CMLL on CadenaTres #228 (04/14/2012) 
Recapped: 04/21/2012

Match 1: Dalis la Caribeña, Marcela ©, Silueta vs Amapola ©, Princesa Blanca, Princesa Sugheit
Arena Mexico, 04/10/2012

  1. rudas

  2. técnicas
  3. tecnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:55
Rating: eh
Notes: Referee is Tiger Hispano.

1: Pairs are Silueta/Sugheit, Dalis/Amapola, Marcela/Blanca. Silueta looks good. Dalis yells and gets booed a lot. Blanca's one knee lift to the inner leg has more power than Marcela's two Running knee lifts, apparently. Marcela still comes back and dropkick her out, but one of the blonds kicks her as she leans thru the ropes, and it's almost immediately over there.

2: Sugheit steals the ring card, but the edecanes dance angers Sugheit into not even trying. She takes out her anger with a big slap for Dalis. Amapola gets Silueta with the flying sit. Lot of kick spots. They're going to have a graphic up for Yujiro returning every segment, aren't they? They totally are. Double clothesline on Silueta goes high, and Marcela dropkicks Blanca and Amapola, and the técnicos immediately clean up. They're not wasting time on the denouncements.

3: Silueta and Blanco goes fine. Silueta jumps so high to get on Amapola's shoulders that Amapola loses her, stomps her, and moves on to the next spot. Headscissors sends Amapola out, but Silueta looks a bit off in her flipping armdrag with Sugheit. Dalis does the run of armdrags she does every match. Marcela's run leads to Sugheit taking the double underhook backbreaker. Marcela picks up Sugheit, whips her, reversed, reversed again, Silueta plancha on Sugheit one two three. That was odd.

Remaining rudas manages to clear the ring and throws Dalis around. A bit. Blanca puts on her inverted figure four – it runs in the family – and ties it up.

Silueta dropkick Blanca, Amapola dropkicks Silueta, and then two captains are left. Amapola's finish is blocked, Marcela’s finish – is not. Michinoku Driver, three. Amapola doesn't move an inch on three, or for many seconds later.

Match 2: Black Warrior, Fuego, Titán vs Cancerbero, Niebla Roja, Virus ©
Arena Mexico, 04/10/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:54
Rating: good
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Pairs are Cancerbero/Titan, Virus/Fuego, Niebla Roja/Black Warrior. Titan tries to intimidate via front handspring. Other people do it to show off, Titan is doing it to scare people. Virus/Fuego section is very fun mat work into a good chop fight, ending with Virus walking out. Warrior totally controls the action with Niebla Roja, even catching him by surprise with a clothesline, setting up Fuego and Cancerbero to come in and covers both of them. The introduces dropkick out the guys already in, and follow out with topes. That leaves Titan and Virus. Titan armdrag Virus, Virus flips him to the apron, Titan is right where he wants to be. Stunner over the top rope, double springboard rope flip moonsault, three count, Sabu point.

2: Titan evades, handwalk backflip headscissors Niebla Roja to the ropes. Niebla Roja is very distraught by this. Titan follows with a one two three four five six bounce headscissors. Roja rolls out and goes over the barricade, so Titan backflips to the floor to get close to him. Niebla begs off from the other side of the barricade. Cancerbero clotheslines Fuego for hand springing too many times, but Fuego still dances his way to armdrags. Warrior hammers Virus with a clothesline, only gets two. Sunset flip reversal spot into a dropkick, check. Warrior celebrates the move he does very match, rudos knocks him over the ropes from behind, and Virus adds the dropkick to the face. Other técnicos, just kind of watching that, get slapped off the apron while the rudos pin Warrior for the sudden win.

3: Niebla Roja gets in his flapjack kick. Crowd loves it, which is good since they'll be seeing it in every match. Rudos split Warrior’s legs, and he just gets right back up so he can be kicked in the head. Virus whiffs on his left hand surprise punch, or Fuego just doesn’t know to go down, so Virus has to slap him down after the fact. Titan sidesteps a Niebla Roja charge to start the comeback. Headscissors on Virus, Cancerbero boots him in the head, Fuego cuts of Cancerbero with a springboard plancha, Cancerbero charges, Fuego flips him to the apron and Warrior pulls him off. Niebla Roja manages to dropkick Fuego and good, but only gets two on a pin. Cristo faceslam only gets two. Fuego hiptoss Niebla and dropkick him out, then lands the springboard plancha. The jump up to the top rope is the scariest part. Warrior dives off the apron in a tope con giro on Cancerbero right at the same time. Titan and Virus left in, clothesline evasion, Titan dropkick, Titan dropkick, Titan fired up, Titan charging, Titan jumping on Virus' shoulder, Virus shoving Titan off into a low blow foul. Titan rolls around on the ground in pain, while the ref awards the match to Black Warrior (who isn't so concerned.) Titan rolls and rolls and rolls in pain, while Warrior just ignores it.

