockers have slightly different gear this week. I can tell them apart by their number of sleeves! Announcer mentions Samurai del Sol as a champion in GALLI. So weird. Fenix has a sombrero he can't keep on. Referee is Piero.

Alebrije and Devil battle with armdrags to a draw. Fenix flips and faces off with Soul Rocker. Fenix gets in armdrag, which Soul argues is a hair pull, then argues with the crowd. Fenix quickly gives him a multiple kiup up armdrag to prove the point, then fake dive poses. Fenix loiters in the ring, and Machine springboard dropkick him out of it. Samurai faces off with him, but gets slapped down. Samurai turns around a whip, flips off Machine in the corner, charge in again, gets flipped to the apron, kicks Machine back, and comes off the top with a tornillo armdrag. Samurai flips to the apron, fights Machine off and comes in over his shoulders for a headscissors to send Machine out the other way. Samurai goes to the top rope, almost looses his balance, and comes off with a big headscissors to the floor. Soul in to face Alebrije, though Cuije wants to fight instead and won't let them start without him. Cuije keeps trying until he gives in. Cuije warms up with punches, push-ups, sits up, and faces off with Soul. Soul tease punching, Cije covers up, Soul celebrates, Alebrije kicks Soul and leaves as if Cuije did it. They're trying the old routines, I see. Repeat, this time Alebrije getting in a slap. Soul finally just slaps Cuije down, then rocks out. Cuije is still down, so Soul sets him on the top rope of técnico corner, slaps him, and turns away to dance. Técnicos stand Cuije up, and he comes off the top rope with a tornillo. Alebrije and Cuije work together, splash Soul, but only gets two. Soul escapes a quebradora, celebrate again, and Cuije shoves him to the floor. Machine grabs Cuije, and tosses him away. Alebrije knocks down Soul, then adds a springboard dropkick. Alebrije misses a clothesline, and Machine slaps him down. Machine backs up, charge, and takes a monkey flip all the way to the floor. That sure seems let Semental. Devil checks on his partner, but gets goosed by Cuije. Devil chases him around, Cuije slaps and falls down early, Devil stops to laugh, Cuije gets up and runs away, and Alebrije gives Devil a quebradora. Alebrije brings Cuije back in to celebrate. Fenix fins an odd way to get in a knee to the head on Devil Rocker, and headscissors him into the técnico corner. Fenix charges, Devil moves, charge back, Fenix flips him to the apron, Devil celebrates, Fenix walks up the corner and takes a coupe steps on the ropes to kick Devil down. Fenix runs – huge tope, going along away and still making an impact. Fenix comes back in and celebrates. Machine and Samurai in, slaps versus forearms. Samurai off the ropes, and Machine hammers him with a clothesline. Rudos clear off the other técnicos, guess they're taking over. Samurai draped off the ropes, and Soul splashes him. Alebrije in but knocked down, corner clotheslines for him, Machine walks up the ropes for a neat rolling senton. Fenix in and attacking everyone while they fool around. No one fools around like the Infierno Rockers. They get it together and stomp Fenix. Rudos spin Fenix into a triple press slam and dropkick him out. Samurai duck a double clothesline to start the comeback. Rocker who didn't get hit by the first hit Samurai down, but kips and flips off from the mat to get knock them both loose with armdrags. Fenix in, boost dropkick takes other another Rocker, and a Samurai boost headscissors sends Soul flying out the other side. Fenix and Samurai dive out opposite sides at the same time, which means the camera sees Fenix do a spectacular springboard tornillo moonsault onto Machine, and not whatever happens with Samurai. Devil in, Devil slide out by Alebrije. Cuije placed on the top rope, Alebrije keeps him from form falling off, then tosses him into a plancha on Devil. Alebrije runs, and nails Devil with a tope. Tecnicos don’t seem to be giving the rudos much time to get up. It sounds like Fenix got hit by a chair, but we only hear something and see him down. One of the Rockers does have a chair. Machine jabs Alebrije with the chair,t hen this Cuije in the head with it. That's a bit much for Cuije's second appearance. Chair to the back too. Replay of the chair to the head. Andres says the Rockers should be disqualified – he's got a point, though he says it every time and they don't listen to him. Rope bounce hiptoss splash on Cuije too. Alebrije rushes into check their friend as the Rockers celebrate. Doctor in too. Alebrije goes after the Rockers, and the Rockers mange to hit each other a bit. Piero finally turns around from Cuije to take the chair away from Alerbije, and the técnicos stomp him down. Rockers celebrate a bit. Don't know what happened to Samurai and Fenix. Whip, double flapjack, Rocker do a bit of positioning, start a tapatía, and add one more chair shot to the head. Tapatia/neckbreaker finish, like Raziel and Cancerbero, only they hold on for the submission.

Antonio Pena video package – he created Abismo Negro & La Parka.

Jeff & Karen Jarrett promo. TACOS. Blah blah blah I don’t care and I fast forward. Abyss promo was like 20 times better.

That's it.