AAA on Televisa #1050 (06/24/2012) 
Recapped: 06/29/2012

Previously: Perro threatened Mesías, Cibernético got involved. Juvi won the title and people were happy. Consejo won the titles and people were sad. Dorian says AAA and all the wrestlers are garbage.

Match 1: Aerostar, Fenix, Sugi San vs Argos, Semental, Toscano 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:22
Rating: great
Notes: Consejo enter together. Toscano is announced as “Rey del Hip Hop”. Argos wears a mask over another mask; the one he ends up wearing for the match has a mouth. Tecnico team is called Real Fuerza Aerea Internacional. They'll let anyone in nowadays. Tirantes is ref.

Fenix and Argos start, lockup, break, lockup, Fenix armbar, wringing it over his shoulder. Fenix telegraphs a punch, and Argos catches it and turns it into his on armbar. Elbows to the shoulder. Tag to Toscano, who comes in forearming Fenix. Corner whip, reversed, Fenix kicks Argos, then charge in with a running high kick on Toscano. Argos runs out the other way, boot misses, and Argos scoops him up on one arm for a huge powerbomb. Semental right in with a springboard legdrop, though it doesn’t seem to get all that much of Fenix. Aerostar springboard plancha mets Toscano dropkick, and the rudos rule the ring. Sugi tries coming in, but Argos scoops him on his shoulder, and tosses him into a Toscano gutbuster. Argos whip, spinebuster, catapult lift, Semental springboard kick to the chest. Toscano legdrop, one two no. That Semental kick looked great. Fenix in, but stomped by everyone. Crowd not responding much to this match. Corner whip, Fenix tossed to the middle rope and slapped there. Fenix boosted in behind, and pulling Fenix off with a super reverse 'rana. That was big. Argos celebrates as the other stomp Fenix a bit. Announcers bring up Hombre en Negro, who is not here. All three técnicos brought in, and Toscano stops to organize. All the rudos whip all the técnicos, all the técnicos reverse, técnicos charges, rudos backdrop them to the floor. Argos teases as tope, so does Semental, and Toscano wipes out Sugi with a real one. Replay. Turns out the other técnicos fled around the sides of the ring, right in position for more dives - Argos lands on Aerostar with a slingshot tope con giro, and Semental does his tornillo dive onto Fenix. Everyone down.

Toscano makes it back in first, and Argos retrieves in Aerostar. Semental in too. Whip, double clothesline misses, Aero headscissors Toscano, other técnicos springboard dropkick other rudos. Tecnicos high five, run and triple dive! Camera has trouble keeping it all in frame, zoomed too tight, but the replay is better – a Sugi and Fenix with tope con giros, and an Aero Brillo Dorada with Semental making a huge catch.

Everyone circles around and head to the corners. Argos and Sugi exchange slaps in the ring. Sugi off the ropes, rolling, rolling, waved by back with a springboard headscissors. Toscano charge in, but Sugi flips him to the top right away and knocks him down with a jumping kick to the head. Semental in, and Sugi gets him with a double, no, triple, no quadruple headscissors! Unbelievable. Crowd approves. Semental spins out of the ring and up the aisle.

Clip? Toscano and Aerostar in, Toscano reaches for a lockup but kicks and then punches a bit. Corner whip, Aero rope flips to stop, then trips Toscano into the corner. Toscano rests on his knees, Aero backs up, pounds the mat, charges, and dropkicks Toscano. Argos in and tripping up Aero, while Semental comes in to try and start a Consejo chant. One of those is more effective. Argos kicks Aero a few more times. Rudos taunt Fenix, but Tirantes prevents him from coming in. Whip, double clothesline misses, Argos tosses Aero to Semental, Semental catches him, Argos bounces off the ropes and dropkicks, Aero goes over Semental to a sunset flip, and Argos dropkicks his partner over by mistake to complete the move. One two Aero reverses Semental into an Argos kick. Aerostar springboard headscissors. Andres, the announcer I tend to like better (it's a comparison), talks about Aerostar's feud with Electroshock. Ehhh, wrong guy. Semental back up, charging and flipped to the apron. Aerostar back elbows him, the ropes, walk up the ropes and over with a headscissors. That was crazy too! There's a lot of that here. Fenix and Argos in – running flip by Argos, check – but Fenix stops him with a big slap. Crowd gets into it and wants one more. Fenix pushes Argos in the corner and gives him one more. Corner whip, Fenix charges in, Argos sits him on top, slap is blocked by kick, and Fenix snap kicks him in the back off the middle rope. Semental starts to come in, can't decide if he's supposed to come in, but Fenix stops looking at the crowd after a moment and waves him in.

