CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #298 (04/21/2012) 
Recapped: 04/27/12

Guest announcer is Tiger.

Match 1: Bam Bam ©, Eléctrico, Fantasy vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico ©, Pequeño Warrior 
Arena Mexico, 04/13/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:41
Rating: okay
Notes: Fantasy is using Megalomanic by KMFDM. Odd choice. It's good Nitro carries a plastic sword, because he would cut himself to shreds during his entrance otherwise. On the other hand, Olímpico is (still) using Ooh Aah by Gina G, an odd rudo anthem. Referee is Pompin.

1: Warrior wanders off to pose on the ramp as Olímpico and Eléctrico start the match. Warrior does that every match. Nitro and Fantasy are next. Fantasy has some legit new gear, not just his usual gear in a new color. These are the things that happen when you get regular work. The first pair has some mat work and Eléctrico armdrags, the second has less. Bam Bam, chest painted like a sabertooth tiger, is in with Warrior last. There's a Bam Bam chant right away, though also boos. Warrior works in the stop sign at an odd point, then is soon taking monkey flips. Second one goes a lot longer than the first. Quebradora drops Warrior, and causes Olímpico to rush in and attack. Nitro kicks Eléctrico off the apron. Bam Bam manages to take down Nitro, but Olímpico pounds him on the back to stop. Bam Bam duck a double clothesline, gets back elbow out anyway. Eléctrico and Fantasy come in with flying armdrags, but the rudos turn around to kick them out. Whip for Bam Bam, Boost into a dropkick to send Olímpico and Nitro out the other way. Warrior is the last to know, but still catches Bam Bam in an urange for three.

2: Rudos kick around the técnicos. Warrior slingshot elbows Fantasy. Wheelbarrow frontcracker for Eléctrico. Bam Bam turns it around on a corner whip, obvious about fifteen seconds before it happens. Warrior dropkicks him out the ring, Bam Bam headscissors Nitro, ignores Olímpico, and Olímpico whacks him in the face. Fantasy comes in, sidesteps Olímpico dropkick, and slaps him in the face to send him out. Fantasy jumps around for no reason, Nitro dropkicked out. Olímpico in, Fantasy flipping run and armdrag to send Olímpico to the apron. Dropkick sends him out. Nitro dropkick knocks down Fantasy. Fantasy stumbles out of the way of a Nitro charge, sets him on the top rope, and takes him over with a second rope moonsault side slam. That’s one three. Eléctrico puts Warrior in the triangular, and is noticeable careful to make sure he's got a shoulder up at the same time.

3: Eléctrico headscissors Nitro around and out. Bam Bam refuses Warrior's handshake, and pulls him down by the hair as they get going. Bam Bam headscissors Warrior, and Warrior runs right into a superkick. Bam Bam yells at the other rudos while Warrior slowly rolls out from that one. Nitro dropkicks Fantasy, then dropkicks him to hang in the ropes. Fantasy lands his guillotine moonsault, and Olímpico & Warrior are not interested enough to try to break up. Three count, Nitro's done.

Warrior dropkicks Fantasy out after the fact. Guillotine legdrop to the floor to follow. Olímpico misses a clothesline on Eléctrico, picks him up and pounds him in the back of the head anyway. Olímpico picks up Eléctrico while obviously talking to him, and Eléctrico dropkicks him out. Warrior in, Eléctrico dropkicks him in the knee, springboard elbow drop, one two three. Olímpico kind of stands in his corner for a moment like he's expecting the match to keep going, but that's it.

Match 2: Euforia & Terrible vs Atlantis & Triton in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament final
Arena Mexico, 04/13/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 19:02
Rating: very good
Notes: Triton has a new t-shirt. Euforia looks super focused. Tirantes is referee.

