CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #304 (06/02/2012) 
Recapped: 06/10/11

Guest announcer is Amapola.

Match 1: Dark Angel, Goya Kong ©, Lady Apache vs La Seductora ©, Princesa Sugheit, Tiffany 
Arena Mexico, 05/25/2012

  1. rudas

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Winner: rudas (2-1)
Match Time: 13:32
Rating: bad
Notes: Seductora gets last entrance, so Goya must be attacking her right way. Yep, they're arguing. Seductora tries to talk down the tecnica, ducks her clothesline, and calmly walks to the ring as if Goya can't just turn around and grab her. Goya does, throwing her down and then throwing here in. Referee is

1: Seductora dropkicks Goya as she comes in, the other rudas come over to help, and the brawl starts there. Seductora beats up Goya on the ramp, then throws her in and works her over there. This does not last, Goya reversing a whip and knocking Seductora down. Seductora does manage to shove Goya into the ruda corner, and everyone hits here. Seductora has some amazingly poor punches here. Goya clotheslines both Tiffany and Seductora, but gets stopped by a Sugheit kick form the outside. Rudas kick her around more. Rudas dumbly whip Goya to the tecnica corner. Lady Apache umps in over her, gets chopped down anyway, and lifted into a Sugheit kick. Dark Angel takes her turn to leap in, getting Sugheit with a plancha. Sugeith gets right up and dropkicks Dark angel in the knee, then tags in Seductora with a side slam. Rudas are oddly competent. This gets back to Seductora kicking around Goya, then the other rudas kicking around Goya. Rudsa somehow lift Goya onto the top rope, and Sugheit and Tiffany toss her off. That's got be the finish, but it's not – Seductora silla onto Goya. Now? No, still. Rudas are going to lose the fall, I guess. Short powerbomb/kick to the head for Apache. Over the back hiptoss and kick to the midsection for Dark Angel. Sugheit gives Angel a pumphandle gutbuster. Seductora and Goya end up in again, Seductora tries to suplex Goya. No. Goya suplexes her, but misses a running elbow drop and Tiffany and Sugheit rush in to stomp her out. Seductora goes up top and planchas Goya on the floor, and the rudas actually finish things in the ring.

2: Sugheit steals the ring card, but the fans boo before she even tries to hold it up, and she just gives it back. Rudas still in control in the ring. Rudas all kick Goya in the corner, técnicas try to stop it and get sent out. Seductora tries a sunset flip on Goya, Goya goes for the sit, and Seductora slips out in time. Goya promptly ducks a double clothesline and knocks a distracted Sugheit out of the ring to start the comeback anyway. Rudas throw themselves in the corner, and Goya catches Seductora with a splash and Tiffany with a back elbow. Tiffany drops down, and Goya elbow drops her. Tiffany dropkicks Goya out and goes back and forth with Lady Apache. Seductora interrupts, takes a heel kick, a push off headscissors, and a elbow smash. Dark Angel tagged in, splash, cover, two count. Dark Angel gets caught with a boot on a corner charge, but catches Seductora coming out with a half nelson suplex. Springboard headscissors sends Seductora out. Sugheit in, Dark Angel and her go thru reversals that seem to surprise each other, and Dark angel finally dropkicks Sugheit out. Dark Angel planchas Sugheit, who's short of hit. Apache dropkicks out Tiffany and gets her with an apron tope con giro, though the camera mostly misses it. Goya chokeslams Seductora and goes for her mask. Maya gets in right way to break it up, Goya pushes him away twice, then shoves him down. Slam, off the ropes, splash. Maya's up, but grabbing his shoulder and refusing to count. He tells Goya to get up, and raises Seductora's arm for the DQ.

Goya knocks down Maya gain after the decision is announced. Maya gets back to his feet to raise the rudas arms, but also grabs his chest. Goya gets the microphone and challenges Seductora to a mask vs mask match, but Seductora is to hurt from the plash to respond. She does she her finger no as Sugheit helps her walk to the back. Goya manically dances near the ropes.

