AAA on Televisa (Regional) #34 (07/01/2012) 
Recapped: 07/07/12

Open: Mesías and Perro haves issues. With each other, those are the ones were care about here. Mini Charly Manson cheated to beat Dorada. Apache beat Atomic Boy. Psicosis stapled Lider's head. Mascara talked trash to Wagner. Park hit Dorian.

Match 1: Aerostar, Argenis, Atomic Boy vs Gran Apache, Semental, Tito Santana 
Plaza de Toros El Pinal, Teziutlan, Puebla, 06/16/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:03
Rating: good
Notes: Gran Apache seems to be in a grouchy mood. Even for him! Tecnicos enter together. Atomic Boy and Apache have words before the match. After that, Semental gets the microphone (!) No disrespect, but Apache and Santana are not Clase Mundial. Semental's either teaming with El Consejo or not wrestling at all. Joaquin Roldan comes out to use many words to say 'no'. Everyone has to team with who AAA says, starting today. Or at least until the next relevos increíbles match. Semental returns and starts the match for his team. Piero is referee.

Semental quickly misses a slap and Argenis superkicks him out. Clip? That was really quick. Atomic Boy and Tito in. Apache hits Atomic Boy from behind the first chance he gets, but leaves Tito in to do chain wrestling with Atomic Boy. Some back and forth, Atomic Boy holds a facelock, and Apache attacks him again. Rudos discuss. Atomic Boy hesitant, runs, trips up Tito off the ropes, over Tito, and slapping Apache off the apron. Tito waves Atomic Boy by, and Atomic just ropes Apache. Argenis in and front handstanding in. Tito drops down too soon, and Aerostar sentons him awkwardly. Corner whip,re versed, Tito charge in but hits the corner as Aero leaps out. Aero headscissors sends Tito out. Aero runs, stops to pose, and Apache slaps him. Kick ends Aero into the ropes. Apache stops to taunt the fans, and Aero land an over ht top 619. Springboard armdrag, out goes Apache. Semental in, spinning armdrag into a spinning headscissors on him. Springboard headscissors to the floor on Semental! Argenis in, slapping away Tito's handshake. Off the ropes, under, Tito kicks down Argenis. Argenis rolled to the apron to avoid a charge, and springboards in to headscissors Tito out. Jumping armdrag sends Apache to the ropes, and Argenis armdrags him away. Double rotation headscissors sends Semental sailing thru the ropes. Atomic Boy in, flipping run, then pose off with Apache. Slaps, Atomic Boy triple bounce spinning armdrag sends Apache out. Atomic Boy spins thru the ropes, turns to find Semental sticking his arm out, and grabs it. Whip reversals, Atomic Boy jumps on Semental shoulders, and off with a headscissors. Argenis tope con giro into a 'rana on the floor! That's crazy.

Sound jump clip here. Tito slaps Aero into the rudo corner. Rudos unzip Aero's top to hit more direct on the slaps. Corner whip, reversed, Tito hits the corner and Aero puts him a in a time killing hold. Argenis springboards in, but Semental ducks under and slaps Aero to break up the hold. Apache slaps everyone else. Rudos control the ring. Corner whip for Argenis, Semental corner clothesline, out to an Apache spinebuster and Tito adds a senton. Apache choke Atomic Boy. Rudos hold him for slaps. Argenis come in swinging, which does nothing but allow Atomic Boy to get up. Double spinebuster, Semental wheelbarrow slam. Argenis held for slaps and kicks. Rudos off the ropes, técnicos yanks them out, Argenis backdrop Tito. Semental still poses Atomic Boy on the outside. Argenis gets Tito with a springboard moonsault to the floor. Aero and Semental in, Semental runs up the ropes and off with a spinning tope. Argenis charge again, and takes the knee bump out. Aero quick to the apron, springboard imploding tope con giro to the floor. Apache in, running, but Atomic Boy hops in over him. Armdrag, dropkick, Apache out. Atomic Boy slings to the apron, and tornillo moonsaults the old rudo. Tito and Argenis back in, Argenis catches him in the behind the back face first powerbomb. One two NO. Argenis argues the count, Tito kicks him, double underhook piledriver. One two NO. Argenis fireman's carry cutter, run the ropes springboard moonsault (to the legs one two three.)