Semental in, Argos waves him off the ropes, misses a clothesline, and Semental knocks him over with his running tornillo. Semental slaps Fenix into the ropes, Fenix jumps on his shoulder and comes off with a headscissors. Fenix celebrates, but Toscano comes in and slaps him. Second slap is blocked, and Fenix slaps off Toscano's shirt to chop him. Corner whip, Fenix charges in, Fenix flipping double kick to the head – almost a jumping koppo kick – knocks down Toscano in the corner. Replay of that. Fenix picks up Toscano, and runs him full speed into the opposite corner! That's a hard Oklahoma stampede. Semental break sit up, which is a good call. Corner whip, quick reverse, clothesline misses, Semental reverse roll up – no rolling thru for a huge German suplex! One two Aerostar breaks it up with a plancha. Aero off the ropes, up and over sunset flip, one two Argos breaks it up. Argos taunts the crowd. Aerostar off the ropes, tilt-a-whirl, Aero escapes, clothesline reversed into a an Argos lift. Argos goes to toss him off, then stops and gorilla preses Aero instead, dropping him down into a huge double knee gutbuster. Argos sets Aerostar on the ropes, runs, and Sugi trips him up in the ropes. 619 kick, climbs the ropes springboard moonsault, knees landing first on Argos. Toscano roughly breaks it up, then yanks Sugi around by his face. Slaps to the face. Toscano yells at Sugi, Sugi sort of yell back, they both turn to the ropes - and gets hiptossed out by Fenix and Semental. Fenix gets Semental out with a beautiful flipping armdrag, then walks and turns up the ropes – tornillo moonsault to the floor! Replay of that too. Aerostar flying headscissors sends Argos out. Aero runs to the ropes , climbs over, kicks Aero, and springboards – top rope reverse tope to the floor. Argos kinda just got in the way to catch him, but that was totally fine. Back in the ring, Toscano murders Sugi with a clothesline. Whip, Toscano charges in, Sugi moves, and Toscano spectacularly splashes the corner. Sugi reverse thrust kicks him, climbs up, and lands his running the ropes dropkick to Toscano's chest. Toscano flops over on his back. Sugi up top, 450 splash, one two NO! Crowd thought Sugi beat the Consejo guy. Crowd shot here. Toscano cradle suplex one two three. Not quite sure what happened there on the finish, but everything up to it was great.

[The Regional version of this included a bit of Toscano helping up Semental after he was spun to the ramp, with Semental falling down a few times. The crowd shot before the finish doesn't appear to be for any reason – Sugi kicked at Toscano, Toscano caught it, Sugi swung, Toscano grabbed that too, and that set up the cradle. No obvious botch. They also showed post match replays – no time for that here.]

Dorian/Joaquin recap includes shots of TNA people (Rob Terry, Jeff Jarrett) among the usuals, with Dorian talking about being the future and Joaquin disagreeing. From there, we're treated to a face to face interview sit down argument, saying a lot of the same stuff. DRAMATIC MUSIC.

Noti AAA

No list this week!

Jack vs Teddy, Consejo vs Clowns, Halloween vs Tiger, Lider vs Nicho/Psicosis, Mesías/Perro, Mascara/Wagner all hyped for TripleMania.

