CMLL on Televisa #1075 (04/07/2012) 
Recapped: 04/14/2012

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Black Warrior, Hijo del Fantasma vs Ephesto, Pólvora, Rey Escorpion
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:35
Rating: ok
Notes: Ref is Bestia Negra.

1: Joined with Angel de Oro and Pólvora already starting. They get to a stalemate and go for tags. Black Warrior storms in, demanding Rey Escorpion, but Escorpion waves him off. Escorpion comes in to face Fantasma, Warrior charges in, and Escorpion backs off again. Fantasma stays in (hood up), Escorpion comes in, Warrior comes in, and Escorpion decides to leave. Warrior's just not going to leave this time. Pólvora comes in and yells at him, but Warrior pays no attention. Tag to Fantasma, who does take the hoodie down before he starts with Ephesto. Jumping snap mare slides Ephesto cross the ring. Lockup, Fantasma forearms Fantasma into the ropes, whip, reversed, Ephesto sunset flip, Fantasma rolls thru and bridges, one two no. Zero trips, Fantasma ducks a clothesline, Ephesto poses, Fantasma enziguirs him. Fantasma strips off his shirt. They have this one shot of screaming girls, and they’ve used it both shows now. After they cut from that, Warrior and Escorpion are in. Not sure how it happened, neither is Escorpion. Escorpion boots Warrior, charges, and gets tripped in the corner. Corner whip, reversed, and Escorpion slides out. Escorpion taunts Warrior with the Warrior dance. Warrior chases Escorpion out, and Escorpion comes back in with the dance. Warrior in, Escorpion waved by, and back with a springboard dropkick. Chop. Whip, sunset flip, Warrior waits, and rolls Escorpion back in to the rudos dropkicks. Rudos whip, Warrior, Warrior slides out, rudos slide out, técnicos rush after them and tope the rudos. Angel de Oro gets up limping. Warrior and Escorpion left in, Escorpion spins Warrior out with the shoulderblock. Escorpion charges Warrior, Warrior flips him to the apron, Warrior slap blocked, Escorpion poses on the bottom rope, Warrior jumps up and kicks him off the apron. Warrior off the ropes, slide out under Escorpion and trip him off the apron. Other four in, técnicos quickly wrap things up. Monito approves.

Announcers say hi. No Dr. Morales.

2: Ephesto knocks down Fantasma with a shoulderblock. Chop into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Ephesto charges in, Fantasma puts him up top, slap meets kick, and Fantasma headscissors him away. Warrior jumps in, whip to Fantasma trip, Warrior slam, and then sets up Ephesto for – nothing in position. Whip again, drop toe hold. Fantasma is mildly confused. Angel de Oro in with his moonsault, but the other duos break it up. Chops for Oro. Whip, clothesline misses, Angel de Oro tossed into a headscissors on Escorpion. Pólvora/Oro evasiveness, Oro flipping run, Pólvora miss a clothesline, Oro superkicks him. Other técnicos in to help, though it’s not really needed. Big Fantasma chest slap fro Pólvora. Whip, leapfrog into a Fantasma kick. Pólvora stumbles to the apron. Rey Escorpion only guy on the apron, but no hurry coming in. And then he springboard dropkicks the lesser tecnico anyway. Warrior dance gets Escorpion speared. Whip, corner clothesline by Warrior, he drops to his knees and Angel de Oro springs off for a clothesline. Whip to a Fantasma takedown and leg hold, Warrior adds the middle rope legdrop. Técnicos go to the corner to pose, and Escorpion surprises Warrior with an inside cradle for a three count. Angel de Oro looked back and saw it just too late.

3: Rudos on a beatdown. Pólvora slams Oro on the ramp, goes after his mask, and throws him back in the ring. Rudos slap around Fantasma, then Ephesto dropkicks him off the apron. Escorpion slaps Warrior and smashes his head into the buckle repeatedly. Whip, double back elbow, wheelbarrow lift for Escorpion's dropkick. Three man faceslam for Oro, and a kick to the chest to send him rolling out. Fantasma duck a double clothesline kicks Pólvora and sends Ephesto into a Warrior stunner. Oro moonsault in, Pólvora aggressive elbow drops his partner by mistake, Fantasma boots Oro into a dropkick on Pólvora, superkick sends Escorpion out, and the técnicos both land corner moonsaults to the floor. Inside, Warrior submits Ephesto with a neck hook leg crank thing, and that's the match.

Pólvora tries to get at Monito after the match, so Angel de Oro attacks him. Rey Escorpion pulls him away. Pólvora and Monito make moves at each other until Fantasma puts a stop to that.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday

and a plug for Friday. Gran Alternavia mention, though not the teams

Match 2: Volador Jr. vs Prince Devitt for the NWA World Middleweight Championship 
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

  1. Volador backcracker (4:19)

  2. Prince Devitt Bloody Sunday (1:48)
  3. Prince Devitt reverse Bloody Sunday (12:41)

Winner: Prince Devitt
Match Time: 17:32
Rating: very good
Notes: Seconds are Mephisto and La Mascara. Referee is Tirantes.

