CMLL on Televisa #1077 (04/21/2012)
Recapped: 04/25/12

Match 1: Diamante vs Pólvora in a lightning match 
Arena Mexico, 04/13/2012

Winner: Pólvora
Match Time: 6:40
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Rodolfo

Joined two seconds before it stars, but we miss the first 30 seconds looking at around at everything else but the ring. Diamante armdrags Pólvora before Pólvora takes over with forearms to the back of the head. Diamante armdrags him again. Pólvora flips Diamante to the apron, Diamante snaps his neck over the top rope. Diamante in with a headscissors, out with a flip to his feet because Pólvora comes in. Pólvora dropkick Diamante as he tries to come back in, then dives off the apron with a tope con guiro to bowl him over. Replays. Rodolfo has a loud clear voice. Diamante accidentally whips Pólvora right back in the ring. Springboard 'rana easily turned into a sit down powerbomb for two. Pólvora throws Diamante to the apron and boots him there. Slaps eventually miss, and Diamante slaps Pólvora back. Diamante charges, and takes a backdrop on the ramp. Pólvora in no hurry. Back in they go. Pólvora goes for Diamante’s mask, and gets it off a fair way – Diamante just as has snap on, and Pólvora pull up it halfway before Diamante blocks him. Whip, clothesline misses, Diamante chest slap. Diamante shoves, Pólvora bounces back into a quebradora. Pólvora gets up and dropkick Diamante in the corner charge, no one home, Pólvora spears the post and flies out. Diamante hits both sets of rope and tope con giros Pólvora, really just glancing the rudo as he goes over. Both back in. Diamante charges, Pólvora grabs him in waistlock, Diamante back elbows free, evasion and counters, Pólvora clothesline caught into a cross armbreaker. Pólvora thinks about giving up, but turns it over enough to get to the bottom rope. Crowd chanting for Diamante. Diamante monkey flips Pólvora. Diamante tries another, Pólvora drops him, Pólvora tries one, Diamante puts him on top, c limbs up, and gets jabbed. Super Pólvora Driver, we're done here.

Still no Dr. Morales with the announcers.

Dia del Nino promo.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Coliseo

Match 2: Hijo del Fantasma ©, Stuka Jr., Valiente vs Misterioso Jr. ©, Namajague, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Mexico, 04/13/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:16
Rating: OK
Notes: Joined in progress. Referee is Maya. Monito is with the técnicos.

1: Valiente and Namajague battle on the mat for a little bit, then Valiente drops Namajague with a Samoan drop and Namajague scrambles out of there. Valiente chases him, Namajague fights when he’s cornered, and they start slapping each other in the face. Valiente challenges Namajague to go back in the ring, but he won't. Misterioso attacks Stuka with slaps to the back, takes one quebradora, and gets out. Stuka's not content with that, and whips Misterioso into the barricade a few times. Fantasma/Okumura gives Fantasma a shot to remove his shirt and chest slap Okumura very hard. Fantasma headscissors Okumura, kips out over a corner charge, and German suplexes him for a pin.

Namajague rushes in and clotheslines Fantasma. Stuka dropkicks Namajague out, and Valiente spears him into the barricade with a tope. Misterioso’s left with the other técnicos – catapult hold, Stuka splash, and Monito piles on to help cover for the pin.

2: Misterioso again bails on Stuka, and Stuka again chases. Monkey flip on the floor and Monito splash! Valiente flips with Namajague in, but Namajague catches him with a dropkick and Okumura rushes over to cheap shot Stuka. Namajague slams Valeinte, and the other rudos hold Valiente for Namajague to slap. Namajague chops Valiente out, then teases a test of strength with Fantasma to set up another Okumura cheap shot. Rudos are doing the beatdown with (sometimes) tags bit. Wheelbarrow bulldog and dropkick for Stuka. Valiente manages to flip Okumura to the apron, but the others chop him down and Okumura missile dropkicks him. Rudos misses a double chop on Stuka, and wave him to Misterioso. Stuka just stops an armdrag Misterioso, an odd star to the comeback. Phantom Lariat on Okumura, Namajague bumps Fantasma to the ropes, but Valiente yanks him out and slaps him into the barricade. Misterioso spots Fantasma, but spears the post on a corner charge. Fantasma topes Okumura, Stuka Deadman’s plancha on Misterioso. Namajague chops Valiente, Valiente whips him around and drops him with a quebradora. Second quebradora. Valiente waves for one more, Namajague tries a foul, Valiente blocks, and Valiente tosses his mask to Namajague. Valiente drops down to cover up. Namajague is baffled, wondering why Valiente would do such a thing. Maya turns around, sees Namajague with the mask, and Namajague cant' throw it down quick enough. That's a DQ.

