AAA on Televisa (Regional) #32 (06/16/2012) 
Recapped: 06/23/12

Previously: Mini Psicosis beat Dorada. Sexi Star kept the women's titles. Wagner declared war on Mascara, while Mascara (in new footage) declared his family was better than Wagner's family. You know, he may have an argument there. He's winning in quantity, at least.

Today: Relevos, and Wagners vs Consejo

Mesías, in a sling and with his belt, high fives fans with his good arm on the way to the ring. I would not roll in on bad arm if I was hurt, but that's what Mesías does. Mesías thanks the fans for their support, and promises he will be back at TripleMania. He wants to defend his title, willing it do defend against wrestlers from any group – AAA, PdM, TNA – because it's the people's title. Catchphrase. Perros del Mal music brings Perro Aguayo Jr., Taya, Psicosis, Hector Garza and Halloween to the ring. Perro tells Mesías to get ready, because he's Rey de Reyes and he rules lucha libre. Perro wants a title shot, but first he asks if Mesías wants to go to the hospital again, but he'll break Mesías other arm. Crowd is behind Mesías here, and Perro yells at them to shut up. This steps them from attacking Mesías right away. Anyway, Perro notes that if they break his arm, Mesías won't be at TripleMania if they break his other arm. Cibernertico runs out and everyone else leaves. Cibernético is wearing his Bizarro shirt today and has a taped stick. Cibernético says they're all female dogs and then calls Taya names. Rudos feelings are hurt. Perro declares he'll take care of both of them at TripleMania, with a surprise, and he does his catchphrase. Perros walk around and annoy the crowd, but retreat to pose on the stage as the técnicos pose in the ring.

Upcoming show list has just the 06/30 and TripleMania dates.

Match 1: Corsario de Fuego, Exorcista Jr., Poseidon vs Angel del Misterio, Vengador Radiactivo, Xtremo 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:06
Rating: good
Notes: Rudos and técnicos enter in group. Exorcista Jr. is wearing a black and gold mask. Corsario de Fuego has a green and black mask with a black top, and Poseidon has a green and black mask with a green and black top. This will be easy! (Poseidon also has a lot of spikes on his head.) Vengador Radioactivo is in aquamarine, and has the radioactive symbol on his silver cape. Xtremo is in dark blue. Angel del Misterio is in white. Referee is Ringo Star, who is clearly not an actual referee or a member of the Beatles, but an extra dark match luchador – he's got no referee shirt, but a tank top, black pants, white belt, and spikey wristbands. If I paid a little more attention to the Arena Xalapa posters, I bet I could identify him.

Announcers give a shout out to Arena Xalapa right off the bat. All six – probably seven – guys are from there. Xtremo gets a passionate chant from the crowd as he starts with Exorcista. Lockup, Exorcista trips up Xtremo, Xtremo armdrags him from the mat. Exorcista drops down as Xtremo tries a backwards roll, and they collide oddly until Xtremo rolls on over the top. Exorcista armdrags Xtremo over, Xtremo tries to set up, flipped down to the mat. Back up, Exorcista misses the clothesline, yells and Xtremo monkey flips him – to his feet. Exorcista celebrates, then flips Xtremo to the apron onto the charge. Xtremo forearms him and climbs up, Exorcista slaps back, grabs, but Xtremo rolls over into a headscissors on Exorcista. Neat idea. Zero count trips. Announcers know the names, though which is which is a struggle. Angel del Misterio and Poseidon in. Angel misses a dropkick, Poseidon does not. Slap to the back of the head. Whip, Angel cartwheels thru, clothesline misses, Angel del Misterio flips off Poseidon's chest, semi-loose headscissors sends Poseidon out. Corsario in, Corsario taKing a casadora armdrag. Angel takes a lot of step to run to the ropes, Corsario flips him over, but Angel slingshot flips back over to headscissors Corsario. Inside springboard sends Corsario across the ring. Wristlock walk up the rope, twisting jumping armdrag and out goes Corsario. Angel celebrates, earned it. Vengador last in for the técnicos, against Poseidon. Evasion, hiptoss spot gets missed up, they sort of run into each other, and Poseidon slaps him into the ropes. Then run the ropes again, and Vengador pulls of a headscissors into an armdrag, then a run up the ropes armdrag. Corsario in, watching as Vengador does a flipping run, and kicKing him down when eh does. Corsario stop to pose, runs, and monkey flips into the ropes before rolling back. Vengador flipped to the apron, Corsario celebrates, turns, Vengador is getting set up on the top, and then off with a headscissors. Another headscissors into an armdrag sends Corsario. Back to Xtremo. Exorcista in with him. Técnico goes down after one chest slap. Announcers are saying hi to their mom and the a rudo engineer. Chop fight goes back and forth, and does not appear to be their strength. Announcers have identified the wrong person, drink. Xtremo armdrags Exorcista way, and Xtremo follows with a springboard headscissors. Exorcista kicks Xtremo into the corner, corner whip charge, no one home, and Exorcista lays himself out on the missed splash. Xtremo goes cross ring, Exorcista goes cross ring and dropkick him. Fake dive, Xtremo poses, rudos stomp him. It's beatdown time. Corner whip, corner clothesline, Back the same way, sat on top, superplex by Exorcista. Angel misses a dropkick as the rudos take care of Vengador. Angel held up for a super front cracker from Poseidon. Vengador whipped to the corner, splashed by Vengador, and whipped back into a Poseidon dropkick. Xtremo corner whipped, Poseidon corner clothesline, Xtremo set up top, and Corsario pulls him off – nice valagueza. Crowd getting on the rudos. Corner whip for Xtremo, Exorcista spears the corner, Xtremo kicks Poseidon away, and Poseidon tosses him to a headscissors on Corsario. Angel gets Poseidon with a headscissors, and Vengador takes out Exorcista with a flying armdrag. Xtremo runs, and tries the Brillo tornillo. Rey Cometa tried that twice, nearly died once, and Xtremo nearly took himself out on this one,. Nice catch by Exorcista. Other tecnicos tease dive, try to dropkick the rudas they come back in, miss, rudos miss, técnicos flip them both to the apron, high ten, charge, slide, técnicos flip back in, high ten, tope con giro out! Xtremo and Exorcista back in, Xtremo lands a corner leg lariat, Exorcista stumbles out, pumphandle powerbomb! One two three.