Match 2: Extreme Tiger, Joe Lider, Juventud Guerrera vs CIMA, Halloween, Psicosis 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 11:42
Rating: good
Notes: Halloween wears his pumpkin mask. CIMA demands Halloween do the low rider strut, and Halloween agrees. CIMA does a driving the car dance! Psicosis is no fun, just has a board to hit Lider and the staple gun. Tiger has new gear. Lider and Juvi dance out to the Mexipowers music. Juvi has his new title. Piero is the ref.

Psicosis and Lider start off. Clip to a chop fight, which quickly turns into a forearm fight,t hen to Lider just chopping Lider. Whip, Psicosis grabs the ropes, Lider head down too soon, Psi kicks him and crotch chops. Psi off ht ropes, Lider rushes him and clothesline him out. CIMA in, clothesline caught, Lider kicks him in the midsection, and then the head. Halloween in with a chair, but Lider dropkick him in the knee before he can do anything with it. Crowd does get loud when Lider raises the chair up. Lider sets the chair down in the corner. Halloween slaps him, sits him in the chair, backs up, charges, Lider gets up and gives him a flatliner into the chair. Lider poses, but CIMA forearms him in the back so he can do his own pose instead. No one says HUUU. Juvi takes CIMA out with a missile dropkick to the upper back. Juvi tosses his shirt away. Whip, reverse, CIMA misses a back elbow but whips Juvi back again, Juvi spinning headscissors into a DDT. One two NO. Replay of that. Whip, Juvi tries a dropkick, CIMA grabs the ropes, Juvi misses, and CIMA double stomps him in the upper back. Off the ropes, kick to the head and pose. CIMA poses while Psicosis rushes in and stomps and elbow drops CIMA. CIMA adds his own stomps, and hold Juvi a headlock. Corner whip, reversed, CIMA gets his legs up, Juvi spins him into the ropes and pulls him off into reverse backbreaker, and then an elbow driver. Halloween over, Juvi gives him a neckbreaker for a two count. Kick to the chest, kick to the head one two Psicosis breaks it up. Juvi off the ropes, Halloween kicks him in the face, and spears him quite good. Replay of that. Halloween poses, ducks under a Tiger kick, sits back up, and Tiger kicks him in the back of the head. Whip, clothesline misses, Tiger and Halloween rush into each other and neither go down. Off the rope evasion, Tiger dropkick sends Halloween tumbling over the bottom rope and out. CIMA in a flipping Tiger with a clothesline and doing the HUUU bit again. Corner whip, Tiger charge, CIMA flips him to the apron, Tiger kicks Halloween away from pulling him off the apron, ducks CIMA punch and pulls him down by the head. Tiger jumps to the top rope, feels his balance going, drops down to the ring, runs full speed off the ropes and back and does a Pegasso style tornillo onto Halloween. Back inside, Nicho gives Juvi a sort to of leg DDT. Lider has CIMA up, but Psicossi grabs the hair and smacks Lider in the head with it. Halloween cracks the wood piece over Juvi's head – that breaks really good, whatever it is – and takes the biggest shard to crack over Lider's head. Lider is hurt, but checking his right shoulder right away. He got cut there. Halloween puts Lider on the top rope, and Psicosis staples him in the head and back a bit. He's bleeding right away, and there's one quicks zoom of it. Piero threatens the