CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #296 (04/07/2012) 
Recapped: 04/14/2012

Guest” announcer is Dragon Rojo.

Five minute battle royal is shown. Técnicos enter to the Pegasso/Rey Cometa music, rudos enter to what I assume is Bobby Zavala's music, though I guess “You Give Love A Bad Name” could be Niebla Roja's music. Eliminations go Titan (in a Titan like fashion), Euforia, Rey Cometa, Puma King, and Pegasso taking himself and Niebla Roja out at about the same time. Dragon Lee gives Euforia some horrible clotheslines in here, which are thankfully not supposed to be something Euforia is supposed to go down for.

Match 1: Máscara Dorada & Titán vs Euforia & Terrible in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament eightfinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Euforia & Terrible
Match Time: 4:48
Rating: good
Notes: Mascara Dorada has a new shirt and is walking the ropes mood. Referee is Babe Richard.

Titan armdrags Terrible and backs him into the corner with a flip. Lockup, Terrible wristlock, armdrag, takeover, Titan back with his own armdrag, zero leg trips, both get to their feet. Terrible claps, tags. Euforia and Máscara Dorada. These two have met. Scrum on the ground for zero counts. Euforia is able to armdrag Dorada away. Dorada trips him up and ties up the legs. Euforia moves a bit to the ropes, but Terrible speeds it up by running and kicking Dorada in the chest. Whip back to the nice corner, Titan flips his partner to safety, kicks Euforia away, headscissors on Terrible into a DDT on Euforia. Terrible kicks the little guy down, and Dorada comes in with a headscissors on him. Dorada flipped to the ramp side apron, slap for Terrible, and Titan springboard dropkick Terrible out. Euforia misses a senton, and Dorada runs down the ramp for the floating headscissors. Técnicos high ten, run past each other, leap to the apron, Asai moonsaults on both sides! Euforia in first, Dorada swing kicks him form the apron. Springboard 'rana one two NO. Dorada off the ropes, up and over – no, blocked, Euforia leaves him hanging, and Terrible kicks Dorada in the chest. Titan in, springboard plancha caught by both rudos and tossed behind. Terrible kicks Titan down, Euforia kicks Dorada in the corner, corner charge misses, Dorada fireman’s drops Euforia while Titan gives Terrible the stunner over the apron. Técnicos signals each other – both of their moonsaults miss, but the técnicos roll thru, Euforia spears Dorada and Terrible takes down Titan. Air Raid Crash on Titan, Euforica Special on Dorada, rudos have this won.

Match 2: Blue Panther & Rey Cometa vs Negro Casas & Puma King in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament eightfinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Blue Panther & Rey Cometa
Match Time: 3:46
Rating: OK
Notes: Oh, it's Puma's music. Blue Panther rushes out to attack Negro Casas, so the fight is on early. Tirantes is there ref and not really getting involved. Zacarias joins the rudos.

Técnicos get better of the brawl on the ramp. Panther smacks Negro back into the ring. Negro turns it around there, and knocks Panther out of the ring for more brawling. Puma goes for Cometa's make, then hangs him in the Tree of Woe for a kick to the chest. Negro back into join him. Missile dropkick sends Cometa out. Puma corner clotheslines Panther, but Panther rushes out to clothesline him. Cometa in and slapping Puma. Panther tells him to go up and grabs Puma himself. Missile dropkick – gets Panther, oops. Old men both on the apron. Puma slaps Cometa, and takes off shirt. Cometa slaps him back and I think Puma's rethinking taking off his shirt. Puma swings, misses, Cometa shoves him into the ropes, Puma runs back, and rolls over Cometa's back, both off the ropes, Puma slide out and trips out Cometa, Puma back in, slingshot tope con giro onto the técnicos. Negro and Panther in and pointing at the crowd. Chop fight is even, until it's not and Negro resists to forearm to the face. Panther fights back. Shoves, Negro kicks to the chest, Panther catch and grabs the leg, and they slap back and forth to the face before Panther pulls off the dragon screw. Kneebar, but Puma breaks t up. Whip, spinebuster, double crab – and Panther gives. Rudos aren't done – double fujiwara! Tirantes is telling them to let go, but they're not going to do it. Tirantes pulls Puma off, and raises Panther's arm. Way to go Puma, you lose again.