Replays. Announcers narrate those while we can hear something going on in the ring (and could see Consejo running in before the replays. They go to break without showing it.

Joe Lider is not impressed by Nicho's name change. Psicosis is the past, Lider is the present. Lider will take Psicosis' hair if it comes to it.

Match 2: Joe Lider vs Psicosis 
Plaza de Toros El Pinal, Teziutlan, Puebla, 06/16/2012

Winner: Joe Lider
Match Time: 8:49
Rating: eh
Notes: Psicosis takes a chair and tosses it toward the ring. And then does that a few more times. Lider is handed a chair on the way to the ring and tosses it in. Psicosis smacks him self in the head with a chair. Tirantes is ref. They manage not to fight right away, waiting for Jesus to finish the ring announcement before punching.

Psicosis clotheslines Lider, then goes after his head. Lider thrown to the center of the ring, though not bleeding yet. Corner whip, Psicosis charge in to a boot, then a back elbow, then Lider walks out into a slap. Nicho misses a corner charge, crotches himself in the ropes, Lider pulls him into the tree of woe, pulls the chair in front of him, and dropkicks a chair in his face. Lider grabs the chair, threatens Tirantes and smacks Psicosis in the back. Draped double underhook piledriver, for two. That move just isn't that good, I guess. Lider arranges a chair in the center of the ring, and crucifix powerbombs Psicosis on them. Two count. Charis just aren't that good, I guess. Lider chops and slaps Psicosis into the corner, and gives him a draping DDT onto a chair. Psicosis is so hurt, he rolls out onto his feet, and rest on the barricade. Lider follows, clotheslining him out to the crowd. Lider sets up a chair to climb on the barricade, steps up onto the barricade, and jumping back elbows Psicosis into a lot of seats. Psicosis makes it back inside the barricade first, but goes around the ring and grabs something under it, while Lider goes in. Ah, staple gun. Lider tracks Psicosis down, kicks at him form the apron, causing the staple gun to slide into the ring, and Lider goes for it. Tirantes steps on it and kicks it away from Lider. Lider goes after it again, but Psicosis kicks him from behind, and gives Tirantes a high five. Tirantes acts like he's surprised he was helping Psicosis, but doesn't stop him from getting the stapler. Psicosis sticks it in the back of his pants (dangerous!) and rams Lider into a chair in the corner. Lider set up top, Psicosis sets up his staples, steps on the top rope for the shots to the head, but Lider gets in a foul to knock him away. Lider gets the stapler. Tirantes tries to stop him again, Lider shoves him away, Tirantes tries again, Lider threatens to staple him. Tirantes isn't down with that. Lider is losing focus here. Psicosis runs at him with a chair, Lider turns a bit, Lider still hits him in the back with a chair. Psicosis DDT on a chair. Chair on top of Lider, Psicosis to the top rope with a chair, falling of the top legdrop to the face. Two count. Psicosis argues the count. Psicosis off the ropes, Destroyer one two NO. Psicosis can't believe it's only two. Maybe if you were Canadian? Psicosis says this is it and grabs Lider, but Lider slaps him in the face a few times. Pumphandle sit down piledriver. Lider tags Psicosis back, one two Tirantes stops count and grabs the stapler. Lider confronts him, then grabs the stapler. They grapple over it, Psicosis runs with a chair shot again, Tirantes ducks and cover sup, Lider moves, Psicosis stops short, but Lider smacks Psicosis in the face with the stapler. Tirantes recovers form his fright as Lider puts Psicosis' head thru a chair. Lider goes up, double stomp to the head or maybe the chair. Tirantes counts one two three. No idea why he didn't count now and did before, though Tirantes grabs his heart.

