AAA on Televisa #1048 (06/10/2012) 
Recapped: 06/17/12

Previously: Mini Psicosis and Sexi Star kept their titles, Consejo won the trios titles.

Noti AAA

Promos for the Cruiserweight title match. Psicosis says he's crazy and shows off his stapler. Teddy says Jack won't have the cruiserweight title any more. Jack says he's sending Teddy back to Canada. What did Canada ever do to you? Juvi...does not appear.

Match 2: Jack Evans vs Teddy HartJuventud GuerreraPsicosis for the AAA World Cruiserweight Championship 
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 05/19/2012

Winner: Juventud Guerrera
Match Time: 14:23
Rating: good
Notes: Psicosis throws a garbage can at the ring. Oh, there's all sorts of junk around the ring to be used. Jack dances out with the belt. Psicosis gets in Jack's face. Piero is ref. The match is announced as an extra match.

Jack takes down Teddy off the whistle and punches him. Juvi's content to just watch, but Psicosis pulls Jack off and Teddy gets in shots. Both Perros del Mal members (neither wearing their gear here) hit Jack for a few seconds before Juvi stops them, checks Jack, and chops him himself. Alex Koslov's name is brought up as a past champion. Rudos back him off, and Jack fights back the other two with kicks and back elbows. Juvi kicked away as he charges in, but that gives the ropes enough time to knock Jack down and stomp him. Teddy tells Juvi to leave Jack to them, and they tie him in the topes for punches. Whip, Jack backflips under a clothesline, Juvi heel kicks him anyway, suplex up, and Juvi springboard dropkicks it over. Juvi lifts Jack in a fireman's carry, and drops him off with a facecrusher, I think. Hard to tell. Juvi discusses plans with Pisocis, , they both lift him up, and Jack pulls him down with a super back cracker. Juvi covers, Psicosis breaks it up because NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ELIMINATION RULES. Well, Psicosis so far, let's give everyone else a fair shot until they too prove themselves a fool.

Crowd shot here covers up Juvi and Jack disappearing. Psi flip Teddy with a clothesline. No idea why they'd be fighting right now, yay editing. Psicosis suplexes Teddy onto the top rope, Teddy bounces in the ring, then step thru the ropes and leads his head into so Psicosis can kick him out. Jack back in with a springboard heel kick, then a flip dropkick off Juvi into a moonsault on Psicosis, one two NO. Teddy in, back suplex on Jack – into a bulldog? That look more like failed counter but Jack sold it like it hurt. Juvi puts a double armbar on Teddy, but Psicosis dropkicks him in the face. Juvi is up, stripping of his shirt and going at Psicosis with chops. Back and forth, Juv;'s clothesline misses, Psicosis swings him around into a reverse DDT and crotch chops him. Pis takes a look at Teddy, then waved Juvi off. Arm wringer, hammerlock backcracker, Teddy lifts Juvi over his shoulders, Psicosis barley balances him on the top rope, flying legdrop flips Juvi over. Psicosis tries to pick Juvi up, Juvi won't get up, and Teddy kills Psicosis with a huge release German suplex. Teddy slams Juvi, steps near the ropes, rope flip moonsault lands one – kickout. Teddy doesn't get up, and watches Jack punches and kicks Juvi out of the ring. Jack revs up, runs, back off the ropes, and into a Teddy powerslam. Both men down. Jack and Psicosis exchange chops on the outside, and Teddy nearly overshoots them with the top rope springboard moonsault. Everyone gets back up, Jack springboard tope con giro kind of splits in between people, but he likes to yell Mexico. Jack brings Juvi back in one two NO. Jack argues the count as Psicosis this Teddy with a trash can. Psicosis tosses the can in, which stops Jack from corner whipping Juvi until it bounces out of the way. Corner whip, reversed, Juvi in with a double knee, Jack yells, clothesline misses, Juvi pumphandle walking toss into the corner. That's different. Juvi brainbuster (“Juvi Drive!”), one two Teddy Hart is an idiot. That's two. Psicosis has set up a table and some chair on the outside. Juvi holds Jack in a Dragon Sleeper (“Dragon choke?”), Teddy pulls Juvi off, then into a cradle DDT. Teddy holds Juvi down, and so both are pinned, one two NO. Teddy has a fit over being counted down, and nearly kicks Piero. Psicosis calms him down hitting him with a chair. Chair shot to Juvi, chair shot to Jack, chair shot to Juvi. Juvi did not much get his hands up there. Psicosis throws Teddy out, and throws him thru the rear of a grocery cart. Juvi brings in a ladder, and drops it on Juvi, then brings Juvi out. Juvi helpfully lays himself on the table, and Psicosis heads up. Joe Lider rush out with a chair, and hits Psicosis in the back a couple of times. Psicosis is laying on the top rope, and Juvi has disappeared. Lider brings out thumbs tacks and dumps on the table, because a move from the second rope thru a table to the floor is just not enough. Death Vally Driver is typically poorly aimed, hits the side of the table and bounces off. Lider ends up with as many thumbtacks on him as Psicosis, of course – though we're only shown the one on Lider and zero on Psicosis. Back inside, Teddy ducks a clothesline, kicks Juvi, and gives him the Canadian Destroyer. On the outside, Psicosis is strechered out, eliminated without being pinned. Teddy wastes no time with a second double underhook Canadian Destroyer, because one is not enough. Jack stomps in and punches Teddy a bit. Kneelifts, Teddy with his own kick, sit down powerbomb, weird crowd shot there. Teddy is standing on Jack is now on his knees, so they cut something out. Powerbomb, Jack reverses to a 'rana, Teddy rolls thru, picks up Jack again, and drops him with his powerbomb backcracker move. Teddy crawls on top one two NO. Jack may be bleeding from the mouth. Teddy back suplexes tosses Jack into something, Jack turns it into 'a 'rana one two NO. Crowd thought that was it. Juvi has vanished. Teddy back elbows Jack, flipping him into a cutter, one two NO. Teddy sets up Jack on the top rope, and climbs up with him. Juvi sneaks back in, and crotched Teddy. Teddy falls off the ropes and into the position. Jack 630 senton, Juvi 450 splash one two three

