CMLL En Busca de un Idolo (06/08/2012) 
Recapped: 06/25/2012

Match 1: Diamante vs Euforia
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

Winner: Euforia
Match Time: 6:20
Rating: okay
Notes: Atlantis is with Diamante, Ultimo Guerrero is with Euforia. Ref is Bestia Negra.

Diamante traps Euforia in a full nelson for a moments, Euforia escapes and holds in waistlock. Diamante tries to turn out, can't, but armdrags out of Euforia's own full nelson. Test of strength set up leverage spots, and oddly, a Diamante anklelock. Euforia gets to the ropes to end that. More mat wrestling includes a briefly farmers roll by Euforia and some two counts back and forth that no one really gets into. Euforia has some nice armdrags. Diamante backflip off the middle rope set up a casadora armdrag, and out goes Euforia. Diamante walks to the middle of the ring, runs back, runs, the slows down and slide thru the ropes just as Euforia is going the other way. Euforia kicks and chops Diamante as he steps back in. Crowd whistling and turning on the match, for no particular reason. Euforia rolls thru a sunset flip and elbow drops Diamante, then puts on an armbar. Diamante rolls him over for a two count. Euforia hammers Diamante with a clothesline. Stomping. Diamante gets up, and Euforia chops him into the ropes. Euforia glares and gestures at the crowd. Whip, spinning faceslam, and Diamante is dropkicked out. Euforia waits for Diamante, catches his breath, runs of the far ropes, and slide dropkicks Diamante. Euforia waits, runs again, slide dropkick sidestepped this time, and Diamante slaps him away. Diamante to the apron – top rope tornillo moonsault connects. Replay. Both down for a bit.

Five minutes. Both in. Diamante 'rana blocked into a powerbomb for a two count. Euforia clothesline blocked, Diamante kicks him in the midsection, and then flips him with a bodyscissors powerbomb for two. Diamante slips behind Euforia, inside cradle, one two Euforia grabs the ropes with both hands. Euforia flips Diamante to the apron, Diamante cranks Euforia's arm over the top rope, springboard 450, Euforia doesn’t move that much, Diamante crashed, but gets up to be grabbed for a roll into a kneebar. Diamante holds on for a while, but gives.

Máximo says Euforia is the most complete luchador in the match. Miguel likes him. Negro thinks Euforia did well. Tirantes agrees that Euforia is skilled, but still doesn't seem the idol. 10 from Maximo, 9 from Miguel, 8 from Negro, 7 from Tirantes. 34.

Máximo says Diamante looked very good, which amuses the crowd but not Máximo. Miguel wants more wrestling. Negro thinks Diamante did a good job. Tirantes doesn't like Máximo playing favorites. Scores are 9 Máximo, 7 Miguel, Negro, Tirantes 6 for 30.

Match 2: Dragon Lee vs Titan
Arena Mexico, 06/08/2012

Winner: Dragon Lee
Match Time: 6:26
Rating: good!
Notes: Titan has wristbands of giant nails. Because why not. Dragon Lee has his stick, and almost jumps into Titan on his way into the ring. Ref is Terror Chino. No corner people.

Dragon Lee wants a handshake, but they cut away to show us the cock and not how that turns out. These two start out with armbars, hammerlocks and headlocks. Someone is winning a bet. Dragon Lee slowly puts on a casita, but into the ropes so no count. He knows a hold, progress. And then he almost kicks Titan on as he's coming down for a quick cover, so negative progress. Dragon Lee trips up Titan, hooks the legs, and puts on a crooked figure four. Another hold! Titan won't give, so Dragon Lee tries to roll it over to an STF but can't get it. Titan out to an elbow lock, Dragon Lee to headscissors, Titan headscissors out to a reverse facelock, then to an armbar. Dragon Lee armdrags him away. Circle Titan dropkicks Dragon Lee in the knee. Chest slap. Whip, Dragon Lee springboards rolls to the ramp, and poses out there. Titan chases after him, poses himself, Dragon Lee misses a clothesline, and Titan headscissors him off the ramp. Titan backs all the way up the ramp, runs, and pulls off the over the fans top con giro onto Dragon lee. Titan will not be out done. Replay of that. Máximo got up to get a better look, and Miguel tells him to sit down. Titan throws Dragon Lee in, and slingshot in with a legdrop. Titan cross the arms (!), covers one two no. Whip, Titan misses, Dragon Lee flipping run, staredown, Titan off the ropes, handwalk backflip, no one home, Dragon lee charge, Titan whips him back to the corner, charge, Dragon Lee flips out over, Titan flips out over Dragon lee, Dragon lee kips out over Titan, stare, Dragon Lee charge,s Titan slips thru the ropes, Dragon Hits the the corner, Titan slaps him down, headstands , Dragon Lee gets up and shoves Titan to the floor. Quick thinking there. Lee runs, leaps and lands the tope con giro, landing right on top of Titan. Replay of that. Dragon Lee landed right on his feet, but catches his breath before coming in. Five minutes.

Both up on adjacent site of a corner, and climbs up together. Punching and slapping in the middle the rope, then Dragon goes to the top rope and brings Titan with him. Titan gets in a jab to the midsection, and a super snap mare to the mat. Titan crawls on top, one two NO. Titan pounds the mat in frustration. Dragon casadora, reversed into a inverted powerbomb. Titan hooks the leg and sets on top, one two kickout. Dragon lee off the ropes, Titan dropkick to the knee, many kicks to the ribs, off the ropes, and pulled into Dragon Lee's armscissors. Titan swings all his limbs, can't get free, and gives.

Máximo is impressed by Dragon Lee's agility, his win, and the slight hint of being a rudo there. Miguel thinks Dragon Lee was very complete. Negro thinks Dragon Lee was very spectacular. Tirantes says the crowd liked Dragon Lee, but he still doesn't see him as a star. Máximo 10, Miguel 10, Negro 8, Tirantes 7 for 35.

Máximo liked Titan's moves. Miguel wants a bit more wrestling. Negro though it was ok. Tirantes says the wrestling was good, and he might be a little bit of an idol. Scores are 10 Máximo, 9 Miguel, 9 Negro, 9 Tirantes. 37!