1: Triton and Terrible start, Terrible forcing Triton down and Triton popping up via armdrag. Terrible throws Triton down a couple more times. Circle. Terrible front facelock, Triton hammerlock, Terrible headlock, Triton out to a single leg, legs tied and facelock. Terrible gets out easily and puts on an elbow lock of some sort. Up to a hammerlock. Triton to a headlock, Terrible escape before he can crank it in and get the hammerlock. Triton back elbows and freezes himself with a jumping snap mare. Dueling zero trips, standoff, tags. Euforia and Atlantis in. Euforia all excited for this. They get to the mat quick, but no one has an advantage for more than two seconds until Euforia ties Atlantis up in a legs cross face grabbing submission. Atlantis grabs free and scissors Euforia's leg. Euforia is at leas table to roll him over for a pin and a two count. Atlantis tries to put on an armbar and keep Euforia down, but Euforia escapes to a legscissors of his own, and grinds Atlantis' knee with his fist. Atlantis forces out to a cross armbreaker. Euforia rolls thru, full nelson, then around into a snap mare and a chinlock. Atlantis out to an armbar, Euforia tries to roll him over to a pin again, but Atlantis rolls thru. Crowd happily singing it's rudo song. Euforia to a front facelock, Atlantis escapes and jumps on him, zero count and standoff. Tags. Triton has to springboard front flip in. It's in the rules. Triton off the ropes, over, and cartwheeling, waved back and springboard into an armdrag. Terrible misses a clothesline, Triton shoulderblocks has minimal affect, but allows him to walk up the ropes for a big headscissors. Euforia cuts Triton down with a back elbow. Corner whip, rudos charge in a knocks Triton down as he bounces out. Corner whip, rudos charge in, Triton kicks them away, Atlantis goes up top, plancha connects with Euforia, Euforia rolls thru, Triton tries to break it up, Terrible kicks him, Euforia gets the three count (!), Terrible Michinoku Driver, three count there.

2: Rudos hold the ring, kicking the ropes as Atlantis comes in and knocking him down a few times. Drop toe hold, handshake double elbow drop. Atlantis I right up to his knees, and Terrible kicks him out. JCR talking about this being Euforia's second Gran Alternativa final, and the first with him teaming with Ultimo Guerrero to face Sombra. I seem to remember one more person in that match! JCR does not. Triton whipped, spinebuster, legs split, running kick to the head to send him. Out corner whip, corner clothesline for Atlantis. Rudos are happy with themselves, enough to get the crowd to boo. Triton wants in, but the rudos are scaring him. Triton is slowly advanced on by both rudos, and Euforia punts him on the inside of his right leg. Whip, Euforia tosses Triton up and lets him drop to the ground Triton gets back up so Terrible can kick him in the head. Terrible waves on a weak rudo chant. Rudos grab Atlantis and back him in to the corner. Terrible yelling at Atlantis, and Atlantis point his finger back. Rudos elbow Atlantis down in the corner. Corner whip, charge, Triton in with a springboard dropkick Terrible, Atlantis running back elbow for Euforia. Triton kicks Terrible into the corner, Atlantis running gut punch for Euforia. Those last two go outside while Triton yanks Terrible around by his hair. It helps to stand on the second rope and jump off, as Triton figures out. Terrible goes out, and Triton yells at him from the apron. Atlantis rushes over and runs Terrible into the post. Atlantis slaps around Triton good and runs him into the post again. Tirantes counts every one out. Everyone finally gets to their corners, and Euforia and Triton end up in. Triton off the ropes, over, flipping run, clothesline blocked, Triton kicks and slaps Euforia, runs up the corner, triple bounce headscissors. Terrible rushes in and kicks Triton down, then laughs about it. Atlantis complains to someone about all of this. Maybe just the fans. Whip, clothesline misses, Triton, boost into – uh, nothing, because Euforia was backing up as if he was going to get hit. Triton swings, Euforia ducks and grabs him, Terrible dropkicks but only elbows up his partner. Euforia slightly fired up. Atlantis gets Terrible in a casadora cradle for three. Triton drops Euforia in front of the corner, and one oddly time camera change shows the end of his tornillo moonsault on Euforia.