Down to Jack and Juvi. They fist pound and clap for each together. Jack misses a clothesline, springboard f;lip over Juvi, heel kick is caught, Jack flipped thru, then Juvi flips him again with a clothesline one two NO. Juvi up quick, clothesline turn into a backslide with bridge one two NO. Jack can't believe it. Announcers say hi to the new booker here (presumably sitting in the voice over room while they're doing this), Jack clothesline ducks, Juvi back breaker, and a exploder suplex. Juvi crawls on top one two foot on the ropes. Juvi suplex into a backcracker two NO. Juvi argues the count, waits covers again, it's still two. Juvi flips Jack to the corner, Jack kicks him away, Jack climbs up, Juvi crotches him, climbs up, gets tripped off into a tree of woe, and Jack double stomps him down. One two NO. Jack can not believe it. Juvi is still down, so Jack yells and climbs up. 630 senton, no one home, Jack rolls thru, Juvi knees him, pumphandle Go To Sleep - “Justice Drive!”, I think it's the Final Justice – one two three. New champion. Crowd seems happy, though not overwhelming so. A lot of Jack fans there. Juvi gets his belt.

Promos: Everyone says the title is coming to them. Or Wagner just says his catchphrase.

Match 3: LA Park vs el Hijo del Perro AguayoDr. Wagner Jr.CibernéticoChessman for the AAA Latin American Championship 
Plaza de Toros de Chilpancingo, Guerrero, 05/19/2012

  1. ref stop? Dr. Wagner Jr. (7:27)

  2. Park casita Perro Aguayo Jr. (10:33)

  3. Chessman foul Cibernético (11:57)

  4. Park super frontcracker Chessman (15:16)

Winner: LA Park
Match Time: 15:16
Rating: good
Notes: Graphic helpfully reminds me that Chessman is still tag champion. Perro has Taya and his sword. Park gets last entrance – all the champions have – and dances out to his rap music. The guy who doesn't want to be a técnico poses and slaps hands with all the fans. Ref is Piero. It's a titanic struggle to get these five guys to stand together for the title match pose; the técnicos appear to be shaking each other while they're standing.