Fantasma gets the mask back to Valiente. Namajague is ticked over being tricked, shoving the ref, kicks Fantasma, and stomps Valiente. Stuka stops that, so Namajague goes back to yelling a Maya some more. Stuka turns his back, and Namajague kicks him down and gets in a few more stomps.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday @ Arena Mexico – rematch!

And hype for Friday.

Match 3: Diamante Azul, La Sombra ©, Rush vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto 
Arena Mexico, 04/13/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:57
Rating: ok
Notes: Joined with people just randomly fighting on the ramp. The rudos get the better of it, of course. Ref is Babe Richard.

1: Ephesto and Averno go after Diamante and Sombra's masks, while Mephisto punches around Rush. Diamante Azul takes a dropkick of the apron. Mephisto ignores the rudos chops and chops them back, until they can kick him from behind. Averno taunts the fans with Somrba's head on the outside, while his partners finish things inside.

2: Averno continues messing with Sombra while his partners take care of the other two. Averno drags Sombra back to the ring, and Sombra sneaks in a headscissors. Ephesto kicks Sombra out before he can do any more. Averno drags Sombra around more, but he's angry about it. Sombra's lifted up and slammed into the post. Diamante is disabled with a kick to the inside of the leg. Rudos work hard to wrangle Rush, only for Rush to turn it around on the corner whip. Mephisto's flipped to the apron and yanked off by Sombra, Rush wheel kicks Averno. Ephesto kicks Rush down only to take a Sombra springboard headscissors. Rush and Diamante take out Mephisto and Ephesto with their usual dives, leaving Averno alone with Sombra. Averno waved into the ropes, powerslam, moonsault into a moonsault one two three. Cheers, then boos trying to out shout them. Técnicos celebrate, then beat up the rudos a bit more. Epehsto take a monkey flip and a double stomp on the stage.

3: Diamante Azul monkey flips Averno into the ring, then dives in and monkey flips Averno there. Averno has had enough of this monkey business and leaves. Rush belly to belly suplexes Mephisto, missile dropkick him out, and superkicks Averno. Sombra wants to face Averno, but Mephisto and Ephesto run interference for a while. It backfires, and Sombra sends Averno out with a rope bounce headscissors. All three rudos end up on the same side, and the técnicos crush them with dives – topes and a Sombra tope con giro. Sombra, Averno and Mephisto make it back first, Sombra dropkicks Averno out and fireman slams Mephisto. Mephisto seems awfully close to the corner, but Sombra lands the rope flip moonsault fine. Ephesto breaks it up with a big dropkick to the backside, then picks up Sombra and drops him with his shoulderbreaker. Rush's turn to break it up and do a move – northern lights suplex, broken by Averno. Averno yanks Rush around by the hair, then drops him with a Devil’s Wings, to going to his knees on it. Averno just bends over to cover, so Diamante runs over yanks him in German Suplex. Mephisto and Ephesto make the save in time. Mephisto and Ephesto try to attack, are thrown down by Sombra and Rush, and they put on the star. Diamante Azul tries to put Averno in a tapatía in the middle of it, but Averno breaks free and falls out. Ring clears of everyone but Sombra, Averno and Ephesto, so of course Averno accidentally slaps down his friend. Sombra flipped on the apron, forearm for Averno, springboard headscissors back in. Sombra pounds the top rope, leaps up, and moonsaults over the ringpost on to him. Other four in, técnicos get their holds, though it takes a couple tries for Diamante to get Mephisto over just how he'd like.