Match 3: Ángel de Oro, Marco Corleone, Shocker vs Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Rey Escorpion 
Arena Mexico, 04/10/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:57
Rating: interesting
Notes: Zacarias is with the rudos. Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Pairs are Angel de Oro/Negro Casas, Shocker/Escorpion. The firs tow have an extended battle over dueling kneebars, where Angel de Oro manages to hold Negro even. Same evenness when they get back to their feet. Niebla is showing off kids dressed as Mr. Niebla instead of paying attention. Niebla is back to the bodypaint. It holds up well even despite the chest slap fights he gets in with shocker. Shocker sends him out via boot to the chest. Niebla and Marco both get loud reactions. Marco stone punches Niebla quickly, but Escorpion helps distract and Niebla controls Marco while the rudos take out the other técnicos. Negro gleefully DDTs Angel de Oro. Rudos bring it back together to finish it, including Negro blatantly using the top rope to steady himself on his crab.

2: Niebla keeps spitting at Marco, and Marco keeps shoving him away. Marco uses a corner whip to start the comeback, which looks a little over the place. Marco KOs and stomps Niebla to many boos. Shocker finishes Escorpion while the other guys are still brawling around. This leaves Shocker free to help Marco to finish Niebla, and then raise his arms in celebration about it many times.

3: Rey Escorpion takes a Shocker monkey flip all the way to the floor. Bestia Negra has to climb to the middle rope to evade a Niebla armdrag. Shocker clears out Zacarias with a double chop. Negro tries to fight Negro with chops. This does not succeed, Negro realizes it, and just decides to leave. Rey Escorpion, who's paint is really come off for now, tries the sunset flip. Niebla stops the dance with ac hop, and kiss Rey Escorpion. Marco punches Escorpion every time Niebla chops him, even though Rey Escorpion begs him to stop. Niebla keeps trying to slap Marco after that bit is over. Marco dares him to keep doing it, Niebla does, Marco shoves him, Niebla slaps him once more, Marco slaps him in the face, Niebla stumbles around, and Marco nails him in the back of the head with a punch. Marco looks ticked, and stomps Niebla in the side of the face. Negro comes in – and stomps Niebla out of the ring. It's meant to be a comedy spot, but that was also getting Niebla out. Angel de Oro and Negro chop fight. It's tough having an intense chop fight after someone guy just got punched in the back of the head and then stomped on it, but that they do. Angel de Oro sneaks in kneelifts. To take control, but Negro caps him with the dropkick to the knee. Kick to the chest. Kick to the chest misses, Angle de OR o kips up and dropkicks him out. Niebla out, Angel de Oro to after him, chop fight on the floor, Angel de Oro ducks and superkicks him. Negro wanders away. Back to the other guys – Shocker boots Niebla out, Escorpion boots Shocker out, Marco blocks Escorpion's kick and stomach punches him out, and Marco knocks him both down with flying clothesline. Angel de Oro dropkick to the knee on Negro Casas, casita one two three. Announcers are all over Angel de Oro beating Negro Casas with his own hold.

All Otro Lado de la Mascara: Mr. Niebla (w/Zacarias) talks about his life in lucha libre. Like his knee injuries, and about how the crowd is more into him when he was doing flying and technical stuff.

Momentos Estelares del CMLL
Llave: Ultimo Dragoncito blocks a headscissors into a submission for the win.
Combinacion: Angel de Oro and Hijo del Fantasma with moonsaults to the floor
Triunfo: Terrible & Euforia beat Titan & Mascara Dorada
Lo Alevoso: double armbar on Blue Panther
Novato: Dragon Lee shooting star press Bobby Zavala

Match 4: Rey Bucanero vs Máximo for the NWA World Historic Light Heavyweight Championship 
Arena Mexico, 04/10/2012

  1. Rey Bucanero inside cradle (2:19)

  2. Máximo 'rana (1:14)
  3. Rey Bucanero sit down powerbomb (12:04)

Winner: Rey Bucanero (2-1)
Match Time: 15:37
Rating: ok
Notes: Máximo has a white hoodie with a pink mohawk on it. That's great. Rey Bucanero is wearing a white robe with a black cape which might have been stolen from Shocker's closet. Virus is his second, wearing a TRT shirt. Soberano Jr. is Máximo's second. Commissioner is Rambo. Tiger Hispano is a referee.

