CMLL on Televisa #1085 (06/16/2012) 
Recapped: 06/20/2012

Father's Day Promo

CMLL Cartela: Sunday

Match 1: Estrellita vs MarcelaDark AngelLady ApacheDalis la CaribeñaLuna MágicaLady AfroditaAmapolaTiffanyLa Seductora in a cibernetico match
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

  1. Seductora arm trap wristlock Lady Afrodita (9:34)

  2. Dalis bridge pin Luna (11:38)
  3. Tiffany rolling double armscissors Seductora (13:11)
  4. Estrellita tapatía Dalis (14:20)
  5. Tiffany double stomp Marcela (16:14)
  6. Lady Apache overhead spinning hammerlock (16:53)
  7. Amapola pin Marcela (17:52)
  8. Marcela pin Amapola (17:52)
  9. DQ Lady Apache (19:38)

Winner: Dark Angel
Match Time: 19:38
Rating: not good
Notes: Teams are shown over video of the battle royal. Team A is Lady Afrodita, Dalis, Tiffany, Amapola, Lady Apache, and Team B is Estrellita, Seductora, Marcela, Dark Angel and Luna Mágica. Maya is the in-ring referee.

Marcela and Afrodita start on the mat. Afrodita is not very good, but it's Marcela and she makes it work as best she can. An Afrodita headscissors cradle is not so good, unclear if that was the the actual move. An Afrodita reversal out of miracle bridge is in slow motion, unconvincing. Marcela puts her out of her misery with a fireman's carry into a gutbuster. Dalis comes in, wearing a bizarre outfit – it's like kimono with aqua football shoulder on top. I have no idea. There is a lot of yelling an occasional chopping. Marcela gets in the double knee drop for two. Dalis comes back with a missile drop dropkick that looks more like a stomp to send Marcela. Estrellita in, which begins the dance contest. It's better than them wrestling. Flying armdrag surprisingly goes fine, and that's the end of that. Estrellita dances, but Apache rolls in and drops her with a sit down front suplex one two NO. Lady Apache turns a corner whip into dropkick to Estrellita's side, sending her out. Luna in, running and barely getting a headscissors on Apache. Barley is better than not at all. Luna quickly turns a corner whip into a double springboard dropkick. Cartwheel celebration meets Tiffany back elbow. Tiffany kicks Luna around. Corner charge, Luna slips out, forearms Tiffany, goes up top, and falls off for an armdrags on Tiffany. Not much jump op on that. Luna takes an odd line into Tiffany's boot, and out she goes. Dark Angel in, crowd happy to see her. She wants Amapola. I want 2007 back, neither of us are getting our wishes. Tiffany and Dark Angel struggle, Tiffany sends Dark Angel into the corner, Angel blocks a charge and flips off the middle rope for an armdrag. Dance. Thumbs up crowd shot. Amapola is next time they pick up, and Dark is pulling off the step over 'rana. Nice corner push up step over headscissors too. These two are much better together than anything else so far. Amapola flips Dark Angel to the middle rope, and yanks her neck over the middle rope. Seductora in, counters, evasion, and Amapola spear. Seductora struggles on chopping in a chop fight (??) but does pulls of that rope walk armdrag flipping, so there's that. Amapola grabs the ropes on a whip, Seductora starts to charge, stops charging, charges again, and kicks someone on the outside we can't quite see. Seductora out to continue that fight, and all then women soon end up involved. There are no other referees to keep order, so the women are left to break themselves up.

Marcela and Lady Apache in. Marcela knocking down Lady Apache with running elbows twice. Two count. Marcela argues the count. Off the ropes, waved by, springboard reverse plancha but no one home. Lady Apache kicks Marcela in the face, for two. Apache heel kick, chop, push off headscissors blocked into a reverse powerbomb. Dropkick rolls Lady out. Tiffany in, but Estrellita cuts her off with a plancha. Crowd goes not like Estrellita this week, but she rolls thru a casadora to put on the reverse figure four. Tiffany's too close to the ropes, and grabs them to break. Estrellita off the ropes, into a Tiffany sit down powerbomb. Tiffany leg drop, on top for the pin, one two NO. Tiffany tags in Afrodita, who dropkicks Estrellita to the ropes. Estrellita stays in, and shoves Tiffany in the corner. Afrodita is much shorter than Estrellita, which stick out here. Corner whip, Estrellita slides out, Seductora in, oh no it's Afrodita vs Seductora. Super loose headscissors sends Seductora to the ropes. Afrodita drop toe hold, cartwheel over to an Oklahoma roll, Afrodita can't quite get Seductora down, and then only can get it for one. These two are hurrying thru their stuff, though this whole match is a fast pace. Seductora lifts Afrodita up in a sort of spinning Gori stretch, then struggle to put on her iin an arm trap wristlock. Afrodita does give, but it does not look impressive.

