CMLL on Televisa #1082 (05/26/2012) 
Recapped: 05/27/2012

Dr. Morales has returned today.

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Fuego ©, Pegasso vs Hooligan, Nitro ©, Skándalo
Arena Mexico, 05/18/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:13
Rating: ok
Notes: Skándalo has new gear. Referee is Rodolfo.

1: Pairs are Azteca/Hooligan, Pegasso/Nitro, Skándalo/Fuego. Usual opening fall stuff. Fuego looks really good and is cruising via armdrags, but Skándalo steps a kick, scoops him jump, and drops him with the Skándalo Driver. That's it. The doctor and Pegasso check on him.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Coliseo

2: Skándalo is not impressed with the ring girl. Rudos knock Pegasso around, including Hooligan just shoving Pegasso onto his back on a leapfrog. Hooligan also adds a running elbow drop to Pegasso's backside. Camel clutch/dropkick to the face for Azteca. Fuego in long enough to be hung in the ropes and dropkicked out. Pegasso headscissors Nitro, Hooligan hiptosses and headscissors him! Azteca headscissors Hooligan, and push over headscissors him out. Skándalo shoulderblock Azteca out, and sidesteps Fuego's plancha. Chop knocks Fuego into the ropes. Whip, big back drop by Skándalo. Chop to send him to the corner. Corner whip, corner clothesline. Rudos help hold Fuego in position. Skándalo backs up, boots the técnicos off the apron, and lands the running low blow dropkick. Snap mare, but Azteca rushes in to kick him. Hooligan runs into a fireman's drop, Pegasso 450 splash, Skándalo side headscissors into a rings submission, and that's the fall. Fuego chases after Skándalo.

3: Fuego chases Skándalo around some more. Azteca and Hooligan in, but pause to hear the crowd yell mean things at Hooligan. Armdrag, Hooligan boots away Aztec,a charge, Azteca back bends, and Hooligan throws himself out. Azteca gets a running start, slingshots off Fuego's back into a headscissors on Hooligan! Pegasso flips in, Nitro dropkicks him. Nitro slaps Pegasso as he gets up. Whip, bad looking headscissors, Pegasso jumps back to his feet, Nitro kicks them, then misses a kick and gets his foot caught in the ropes. Pegasso flips off Nitro's leg, which is neat but useless. Nitro kicks him down, but also tosses him to the apron on a missed charge. Pegasso back up and tags in Fuego. Skándalo checks on Nitro, then finds he's in with Fuego. Chest slaps knock down Fuego. Clothesline misses, Fuego knocks him down with a spinning back elbow. Dropkick sends Skándalo out. Fuego runs – and gets kicked in the back by Hooligan. Nitro steps in, slaps Fuego. Whip, sends Fuego out. Not Fuego's day. Pegasso planchas Fuego, then ducks in under a clothesline. Flipping armdrag, off the ropes, 'rana, Nitro rolls thru one two three.

Nitro misses a clothesline, Azteca dropkicks Nitro out, armdrag for Hooligan, rope bounce armdrag almost gets messed up. Nitro trips up Azteca from outside, and Hooligan dropkick him in the face. Fuego springboards back in, and dropkicks Hooligan out the other side. Skándalo in, as Nitro puts Azteca down on the outside. Fuego off the ropes, Skándalo lifts him up and fouls him, covers, and Rodolfo – who was checking on Hooligan – turns around and counts. One two three. Not much of a foul, but it was enough.

Skándalo stomps Fuego a few more times and throws him out.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico

CMLL Informa

Match 2: Black Warrior ©, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Olímpico, Psicosis, Rey Escorpion ©
Arena Mexico, 05/18/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:25
Rating: good
Notes: Delta & Maya have their belts. Monito turns up with the técnicos. Mije is with Psicosis. Rey Escorpion jumps out of the crowd and attacks Warrior from behind. Everyone else sort of stands around. Referee is Babe Richard.

1: Everyone is still standing around while Escorpion smashes Warrior's face into the buckle. Maya argues that they probably should be getting involved, but Psicosis disagrees. Reasonable people can come to different conclusions, I guess. The other four leave Escorpion to fight with Warrior some more, Escorpion taking it outside to send Warrior into the loud barrier and does the taunt again. Delta and Maya cut of f the other rudos from helping. Escorpion has no idea what everyone else is doing, realizes he's got a free shot, and slaps Maya in the back. Escorpion goes back to his corner while Warrior recovers. Olímpico and Delta take over with some iffy armdrags, but Escorpion sees Warrior standing up, and runs thru the ring to attack him once more. Catapult into the post! Escorpion very proud of himself, though he's in the dark so we can't really tell. Psicosis and Maya have a longer, better sequence to a standoff, but then just get out of the way as the feuding two go after each other. Escorpion hits Warrior with a back elbow, taunts, and slides out at the first chance. Warrior chases, but he's in the bad part of town and gets kicked by Psicosis and Olímpico. Escorpion gets in a free slap, then throws Warrior back in. Evasion, Escorpion wheel kicks in Warrior's general space and does the Warrior dance again. Warrior fire up and lands his own wheel kick, but Psicosis knocks Warrior down before he can do more. Delta springboard sunset flips Psicosis for two, but Psicosis tosses him to an Olímpico powerbomb then catches Maya with the layout frontcracker. Maya doesn't push of the corner at all, and takes a hard header into the mat.

Mije grabs Monito,tosses him down, and lands a Running senton. Or comes close to one. Escorpion and Mije stomp Monito to the apron. Escorpion beats and chokes Warrior more.

2: Rudos dominate. This includes Psicosis doing a top rope stomp, which seems odd, until Rey Escorpion adds a top rope stomp. They're going after Warrior's left knee, I guess. Warrior can't make a tag, so he rallies back with kicks and clothesline. Olímpico puts a stop to it with a clothesline, but Warrior rolls out and Delta can come in. Doesn't really help the técnicos, Olímpico kicks and stomps Delta down, slaps Maya, and stomps Monito. Announcers are saying Dr. Morales was in Milwaukee. I'm thinking no. Delta is held up for a Psicosis senton. Maya is held over Psicosis' knees for an Olímpico springboard rolling senton. Warrior back in, and managing to flip Escorpion on a hamstring kick. Escorpion nearly landed on is head on that one and knew it. Warrior monkey flips Escorpion to the floor, and flips him over the barricade on a tope! Técnicos quickly finish it. Monito takes down Mije, and the técnicos drag the rudo mascot to the corner for splash.

3: Warrior throws Escorpion around outside. Delta gets his roll over the rope headscissors on Olímpico. Maya and Psicosis are a tiny bit off, but keep it from going too bad. Maya sends Psi out via springboard armdrag, then gets out of the way for Warrior. Escorpion gets a near fall off a powerslam, boots Escorpion to the ropes, charge, and gets flipped to the apron. Warrior slides at him, Escorpion leaps over, but Escorpion pulls him off by his ankles. Técnicos clear the other rudos out – Maya tope on Olímpico, Delta ringpost tope con giro. Warrior and Escorpion back in to finish it. Escorpion runs over the técnico with a shoulderblock, and a second. Off the ropes again, Warrior dropkick to the knee, grounded abdominal stretch cradle, one two three.

Black Warrior gets the microphone to tell he's going to win the match just like that on June 1st. Escorpion disagrees. Replays seem to show a Escorpion slam of Black Warrior on the stage that we never saw.

Hype for next Friday, though not specifically for Warrior/Escorpion, but they come back for more hype for it specifically.