Park and Wagner start in the ring with everyone else in a corner. Lockups don't get them far, armdrag keep them even, zero leg trips. Clip, Park miss a corner charge and flips over on the dropkick, Wagner charge, Park tosses Wagner in the corner on charge, struts, charges back and is tripped into the corner. Wagner charges in, gets kicked away, Wagner charge in, gets kicked away, Park kicks him in the chest, Wagner catches the second, dragon screw, kneebar, Cibernético breaks it up. Cibernético pounds Park in the back. Whip, powerslam, one two – Chessman breaks up that pin. Wagner's already left, and Cibernético leaves on his own. Chessman looks around, working his own chant. Park up, Chessman slaps him. Whip, big spinebuster, half grab takes some work but pulled off. Perro immediately back elbows him in the back of the head, and rabidly punches and stomps him. So, everyone but LA Park and Wagner have done the idiotic pin break up here. Chessman rolls to safety, and Perro punches Park a bunch. Armbar, Park punches back with his free hand, Piero gets involved for no reason, Park breaks free, off the ropes, Taya trips up Park and Perro gets in a kick to the head. Perro with a casita, one two Wagner breaks it up. Just need Park to get a chance to complete the foolishness. Wagner poses, punches Perro into the corner, then does something towards Taya. Spit? Taya backs off to the barricade, where a fan reaches over and grabs her – Taya gets free and stays that way. Welcome to Mexico! Back in the ring, Wagner almost gets Perro's trunks. then dope toe holds him, snap mares him, and dropkicks him in the head. Perro tries to roll out, Wagner covers Perro with Perro rolled the wrong way, and Chessman breaks up the non-existent pin. Chessman tries for a running tornado DDT on him, Chessman drops Wagner on his feet, Wagner manages a cravate, a jab to the face, and an Asai Cutter. Cibernético's turn to break up the pin. Stomps, chops, Wagner ducks one, yells at bout being Wagner, and chops Cibernético around for a while. Wagner poses. Cibernético up with a kick. Wagner catches Cibernético, Cibernético hits him on the back of the back, Cibernético off the ropes, Wagner drops him with a Samoan drop. Cibernético is covering up before Wagner has even finished positioning him for the dropkick to the head, but Wagner still does it. Wagner goes to to do his dive, Piero cuts him off (??), and Park does a plancha onto the other three instead. Wagner is now content just to pose. Wagner is always content to pose, let's be honest. After Park gets up, Wagner does go to the apron and bowls him over from there. A tone of ans reach out to touch him. Wagner throws Park back in, shining wizard kick. Park looks lout. Wagner to the apron (???), but Mascara Año 2000 Jr. is out to ram Wagner into the post many times. Toscano is out too, with a chair. Máscara snap mare, and after the mask. Piero is seeing all of this, but will let it go. Toscano hand the chair to Mascara, Mascara struggles to unfold it, finally does, grabs a garbage can lid left over from the last match, sand slaps Máscara in the back with it. Mascara get a chair, and carefully does the same. Chair shot to the head is treaded like a big thing, which it might be if we didn't just see three of them in the last match. Everyone else is kind of just watching. Texano is out too, with the bullrope. Mascara takes Wagner out of the ring and punches his some more, with the rest of Consejo standing nearby. Cibernético finally decides to help, only for Chessman to immediately hit him with a garbage can lid and bring him back in. (Wagner is never seen again.) Perro cuts off Chessman with a chair shot. Chessman gets back up, more emotionally hurt than physically so (????) and argues with Perro about it for a second. Chest slap fight turns into Perro kicking and punching. Whip, reversed, evasiveness, Perro spinning headscissors (!) sends Chessman out. Park in, and chasing Perro all around with the chair. Piero accidentally gets in the way, Park swings the chair and hits the ropes, and Perro kicks him down. Crowd shot clip, Park armdrags Perro around, then forearms and punches him in the back of the head a lot. Taya in and attacking Park from behind, not Park pays any attention to it for a while. Taya latches on to his back for a sleeper, but parka just stands u, gets her off of him, and corner sher. Perro makes the ave with a kick. Taya holds Park, Perro tries a dropkick, you know how that goes. Park corner whip, Perro reverses, Perro helps Taya up and whips her in, Park moves, and Taya splashes the corner. Park DOES pull down Taya's trunks, though they show it from the safest possible angle. The girl in the leopard bikini is mortified. Park tries to do it again, is blocked, and kisses her instead. Perro tries to dropkick Park, Park moves, Taya takes it. Park casita, Perro one two three.

Chessman dropkick Park. Clip. Cibernético in, Chessman on his knees offering a handshake, crowd chanting for Cibernético, Chessman kicks him instead. Corner whip, Chessman head down too soon, Cibernético kicks it, Chessman backs up. Headbutt, Chessman back up, clothesline, Chessman backs up, clothesline takes two tries to get Chessman out. Park in, Cibernético tells Park to wait, Park kicks him. Corner whip, Park charges in an lands a clothesline. That all looked awkward. Park cover,s but Chessman breaks it up. Chessman kick, sutntner on Chessman. Chessman up, Cibernético spear. Cibernético says this is out, choke on, Garra Cibernético – no, Chessman just foul kicks him. One two three. YAY CHESSMAN.

LA Park and Chessman left, since Wagner appears to be long gone. Chessman clothesline misses, La Park springboard reverse tope breezes Chessman, Park armdrag, reverse bodyscsisors into an armdrag (!), Park off the ropes, plancha caught by Chessman but Park still goes on top for two. Crowd has quieted down a lot. Park off the ropes, Chessman picks him up, but Park headscissors him out, then topes Chessman. Chessman caught him a bit too well, both standing up before they fall down. Piero counts both down. Park in first, and Chessman just makes it back in at 19. Park covers, one two NO. Chessman kicks park away, off the ropes, spear. One two NO. Crowd has been very into the show all night, but has just died right now. I think Cibernético was their guy and they're not into LA Park, which is unlike most crowd. They're still paying attention, but not reacting big. Chessman shoulder powerslams Park, off the ropes, legdrop, one two NO. Chessman pounds the mat, then goes up. LA Park crotches him, Park pulls him off into a super frontcracker, slowly crawls on top, one two three. Decent reaction for the finish.

Park gets his belt back, replays, that's it.