CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #343 (06/16/2012) 
Recapped: 06/20/12

Match 1: Dragon Lee, Sagrado, Triton vs Disturbio, Vangelis, Virus
Arena Coliseo, 06/10/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos (2-1)

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:46
Rating: ok
Notes: Disturbio is a fill in, obviously. Referee is Pompin.

1: Virus and Titan spend a lot of time on the mat. It's mostly Virus holding Dragon Lee and Dragon stuck. Lee gets the ropes at one point, Pompin starts counting for the break, Virus rolls him away from the ropes, and keeps the hold on. Odd. Maybe another secret rule change? Nah. After about 3:30, Dragon Lee is able to armdrag Virus away and pose, then puts his hands on his knees and breathes. Virus won that. Disturbio is very excited to be in this match, yelling before and after he armdrags with Triton. Triton put on holds is not what Triton does best, but he and Disturbio exchange armlocks for a while. Sagrado and Vangelis speed stuff up, but also screw up a missed clothesline spot. Sagrado with a quebradora, swing kick, and springboard – fall on his face. Aw, Sagrado. Vangelis stomps him, whips him, and wheel kicks him for two. Virus in with a dropkick, snap mare, and a senton for another two count. Virus drops Sagrado in position, tag to Disturbio, Disturbio top rope splash, one two three. Guess there was a little frog action on that.

2: Rudos work over Triton while being very careful to make legal tags. Vangelis slaps Triton out of the ring, which would seem to be a strategic fail, but apparently Sagrado starts with Triton's damage meter. Sagrado does ducks a clothesline. Sagrado stands on the second rope, steadies himself for much longer than usual, and lands the quebrada. One two NO. Enziguri drops Vangelis. Tag to Dragon Lee, springboard 'rana one two three.

Virus in. Lee ducks a clothesline, kicks is caught, Virus spins him, inside cradle, one two no. Virus up, whip, Virus over, shoulderblock sends Dragon lee flying out. Triton springboard in with a plancha on Virus, thens springboard armdrags him out. Virus out, Triton handspring dive fake, and Sagrado dives off the apron with a tope con giro. Dragon Lee appears to be limping as he walks back to his corner, hmm. Triton drops Disturbio in front of the técnico corner, then lands his own tornillo moonsault for three.

3: Crowd chants for “Drago” as he's in with Virus, though there are boos too. Slaps to the face meet slaps to the chest, meets Dragon Lee kick combos. Dragon Lee flips around, runs into a powerslam for two. Virus slaps Dragon Lee hard, then grabs at his mask. Lee flipped tho apron, kick Virus away and springboarding in with a headscissors. Virus out, Lee posing. Disturbio goes along for Triton's tricky headscissors and armdrag, Triton sends him out with a triple bounce tornillo armdrag. Vangelis takes out Sagrado with a spear. Vangelis misses on a roll thru dropkick, and Sagrado kicks him and covers for two. Sagrado pulls himself and Vangelis out on an armdrag. Disturbio and Dragon Lee in, and Dragon Lee messes up a dropkick to the knee. Two count. Casadora cradle for two. Disturbio tapatía, both sets of shoulders down, one two three – Disturbio eliminated Dragon lee, but got himself too.

Virus clotheslines Sagrado around, but can only get two. Whip, under a clothesline, waved by, flipped around, Virus runs into an armdrag, and a dropkick to send him out. Triton runs, tope con giro thru the ropes knocks over the rudo. Vangelis runs, Sagrado cut him off with a springboard dropkick, Vangelis reverses to his own cradle one two NO. Vangelis swings, Sagrado rumps him in front of the corner springboard moonsault, one two three.

Match 2: Rey Bucanero, Terrible ©, Tiger vs Namajague, Shigeo Okumura, Yujiro ©
Arena Coliseo, 06/10/2012

  1. Fiebre Amarillo

  2. TRT
  3. Fiebre Amarillo

Winner: Fiebre Amarillo
Match Time: 12:20
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Maya. Sides are listed as Rudos (Mexico) and Rudos (Japan), not TRT and Fiebre.

1: Tiger and Okumura are doing the usual slow start until Namajague gets in a kick on Tiger as he's running the ropes. Tiger recovers and superkicks the demon off the apron, Okumura clotheslines him, Bucanero punches him, Yujiro kicks him, and Terrible dropkicked him. Crowd approves. Brawl goes on outside, with no one getting an edge at first, but Yujiro somehow ending up with Tiger. That alone is enough to give the Japanese team the edge. Namajague brings Bucanero back in, slams him, goes up by himself, and frog splashes splashes Bucanero for one pin, then Okumura finishes Tiger for the other.

2: Fiebre kick and punch around TRT for a while. Terrible finally gets in s lap on Namajague as he's not paying attention, but Yujiro takes Terrible down and punches him about the head for a while before taunting him. Crowd not really into this. Terrible flips Namajague to the apron and waves Okumura in the corner to start the comeback. Clothesline for Yujiro and then a boot. Slaps to the chest. Whip, Yujiro grabs the ropes, Terrible clotheslines them both over. Namajague and Bucanero in and hitting each other in the corner a bit. Bucanero does his taunt after a big punch, Okumura catches Ry in a front facelock, Tiger missile dropkicks Okumura to prevent the DDT. Namajague misses a senton, Tiger puts him in a casita for one pin, and Bucanero drops Okumura with the Buca Storm for the other.

