CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #340 (05/26/2012) 
Recapped: 05/26/2012

Announcers are Miguel, JCC and JCR.

Match 1: Dragon Lee ©, Hombre Bala Jr., Pegasso vs Espiritu Maligno, Arissma, Lestat ©
Arena Puebla, 05/14/2012

  1. Mexico City

  2. Puebla
  3. Puebla

Winner: Puebla (2-1)
Match Time: 12:29
Rating: good for a setup, okay for a match.
Notes: Referee is Tirantes.

1: Announcers explain the situation – rudos/técnicos don't matter, it's DF vs Puebla. Hombre Bala and Arissma start on the mat, which is not as dire as it sounds. Arissma controls the action, which helps. Bala hiptosses him to send their exchange. Lestat double springboards in to face Pegasso. Lestat offers a handshake, and Pegasso accepts. Announcers are aghast. Luchadors battle over wristlocks, with Lestat armdragged into the corner. JCR brings up Lestat's Gran Alternative appearance. Lestat armdrag Pegasso on the next exchange, which leads right into off the ropes avoidance. Maybe a bit too many counters, because, Lestat is ducking a clothesline before Pegasso remembers to throw it at one point. Pegasso ducks a superkick in turn, zero leg trips, flips to their feet, face off, handshake. Lestat's partners are very unhappy with his sportsmanship. Dragon Lee jumps in, and Lestat stays in since his partners now won't tag him. Dragon Lee really would like to face Espiritu Maligno, so the Lestat tags him. Lestat and Espiritu argue a bit more, and start shoving! Arissma shoves Lestat! Espiritu back elbows Dragon lee, and elbows the two guys on the apron.

Meanwhile, Tirantes has been counting, probably for too many people in the ring, though he hasn't actually indicated anything. He starts normally, and then starts speed counting at four. He's at 11 when Dragon Lee goes down, and goes to raise his arm. It's delayed a moment but Arissma kicking Dragon Lee, but Tirantes does get the arm up. Announcers know it's a DQ, but don't know why – JCR goes with excessive rudo-ism. Puebla luchadors have no idea.

2: The DF team is listed as técnicos, for what it's worth. Rudos maintain control, Arissma pulling out Pegasso and Lestat sliding thru the ropes for a dropkick. Bala is caught around the neck by an Espiritu clothesline. Dragon lee gets a quick Arissma clothesline. Puebla ring is smaller, I think, which makes everything look faster. Lestat crushed Dragon Lee with a legdrop. Fireman's carry powerbomb, Arissma frog splash, one two three.

3: Bala and Lestat evade, Lestat shoves Bala down, Bala armdrags him from the mat and armdrag him from his feet. Lestat kips up and out in the corner to escape in Bala, then flips him on a headscissors. Bala ducks the follow up wheel kick. Whip, reversed, Bala grabs the ropes, Lestat charges, trip into the ropes, Bala running double knee to the back. Lestat rolls out. Tag to Pegasso. Espiritu in and clotheslining him. Quick tag to Arissma. Double wristlock, but Pegasso turns into a rope flip armdrag on both. Plancha turns into an armdrag on Espiritu. Rudos bumble, Pegasso headscissors out Espiritu, casadora armdrags out Arissma, who take a crazy bump. Pegasso runs for a dive, but Lestat cuts him off with a clothesline. Whip, flipping armdrag, out goes Lestat, Pegasso handspring fakes the dive. Dragon Lee's turn. Espiritu poses off with him. Dragon Lee poses. Espiritu Maligno does the crane pose. Dragon Lee teases stripping. (?) Chop fight, somewhat slowed by each guy stopping to pose. Dragon Lee ducks a slap, stomps Espiritu’s foot (No boots!) and kicks him in the chest.) Dragon Lee off the ropes, cartwheel backflip, under a clothesline, Espiritu head down too soon and Dragon Lee kicks him. Espiritu knocks down Dragon Lee with a tope. Kick to the chest. Slap to the chest. Arissma sings again, Dragon Lee slaps him into the corner. Corner whip, Dragon Lee walks up the corner, backflip escape, both lost for a second, odd clothesline duck under, but Dragon Lee comes back strong with a headscissors. Dive tease, pose instead. Bala back in. Espiritu shoulderblocks him, over, off the ropes, Espiritu kicks him thru the ropes, and Espiritu takes a crazy bump out. Bala tope! Arissma out and kicking Bala in the head. Pegasso runs up to the corner, loses his Blanca, slips to the mat, tries a springboard, slip on that too, and barely touches Arissma on a top rope plancha. Arissma doesn't go down, just kicks and stomps Pegasso instead. Lestat and Dragon Lee in, Lestat dropping Dragon Lee with elbow smashes. Sit down powerbomb! Super Comando in and stomping! Tirantes checks on Dragon Lee, then raises Lestat’s arm.