3: Terrible wants a handshake from Atlantis. Atlantis slaps the hand away and points at Terrible. Terrible demands the handshake, Atlantis swings to knock the hand away again, and Terrible slaps Atlantis in the chest. One more hard slap. Clothesline misses, Atlantis slap Terrible back. Terrible stops that with a kick, headlocks shot off, back with a shoulderblock. Terrible off the ropes, armdrag, Euforia smacks Atlantis with a shot to the back. And grabs him. Terrible swings, and slaps his partner. Atlantis armdrag for Terrible, Euforia waived into a dropkick with him, and Atlantis bodyscissors Euforia out. Atlantis urns for the dive, but holds up at the ropes. Rudos recover on the outside. Triton shoulderblocks him, walk up the ropes quebrada, Terrible breaks it up with a stomp. Atlantis dropkicks Terrible, Euforia kicks him out. Euforia charge Atlantis, and gets monkey flipped right to the floor. Alexis, fearless cameraman, runs in the path of the impending dive and lays down on the floor to get out of the way. Sure enough, Triton goes right over him with a tope con giro to barrel over Euforia. Terrible kicks Atlantis into the corner, charge, and throws himself out. Atlantis up top – top rope plancha connects. Replay of that. Tiger gives Atlantis more credit than Dragon Rojo does. Triton slaps Euforia and throws him back in. Triton knocks Euforia away from the apron, and springboards in with a plancha. Terrible reaches to trip Triton, but Triton is just out of reach, and dropkicks Euforia back out. Triton off the ropes, and but Terrible gets him, slap the head, full nelson, Euforia runs – and Atlantis trips him out the other way. Euforia leans out after Atlantis, and Atlantis yanks him out by his head. Atlantis back in, and so is Terrible. Both off the ropes, Atlantis plancha, one two Euforia breaks it up. Atlantis argues the count, though it seems first. Euforia grabs him as Atlantis gets up, puts him in the pumphandle – Euforia Special! Triton breaks up the submission with a kick. Guys are restarting to look tired. Triton clothesline misses, and Euforia angrily slaps him down. He wants Atlantis. Whip, reversed, Atlantis backdrops Euforia, Euforia sunset flip, Atlantis kicks his way free, and Triton chases down with a top rope splash. A beat behind, Terrible tries a ‘rana Atlantis (!) but Atlantis rolls thru for his own cradle one two NO. Crowd starting to get into it. Atlantis can't believe it’s only two, but Tirantes is playing it fair nowadays. Triton with a torito on Euforia, but Terrible breaks it up. Terrible rushes Atlantis – quebradora! Quebradora! One and Euforia breaks it up. Those two are just barely keeping each other alive. Euforia collects Triton, powerbomb, holding him down. Tirantes starts to count that pin for one, then restarts when Terrible small packages Atlantis, one two NO. Triton off the ropes, 'rana on Euforia, and Terrible breaks it up. Terrible runs to Atlantis, Atlantida - no, Euforia break it up before he can get it on. Rudo inside cradles, one two no. Euforia flapjacks Triton, one two NO. Técnicos keep kicking out on their own. Everyone slow up. Terrible whip on Atlantis reversed, Atlantis forearms Terrible down. Terrible rolls out, while Atlantis forearms Euforia from behind. Double corner whip, Atlantis sent in after, Euforia flips him to the apron. Triton charges in, his clothesline blocked into a tirabuzón, and Atlantis missile dropkicks Terrible when he tries to break it up. Euforia flips Triton free off himself, grabs him in a waistlock – into the Niravanalock! Meanwhile, Atlantis tries 'rana on Terrible – Terrible Clash! Triton gives! Three count on Atlantis! Rudos win!

Edecanes bring out the trophies. Terrible gets the trophy and a kiss. He's a winner.