CMLL on Televisa #1084 (06/09/2012) 
Recapped: 06/09/12

Match 1: Atlantis ©, La Máscara, Shocker vs Mephisto, Volador Jr. ©, Yujiro 
Arena Mexico, 06/01/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:53
Rating: eh
Notes: Yujiro grabs an edecan again, but Carolina seems to be expecting it. Or not as surprised. Tirantes is the referee.

1: Pairs are Yujiro/Shocker (battle of the blondes!), Mephisto/Atlantis, and that turns out to be it. Yujiro and Shocker are even, up until they get loss. Atlantis monkey flips Mephisto around, but Yujiro get in one shot from outside, and that's all they need to set up Volador's guillotine legdrop. Rudos keep the rest out and get the win.

Announcers say hi.

Father's Day Promo.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday

2: Rudos run the ring. Rebound hiptoss faceslam and kick to the face for Mascara. Yujiro punches Shocker around. Yujiro doesn't really pull his punch, but tries to make sure they just miss. Sometimes, they don't. Volador gets Shocker with his corner superkick. Yujiro suplexes Atlantis. Mephisto kicks Mascara in the face. Rudos pound Shocker in the corner for a while. Shocker flips Mephisto the apron on a corner charge, ducks Volador, and punches Yujiro off the apron. Volador ducks an invisible Shocker clothesline – that happens to Volador a lot – and superkicks Shocker. Volador waits for Shocker to get up – backcracker. Volador poses, and Mascara jumps on his shoulders – casadora, campana, he's done.

3: Atlantis gets in his offense on Yujiro, dropkicking him out after a plancha and some armdrags. Mascara takes off his shirt, gets kicked a lot, armdrag and kicks Mephisto a bit. Flying headscissors sends Mephisto, and gives Volador a quebradora on the floor. Mephisto into face Shocker, but Shocker refuses to fight unless it's fighting against Volador. Volador does his flipping run, then right into the triple quebradora. Something Shocker does to Volador gets cut away from. Tecnicos knock all the rudos out of the trying, triple tope is highlighted by the nearest dive, Shocker's, not being caught. He ends up short, Yujiro is too far back.

Máscara and Volador back in and chopping, Volador flips Máscara to the apron and swing kicks him as they fight. Mascara punches and headbutts Volador down to give room for another plancha. Casadora, campana, Yujiro breaks it up. Volador ducks a Mascara clothesline, superkick, pose, and tag to Yujiro. Mascara trips up Volador and goes for a tapatía anyway. Yujiro grabs Máscara in a waistlock, Máscara tries to back elbow out, and Yujiro shoves him to the técnico corner. Shocker tags in, but Yujiro kicks him and gives him a big clothesline. Off for another, shocker catches it, jabs Yujiro, sunset flip, one count. Shocker small package one two NO. Yujiro kicks Shocker, but Shocker takes his head off with a kick. Yujiro off Shocker off the ropes, boot is caught, Yujiro spins him and drops him with an Angle Slam. Altnaits break s up that pin. Replay of one of the boots, which seem to catch Yujiro in the face. Back live, Shocker has Yujiro in his new tirabuzón legsweep cradle for three.

Mephisto knocks Shocker down. Corner whip, reversed, Shocker lands a clothesline, slaps his own chest, and Volador springboard dropkicks him to the back of the head. That's his move! Mephisto drops Shocker with a Devil's Wings, one two three.

Mephisto sidesteps a Máscara dropkick. Volador in, double clothesline misses, Mascara boost dropkick to send Mephisto out. Volador backs off, and Máscara topes Mephisto. Captains left in, Volador runs into a quebradora, another, a third – no, the Altniada. And that's it. Replays.

Father's Day promo.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday

Match 2: Black Warrior vs Rey Escorpion in a hair vs hair match
Arena Mexico, 06/01/2012

  1. Rey Escorpion Gori Special (1:24)

  2. Black Warrior second rope legdrop (1:35)
  3. Rey Escorpion double underhook piledriver (10:38)

Winner: Rey Escorpion
Match Time: 13:37
Rating: good
Notes: Rey Escorpion has a new NEW outfit, with knifes and a mask and such. Maybe it's a Scorpion King thing I should recognize. Music with “I Stand Alone” is a bit odd when you're in a trio. Dragon Rojo is Escorpion's second, and almost runs into a posing Escorpion because Dragon Rojo is looking at the fans. Black Warrior is wearing the same outfit he usually does. Pants may be new. Sombra is Black Warrior's second. Referee is Babe Richard. Match is announced as “sin empate”, which doesn't mean what we think it means.