Match 3: Daga, Extreme Tiger, Juventud Guerrera vs Dark Dragon, Halloween, Pete Powers 
Plaza de Toros El Pinal, Teziutlan, Puebla, 06/16/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:10
Rating: eh
Notes: Pete Powers is with Halloween, but without an explanation. Juvi has his belt. Piero is referee.

Pete Powers leads off by yelling his name. It's one way to go. Daga shoves him. Announcers explain Pete Powers by saying he's from Canada and saying his name many times. Armbar and forearms by Pete. Headlock, headscissors on the mat things. Forearms to the face exchange leads to a chop exchange. Off the ropes evasion, Daga dropkick to the face, running back elbow to the face. Daga corner whip, charge into Pete's Kick, Pete right hand swing and miss, Daga release German suplexes him. That looked impressive. Shining Wizard, and Pete is dazed and out of the ring. Halloween Walkout! Halloween checks Pete's eyes, thinks about it for a while, and returns just in time to beat the count. He still trips on the way in, much to the fans amusement. Ready to go? Any time now. Dragon and Tiger. Tiger powerslams Dragon for two. Fonseca shoutout of the week. Tiger kick Dragon, but Halloween kicks him from outside and Dragon slaps him down. Sotmsp by both. Halloween spits at Daga, then directs Piero to stop him from coming in. Slaps to the chest. Rudos back up for a charge, Dragon hangs himself in the ropes on a missed dropkick, Tiger shoves Halloween's face into Dragon's crotch, then kicks him in the back of the head to do it again. Halloween up, and slide out. This is every Halloween match ever, but the WWE finisher. There's still time. Juvi in, kicking Dragon. Headlock, shot off, shoulderblock, Dragon goes down, Off the rope evasion, Dragon taunts the crowd, Juvi wheel kicks him. Corner whip reversals, Juvi flipped to the apron, but tripping Dragon up there and coming in with a slingshot double knee drop. Two count. Kicks to the head. Halloween in, caught in front facelock, and Pete Powers runs in so Juvi can do a DDT and a flatliner at the same time. Juvi drops his straps and dances, then smacks Pete in to the corner. Tiger and Daga come in. Trip, kick to the chest, kick to the head. Técnicos seem confused, so they celebrate. Pete's bleeding form the nose, maybe that's what confused them. It has been a rough match for him. Whip, Juvi leapfrog sends up a Daga dropkick. Juvi covers for two. Halloween chair shot to Daga to Juvi, and Dragon hits Tiger with one. Stomping on Juvi. Halloween sets Tiger on the top rope to get after his mask while Dragon works over Tiger. Crowd doesn't really react to Tiger teased unmasking. Powers awakens, chokes Juvi for a moment. Triple powerbomb on Daga, and again,, and Pete hangs Daga upside down for a dropkick to the head and and a back. Rudos hold Tiger for a Dark Dragon low blow dropkick. Juvi gets in shots on Pete and Dragon, but Halloween subdues him with chops and everyone joins in on stomps. Piero asks for them to go 1 on 1, and Dragon shoves him. Halloween cover charge, holding him there for the other two to slide out and crotch Juvi around the apron. Halloween backs up, crotch chops, and técnicos trips and crotch him. Tecnicos in, rudos slowly up on the apron, técnicos dropkick them out. Tecnicos run, Daga topes Pete, Tiger slides, stops, and headscissors Dark Dragon. Juvi gives Halloween a reverse neckbreaker, and then a real spiky side piledriver. Two count. Juvi sets Halloween on the top rope, top rope 'rana. Juvi falls backwards on top, Dark Dragon breaks up the pin with a dropkick. Dragon Dragon kicks Juvi and set up for something, Juvi slips out, Dragon kicks him and grabs him again, double pumphandle powerbomb throw into the corner, one two Tiger breaks it up. That was a lot for a random near fall. Tiger gives Dark Dragon a reverse facelock side slam, then a top rope double legdrop, and it is Pete's turn to break up the pin. Half nelson slam. Pete kicks Daga away, climbs up top the top rope, frog splash, landing knees first on Tiger one two Daga breaks it up. Powers whips Daga into the corner, Daga moves, jumping kicks to the head, running face kick. Halloween spears Daga to top him. (There's his WWE move.) Halloween does the Tijuana struts, then slides at Juvi. Juvi catches him by his legs, spins Halloween around, kicks him in the chest, and then pulls off the apron with a reverse DDT into a couple chairs. Dragon sets up a chair in the ropes, as Pete Powers gets out of the way. Dragon slaps Tiger back into the corner, then charges at him and the corner with the charge. That's a dumb idea. Tiger moves and Dragon goes head firs into the chair, of course. Tiger climbs up, but Dragon just grabs the chair and smacks Tiger with it. Powers, Dragon, Daga, Juvi now in. Brainbusters by the técnicos, Piero counts both one two NO. Final Justice by Juvi, Daga pumphandle powerbomb on Powers. Juvi Both cover, one two NO. Crowd shot. Crowd seems to be watching but not excited. Tecnicos high five, then Daga randomly kicks Juvi in the lower back, and gives him a brainbuster. Juvi gets up, but Dragon cradles him Halloween helps cover. One two three. Powers awakes to find out he's won. Good job, Pete.