Match 2: Dinastía, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Charly Manson, Mini Histeria, Mini Psycho Clown 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 15:57
Rating: good
Notes: Watching the regional version with the entrances. Mini Psycho Clown bows to Marisela. There's a big reaction to the Octagon music. Pepe Casas is referee.

Dinastía and Charly start, and Dinastía quickly grabs a rope bounce armdrag into a cradle for two. Charly kicks him down, chants for himself, and gets his own bridging cradle for two. Charly back elbows out of a waistlock, Dinastía just get it back, Dinastía German, Charly lands on his feet, Dinastía back flips into a headscissors and armdrags Charly out. Crowd is a lot quieter now. Histeria and Octagoncito in. Announcers are talKing about the first AAA show a lot. Histeria has a nice armdrag into a half crab. Dorada and Psycho Clown are last, land only when Psycho Clown doesn't know how to catch his inside springboard tope con giro. Over head headscissors sends Psycho out, but the other rudos are on him with stomps. Técnicos protest to the crowd,w ho does get into it a bit here. Dorada takes the Guerrero flying sit, on the second rope. Octagoncito dropkick Charly, but Charly just ignores him and kicks him. Double suplex, top rope low blow headbutt by Psycho Clown. Announcers explaining this Octagoncito was not the original. Charly wallops Dinastía with a chop ad and a short clothesline. Side slam/flying legdrop combo takes him out. Dorada boosted into a headscissors on Manson to start the comeback. Headiscssors on Psycho sends him out, Histeria dropkicks him out. Announcers have wandered into talKing about the Infernales. Dinastía missile dropkick Histeria out, but Charly trips him up and pulls him out. Octagoncito in, and Histeria back in and they star the técnico showcase. Octagoncito gives Histeria a spinning armdrag, but Histeria knocks him down and does his taunt. Corner whip, Octagoncito, kip up, rolls away, and catches Histeria in quebradora. Headscissors sends him out, flipping armdrag into a spinning headscissors into – Psycho taKing a bump on his own, mostly, to send him out. Dinastía flips all around to evade Charly, still connects on a superkick. Charly on him with forearms and kicks. Corner whip, Dinastía turns and kips up out, back bend under a clothesline and headstand into a headscissors. Big crowd shot here, and Psycho in and batting Dinastía around with punches to the head. Dinastía back with a lot of strikes to the head, off the ropes, back spin headscissors, out goes Psycho Clown. Psycho comes right back in anyway, and Dinastía leads him into a beautifully Dorada flying headscissors. Rope bounce headscissors, double rotation headscissors! They pulled that one off well. Torito on Charly, but Charly escapes and dropkick Dorada away. Histeria takes a bump off the apron at the oddest time. Charly throws Dorada around by his mask and bullies him around. Whip, Dorada snap 'rana one two NO. Dora kicks and chops Manson, taKing him down to side with a kick to the inside of the thigh and yanKing him around by the hair. Whip, reversed, Dorada back with a double rotation headscissors that gets lost second time thru. Dorada changes to a headscissors cradle nicely, but Histeria dropkicks him directly in the back of the head. Histeria tries starting a Histeria chant. Does not work. Suplex into a powerbomb doesn't look good, but Dinastía breaks it up anyway. A medic is over to check on Dorada right away. Dinastía snap mares Histeria into a kick to the face, and dads a standing moonsault. Manson breaks it up with a kick. Dinastía snap 'rana, one two Charly breaks it up again. Charly stays in, DDTing Dinastía. Dinastía poses, and Charly kicks him in the face again. Charly big back suplex, on top to cover, Octagoncito bounces off the ropes before adding a dropkick. Dorada seems to be doing okay on the apron. Octagoncito running powerbombs, one two NO. Octagoncito with a forward roll slam, then going straight up the corner- tornillo plancha one Psycho breaks it up. Psycho celebrates, then kicks Octagoncito away. Psycho does a version of his big counterparts' Air Raid Crash side powerbomb, but only for two. German suplex one two NO. Psycho kicks Octagoncito out, but Dorada springboard dropkicks him. Dorada runs, but Charly cuts him off with a kick and chants Charly for the tenth time this match. At least the tenth time. Kicks. Dorada into the corner, and Charly kicks him around. Corner whip, Dorada charge and spear the post as Dorada leaps out of the way. Dorada back up, runs up the corner, and push off the post for a nice tope con giro to the floor. Dinastía back in, big plancha on Histeria. Histeria charge, and dropkicks himself thru the ropes and toot he floor. Dinastía runs, Brillo Dorada just get to Histeria. Octagoncito flying headscissors Psycho, but Psycho lands a wheel kick. Psycho charge the corner, and Psycho this the post on the way out. Octagoncito goes up top – off the ring post tornillo, Psycho not really caching him to great. Dorada gets Charly with a flying headscissors, ranita, but Charly looses him and Dorada tumbles on his own. Kick, and let's they try something else – whip, Dorada back with a casadora into small package one two no? Something happened with the pin that they couldn't get in frame – looks like Psycho stopped Psycho. Pepe grabs him, Charly whips Dorada, foul is almost missed by the camera and definitely missed by Pepe Casas, one two there.