Negro takes his time letting go, and Puma puts on the hold because why not. Both of them get in Tirantes face and force him into the ropes, then get the crowd on him. Tirantes gets around them and raises Panther's arm. Negro complains about Tirantes to Zacarias.

Match 3: La Máscara & Pegasso vs Niebla Roja & Último Guerrero in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament eightfinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Niebla Roja & Ultimo Guerrero
Match Time: 3:07
Rating: ok
Notes: rudos jump the técnicos again. Everyone's entering from the lower entrances, so Ultimo Guerrero can only forearm Mascara on the stage, not push him down the stairs. Referee is Rodolfo.

It's Niebla Roja who kicks Mascara all the way to the ring. UG throws Pegasso in. Corner whip for Mascara, Roja back elbow, UG senton de la muerte. Flapjack and kick on the way down on Pegasso. Rudos celebrate. Whip, big boots for Mascara. Pegasso front flips (and lands on his backside over a rudo double clothesline, Mascara planchas both, they hold on, Pegasso springboard moonsaults the pile over, one two NO. Máscara charges the rudos and gets tripped in the corner. Rudos whip Pegasso, double clothesline ducked, Pegasso boosted dropkicked on Niebla Roja. UG takes the knee bump out, Máscara topes both of them, and Pegasso goes up top for a top rope 450 plancha onto everyone. That was different. Replays. Técnicos make it back in while the rudos recover. Rudos whipped into each other, Niebla Roja leaps over Guerrero, both go to the middle rope, técnicos chase them, that's a bad idea. Front superplex and a sort of front Tiger suplex. That does it.

Match 4: Dragon Lee & Rush vs Bobby Zavala & Rey Bucanero in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament eightfinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Dragon Lee & Rush
Match Time: 3:04
Rating: eh
Notes: Rudos are the black leather jacket/sunglasses squad. Rush and Dragon Lee have matching gear. Dragon Lee runs to the ring off camera, and the next thing we see is him face down being stomped by the rudos. I guess that didn't go well. Referee is Bestia Negra

Rush nearly fights off both guys by himself, but they contain him while Dragon Lee slowly and painfull rolls out. Rolling back elbow, boosted corner splash on Rush. Double bulldog bit is odd, because Rush just drops down to his knees. Dragon Lee tries to come in high kicking everyone, and that doesn't work. Zavala ties him up in his inverted campana, though Dragon lee doesn't give before Zavala drops him, Bucanero adds a top rope plash, and rush rushes in to save with a kick. Zavala tries to get into a chop fight with Rush, and Rush just dropkicks him away. Bucanero clothesline Rush and does the taunt, but Dragon Lee gets him with a headscissors. Brothers high ten, and out with tope con giros on the rudos. Replays. Bucanero and Rush make it back in first and chop. This ends badly for Rush. Rush kicks the ropes and yells at the crowd. They're not on him as much this week. Bucanero manage to kick Rush away, then walks him to the corner, but Rush turns him around and puts Bucanero on top. Rush holds him, but Dragon Le has trouble with a springboard double stomp. Zavala in, but stopped with a corner clothesline and Dragon Lee adds a boosted double knee to the head. Double underhook piledriver, shooting star press one two three. Fireman's drop and senton finishes Bucanero to end it.

Match 5: Euforia & Terrible vs Blue Panther & Rey Cometa in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament tournament quarterfinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Euforia & Terrible
Match Time: 7:22
Rating: good
Notes: Cometa & Panther seem fine after the last match. They do hurry to the ring, and Euforia & Terrible run out as soon as they get into the ring. Ref is Pompin.