Super Comando shoves Tirantes away and continues punching Lestat. Espiritu and Arissma watch on the outside. Stigma runs in and attack Super Comando, kicking and stomping. Stop to high five Lestat, and they both stomp down Super Comando in the corner. Tirantes is done here. Dragon Lee is watching this and wants his trio to go help out, but they don't appear too concerned about Super Comando. Arissma and Espiritu come in the ring, , Lestat suggest they all beat up Super Comando, and they do. That gets the DF técnicos to rush back, and it's eight man brawl. Of note, Pegasso is brawling with Lestat to start, though they calm down and Pegasso just tries to keep Lestat from fighting. Segment ends while everyone is also fighting.

Blurb: This was enough to the story over (and I'm so glad we're getting to see the story here), but it probably could've used more time for the Puebla team to be in control. We've seen (and will see!) the DF trios' offense a lot, this was the place for more Puebla guy showcases. Maybe we'll get that next week. Announcers worked hard here.

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Match 2: Fuego, Sagrado, Stuka Jr. © vs Misterioso Jr., Pólvora, Sangre Azteca ©
Arena Mexico, 05/20/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:09
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Maya.

1: Stuka chases Sangre around. Misterioso wants so little to do with Sangre Azteca, he's hanging out in a neutral corner. Pólvora and Fuego actually start, Pólvora dominating early, Fuego making a comeback, the two conspiring to screw up a hiptoss, and Fuego sending him out with a backdrop escape armdrag. Misterioso back elbows Fuego out, only for Sagrado to plancha him. Armdrags, quebradora, and Misterioso is out of there. Sagrado whips Sangre to a Stuka quebradora Sangre begs off, and sneaks in kicks to the chest and back. Sangre grabs Stuka, but Misterioso interrupts to yell at him at bit. Pólvora tries to settle him down, Sangre misses a dropkick, Stuka flipping run, kick to the midsection. Corner whip, reversed, Stuka charge in, no one home, Sangre take the hip flip out, and Stuka deadman's planchas him. Sagrado Toyota rolls Misterioso, Fuego does the brushing quebrada and cradles Pólvora with the 'rana. Of note, Sagrado tries to join in on the pin, and Maya will not count until he gets off.

2: Stuka knocks over Pólvora with a shoulderblock, but Sangre Azteca kicks him from the apron and Pólvora slaps the tecnico down. Pólvora gives Sangre a high five to tag him in, which greatly angers Misterioso. Pólvora calms Misterioso down, but Misterioso doesn't want anyone to be friends with Sangre Azteca. Sangre drops Stuka on the top rope, and Pólvora gets in a punch. Sangre yanks Stuka around by his mask, but Misterioso storms in and shoves him again. Misterioso slaps Stuka, because slapping Stuka is fun for rudos, and walks out. Pólvora tries to talk some sense in Misterioso while Sangre slaps Stuka. Sangre antagonizes the técnicos. Drop toe hold, dropkick to the face. Whip, quebradora. Stuka makes the tag to Sagrado, but Maya rules he wasn't close enough to the corner. Técnicos argue there was a tag. Sangre cranks Stuka's arm around the top rope. Misterioso comes in and pulls Stuka away from Sangre, then all three rudos come in. Corner whip, corner clothesline, corner clothesline, Misterioso trips up Stuka, Pólvora holds the legs, and Misterioso boosts Sangre into estacas azteca on Stuka. Stuka rolls and makes a tag to Sagrado. Sagrado does not have his hand on the buckle, but walks right past Maya when he tries to tag him. Sagrado quebradora on Sangre. Sangre crawls to his corner to tag Misterioso, but he walks away. Sangre tags Pólvora. Whip, hard Pólvora clothesline to Sagrado. He got him high. Sit down flapjack, dropkick to the side of the head. Misterioso in, back elbowing Fuego and slapping him around. Whip, reversed, Fuego quebradora. Fuego off the ropes, sunset flip, Misterioso rolls thru, kicks Fuego in the back of the head. Stuka in, Misterioso tags in Pólvora. Sangre ants in, so Pólvora tags him – though Sangre gets stuck on the middle rope. Crowd getting on Sangre. Stuka tries to dropkick Sangre, but Sangre escape to the ropes to pose, and Stuka falls down hurt. Not sure what happened. Sangre corner whip, charge, no one home, Sangre takes a dropkick flip bump in the corner, then a giant monkey flip the other way. Sangre runs, Stuka cases, and chops him on the outside. The live sound is off, though the announcers seem right, so it's probably not my fault this time. Maybe. Stuka throws Sangre back in, snap mare, going for the mask, and Pólvora breaks that up with a dropkick. Tag to Misterioso, who tells Sangre not roll out, and argues with him instead of helping Pólvora. Pólvora slaps around Stuka. Pólvora convinces Sangre to come in. Sangre holds Stuka, Stuka ducks, Sangre gets chopped. Rudos shove Stuka, técnicos dropkick them out. Fuego and Sagrado run – topes crush the impact. Fuego had hard impact on Misterioso. Stuka in with a plancha on Sangre. Quebradora, quebradora, Stuka pauses, Sangre pause, then charge into – no, Sangre just falls free. Something went wrong there. Sangre just gets up, and fouls Stuka. That’ll do it.