1: Rey Escorpion waits for Warrior to pay attention, charges, and miss ac oner dropkick. Whip, Warrior leaps, Escorpion shoulderblocks him down. Stomps. Whip, reversed, Escorpion slide out and waves Warrior out. Warrior charges, and Escorpion kicks him from the apron. Escorpion back in, Warrior misses a dropkick and lands on his feet, Escorpion dropkick to the knee, casita, Warrior blocks it and holds on top for – two. Warrior charges, Escorpion tries a quebradora, Warrior flips out, Escorpion kick to the midsection, lading Warrior up for a Gory stretch. It takes Escorpion some work to get Warrior in the position he wants, but he does bend Warrior over his shoulder for the submission.

2: Escorpion on Warrior with chop. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Escorpion take a look at the corner. Corner whip, charge, Warrior get the boot up, of the ropes, under a clothesline, and knocking Escorpion down hard via spear. Replay of that. Both are outside as they resume, and Warrior stops Escorpion with a quebradora. Warrior chops Escorpion in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Escorpion charges in, Warrior trips him up, Warrior charges in, Escorpion moves, Escorpion charges in , Warrior kicks him down, second rope legdrop, one two three. Two falls, just about three minutes combined.

3: Escorpion off the ropes, over, and knocking Warrior down with a shoulderblock. Slap drops Warrior down to the knees. Escorpion stops to do the Warrior dance, off the ropes, sliding out, and Warrior topes Escorpion over the barricade. Security has to pull Escorpion up, and he walks around to the door to get back in the ringside area. Warrior waits for Escorpion in the ring. Escorpion up on the apron, Warrior this him and suplexes him in, Escorpion turns it into a small package, one two NO. Warrior casadora cradle, one two NO. Both slow up. Warrior DDT, one two NO. Escorpion runs to the ropes, springboard dropkick, Warrior out, and Escorpion out with a tope con giro. No slingshot needed! Replays. That may be the best dive Escorpion's ever done. Escorpion in first, Warrior clotheslines him from the apron, slingshot elbow drop one two NO. Both men swing, Escorpion grabs a wristlock and lifts Warrior on to his shoulders, Warrior spins off to a sunset flip and locks both arms while covering, one two NO. Warrior blocks a clothesline into a hammerlock neck crank. Escorpion won't give, gets out to start his own hold, but Warrior kicks him away. Leo talks about crowd chants we don’t' hear. Crowd is making noise, but not chanting. They boo as Escorpion puts on a face grabby STF. Warrior crawls to the ropes. Escorpion wastes no time pulling Warrior into the center of the ring and stomping his back. Tapatía forced on, Warrior won't give, Escorpion rolls him back, both men pinned, one two NO. Crowd chanting for Warrior now. Warrior tries a clothesline, but Escorpion hooks him into a reinera. He's barely got it, and Warrior slips out to an inside cradle, one two NO. Rey Escorpion smacks Black Warrior in the back, powerbomb, reversed into a 'rana one two Escorpion rolls thru one two NO. Both slow up. Escorpion slams Warrior and calls for the end. Rey Escorpion quebrada is lower than ever, and hits knees – one two NO. Escorpion saw his life flash before his eyes there. Warrior stands up Escorpion, but Escorpion viciously slaps him down. Lots of crowd shots. Escorpion slowly to the corner, plancha meets dropkick. One two NO. Crowd getting into the near falls. Replay shows he didn't get much on that dropkick. Sombra is beside himself. Both competitors up. Warrior runs thru a half formed Escorpion clothesline, hits the corner, come back out, and Escorpion pulls him into a kneelift. Package piledriver. One two three.

Dragon Rojo celebrates big while both Babe Richard and Sombra check on Warrior. Sombra shoves Dragon Rojo and gives him the piledriver sign, but Dragon Rojo brushes him off and carries Rey Escorpion on his shoulders. Replay of the finish. Announcers don't argue the move being a martiente a much, but say Warrior's in bad shape. Sombra fashions his towel into a neck collar for Warrior, and argues to the ref, to the rudos, to the hair cutter, but gets no satisfaction. Rey Escorpion snatches some hair, which angers Sombra some more

Hype for next Friday's show. Dr. Morales does seem to take the martinete argument up.

Announcers discuss.