Rudos all look at Daga. Dragon gives him a handshake. Daga accepts handshakes. Tiger interrupts to shove Daga, bu the rudos shove him away. Halloween and Daga discuss. Daga gets a microphone with Powers finally takes off shirt (with a bad stripper dance.) Daga tells Juvi he grew up watching him on TV,the Juvi of WCW, the Juvi of WWE, but today, he's better. This was not the strongest expressed promo.

Noti AAA

Top 5 Impacts of TripeMania

  1. TripleMania 16, that time Mesías and Vampiro had a lame double countout by falling thru a couple tables.

  1. TripleMania 17, Histeria smacks Nicho into falling off the ring and crotches him on a ladder. That one looks like it destroyed Nicho legit.

  1. TripleMania 16, Konnan shoves Joaquin ab it too hard and Joaquin breaks his nose on the middle buckle. Lots of blood.

  1. TripleMania 17, Konnan attempts to powerbomb Vampiro thru a lit table, though the table doesn't break like all AAA tables.

  1. TripleMania 15, Mesías kicks Chessman off the cage, Chessman flies a long way to hit a table. Table does not break.

Upcoming schedule

07/13: Toluca
08/05: Mexico City, TripleMania

TripleMania promo.

Footage of Texano happily dancing to his music and in the ring for a match – his last ever AAA TV match, if I'm matching up the footage to my memory – is introduced by his old partner Silver King. Silver talks about he and Texano being a great team for many years. Silver King says he'll be in his brothers corner on August 5th, to make sure Texano Jr. doesn't interfere.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Texano Jr. 
Plaza de Toros El Pinal, Teziutlan, Puebla, 06/16/2012

Winner: Consejo
Match Time: 12:06
Rating: eh
Notes: Consejo enter first, with Tirantes behind. They pose in the ring, then go to the apron to cut off the técnicos. The tenciso aren't there, though – they're slipping in thru the other side of the crowd, and attacking Consejo from behind. The brawl is on.

