CMLL En Busca de un Idolo Week #5 (06/01/2012) 
Recapped: 06/10/12

Match 1: Diamante vs Dragon Lee
Arena Mexico, 06/01/2012

Winner: Diamante
Match Time: 4:28
Rating: ok
Notes: Bestia Negra is the ref. Why do they have a clip of Diamante botching the landing on of a 450 in his entrance? Maybe if he's going to knee a guy in the sternum, they though they might as well use it?

Armdrags back and forth, Dragon Lee pulls of a headscissors from the mat, and Diamante begs off for as second. Diamante shoves Dragon Lee down again, Dragon Lee kips up to a headscissors, Diamante grabs him in a waistlock and runs him to the ropes, whip, flipping run, and Dragon Lee springboard rolls to the ramp. Diamante is not amused. Dragon Lee runs back, and Diamante meets him with a swing kick. Diamante out to the apron, Dragon Lee on his back, and Diamante runs into a monkey flip over the post to the floor, almost taking out the camera guy on the way down. I have no idea why he did that, but it sets up Dragon Lee's springboard corner tope con giro. Replays. Diamante in first, Dragon Lee in with a springboard headscissors. Lee off the ropes into a flapjack. Good on Diamante for actually getting in some offense. Flapjack again, Diamante dropping him down into a double gutbuster, and covering for two. Replay of that. Diamante would like a snapper count. Corner whip, charge in, clothesline lands. Dragon Lee slumps down, and Diamante boot chokes him while holing an armbar. Count is put on, and Diamante reluctantly lets go. Whip, Diamante tosses Dragon Lee up, Dragon Lee slips off Diamante's chest when trying to do a flip. They cover quick. Diamante missing a clothesline and Dragon Lee landing a spinning DDT for two. Whip, reversed, Diamante charge, Dragon Lee flips him to the apron and jumping kicks him back. Dragon Lee backs up, charge, and springboard out to a headscissors on the ramp. Crowd does not react at all, which seems unfair. Dragon Lee throws Diamante back in, climbs in the ropes himself, and poses a bit. Corner whip, reversed, Diamante backs up, charges, into double boots, Dragon Lee charge out, clothesline reverses into a whip back to the corner. Dragon Lee bounces out, Diamante fireman's drops him, calls for the end, goes to the apron, pose a bit more and totally whiffs on the springboard 450. Move was fine, but Dragon Lee missed and Diamante crashed hard. Dragon Lee rolls Diamante in position for himself, goes up top, and shooting star press – Diamante moves out of the way of that one, and Dragon Lee lands on his feet. Poor Dragon Lee's knees. Diamante hooks him in the flying arm scissors, and Dragon Lee gives quick. Crowd boos.

Máximo is out of breath talking to Diamante and likes his look. Miguel wants more wrestling. Negro says Diamante pulled off difficult maneuvers and should not be concerned with the booing. Tirantes says Diamante is big, but his lucha is poor and he's disagreeing with the referee too much. Scores are 8 Máximo, 7 Miguel, 8 Negro, 5 Tirantes for 28. Máximo is appalled at Tirantes.

Máximo says Dragon Lee did well, just had to face a bigger man. Miguel wants more wrestling. Negro was impressed by Dragon Lee's maneuvers. Tirantes says Dragon Lee flies well, but he's not an acrobat, he's a luchador. Dragon Lee turns his back on him to pose. Diamante was dismissive too. 9 from Máximo, 7 from Miguel, 7 from Negro, 4 from Tirantes, who's reluctant to put up any number.

Match 2: Titan vs Euforia
Arena Mexico, 06/01/2012

Winner: Titan, by DQ 
Match Time: 6:01
Rating: ok
Notes: Tony Salazar and Franco Colombo are out as seconds here. If they were out the last match, I didn't see them. Referee is Terror Chino.

Chain wrestling to start, Titan trapping Euforia in an elbow lock for a few seconds before Euforia can take him down. Titan punches him in the midsection and rolls him over for a one count. Waistlock takedown, Titan kips up and armdrag Euforia away. Titan charges again, Euforia trips him up, flips him to his feet, flips him over his hip and gets taken over by a headscissors. Titan jumps at Euforia, Euforia slides under, over, waved by, Titan leaps and Euforia slaps him down. Euforia stars at Titan for a few second. Titan starts to sir, and Euforia boots him in the face. Titan up, Euforia clotheslines him, one two NO. Crowd with a brief rudo chant. Euforia chops Titan into the ropes. Whip, clothesline misses, back elbow misses, Euforia leapfrog, Titan jumps over Euforia's roll, handwalk backflip headscissors. Titan off the ropes, dropkick sends Euforia out. Titan runs roll to the ropes, slingshots over and about lands on his head trying a headscissors to the floor. He did not get as much out of the slingshot at he wanted, and the headscissors did not look good. Titan's head appeared to hit the floor before the turned over, but he's sitting up quick. Replay shows Titan bounced his head off the floor, right at the seam. Tony says something to Euforia as Titan pulls himself in and shakes the cobwebs loose. Euforia crawls in. Titan charge, Euforia spinebuster as they cut away. Euforia on top of Titan with slaps. One two NO. Whip, Euforia flapjack, dropkick to send Titan out, and sliding out after him. Chop on the barricade. Euforia brings Titan back in to stop the count. Chop. Whip, Titan handpsring jumping kick to the chest, and a dropkick to send Euforia out the other way. Titan runs, crowd boos, and Titan lands the tope con giro quite well. Five minutes up. Replays.

Titan wanders around the ring before going in. Tony Salazar checks on Euforia, talking to him as he gets up, Euforia pushes Tony's arm away, and then shoves him away. Salazar is more surprised then angry. Titan misses a dropkick. Corner whip, reversed , Euforia puts on the break, Titan charges in, Euforia ducks the clothesline, waistlock, Nirvanalock, Titan is either giving up or on the verge of doing so, a black towel comes flying in, and the ref calls off the match. Euforia celebrates a job done well, but the referee points to the towel on the mat, point to Tony Salazar, and raises Titan's arm. They do enough gesturing to explain what happened and not why it happened, htough not when that became a rule. Titan and Colombo are confused but happy for the win.

Máximo says Titan has improved his look. Máximo must like the chain thing he's been wearing, because he's weird. Miguel wants more wrestling, but likes the wrestling Titan did. Negro says Titan's dives were worth 10. Tirantes points out Titan's head banging error, but gives him credit for coming back to the win and thinks he should go straight to the final. Máximo 10, Miguel 10, Negro 10, Tirantes 6 for 36. The other three can not believe Tirantes gave him 6, Negro was all happy Tirantes was about to give out a good score to a técnico.

Máximo says Euforia is the best rudo and the most complete rudo, but he's got to have more respect for his trainer. Miguel agrees. Negro is more forgiving of that. Tirantes is not. Tony demands a chance to talk, and JCR is all “this isn't part of the contest!” but eventually relents. Tony wants Euforia to respect him like he respects Ultimo Guerrero – Ultimo Guerrero isn't even in his corner for his matches. Scores are Máximo 5, Miguel 6, Negro 5, Tirantes 6 for 22.