Terrible tosses Cometa to the stage and slams him there, and Euforia knocks Panther around ringside. Euforia, Terrible and Panther come in, Euforia holding Panther for Terrible to hit. Panther goes after Terrible, but both rudos stomp him down. Cometa thrown in, tripped up, and treated to a double elbow drop. Kick to Panther's thigh. Rudos in no hurry here. Whip, double clothesline misses, head down too soon and Panther faceslams them both Cometa boosted into a dropkick to send them both out on the camera side,. Panther crushes Terrible with a tope, Euforia goes around the side, Cometa easily lands the tornillo and then tips over the barricade to fall in the crowd. That was full IWRG there. Terrible and Panther in first. Terrible chops Panther in the corner repeats, Panther ducks out under and wallops Panther with crazy man lefts and rights, stopping only as he falls out of the ring. Panther looks around, regains his senses, and climbs in to be kicked. Suplex! One two NO. Panther ducks under a punch, takes Terrible down, and hooks on a leg lock. He spends a great deal signaling it before locking on the inverted figure four, and now Terrible's too close to the ropes. Panther won't let go, and Euforia has no problem breaking it up with stomps. Euforia goes back to the corner while Terrible slaps Panther in the chest. Terrible sets up for a powerbomb, but Panther drops down to his knees, he doesn't like that idea at all. Terrible just grabs him by the legs instead, lifting Panther upside down and dropping him with the Terrible Clash. Terrible pause before rolling Panther over, lets go at one, and Cometa springboard splash him one two Euforia tickets comet to break it up, then just starts punching the man in the face. Chop collapses Cometa. Whip, Cometa back under a kick, Cometa up on Euforia's shoulder, and down into a 'rana one two NO. Crowd making noise but not as much of it directed a team this week. Cometa with a torito for two. Now the crowd starts to get behind the rudos. Cometa shoulderblock, quebrada moonsault. Euforia catches him and drops him in a front suplex, one two NO. Euforia corner whip, charge in, Cometa moves, fireman’s drop in the corner. Cometa goes out and up to the apron. 450 splash takes some time to set up, Euforia moves, Cometa comes back with a casadora cradle, Terrible rushing in, one, kick to Cometa to break it up, and blowing him up with a dropkick. Both rudos cover one two Panther breaks it up. Panther and Cometa force the rudos to opposite corners. Headlock, shot off, técnicos stumble around, Euforia grabs Panther from behind and pulls him into the Nirvana-lock (Dragon sleeper bodyscissors dealio), and Terrible finishes Cometa with a powerbomb One two three.

Match 6: Niebla Roja & Último Guerrero vs Dragon Lee & Rush in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament tournament quarterfinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Dragon Lee & Rush
Match Time: 5:48
Rating: ? 
Notes: UG walks in the ring, and then just runs over to shoulderblock Dragon Lee straight out of the ring. Rush charges, misses a clothesline, and Niebla Roja takes him out with a superkick. Ref is Maya.

UG press slams Dragon lee on top of the barricade, while Niebla Roja forces Rush into the corner by his hair and works him over with kicks and slaps to the face. That seems like a bad long term idea, Rush is going to kill him later. Boot choke. UG comes over, and Rush unsuccessfully fights back. Corner whip, Rush kicks the rudos as they charge, Dragon Lee springboard planchas in – and misses everyone. Rudos just ducks down and look at him, then turn around to be a double clotheslnied by rush. Ar they building spots around Dragon Lee's messups? Corner whip for UG, Niebla Roja chopped and sent in, UG flips his partner to the apron, back elbow for Dragon Lee, Rush flipped to the apron, Niebla Roja kicks him and pulls of an apron side Sliced Bread #1! UG whips Rush off the apron with a dropkick, then tosses Niebla Roja into a big tornillo onto Rush. That was all well down. Dragon Rojo likes this Niebla Roja, and not just for his taste in colors. Dragon Lee Lee tries charging UG. Dragon lee gets chokeslammed hard by Ultimo Guerrero. That was also great. UG looks around at the crowd. Big flapjack for the smaller técnico. Raise the roof. Ref checks to see if Dragon Lee is conscious. Whip, Dragon Lee springboard flips to the apron, stands, runs back and springboards in with a spinning headscissors. Dragon Lee quick to the corner – springboard shooting star press! That one ate UG up. Niebla Roja in, but Rush blows him up with a dropkick. Stomp, angry kick to the rope, yell at the boots. Rush gut punches and chops. Rush slaps his chest and backs off for a second. Back with a kick, Whip, clothesline blocked, Niebla Roja reverse facelock, ah, reverse backbreaker. One two NO. Niebla Roja Clothesline caught into a big suplex. Senton. Guerrero, where are you? One two there he is, diving kick to Rush's head. Dragon Lee back in to face Guerrero again. They both look around. UG trips up Dragon Lee, they can't quite get the leverage spot right, but Dragon Lee does hop onto UG's shoulders, 'rana one two NO. Replay of the 'rana, which they really snapped off. Guerrero sets Dragon Lee on the top rope and climbs up. Dragon lee starts to climb up, UG stops him, scoops him up, and pulls off a moonsault front slam! That is crazy. Rush has to make the save. He clears off Niebla Roja too, and makes angry faces at the booting crowd. UG corner whip, Dragon Lee reverse it towards Rush, Rush armdrags UG around and puts on a hammerlock, Dragon Lee armdrags Niebla Roja into an armbar bodyscsissors cradle, and both rudos give.