Amapola and Dark Angel come in while we see replays. Dark Angel loses Amapola on a tricky armdrag, oops. Amapola grabs the ropes on the next whip and dropkicks Dark Angel before she can do more. Amapola miss a corner charge and spear the post. Dark Angel reverses up, runs, and tries a tope con giro. No distance on it, so Amapola is unable to make the catch and Dark Angel nearly smacks the back of hear head on the apron. One of Dark Angel's scariest dives, and there's a lot of ground to cover there. Replays made it totally unclear how she actually missed hitting the apron. There's not a lot of room there.

Luna and Dalis are in when they return, and that's a bad idea. Dalis lands the first corner, missed charge the second, and Luna brushes her with her boot. Snap mare, kicks to the back, running kick to the chest, cover for two. Luna charges again, Dalis flapjacks her, ties up her legs, and turns them both over for a pin. Three count. I don't know how Dalis didn't pin herself in this one, but it's only counted as a Luna elimination.

Dalis celebrates, waist, and Marcela missile dropkick her in the chest. Luna out, and Seductora bowling her over with a tope con giro. Live, someone's being pinned, but they've got to show us a replay of the last pin. Looks like Marcela and Lady Apache exchanging pins. Marcela catches Apache in the double underhook, Lady Apache escapes, Apache clothesline misses, Marcela inside one two Marcela turns it directly into a stretch muffler, but Tiffany breaks it up because - I guess she can. That's a Tiffany move. Seductora comes in, but is totally unsure if she's supposed to be in now. She asks Dark Angel, standing on the apron, and Dark Angel gives her no visible response. Seductora goes with it, block a weak punch, and drops Tiffany with a side slam. Whip, reversed, Seductora casadora cradle one two NO. Whip, Tiffany nearly loses Seductora on a sit down spinebuster, and Seductora grabs her own head after impact. Rolling double armscissors, Seductora gives, Tiffany puts on an armbar anyway.

Replay. Dark Angel has Dalis pinned, but can only get two. Dark Angel fools around Dalis back, tries for a cradle, Dalis escapes and kicks Dark Angel. Dalis goes for something in the Go 2 Sleep family, but it also appears to be of the Horrible species. Crowd loudly booing. Dalis recover to do her armdrag, Dark Angel just tags Estrellita. This is another bad idea. Estrellita gives Dalis a low to the ground flapjack, and puts on a tapatía. She can barely get Dalis up. Dalis gives because that's the finish, but Estrellita knows the first try was poor and tries it again. It looks better the second time, but Dalis has already given.

Replay. Estrellita has Amapola down the ropes, but Amapola turns it around, puts her on the ropes and, does the flying sit, more to the lower back then upper back. Estrellita's top has broken again, always the same outfit. Whip, clothesline, neither women goes down, shoves, both off the ropes, Tiffany gets in a shot on Estrellita from the outside, and I guess the same happens on the other side. Tiffany and Marcela come in, Marcela hops over Tiffany in the corner, waistlock cradle, one two NO. Marcela off the ropes, casadora – blocked into a reverse powerbomb one two NO. Tiffany tries a corner whip, Marcela stops her with a chop and does her own, Tiffany walks out into a clothesline. Tiffany down and covering up, Marcela up top, double stomp, one two three.

Lady Apache in, clotheslining both Marcela and Estrellita. Lady Apache tries to cradle suplex Estrellita, but Estrellita can't and won't go, so Apache just sort of drops her forward and covers. Two count, Marcela breaks it up. Lady Apache lifts Estrellita over her shoulder – spinning hammerlock get the submission.

Down to Dark Angel & Marcela vs Amapola & Lady Apache, an actual good match. Dark Angel rolls over a double back drop, and Marcela missile dropkicks both. Marcela grabs Amapola, Amapola breaks free, kicks and cradle suplexes Marcela over one two NO. Roughly one million times better than Apache and Estrellita trying the same spot. The doctor is helping Tiffany to the back, after that double suplex. Marcela northern lights suplex, one two no. Marcela goes for a leg hold, Amapola cradle, pinning them both, one two three. Amapola is surprised to be eliminated, while Marcela knows what happened, and angrily shoves Amapola for costing them both the match.

Lady Apache and Dark Angel left. Apache on her knees and kicked by the Canadian ans they return. Whip, reversed, Lady Apache Atlantida, Dark Angel slips down the back one two NO. That seem like another Apache match I've seen. Different Apache though. Dark Angel clothesline misses, Lady Apache stops to claps, Dark Angel pulls Apache down by her hair, Dark Angel grab Apache's legs, Apache cradle her, Dark Angel reverses, one two NO. Apache nearly lands on Maya on the kickout, which is also close enough to complain to him about the count. Chop fight between Angel and Lady Apache. Corner whip, reversed, Apache charges in, stops, and slaps Dark Angel in the face. Dark Angel slaps back. Lady Apache slaps her again, and spins her out by her hair. Apache asks the crowd if they want one more, and give them one more hair toss. A third! Maya warns Lady Apache, and she forearms him down! Maya yells at her. Lady Apache goes back to throwing Dark Angel around by her hair. Maya shoves her away from Dark Angel, and awards the match to Dark Angel.

Maya keeps checking his jaw. Dark Angel Lady Apache slaps and shove each other more before going for the hair. Maya finally get in between them. Replay, and Maya has to keep Dark Angel and Lady Apache apart again.