1: Lockup, Volador armbar, wristlock, Devitt forced down to one knee, roll to reverse and gets an armdrag. Devitt hooks the arm on the ground, Volador gets up, armbar of his own, armdrag, standoff. Circle. Reaching out, double wristlock, Volador breaks, Devitt spins him, armbar, Volador rolls thru, single leg takedown, Devitt rolls to his feet, faceoff with Volador taunting Devitt. Circle. Volador points to the fans, who are largely behind him. Lockup, Devitt headlock, takedown, Volador tires for the headscissors reversal but can't get it. Again, not quite. Devitt rolls around to a an armbar and stands up, Volador rolls and gets his own, Devitt armdrags him, Volador kips up and armdrags him, zero leg trip by Volador, and another faceoff. Volador feeling very confident. Circle. Crowd loud for Volador, and he acknowledges them. Volador off the ropes, over, under, rolling over, Devitt off the ropes, leapfrog over a kneel, and a dropkick to send Volador out. Volador loiters, so Devitt runs, Volador runs back in, clothesline misses, and Devitt dropkick him back out. Crowd boos loudly. Devitt slings to the apron, kick to Volador, Volador yanks Devitt to the floor by his ankle. Volador back in, off the ropes, and thru with a nice and easy tope that slams Devitt's back into the barricade. Replays. Volador makes it in first, Devitt chops him back and heads up. Top rope double stomp, Volador moves, Devitt clothesline misses, Volador superkick, Devitt turns around backcracker, Volador lays on top, one two three.

2: Devitt, grabbing the back of his head, circles around. Volador busy pointing to the crowd and nodding to the chant. Volador off the ropes, over, under, rolling under, waved back, flipping run, Devitt clothesline misses, and Volador headscissors him out. Devitt out, Volador slides out after him, Devitt slide in at the same time, and Volador stands and waits until Devitt knocks him over with a tope con giro. Replay. Devitt makes it back in first. Tirantes counts out Volador, getting to 15 before Volador makes it back in. Volador crawls in, Devitt goes up top, double stomp to the back, Bloody Sunday, one two three.

3: Neither man in a hurry to start. Volador charges, Devitt moves, Volador hits the corner then stumbles into a monkey flip, Volador lands on his feet, Devitt clothesline misses and Volador enziguris him. Both men shook, Volador slow to take advantage of things. Devitt gets back up in the corner. Corner whip, Volador charges in, charging superkick lands. Volador poses and waves to the fans. His stalling finally catches up to Volador, Devitt rushes over and dropkick him in the head. Volador falls to a seated position in the corner, and Devitt dropkick him square in the head. Fans boo very loudly, and Devitt seems a bit annoyed. Whip, Devitt back with a spinning DDT. Volador out. Devitt methodically climbs to the top rope, sets himself, and off with a plancha to the floor. Replay of that. Devitt throws Volador back in and goes up, top rope 'rana blocked into a powerbomb one two NO. Volador stands Devitt up, swings, misses, and Devitt smacks him with a backflip kick. Casadora cradle, one two NO. Devitt tries a 'rana, blocked again, and this time into a Terrible Clash! One two NO. Whip, reversed into a rolling forward legsweep into a chinlock. I don't have to figure out what this is called, because Volador gets his foot on the ropes. Replay of that, they're in the mood to show a lot of replays. It appears Devitt tries his again, but Volador blocks it and puts on anklelock. Devitt has a long way to go to get to the ropes, teasing giving up (by taping the mat, oops) but gets to the ropes. Both up, Devitt back to his hold, but they roll right into the ropes and Volador is easily out. Devitt backs up tot he corner, Volador charges, Devitt leaps out, shoulder to the midsection, leap meets Volador forearm. Volador out to the apron, up to the middle rope – moonsault on Devitt. Replay of that. Volador back in first, Devitt diving in to beat the count. Devitt into the corner, Volador charges into his kick, but swing kicks Devitt himself. Both climbing to the top rope, and Volador yanks Devitt off with a top rope headscissors one two NO. Crowd loses it's mind. They're replaying every move instead of showing the rests. Devitt dropped in front of the corner, Volador slowly up – moonsault misses, Volador lands on his feet, Devitt dropkick tot he knee (crowd boos), Volador rolls thru, Volador casita, one two NO. Loudest Volador chant yet. Volador climbs up, Devitt kicks him in the head, sets up Volador's legs on the outside, Volador meets Devitt with a forearm, Devitt forearms him back, a series of shots back and forth to the head, Devitt gets the best of it and goes all the way up. Top rope superplex, one two t-NO. Devitt blocks a clothesline and spin kicks Volador. Bloody Sunday one two NO. He didn't get all of that DDT, but Devitt can't believe Volador just kicked out. He's in shock as he stands up. Volador rolls out to the apron. Devitt approaches, Volador kicks him away, heads up top, missile dropkick to the back, one two no, Devitt barely getting up. Mephisto pounds the mat, I think unhappy with the count. Both guys laying on the mat (and talking?) Crowd starts a Volador chant again. Volador up to his feet. Kick misses, Devitt jumping spin kick to the back of the head, Devitt charges for a dropkick, Volador moves, Devitt hung in the ropes, Volador guillotine leg drop one two NO. Volador has Devitt bent over, and signals to the crowd. Suplex – no, Devitt suplex, holding on for the Bloody Sunday, but Volador escapes out of that, backcracker! Devitt stumbles around – then grabs Volador from behind. Reverse Bloody Sunday! One two three. Crowd is unhappy, though there's groups jumping up and down.

Devitt gets the belt, while they bring out the stretcher for Volador.