Match 2: La Sombra ©, Marco Corleone, Máscara Dorada vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Volador Jr. ©, Yujiro 
Arena Mexico, 05/25/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:39
Rating: good
Notes: Yujiro grabs an edecan to pose with, and the girl has no idea why Yujiro is lunging towards him. And then he does his thing. Volador has a black Iron Man mask. Or maybe War Machine? Tirantes is referee.

1: Sombra gets the worst of Dragon Rojo and Yujiro for a moment. Sombra back elbows Yujiro to set up a Dorada springboard sunset lfip in, but Yujiro ducks down and Dorada looks like an idiot, flying too far and missing. They keep going, but Dorada's spinning in the corner leap eating a Yujiro punch. Marco finally stops Yujiro with a leapfrog and a punch of his own. Volador leaps at him, Marco catches him, sits him down, swings and miss and Volador kicks him. Marco reverses to flip Volador to the apron and kick him down. Dragon Rojo charge into a boot, Marco punches Volador again, and Sombra top rope moonsaults him. Marco springboard clothesline on Dragon Rojo, Yujiro wanders back in late so Dorada an pick him up, stomp Dragon Rojo out of his way and land the top top rope tornillo senton.

2: Yujiro and Marco work together, which includes a Marco big slam and a hipswivel elbow drop. Dragon Rojo rushes over to stomp Marco, Volador running over to add stomps from the apron. Marco rallies, clotheslines Dragon Rojo out. Sombra and Volador in, dueling flipping runs, Sombra springboard backspin headscissors. Yujiro kicks Sombra down before he can chase Volador out, but Dorada and Dragon Rojo are in next. Just for a moment, before Dorada armdrags Dorada out. Dorada flips out of Yujiro German suplex and takes him off with the Sling blade. Inside springboard headscissors sends Volador out, but Dragon Rojo cuts off the dive with a kick. Dragon Rojo tosses Dorada to the ramp, and the other two boost Dorada up into the Dragon Rojo missile dropkick. Three count there.

Marco punches Volador, but Yujiro foremar shim as he goes off the ropes. Volador sunset flip, Marco blocks and dances, Dragon Rojo dropkick him over, and Yujiro dives in to get the three count.

3: Dragon Rojo gives Sombra the inside out dropkick, and Volador stands him up for the corner superkick. Volador waits for Sombra to get up, then realizes he isn't and just pits at him. Volador pulls Sombra up himself to armbar him and hand him off to Yujiro. Yujiro punches a bit. Dorada takes a hiptoss to the stage. Rudos corner whip Marco, just setting up his run of leapfrogs and springboards. Dragon and Volador take a plancha, Yujiro gets punched, first two rudos knock Marco out, Sombra headscissors Volador, Dragon Rojo shoudblcosk him, Dorada pulls off the floating headscissors on Dragon Rojo despite Tirantes nearly walking into the path. That was dangerous. Dorada goes out with a slingshot tornillo onto Dragon Rojo., leaving no one in for a second. Volador and Sombra come back in, Sombra gets kicked leaning thru the rope sand Volador Asai moonsaults Mascara Dorada. Sombra springboards planchas Volador, getting great height. Yujiro topes Sombra. Marco waves in the ring, runs, and superman dives onto everyone, landing on his feet. Break here.

Volador swing kicks Sombra down in the ring, then starts to climb. Sombra foreamrs him and climbs up with him. Top rope 'rana takes Volador out. Dragon Rojo jumps in, Sombra slaps him and springboards- into a Dragon Rojo counter dropkick. Mascara Dorada springboard dropkicks him, but Yujiro breaks up that pin. Tokyo Pimps on Dorada, one two three.

Yujiro celebrates, but Marco's on the ramp – Aero Italiano, one two three

Marco charges Dragon Rojo in the corner, Dragon Rojo ducks down, and Marco hangs himself in the ropes. Dragon Rojo takes an odd path to the ropes, but dropkick Marco to the floor. Volador and Sombra back in Volador kicks Sombra in the corner, but Sombra moves out of the way of the charge, Sombra slams Volador in the corner, Sombra climbs up quick, Volador trips him up and Sombra tumbles to the mat. Volador poses, charge back, Sombra boots him up, Volador Spiral one two three!