Father's Day Promo

Teaser for the next match gives away the turn, so...great.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday

Match 2: Atlantis ©, Black Warrior, Delta vs Mr. Águila, Psicosis, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

  1. rudos

  2. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:51
Rating: okay
Notes: Delta has his belt, and has a Delta baseball cap. He gives the cap to a kid. Someone's turned off the lyrics in his music. Warrior wears a beret over his head, but takes it off at the ring. Full entrances must mean this isn't going too long. Atlantis wears his belt too. Guerrero Maya is the only guy – not just on this team, but in this promotion – who wears his belt when they're not in a title match program. Even the DF champion guys stopped wearing theirs after about two weeks. Aguila has half Gronda makeup, though maybe it's just generic demon. Mije is with Psicosis. Psicosis is introduced as man who does not respect the rules. You don't say. Volador is wearing a blank face ski-mask, and has a cool jacket. Ref is Babe Richard.

1: Black Warrior and Mr. Aguila start on the mat, while Volador interacts with the crowd. Volador then tries to stomp Warrior while Aguila has him in a leg lock near the ropes. That does not work. Atlantis in, Volador springboards in. Volador still has not taken off his jacket. Volador runs the ropes, and flips about with the jacket still on, then takes the double quebradora. Volador crawls to make a tag to Psicosis before he can take a third. Delta in, and Psicosis just sept his move. Delta tries to go over Psicosis back on a handsprings roll, and almost gets stuck on Psicosis' shoulder going over. Delta lives to headscissors. Delta throws a superkick, Psicosis dodges, and Delta hits a way out of position Black Warrior, He's almost in the rudo corner, and now he's on the floor. Corner whips lead to a Psicosis layout front cracker, and a three count.

Psicosis a tries a running plancha, Warrior catches him, spinning side slam, one two three.

Aguila kicks Warrior as he stands up. Off the ropes, around Warrior, off the ropes, off the ropes a third time, Aguila flips off the ropes and misses a clothesline. Warrior dropkick him out, then flattens him with a tope. Back inside, Volador (who's found the time to remove his jacket) superkicks Atlantis, poses, and gets the backcracker. One two three. Warrior stews on the ramp.

2: Rudos work over Delta for a bit. Aguila tries to stop him form getting, but Alternates comes in anyway. Volador swats him around, and tags in both of his partners. That shouldn't work, but some how it does – corner back elbow, corner clothesline, corner clothesline, Atlantis lifted up, and Psicosis land the senton. Psicosis puts Atlantis in armbar, Atlantis reaches out and tags Warrior, ref won't allow it because Warrior has stepped away from the corner to make the tag. Warrior need to his explained to him, and may not actually be it explained to him. Psicosis snaps Atlantis' over the top rope, and and but Atlantis recover to tag in Warrior for real. Psicosis slaps Warrior in the back, but Warrior pulls Psicosis down. Volador rushes in to make the save before Warrior takes Psicosis apart. Whip, Psicosis catapult hold, tag to Aguila, Aguila is nowhere near his corner so Babe Richard won't allow it, but Aguila ignores him to get in his clothesline anyway, then goes back out of the slingshot legdrop. Warrior rolls back out tho his die, and Delta comes back in. He's taken down for the Mije splash. Crowd approves. Double boot ends Delta out. Atlantis in, but Psicosis takes him down and goes after his legs. Volador knocks Atlantis down with the running superkick. Warrior unsure if to accept Volador's handshake. Warrior asks the crowd, and Mije attacks him from behind in the meantime. Mije pulls Warrior's pants, Warrior calmly heel kicks Mije away, and Volador kicks Warrior. Volador tags in both his partners, whip, triple boot. rudos are waiting for something, waiting, and finally Delta comes in with a plancha on two of them. Aguila roll under, and out with a pescado on Warrior. Delta quickly topes – uh, Warrior by mistake. Nice work, Delta. Atlantis gets Psicosis with a quebradora. Casadora cradle on Volador, but Psicosis recovers and breaks that up. Psicosis grabs Atlantis, Volador charge, Atlantis moves, Psicosis catches Volador, Atlantis tosses Volador out and kicks Atlantis out to follow him. Aguila kicks Atlantis out, Warrior knocks him down. Warrior kicks Aguila away on a corner charge and drops him with a guillotine legdrop. Warrior goes to tag Delta, Delta is late (Delta is always late), but tags him when he gets there, Delta hops to the top rope, and Warrior straight trips him off the ropes. That's hwy you need to be punctual! Atlantis wants to know what that was about, but Warrior's not talking to him. Psicosis cradles Atlantis for three, while Aguila gets in a back suplex into a faceslam on Delta to finish him off.

Warrior stomps Delta almost before the pin is counted. Rudo celebrate while Warrior gets himself a new mask. Everyone beats up on Atlantis, and Volador takes his mask.

Warrior announces he's return to the rudo side, no longer teaming with people like Delta. And he slaps Delta some.

Preview of next Friday. Announcers recap. One more father's day promo. That's it.