1: Máximo spins away from the first lockup. Bucanero gets Maximo's back on the mat, decides he does not want that. Máximo waistlock does not last long, and Bucanero gets Máximo back on the mat, this time in a crossface. Máximo rolls over for a cradle fro two. Máximo around to a front facelock. Bucanero into a front hammerlock, Máximo backdorps out, Bucanero hangs on for a sunset flip, two count. A lot of photographers this week. Bucanero armdrags Máximo, Máximo kips up and armdrags him up. More quick and back forth leads to zero trips, stand off/spin, Máximo armdrags, and Bucanero sneaking in an inside cradle for three. A bit out of nowhere. Announcers are happy for their amigo, but caught off guard.

2: Falls tarts with Bucanero throwing Máximo into the barricade. Soberano leans over Máximo and yells encouragement while Bucanero is right there. He's lucky Bucanero doesn’t punch him. Back in, corner whip, rolling back elbow misses when Máximo moves out of the way. Spinning armdrag, flip to the apron, Máximo slaps Bucanero back, top rope plancha, , 'rana, legs hooked one tow three.

3: Bucanero seethes on the ramp. He returns, only to be chopped out of the ring by Máximo. Máximo revenges, whipping Bucanero into the barricade twice. Bucanero goes over the second time, though they do not have a good shot of it. Bucanero tumbles back over, into the ring, and into a 'rana for two. Máximo corner whip, reversed, Bucanero charge in, Bucanero corner sunset flip, reversed, Bucanero grabs the middle rope one two kickout. Tiger Hispano did not catch it. Bucanero up first and grabbing Máximo’s hair, Máximo goes for the kiss, Bucanero blocks it, and Máximo headscissors him out. Máximo to the apron, big plancha off the apron wipes them both out. Replays as they recover. Máximo in first, Bucanero fights him off and slingshots in with a frontcracker. Required cavernaria. One arm drop, two arm drop, three - not dropped. Máximo breaks the chinlock. Bucanero kicks Máximo, stands over him, and puts himself into a small package for two. Máximo waves in the ropes, back, 'rana, one two NO. Bucanero flips Máximo to the apron, Máximo slaps Bucanero back, top rope plancha, Bucanero rolls thru, one two NO. Bucanero takedown, figure four. Bucanero ties up the legs and just falls backwards. Not used to seeing it like that here. Máximo is in the middle of the ring, but is eventually able to roll it to the ropes. Bucanero won’t let go, so Máximo keeps rolling, and they both fall out of the ring like that. That did not look fun!

Both guys are slow back in and limping. Bucanero misses a clothesline, and is right back up. Máximo runs, tope, ramming Bucanero into the ramp and causing him to timber to the floor. Replays. Bucanero pulls himself around the corner, but Máximo goes back in – and topes him again. Bucanero almost goes over the railing, and ends up just hanging on top of it for a moment. Replay of that. Rey should definitely not go around the third corner, that won't work out well for him. Rey goes in instead, and dropkicks Máximo off the apron. Sliding splash on top of him. Fans are not impressed, but Bucanero does the Bucanero taunt anyway. Soberano is not afraid to get himself in the middle of this. Bucanero in first, hanging out in his scorner while waiting for Máximo. Bucanero charges like a goof, Máximo drop toe hold, casita, one two NO. Máximo scoops and slams Bucanero and head to the corner. He tells the crowd he's going up, and is sad when they boo. Máximo thinks about it, goes up anyway, and misses the senton con giro. Bucanero adds a senton one two NO. Bucanero slams Máximo, and heads up himself. Rolling senton is the usual glancing blow, but Bucanero goes right back up again – top rope splash one two NO. Bucanero can't believe, and sits complaining about it long enough , just begging for Máximo to cradle him. Máximo starts crawling around before he realizes his chance, one two NO. Bucanero clothesline, Máximo dances and demands more. Bucanero clothesline, Máximo dances some more, Bucanero third clothesline, Máximo catches the arm, kiss cradle one two NO! Bucanero shakes his head no and wipes his mouth. Máximo butt bump, to the ropes – no, Tiger Hispano is in the way, covering up. Máximo stops short, but Tigre Hispano is looking the wrong way when Bucanero flips on the mat and stats complain about a foul. Máximo argues, Bucanero small package, one two NO. Bucanero pounds the mat angry. Off the ropes, Máximo ducks the clothesline, Bucanero almost gets Tiger Hispano, but holds up and shoves him out of the way, Máximo waved by, right into a sit down powerbomb one two three.