Sangre Azteca is unconcerned. After replays, Misterioso faces off with Sangre, then walks out.

Match 3: Dragón Rojo Jr. vs La Sombra for the CMLL World Middleweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 05/20/2012

  1. Dragon Rojo Dragon Bomb (3:58)

  2. Sombra Brillante Bomb (2:10)
  3. Dragon Rojo small package (8:06)

Winner: Dragon Rojo (2-1)
Match Time: 14:14
Rating: very good
Notes: Seconds are Stuka & Misterioso. Referee is Maya.

1: Rojo forces Sombra in the corner to start. Lockup, no, Sombra slips behind for a full nelson. Dragon Rojo reverses to his own. Sombra breaks it an armdrags him. Dragon Rojo reverses to a headscissors. Standoff. Lockup, Dragon Rojo headlock, down to the mat, Sombra tries to headscissors escape, Dragon Rojo blocks, gets up, and goes back down. Misterioso rallies the crowd. Back to their feet. Sombra breaks the hold, headlock of his own, shoulderblock, no one goes down. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, shoulderblock, no one goes down. Sombra shoulderblock, down goes Dragon Rojo. Whip, under, dropkick. Sombra off the ropes, headscissors blocked into the Dragon bomb. One two three! The old rope bounce powerbomb works for the win.

2: Circle. Chop fight turns to forearm fight. JCR starts talking about the recent (for CMLL) champions of this title, and skips over Jaiver Llanes. Ha. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, but Sombra sneaks in and clotheslines him. Misterioso is arguing something or other. Whip, reversed, reversed again into a Dragon Rojo cobra clutch (!) , then a waistlock, which Sombra elbows out of to escape. Sombra flips over a backdrop, but Dragon Rojo kicks him down. Corner whip, Sombra kips up and over, under a clothesline, back with a headscissors. Dragon Rojo hits the ropes on the way out, Sombra brushes them as he nails Dragon Rojo with a tope. Dragon Rojo goes back first into a barricade. Misterioso asks for a slow count and waves his towel. He's working. Dragon Rojo in second, and immediately caught into the Brillante Bomb. One two three.

3: Corner whip, Dragon Rojo charges in, Sombra gets his feet up, then moves out of the way of the next charge. Sombra charges, Dragon Rojo flips him to the apron. Sombra forearms back, and springboard headscissors in. Dragon Rojo out, Sombra rolls to the ropes, springboard plancha to the floor. Sombra sits rights down and gathers his breath. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, sunset flip, Sombra rolls thru, Dragon Rojo ducks the kicks, Sombra moonsaults on him anyway, one two NO. Both up, Dragon Rojo spinebuster one two NO. Sombra leans over the ropes, and Dragon Rojo lands the outside in dropkick, then a slingshot tope con giro. Dragon Rojo is doing a lot more than his recent matches. Sombra slides in first, but Dragon Rojo yanks him out and stomps him. Dragon Rojo in first. Sombra pulls himself up on the apron. Springboard in, but Dragon Rojo meets him with a dropkick to the chest. Dragon Rojo leans over, Sombra small package, one two no! Sombra 'rana, one two NO. Crowd, what there is here, is getting into it. Sombra casadora cradle, one two NO. Dragon Rojo hammers Sombra with a clothesline, one two NO. Stuka rallies the Sombra fans. Sombra dumps Dragon Rojo in front of the corner, goes up, rope flip moonsault lands one two NO. Both up. Sombra off the ropes, headscissors turned into a faceslam one two NO. Dragon Rojo takes out Maya on the kickout, but Maya survives. Misterioso freaking out. Dragon Rojo gets in a gut shot on Sombra, shot to the back, off the ropes, into a Sombra ‘rana. Dragon Rojo goes out, and Sombra lands on him with a moonsault, landing on his feet. Dragon Rojo back in, Sombra on the apron, springboard 'rana turned into a powerbomb, one two NO. Dragon Rojo up first, and fireman dropping Sombra in front of the corner. This seems like a poor idea. Dragon Rojo going up, but he's so slow, and Sombra swing kicks him in the face. Sombra up top, setting up Dragon Rojo, then climbs all the way up – top rope superplex! One two NO. Both are looking exhausted. Sombra grabs Dragon Rojo – Dragon Rojo fujiwara! Of all the things, but Sombra rolls thru to get his feet on the ropes. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, Sombra dropkicks him. Sombra charge again, and Dragon Rojo barely pulls of the Dragon Bomb one two NO. Crowd chanting for Sombra. Stuka urging the fans to cheer. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, into a Sombra powerslam. Double moonsaults – eats knees! Dragon Rojo small package one two three!