Wagners get the better of it, and it breaks down into the two feuding pairs. Silver King breaks out a chair. Wagner throws Máscara into the crowd, then this Texano in the back for his brother. Wagner's beat up on Texano together, then drop toe hold and dropkick Mascara, though they weren't quite on the same page there. There's a wet spot in the ring. It won't dry, but that doesn’t stop ringside people from slipping into try and clear it up. Silver holds Mascara upside down for a Wagner dropkick. Texano pulls him outside to regroup, and the rudos quickly take the ring. Wagner's mask is ripped up. Máscara works him over with the usual punches, kicks, and shoulders to the midsection. Texano brings in a chair and uses it on both. Texano dropkick Mascara by mistake to start another técnico comeback. Wagner Twister for Texano, Wagner to the apron. Texano chases him, Wagner forearms him away and Silver King powerslams him. Wagner puts on a facelock. Tirantes and Wagner argue, allowing Máscara to trip Wagner off the apron. Máscara gets a chair, and this Wagner with it. Texano and Silver go back and forth in the ring, Silver getting an ear fall off a headscissors counter powerbomb. Texano misses a charge, Wagner inside cradles him one two NO. Silver backdrop for two. Mascara slips back in, punches Silver, and Texano adds a superkick. Mascara goes back out to punch Wagner around ringside slowly. Wagner is bleeding. Wagner hung in the Tree of Woe for a dropkick to the head. Texano keeps Silver King away with a chop. Whip, head down too soon, Wagner kicks Texano and forearms Mascara. Wagner stops to pose, and Máscara runs him. Texano works over Silver a bit, then unties his mask. I wonder what he looks like under the mask! Mascara unties Wagner's mask. Fans chants for Wagner. Corner whip, Texano flipped to the apron, fights back, but still gets slapped off. Silver King dive this – nothing, Texano moves. Silver King grabs his knee, and Texano makes it worse with a kneebreaker. Tirantes checks on Mascara. Mascara rips at Wager's mask and his cut, wiping the blood on himself. Medical personal checks on Silver King while Wagner avoids a Texano charges, clothesline Mascara out, gets lost with Texano, and drops Texano with a quebradora. Wagner stops to nod and pose, and Máscara shoves him down from behind. Mascara pounds Wagner some more. Chops. Whip, clothesline misses, Wagner ducks under, both Wagner spear both Consejo. Silver King backcracker on Texano. Wagner fires up. Texano snap mares Máscara and goes after his mask, but Tirantes interrupts. They shove each other, and Wagner gives Tirantes his weekly kick. Back to the mask. Tirantes breaks it up again. Hombre en Negro is out, though looking different than he has in previous weeks. Silver King's distracted, and dropped in a Tornado Texano. Texano charges at Wagner, but Wagner gives him another Twister. Hombre en Negro is up on the apron, but Wagner hasn't noticed yet. Samoan drop for Mascara. Wagner challenges Negro to get in the ring, . Máscara up, trying for a foul kick, Wagner grabs the leg and gives him a Twister. Wagner pulls down the straps and challenges Negro again. Máscara turns Wagner around, foul kick, Air Raid Crash, one two three. Texano stopped Silver from breaking up.

Negro steps in the ring slowly and helps his son stomp Wagner. Texano stomps Silver King. Rudos turn on Tirantes and stomp him too. Hombre en Negro unmasks to limited reaction. He took off his mask with out much of a tease. It's Mascara Año 2000, who introduces himself on the microphone. Mascara explains the Dinamtias > Wagners.

Upcoming Events.

Mascara Año 2000 vs Dr. Wagner promo, with the Mascara vs Mascara challenge. They do the face of face, where Mascara says this goes back to Wagner ducking him in Arena Naucalpan. Wagner says it'll be a great match for the people. Mascara wants to know if he'll accept the mask challenge, and Wagner does not seem definite on that.

Match 5: Cibernético, Electroshock, Zorro vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza 
Plaza de Toros El Pinal, Teziutlan, Puebla, 06/16/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:58
Rating: poor
Notes: Perros del Mal enter together, and with Taya. Hey, Zorro. I forget he was a thing. He has two sticks and a coat that must be too warm for this weather. Cibernético versus stairs is the best Cibernético feud. Electroshock shoves Perro off the apron. Ref is Piero.