DQ, ha ha ha. CIMA bangs Juvi's head into the apron. Psicosis tosses a chair from outside into Lider's head. Good aim. Halloween elbows Lider in the head. Nicho smacks Lider in the head with a chair again. Lider not big on his hands up. Rudos hold Lider over the ropes so the photographers can get a good shot of his bleeding head, then Psicosis brings Lider out, knocks him into the barricade, and throws him into a chair. Back inside, Halloween and CIMA double hiptoss Tiger thru a sitting chair. Psicosis whacks Lider with the char a bit on the outside. Halloween puts Tiger in a testicular claw, though the camera isn't picking up on it (or choosing to ignore it.) Nicho jumps off the chair for a running flying forearm on Lider, which is at least a different way of using the chair. Juvi is laying on the floor some place. CIMA drags Tiger right behind the chair, sits down in the chair, and tips himself over backwards for a hilarious chair senton. Psicosis smacks Tiger in head with the chair, then throws another one in Lider's face. Lots of kicks to Lider. Lider randomly stats blocking punches and punches Psicosis around. Crowd reacts to this. Screaming backcracker stops Psicosis. Lider gets the staple gun and holds it up, but Halloween cracks him in the back with a chair. Juvi wheel kicks Halloween, and waits for someone to hit. CIMA shows up, rolls by, kicks Juvi in the midsection and enziguris him. Tiger off the ropes, into a nice counter dropkick from CIMA. Lider up and forearming CIMA, but Halloween forearms him and Halloween forearms and chops Lider. Whip, reversed, Lider with a sort of piggy back stunner, one two CIMA breaks it up. CIMA whips Lider, Lider revers, CIMA under Lider, superkick, Lider staggered, CIMA picks him up – Schwein. One two Juvi cracks CIMA in the back of the head with a legdrop. CIMA grabs his head, looks at the mat, sees something that looks like a Snapple bottle (not sure where it came from, but it was there long enough that CIMA almost slipped on it), grabs it, spikes it into the mat in anger, it bounces right back up to him, and CIMA whacks it out of the ring with his right hands. Juvi chops CIMA, Juvi off the ropes, right into a CIMA kick to the face, CIMA off the ropes, right into a Juvi kick to the face. Forearm battle, chop battle, both fired up, CIMA clothesline blocked and pulled into Final Justice. One two Psicosis breaks it up with a chair shot. I'm not sure if the announcers realize that was broken up. Psicosis gives Juvi a DDT, sets a chair on top of him, grabs another chair and slowly limbs up, then just falls over for a chair legdrop. Psicosis grabs Juvi and pulls him to wards the ropes, but Tiger breaks it up with a dropkick. Tiger moves some chairs, grabs Nicho, and German suplexes him head first into the chair. One two Tiger breaks it up. Psicosis grabs his head as he rolls away. Halloween misses a charge and spears the post. Tiger pulls him back, fixes his mask, climbs up, and hits a tornillo moonsault. Knee to about Halloween's chin there, though he got his hands up to protect himself. One two Halloween grabs the bottom rope. Halloween off the ropes, atomic drop – announcers thinks this is a foul, but it can't be worse than stapling a guy's head, also weird crowd shot here – Halloween sit down piledriver, Halloween pulls the tights, one two three.

