CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #305 (06/09/2012) 
Recapped: 06/14/12

Match 1: Rey Cometa, Stuka Jr., Valiente © vs Namajague, Puma King, Shigeo Okumura ©
Arena Mexico, 06/01/2012

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 18:24
Rating: eh
Notes: Rey Cometa appears to be constantly working at making his outfit more black. Cometa still doesn't have a video. Stuka has one with highlights, which look much better than the posing ones they do. Someone has problems hitting the right buttons to get Valiente's video to turn up, and then they just kind of give up on the thing. Puma carries his new trophy, the Arissma mask, to the ring. Okumura's video is playing in super slow motion. Someone needs to kick the VCR. Rodolfo is the referee.

1: Valiente and Namajague have a good fight on the mat, including a war over kneebars. Cometa rolls around before facing Okumura. Announcers discuss how Okumura trains in the gym all night. Okumura tosses Cometa around for a moment before they go back and forth with equal moves. Cometa armdrags Okumura when he poss, then chases him outside briefly. Stuka quickly bounces and armdrags Puma out. Stuka fakes a dive, Puma goes around the corner, and Cometa crushed him with a great looking top rope tornillo. Valiente wallops Namajague with a back elbow, takes Okumura down, Stuka chops Okumura over, then heads up – torpedo splash. Three count.

2: Okumura knocks Cometa down and crotch chops, but Comet gets up and chops him down. Springboard flipping armdrag sends Okumura to the ramp side ropes, Cometa charges, Okumura flips hi, to the apron, Cometa slaps him down, heads up the corner, and takes Okumura over with a flying headscissors. Superkick sends Okumura out to the ramp. Cometa handsprings and poses. Valiente hops in to face Namajague. Off the ropes evasion, Valiente rolls back, Namajague rolls over, Valiente powerslam, one two NO. Namajague up, and running into a big Valiente quebradora. Crowd doesn’t seem into it much. Valiente helps Namajague up, they get into a slap fight, and Namajague knocks Valiente over with a forearm to the face. Corner whip, Namajague charges, Valiente flips out over him, and Namajague hits the corner. Puma in, quick running trip, dropkick to the chest sends Valiente tumbling out. Shot for Stuka, chop for Cometa, Puma climbs to the middle rope and poses. Stuka back in, but backdropped and superkicked as he gets up. JCR discussing Puma's progress in this year's tournament compared to last year. He got one more win! Okumura stops Stuka with a quebradora, and Stuka stumbles into a second. Okumura covers, one two no. Namajague takes over, and rakes Stuka's eyes over the top rope. Cometa slapped a bit. Puma in, but Comet fights back against him. Puma stops that with two kicks to the chest, and one superkick to the head. Whip, evasion, Cometa rolls, and Puma dropkick him in the backside. Puma wastes no time challenging Valiente in, but doesn’t strike before Namajague gets in a short from behind. Chop knocks Valiente down. Okumura back elbows Stuka down. This fall is ready to end any time. Namajague stomps Stuka around, Stuka sunset flip one two Namajague kicks out and Puma kicks Stuka a moment late. Stuka kicked out. Namajague wants Comet to do something, Cometa ignores him, Namajague kicks him and whips him instead. Cometa is able to flip Namajague to the apron, but Okumura interrupts, Michinoku Driver, Namajague top rope frog splash. One two three.

Puma knocks down Valiente with a heel kick kick, jump to the apron, and springboards back in with a front cracker. Valiente fell back in on that, but Puma's not done anyway – inverted figure four, that's it.

3: Stuka pounds Puma for a moment, but Namajague interrupts and pound it. Namajague throws himself into a back elbow, and Okumura DDTs Stuka for two. Valiente dropkick the inside of Valiente's left leg. Rudos go after the left leg for a while. Rey Cometa pleads to get in, which doesn't help. Valiente is finally able to roll himself out. Namajague slams Cometa and pins him with one knee, but that doesn’t quite get the three count. Puma pulls down Cometa's top to chop him. Rudos are just meandering. Double boot for Stuka. Japanese fake a dive, then do a pose together. Valiente's leg isn't so hurt that he can't pull of a double springboard headscissors on Puma, which starts to everyone kicking each other. Stuka ends it with a big spinebuster on Namajague, who slowly rolls to the apron. Stuka help Valiente to the top rope for a moonsault on Okumura. Namajague suplexes Stuka and hooks the leg one two three! Stuka was trying to kick out the whole time.

Cometa rolls in, duck a clothesline, and catches Namajague in a running moonsault side slam. One two three.

Puma shoulderblocks Cometa, kicks him in the chest, waits, Cometa charges, Puma ducks him, then throws him with a big release German suplex. Never seen that from him before one two NO. Puma stands Cometa up, Cometa slaps him, kicks him into the ropes, charges both charge, Cometa rolls into a kick, and Puma yanks off Cometa's mask. Cometa covers up, and Puma and pounds him in the upper back and the neck. That's a DQ, obviously . Puma doesn't care, he's got a new mask – to toss to the crowd.

Match 2: Diamante Azul, La Sombra ©, Máximo vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible ©, Tiger 
Arena Mexico, 06/01/2012

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Winner: TRT (2-1)
Match Time: 13:19
Rating: eh
Notes: Azul's knee diamonds have a new white backing, to make him look even more like a certain Demon. Monito is with Maximo. TRT enter together. Tiger looks like he stole Mr. Cacao's jacket. Also, a weird looking neon green mask. I guess it's supposed to be scarier. Referee is Tigre Hispano.

1: Pairs are Tiger/Diamante, Máximo/Bucanero, Sombra/Terrible. Diamante/Tiger is oddly even early, then Azul armdrags Tiger around. Máximo is Máximo. Terrible slaps Sombra down, but soon is taking Sombra's offense, and a headscissors out. Sombra tries to handstand in front of Tiger and is dropkicked instead. Azul dropkicks out Tiger, Bucanero flips him to the apron ramp side, and Tiger superkicks Azul. Máximo charge in, bumps Tiger off the apron (Tiger had to go out of his to get there), slides Bucanero out, and gently topes Bucanero. Azul gets in his dive on Tiger too. Sombra planchas Terrible, tries a casadora, and gets thrown back in a wheelbarrow suplex. Big one, too.

2: Rolling senton for Máximo, but no pin. Azul seated dropkicked off the apron. Sombra forearmed. Máximo booted. Bucanero brings Monito in, and Terrible giant swings him into a Tiger dropkick. Replay of that. Azul promptly evades a corner charge, and gets Terrible with a German suplex. Bucanero breaks that up, Sombra missile dropkicks him, Terrible hits him, Máximo kisses Terrible, Sombra 'rana on Terrible, one two three.

3: Azul throws Tiger around. The giant armdrag is a lot rougher this week. Azul comes in with a slingshot front cracker, but Azul is up and monkey flipping him soon enough. Armdrags and superkicks for Terrible. Máximo does his usual stuff. Sombra is not impressed by Tiger. Sombra shoulderblocks him, then catches him in a powerslam. Bucanero knocks Sombra over before he can get in a pin, but then Sombra get in some Marco like leapfrog leading to a poor boosted dropkick on Tiger. Problem with the boost on that one. Sombra headscissors Bucanero out, then waits for Terrible to come in. Terrible does an kicks him, but them throws himself out on a charge. Sombra runs, and knocks him over with a tope con giro. Máximo boots Azul into a 'rana, which seems like a poor idea even before Bucanero blocks it into a powerbomb. Máximo rolls into a Tiger seated dropkick. Referee drops to count both pins, but Bucanero's given up waiting for the pin, and switches to a submission. It's over, anyway.