Gran Apache wants Atomic Boy to understand he's a great luchador and he's going to pay. Apache thinks Mari is his more intelligent daughter.

Match 3: Atomic Boy, Fabi Apache, Lolita vs Gran Apache, Mari Apache, Sexy Lady 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 8:29
Rating: good
Notes: Sexy Lady's debut, entering first. Apaches enter together. Rudos attack the técnicos as Fabi is walking to the ring, and she gets kicked walking in. Referee is Piero. Ring announcer Jesus is remarkable unconcerned about this brawl taking place five inches in front of him. I can't decide if that's great or not. Hey, they put Andres and Jesus' names on the screen, that's nice of them.

Rudos destroy the técnicos for a bit. Sexy lady dumps Atomic Boy for Gran Apache's tope con giro. Lolita is choked. Atomic Boy is kicked in the face, spinebuster, rolled back to his feet, and takes a rolling bump on a Sexy lady backcracker. That's different. Mari hammers Lolita with a clothesline, then slingshots her into an Apache wheelbarrow for a Sexy Lady frontcracker. Fabi kicked and choked around. Mari corner clothesline lands, Gran Apache charge misses, and Fabi kicks Sexy Lady in the face. Apache slaps, but gets the wrong daughter. Atomic Boy dropkicks Apache out, and chases him around the ring. Atomic Boy smartly switches directions, waits for Apache to come back, and just slaps him. That's a veteran move right there. Drop toe hold, dropkick for Sexy Lady. Crowd loud as Atomic Boy slaps and kicks Apache around. Everyone settles down, and Lolita and Sexi down. Lolita dances, and just barely pulls of an armdrag into a headscissors. Sexy Lady had trouble keeping up with her. Mari kicks Lolita , but Lolita jumps over her backwards into a 'rana, the kicks her out. Gran Apache slaps Lolita in the back of the head as she celebrate, then pulls her around by her hair. Apache whips Lolita, Atomic Boy flips her to safety. They both play to the crowd for a bit. Atomic Boy armdrag Apache, but misses a dropkick when Apache grabs the ropes., Atomic Boy uses Apache leverage to flip off the rope, then pulls off the UG/Shocker bodyscissors counter and dropkicks Apache out. Sexy Lady in, Atomic Boy rebound armdrag on her. High speed spin thru the ropes as a dive fake. Atomic Boy tags in Fabi, who blows up poor Sexy lady with a dropkick. Sexy Lady runs the rope fast into and armdrag, then takes a headscissors. Fabi runs the ropes and rolls for a fake dive, but Gran Apache slaps her down too. Whip, clothesline misses, Fabi flips off Gran Apache's boost and dropkicks him out. Fabi fake another dive, and Mari forearms her. Atomic Boy in with a springboard clothesline, but Mari drops him with a big clothesline. Gran Apache in, slapping the wrong person yet again. Atomic Boy dropkicks Apache out, leaps to the apron, springboard moonsault into Apache, while Fabi Apache dives off the apron with a headscissors onto Mari Apache. Sexy Lady and Lolita in, Lolita headscissors, dropkick, tope con giro into an armdrag! Atomic Boy trips Gran Apache into the corner, fireman's drop, up to the corner, moonsault eats boots. Atomic Boy bounces a long way. Crucifix powerbomb, one two three.