Match 7: Euforia & Terrible vs Dragon Lee & Rush in a CMLL Gran Alternativa Tournament tournament semifinal match
Arena Mexico, 03/30/2012

Winner: Euforia & Terrible
Match Time: 6:42
Rating: eh
Notes: Both teams enter from the top of the stage this time. Rush can't help but charge up the ramp to get at Terrible, who just moves, and Euforia smacks the tecnico. Euforia and Terrible pound Rush until Dragon Lee tires to make the save. That doesn't work. Ref is Babe Richard.

Rudos stomp down the técnicos on the apron. Dragon lee's tossed in to the ring, leaping over the top rope in the process. Drop toe hold, double elbow drop is a bit off timed, they must be getting tired. Rush tries to kick Terrible, and Euforia kicks him. Rush tries to fight against both, and Terrible slaps him in the face until he stops. Boot choke. Whip, no, rush fights back against both. They stop him with leg kicks. Corner whip, Euforia in with a clothesline, Terrible in with a clothesline. Dragon Lee is much easier to chop down. Head into the buckle. Corner whip, Terrible whipped in, Dragon Lee moves, and Terrible goes flying up> Dragon Lee to the apron, hesitating then running and landing his run up the corner tope con giro. Rush dropkicks Euforia out, and topes him, unstopped by hitting the ropes on the way thru. He had a lot of force behind that dive, the ropes were no match. Replays. Terrible and Dragon Lee back in. Dragon Lee not impressed. Dragon Lee 'rana, Terrible rolls thru, one two NO. Replay of that. Back live, Dragon lee is up on Terrible's shoulders, and Terrible powerbombs him after a pause. Rush breaks that up with a punch, then smacks Euforia as he comes in. Stomp for Terrible, superkick for Euforia. Rush kicks Terrible in the chest and poses. Rush off the ropes, double clothesline, the rudos miss, rudos puck him up, double powerbomb, one two three!

Dragon Lee chops both guys and keeps them backed off for a second, but Euforia slaps Dragon Lee down to put a stop to that. Dragon Lee is in a lot of trouble here. Terrible cuts his throat, and holds Dragon Lee for Euforia. Euforia dropkick gets his partner by mistake. Euforia looks at Terrible, gets back up, and Dragon Lee manages a leaping armscissors into a cross armbreaker. Arm extended, Euforia gives.

Down to Dragon Lee vs Terrible. Doctor checks on Euforia's arm. Dragon Lee blocks Terrible's clothesline, holds him for kneelifts, and tries that armbreaker again. Dragon Lee gets it, but Terrible's arm is on the ropes. Rush complains on the outside. Terrible up first, but grabbing his arm. Kick for Terrible. Terrible poses, and cuts his throat - twice! Now it's really over. Terrible yells at Rush a bit, then finally grabs Dragon Lee. Corner whip, Terrible charge in, Dragon Lee moves, backs up, charges, Terrible flips him to the apron, Terrible punch blocked, Dragon Lee's lap now, Dragon Lee springboard, - into a powerbomb one two and Rush stomps Terrible. You know, that didn't look good for Dragon Lee and he doesn’t get up right, but maybe he would've kicked out. Anyway, Rush stomps and double stomps Terrible, shoving away the referee. Babe Richard has to go out to raise his arm. Terrible is a happy man.

Rush points at Terrible some, then sees Dragon Lee is still down, grabs his brother's head, and cradles his brother. Terrible laughs and laughs.