CMLL En Busca de un Idolo, Week 7 (06/15/2012)
Recapped: 06/25/12

Match 1: Dragon Lee vs Euforia
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

Winner: Euforia
Match Time: 7:15
Rating: okay
Notes: Dragon Lee is trailed by Atlantis and Fray Tormenta. You have no idea how angry I was about not figuring this out ahead of time. Euforia has Ultimo Guerrero holding his towel. Ref is Terror Chino

Euforia rams Dragon lee out of the ring right after the whistle. Into the barricade! Euforia press alms Dragon Lee back in, then drags him around by his eye holes. Whip, charge in, hammer clothesline. Euforia's fired up, for him. Chop knocks Dragon lee down in the corner. Corner whip, Euforia charge in, no one home, Dragon Lee charges back in, Euforia sets him up top and slaps him. The ring may be miced too well. Euforia backs up, then walks towards Lee, who jumps over him. Euforia still boots him down and stomps him. Choke on the ropes. Forearm to the back. Whip, clothesline flips Dragon Lee (well timed!) Euforia punches Dragon Lee in the face. Whip, clothesline swipes at Dragon Lee. Not great contact, but down he goes. Whip, clothesline misses this time, and Dragon back with a headscissors – no, Euforia blocks it and lifts him up on his shoulders, then spins him off with a TKO. Elbow drop for good measure. Euforia has totally dominated. Dragon Lee shoved in the ropes and slapped down. Dragon lee rolls over, getting us a HD look at his pimply back. Whip, dragon Lee tossed up, and down with a dropkick. Euforia misses a clothesline, Dragon Lee tries for the armscissors, and Euforia just shoves him off. Looking bad for Mr. Lee. Euforia punches him on the mat. Euforia press lift, teasing throwing Dragon Lee out to his doom, but dropping him in the ring and clotheslining him to the ramp instead. Euforia being warned by the referee, which gives Dragon Lee a chance to recover. Lee steadies himself, runs, and flips in with headscissors on Euforia. Euforia clothesline misses, Dragon lee jumping kicks him in the back. Springboard shooting star press – with Dragon Lee banging his legs on the apron on the way down, because he got no distance. That was almost the end of him.

Five minutes. Dragon Lee makes it back first and still can walk, somehow. Euforia in. Dragon Lee off the ropes, flipping run, Euforia flips him to the apron, misses the kick. Dragon Lee kicks him away, springboard headscissors sends Euforia out. Dragon Lee hurries to the ramp, walks a bit there, and runs up the corner ropes for a tope con giro the floor. Judges are very impressed. Euforia chops Dragon Lee on his way back in. Dragon Lee springboard in after him, 'rana, blocked into a powerbomb, turned into a torito, one two NO. Dragon Lee off the ropes, Euforia lifts him up, Dragon Lee gets the armscissors, Euforia gives, but Dragon Lee wont' let go for some reasons. He does, just after the five count, and so the ref realizes Euforia's good arm and called the DQ.

Dragon Lee protests. Ultimo Guerrero and Fray Tormenta end up chest to chest, UG pushing Tomrenta way but Tormenta standing up to him. Atlantis gets them apart, then tells Dragon lee to use his head.

Máximo says Dragon Lee was robbed. Ultimo Guerrero protests for Euforia. Máximo says Euforia is the best rudo, but he didn't win, Dragon Lee was robbed. Miguel thinks Dragon Lee won. Negro Casas says Euforia did a good job. Tirantes is not impressed. 9 from Máximo, 7 from Miguel, 9 from Negro, 7 from Tirantes. 32.

UG yells at Fray Tormenta some more as the tecnicos approach the group. Máximo says the people know Dragon Lee won and talks about the people liking him. The ones who were chanting Rudo? Miguel says Dragon Lee has improved. Negro says Dragon Lee deserves a round of applause for his dives, and praises Atlantis & Fray Tormenta. Tirantes is not impressed. Scores are 10, 10, 10, and 6 from Tirantes. 36.

Match 2: Diamante vs Titan
Arena Mexico, 06/15/2012

Winner: Diamante
Match Time: 5:34
Rating: eh
Notes: Diamante has a new silver outfit, with black diamonds. It's very Santo-ish. They use a lighting affect to make it seem like a thousand flash bulbs are going off. No seconds, and Máximo is not at the judging table at the start of the match.

Battling leg holds to start, then battling armdrags. Leg holds ad slaps to mix it up, and an amusing double headstand spot slap bit. Zero pins, stereo dropkick, standoff. Titan shoulderblocks can't get Diamante over. Evasion, Diamante headscissors. Diamante flips Titan to the apron, hits him here, charge, and takes a dropkick over top rope to the floor. Titan knees him from the apron, then springboards into a top rope moonsault to the floor. Impressive. Titan throws Diamante back in. Diamante thrown back in, Titan charge, Diamante sits him on the top rope and slaps him there. Diamante backs up, charge, roll and leaps into a missile dropkick. Nice plan, Diamante. One two no. Titan slaps Diamante. Whip, rebound bulldog by Titan. Corner whip, reversed, Titan rebounds, quebradora by Diamante. Titan goes out, Diamante tope con giro, Titan tries to duck his head and catch it, and Diamante just lands on Titan's back on the way over. That did not look good for anyone. The physics were against that one working out well. Titan makes it back in, but looks beat up. Diamante misses a corner charges, and flops on the mat. Titan decides to just go up for a moonsault without doing anything, and of course Diamante climbs up behind him him. Titan back elbows him away.

Five minutes. Diamante climbs back up, Titan back flips out of (maybe Diamante tried back suplex there.) Titan charges, Diamante flips him to the apron, Titan stunern over the ropes, handspring rope flip moonsault misses, Diamante rolling under the ropes. Titan lands on his feet and backflip, clothesline caught into – hey, arm scissors. Titan holds on, gives.

Máximo wants more dynamic lucha from Diamante. Miguel likes the new look, but didn't like the match and wanted more out of him this cycle. Negro chalks up the problem to the difference in height, and sees Diamante having a good future, but this tournament isn't one for him. Tirantes says this match was the worst match he's ever seen. That's covering some really bad AAA group! I mean, Cibernético alone – anyway, Tirantes likes the new look. Máximo 9, Miguel 6, Negro 9, Tirantes 5. Five is generous for the worst match you've ever seen. 29. Máximo givs Diamante flowers. Diamante has some black pimples on his back he may want to get checked.

Máximo says Titan is a gran luchador. Miguel thought this was Titan's worst match. Pólvora match was no great shakes. Negro thinks Titan will do well for many years. Tirantes gets up, smiles, and says that match was bad, but it was the fault of Maximo's friend (Diamante), so he's giving him a 10. Máximo 9, Miguel 5, Negro 9, Tirantes 10 and very proud of it. 33!

That's it.