3: TRT dropkick Yujiro off the apron. Terrible backdrops Namajague, spinebusters him, slingshots him into a Tiger superkick, and hods him for a Bucanero assisted Tiger legdrop. Terrible and Okumura have a slap fight, and Okumura comes to regret that. Okumura held near the corner for the rolling senton, but Okumura first stats fighting back too soon, then Yujiro crotches Bucanero. Okumura fights free this time for sure, and Namajague slingshot in with a senton on Terrible. Terrible chops all the Japanese, but they swarm him. Corner clotheslines by everyone. Yujiro set on the top rope, Tiger lifted up to him for a powerbomb Yujiro poses as Rey comes in swinging at everyone. Namajague grabs Rey, and Okumura kicks him and Yujiro clothesline Bucanero over, though it takes some effort. Terrible back in, now with just Yujiro in. Slap/chop fight turns to a kick fight Yujiro headlock, shot off, Bucanero gets in the cheap shot kick, and Terrible clothesline Yujiro down. Yujiro slowly rolls out, Terrible runs for a dive, Okumura trips him out the other side and slaps Terrible down. Namajague kicks out Bucanero then slide in out after him. Bucanero in, dropkicking Namajague thru the ropes, and Rey slip and slide splash – misses, Namajague rolling under the ring to get away. They forearm each other while Tiger flips Okumura to the apron. Okumura slaps Tiger back, then dive off with a tope con giro to wipe out Bucanero. Tiger kicks Namajague away (Namajague just can't get back in), and knocks him over with a slingshot tornillo. Yujiro and Terrible in. Terrible makes a face and charge, but misses. Yujiro kicks him, corner whip, reversed, Yujiro flips Terrible to the apron, Terrible slaps him back, Terrible up top, Yujiro joins him for a super armdrag. Yujiro waits for Terrible to get up, kick, Tokyo Pimps, Yujiro sits on top for three.

Break before any promo.

Match 3: Diamante Azul, Rush, Shocker © vs Felino, Mr. Águila, Negro Casas ©
Arena Coliseo, 06/10/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:59
Rating: eh
Notes: Monito is with Shocker. Zac is with the rudos. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Azul/Aguila, Shocker/Negro – and then Aguila comes back in to kick Shocker, then they end up back with Rush/ Felino anyway. That doesn't last long before Aguila comes back in. He heel kicks Rush, Rush recovers, tags out, Aguila tries to jumping heel kick Azul, Azul ducks and German suplexes Aguila for one pin. Shocker finishes Negro for the other.

2: Negro evades Azul to get a few advantages, but eventually takes the press slam. Felino strips, but is armdragged and superkicked. Azul chases Felino out, and Felino just collapses. Rush pounds Negro while Negro waves for support. Rush wipes him out with a superkick. Zac comes in to help, and rush pounds him on the head kicks him in the face. Felino gets the crowd to yell at Rush for his meanness. Rush don't care. Felino tries a handshake, no. Felino does manage to stink Rush's face. Rush shoulderblocks him on the run, and kicks him around. A clothesline doesn't work, so they do a few more things to sets up a running elbow, and out goes Felino. Aguila takes the belly to belly, and rush leaves. Something is clipped out with Negro and shocker, but they're back in time to see Shock give faceslams to both the Casas brothers, and strut. Aguila waits, then sliding dropkicks Shocker. Corner whip, Aguila wheel kicks shocker, star tot urn him over on the mat, picks him up, and flapjacks him. Aguila lifts Shocker up one more, suplex, one two three. That's the fall.

3: Zac and Monito brawl on the floor. Shocker to on Monito, who has a big eight disadvantage here., but does have Rush running around to scare Zac. Rush catches up to Zac, but Felino makes the save, and brawls with rush in front of the crowd. Felino slaps Rush hard, so instead they show Negro holding Azul in a time killing hold. Zac and Monito end up back in, kicks around Monito, Monito spears him. Shocker urges Monito to got the follow up stomp. Aguila slips and kicks Monito down, and everyone leaves. Negro, still killing time, switches to a front facelock with Azul. Having finally decided the others are done, he suplexes Azul. And goes up. Azul stops him, and tosses Negro off. Negro as Ric Flair? Azul goes for a, and get a tapatía. Aguila breaks it up as soon as Negro get up. Aguila in, grabbing at Azul to stop him from going on – and pulling off his mask by mistake. That was odd. Azul and Shocker fight, but Tiger Hispano has called the match. Rush and Felino circle as if they're going to fight too.

Monito gives Azul his mask back and helps him on as the four people not Negro Casas fight some more. Negro appears to be checking his eye – was this the match he got hurt in? Azul chases Negro as soon as he gets his mask on, Negro tells him to go back in the ring so they can finish it, and then don't get in the ring. Rush fights Felino and Aguila a bit on the outside.

That's it.