Garza wants a handshake. Electroshock will not accept. Electroshock kicks Garza to the ropes. Perro kicks at him from the outside. Electroshock lunges at Perro, but Chessman knocks him off the apron and beats him up outside when he tries to get at Perro. Garza and Electroshock go in and just restart. Garza strips. Electroshock tosses Garza pants into the crowd. Quebradora, and Garza out. Chessman goes with Electroshock trying to be a flyer. Electroshock kick him out and slowly topes him, Chessman falling over the barricades. Zorro gives Garza cane shot to the backside, superkicks him out, and follows with a pescado. Cibernético and Perro in, Perro disappointed. Perro kicks and punches Cibernético. Evasion, Cibernético clothesline and punches. Taya in, but Cibernético backs her up with a glare. Perro still is free to get a chair and hit Cibernetico's oddly. Cue for the rudos to take over. Brawling. Zorro is worked over his own cane. Cibernético bleed, Perro working on the cut. A wood panel is brought into the ring and set up in the corner. Perro and Cibernético go outside while the other two rudos work the other two rudos inside for a moment. Rudos have to pull Perro off Zorro a couple of times. Three straight corner clotheslines on Zorro, but he somehow sidesteps the fourth. Rudos did try to take as much time in between them as possible, but still. Zorro goes for the trunks pull, but Garza this him with one of the canes. Perro holds Zorro, Garza swings, and Perro take it. Zorro gets the other cane and knocks Garza round. Garza drops the cane, Chessman picks it up and throws it to Zorro, Zorro catches it, and has no hands to block Chessman's superkick. Chessman kicks him around, adjusts the wood panel, and drags Zorro into the opposite corner. Corner whip, reversed, Chessman slides out rather than run into the wood. Zorro looks out at him, and Garza kicks Zorro from behind. Whip, Garza clothesline misses, and Zorro tope con giros Chessman. Garza calmly walks to the apron, and Electroshock not so calmly slaps him. Tope – gets Zorro, Chessman having moved himself and Garza out of the way. Long set of crowd shots. Back to see Cibernético and Perro brawl. Perro pounds Cibernético in the crowd crowd, annoys the crowd, and kills some time. Corner whip, reversed, and Perro goes tumbling into the wood panel. Cibernético pounds him with punches, then clotheslines the other two rudos. Taya jumps on Ciberentico's back, but Cibernético shrugs her off. Taya picked up, and Cibernetico's gives her the big kiss. Garza breaks that up. Perro staggers to his feet and punches and stomps Cibernético some more. Perro picks up a chair and tosses it at Perro. Security clears out most of the wood on their own, but the rudos keep one big chuck and hit Cibernético with it. The doctor is leaning in the ring, but the match isn't over. Perro double stomp the wood on Cibernético, then Chessman hits him one more time. The doctor leans in the ring, and calls for the stretcher. I'm not even sure why Cibernético is so hurt, all he got was one kick to the back of the leg, and the Doctor was in before the double stomp spot. Maybe he was in too soon? Rudos dropkick Cibernético off the stretcher and out of the ring. Is this match still going? The four who aren't Perro and Cibernético fight in the ring. Cibernético and Perro brawl on the stage. Dorian Roldan turns up to yell at Cibernético and get in his own shot. Dorian has a microphone. Piero is out there with that fight, then wanders back in the ring to count an Electroshock pinfall on Chessman (??) one two Perro pulls him out. Zorro had Garza in a sharpshooter too, but they both let go, they both get fouled, and Piero counts both pins. At least it's over. One two three.

Dorian congrats Perro on his great work. Did you see the match? Dorian transitions from Ciber vs Perro to Joaquin vs Dorian. Joaquin comes out to look at the ring, while Dorian talks about being the future. Dorian makes the hair vs hair challenge. Lights go out, lights come in, and Vampiro is in the ring chokeslaming Chessman.. Crowd reacts much stronger to this than they did Mascara Año 2000. Vampiro looks old. Rudos eye Vampiro but don't make a move. Vampiro leaves, clapping for the fans.