Gran Apache slaps down Fabi and Lolita, and the rudas stomp them while he beats up Atomic Boy.

Noti AAA

This week's list is Top Mega Championship matches at TripleMania

4. Zorro vs Jeff Jarret from TripleMania 19 - 4th because there's only 4.

3. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Electroshock from TripleMania 18

2. Zorro vs Cibernético from TripleMania 16

1. Mesías vs Dr. Wagner from TripleMania 17

I agree with this list!

Silver King is against Consejo, and for teaming with Wagner to defend the family name.

Match 4: Dr. Wagner Jr. & Silver King vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. & Texano 
Auditorio Benito Juárez de Veracruz, 06/01/2012

Winner: Consejo
Match Time: 12:56
Rating: eh
Notes: Consejo enter first, then stomp down Silver King as he walks to the ring. This does not speed up the process for Dr Wagner in the least, but it appears there was an edit and Consejo took the fight to where Wagner couldn't see it. Tirantes is ref.

Mascara slams Consejo in the ring and goes for his mask. Texano keeps Silver King out. Máscara punches Wagner a lot, then hits him with a chair. Silver King climbs the light standard so he can Texano can stand on the barricade and punch each other a bit. Wagner is bleeding. I don't know why. Máscara dumps Wagner over the barricade, then softly smashes him into it for a bit. Texano goes after Silver King's mask. I wonder what he looks like unmasked! Mascara comes in to grab Silver for a Texano legdrop. Crowd loud for Wagner. Mascara rams Wagner's mask into the turnbuckle a lot. Wagner bleeding a lot, the mask ripped open to expose it. Máscara bounces off Wagner's head off a chair for a while. Wagner is sort of drop toe holded into a chair, though he knocks it away with his elbow before landing. That can't feel good for his elbow still. Tirantes takes a chair away from Silver King, and keeps him distracted while Máscara works on the cut some more. Silver fights back against Texano, only to get kicked down. Máscara chokes Wagner, which is so threatening he still waves to the crowd for for support. Silver runs into a Texano sit down powerbomb. Texano actually for the pin, and Tirantes counts two.

Crowd shot, and the Silver is reversing a whip to clothesline Texano, then bulldog him and clothesline Máscara at the same time. That was a poorly timed crowd shot. Wagner brothers team up for a Wagner kick on Mascara which makes him DDT Texano. Texano is up quick enough to take the Wagner Twister, as they seem to be calling it now. One for Máscara as well. Silver slams Texano and lands the moonsault, but Tirantes takes forever to count, and Silver Kind gives up to complain when he does. Wagner and Mascara brawl outside. Hard chair shot to Texano's back. Wagner unties Mascara's mask as Silver King runs interference. Tirantes argues, gets kicked. Wagner and Máscara brawl for a bit, Wagner knocking Máscara down even as he's staggered from the blood loss. His mask is quickly turning red. Wagner gets distract by the Wagner chant and knocks down, and Mascara holds Wagner in the corner as the others fight. Silver powerslams Texano, Máscara breaks up the pin. Silver lands a roll thru kick, Máscara breaks up the pin again. Wagner flips Máscara to the apron, Máscara slowly remembers to punch, Wagner blocks, kicks him off the apron, and goes for his dive. Texano grabs him, Wagner elbows him away, and lands the apron tope con giro. Silver brings in a chair, but Tirantes takes it away again. Silver lands a wheel kick on his own, only two. Silver turns to hit Tirantes again, Texano chokeslam into a backbreaker, Tirantes stalls, I don't know who's side Tirantes is on, but then neither does he. Silver King running DDT, Texan out, Silver runs for his dive, Texano jumps on the apron and punches him on the springboard. Chair shot to the back takes Silver out. Mascara and Wagner back in, Wagner telegraphs a punch, Mascara catches it, Wagner still turns it into a DDT, Mascara rolls thru (?) to a cradle, one two no. Wagner did all the work there. Wagner hits Tirantes, and the crowd is thrilled. Kick again. Wagner pulls down the straps. Wagner Diver, Mascara slips free, kick to the face, kick to chest, kick , Wagner catches it, teases, Máscara shoves him away, off the ropes, sort of spear by Mascara. Máscara picks up Wagner, powerbomb one two three.

Rudos stomp Wagner. Silver tries to make a save, but the rudos hit him and double suplex him. Mascara taunts Wagner on the microphone, and says he wants his mask. Mask vs mask challenge.

Recap and that's it.