Match 3: Cibernético, Electroshock, LA Park vs Chessman, el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: rudos by DQ
Match Time: 10:08
Rating: eh
Notes: Chessman brings two chairs with him. Taya is with Garza and Perro. LA Park wears his title. The big news is the title fits around CIMA's waist. Piero is ref. Park circles around the ring and finds Perro to start brawling with him just as the whistle blows.

Cibernético somehow gets Taya, but Garza makes the save. Perro and Park fall over the barricade and into the crowd, where it looks like the fans may get in a couple of shots. Perro punches Park far into the crowd while the other rudos hold the ring. Arena is not well lit, so they're brawling into darkness before they get to far. Perro returns. Garza kicks Cibernético around in the ring, Chessman and Taya work over Electroshock on the outside. Perro hits Park with a chair. Taya stomps him a bit. Catapult hold/flying legdrop on Electroshock. Garza finishes undressing,. Park rushes him, but Perro helps stop him, and Garza unties Park's belt while Chessman holds Cibernético off. Belt shots for Park. Park breaks free of Chessman dives at Garza after a shot to the midsection, and Chessman has to fix things. Cibernético chokes Perro on the outside, and Electroshock chases Taya around with her own belt, but Chessman gets the belt and slaps Electroshock, and Taya shoves and stomps Electro. Electroshock gets Taya's leg, but Chessman makes the save with another belt shot. Taya doesn't learn and chokes Electroshock, but gets away live this time. Perro has to be pulled off from punching Perro. Electroshock sneaks in on Garza, but the rudos punch him. Cibernético pulls Taya around until Garza kicks him. Taya should probably stay closer to her team. Garza kicks Perro by mistake, leading to a spot where Perro accidental pulls Garza's trunks, and that's edited out as usual. Cibernético takes down Garza and clotheslines Chessman. Taya jumps on Parka's back and punches, but Park pulls her off and forces her in the corner. Electroshock takes out Garza and Chessman while that's going on. Perro dropkick Cibernetico's and clotheslines Electroshock. Park whipped to the corner, Perro whips Taya in after, Park moves, Taya gets hung up on the ropes, and park pulls her trunks down. That's not show, though not as edited out of existence as Garza's spot. Crowd is assumed by both. Park gives Perro a quebradora con giro. Dorian Roldan out, then immediately backing up as LA Park comes rushing at him. Park gets to Dorian, but Garza and Chessman get to LA park right after. Other técnicos come over to help, but the rudos have the numbers, with Dorian helping to stomp. Everyone comes back to the ring, bringing a sparkly wood panel but not putting in it. Joaquin Roldan runs in, chasing Dorian out of the ring until Garza and Chessman blocks him away. LA Park, recovered, runs over and I think it supposed to have clotheslined Dorian, but Dorian falls down well before he gets there. At any rate, the guys in the match fight again. Chessman smacks Joaquin in the face in this, then the rudos all beat up Cibernético in the corner. Dorian's offense is laughable. Joaquin comes in to go after his soon, and his son bails. Chessman stops Joaquin and has a word with him. Joaquin shoves Chessman, Chessman kicks him in the midsection (careful video angles here) and smacks him in the head with a chair. Joaquin gets his hands up, he's smarter than Lider, but Chessman didn't hold back much. Clip, and the Joaquin is on the outside being checked on by the doctor as Park is backing off Lider. Joaquin is bleeding slightly and stretchered out.

In the ring, Electroshock makes a comeback on the rudos. Taya jumps on his back and puts on a sport of sleeper. Electro breaks free just in time for the Perros to accidentally dropkick their valet. They react, and Electroshock dropkicks them out. Electroshock fakes the running tope, holds up, and does a pescado – but only gets Taya. Taya faints. Perro grabs Electroshock, and hold him for kicks to the midsection from Dorian. Electroshock sells them big. Back in the match, Park gets a two count on Chessman with a ranita. Konnan is out now; where's he been? Dorian tells him what's up. Chessman has Park down in the corner and stats to do the LA Park strut . There are some bottles being thrown at the ring, and Perro throws one back. Chessman goes for a running sit, Park gets his leg up to kick Chessman as he comes in, then kicks Konnan as he stands on the apron. Konnan still gets up, and Park smacks him. Konnan's bat goes flying. Garza tries to get it, Park kicks him, gets the bat, and hits Chessman with the bat, twice. Piero shoves Park and awards the match to Chessman. Dumb.

Dorian comes in to congratulate Chessman, and Park scares him away. Dorian runs right into Electroshock and Cibernético, who toss him back in. None of Dorian's friends seem interested in helping him here. Park has the bat and waves it around. Dorian tries to flee, and he's puled back. Perro does slide in, but the rudos stomp him and stop Garza from getting Dorian. Crowd rooting for violence. Rudos try to come in again and and are run in off again. Dorian pleads. Dorian swings at Park, misses and Park hits him with the bat. Dorian goes down. He tries toll out, but park blocks him. Park hits Dorian with the bat again, this time in the hip. The doctor comes in to check on Dorian, and Park threatens to hit him. It does serve as much distraction for Chessman to pull Dorian out, but park cranks Dorian in the back with bat. Rudos regroup and carry off a hurting Dorian, a shot they've been hyping all night.

Show recap, and promo.