AAA on Televisa (Regional) #19 (03/18/2012) 
Recapped: 03/23/2012

Match 1: Dinastía & Octagoncito vs Mini Histeria & Mini Psicosis 
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, 03/11/2012

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 11:08
Rating: very good
Notes: Dinastia is wearing his QPPC belt. Referee is Piero.

Dinastia also has totally different gear, really a different look, which is confusing. This one looks more mini, though I don't actually know what that means. Dinastia moves a mile a minute with Psicosis, sweeping him and landing a shooting star press in no time, and basically doing rolls and such because he can't stand still for a standoff. Tags to Histeria and Octagoncito, the rudo stalling before they get going. Exchange of armdrags, Octagoncito pulls off the multiple kips up bit and a big headscissors to send Histeria out. Psicosis clotheslines the técnico, and Dinastia comes flying in with an armdrag to stop him. Back spin headscissors, Psicosis out, Dinastia does a front row on the way to a swinging out to the apron for an Asai moonsault. Octagoncito headscissors Histeria out, and follows with a rope flip moonsault. Piero checks on Octagoncito, but he seemed to land okay. Dinastia back in with a plancha on Psicosis. Histeria hops back to life to superkick to Psicosis and chop both guys. Dinastia celebrates, and they both just kick him down. Octagoncito in, but just gets kicked in the ribs. Boost – dropkick on Histeria. Psicosis doesn't let the beatdown end quiet yet, smacking Octagoncito in the face. Histeria recovers on the apron. Whip, side backbreaker, flying legdrop by Histeria. So that was just a boost dropkick for fun? Or maybe they’re doing teases of comebacks now. At any rate, rudos hold Dinastia near the ropes. Whip, clothesline misses, Dinastia back into a double hiptoss, then sat up for a double dropkick to the head. Corner charges for Octagoncito. Rudos yell at the crowd, who yell a bit back. Corner whip, Dinastia flips his partner to safety, superkick for Histeria, Octagoncito dropkicks in, then chasing Psicosis out for a quebradora. Dinastia challenges Histeria. Chest slaps, turns to forearms right away. Dinastia with the lots of slaps, kicks, off the ropes, under a kick, Histeria lifts him up, Dinastia hold, then flips off Histeria, off the ropes, roll over handwalk casadora armdrag. Dinastia claps his head, ducks under a clothesline, backwards roll into a backspin headscissors. Histeria out. Dinastia points everywhere, then tags Octagoncito into face Psicosis. Octagoncito gets the better of Psicosis, escaping a monkey flip and getting Psicosis with one of his own. Psicosis flips out of a sweep, sends Psicosis out with the Escalera, and follows with a nice thru the ropes tope con giro. Dinastia and Histeria left in. Histeria flipped to the apron, taken apron with kicks to the head, and Dinastia follows with a big springboard kick to apron. Everyone out. Replay of that. I like how they're using the same “R” designation I see when they show replaces from late 80s. Rudos somehow just get control again. Stall, técnicos whipped into each other, they turn each other around, 'rana and an armdrag cradle, rudos both kick out at two. Técnicos fireman's drops in front of the corners, Dinastia top rope moonsault into a moonsaults, Octagoncito tornillo, moonsault, one two three.

Match 2: Aerostar & Súper Fly vs Ángel Mortal & Gallego
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, 03/11/2012

Winner: técnicos by DQ
Match Time: 8:12
Rating: good
Notes: The Reinas del Ring are now walking to the ring with luchadors, which gives them some way of being on TV. Piero is referee for this match as well. Diabolicos bring chairs to the ring. Aerostar is wearing the Laredo Kid color scheme, though his entrance gear looks a lot more Abismo Negro like (and he's got the aerosol torch.) Super Fly is back to his red gear. Thinks were better for him when he had those. No promo for anyone here, all could kind of need. Should note the nice new gear for the Diabolicos.

It's always amazing how I can see Jesus walking out of the ring and talking to people, and yet here him at the announce desk commentating on the show at the same time. It must be the devil's magic! Angel holds down Aerostar early. I'm going to call Aerostar “Laredo kid” a dozen times here. They keep getting up, but it’s not really due to Aero doing anything. He does manage to trip up Angel and hold him down for a one count. Aero tries a kick, and Angel catches the leg and tosses him a long way with a suplex. Really with they weren't on the crane shot then, that deserved a better angle. It gets a two count. Aero off the ropes, Angle tosses him up, Aero down with a sunset flip for two. Angel kicks Aero in the ropes, charges, and throws himself out. That's where Aero like you – Brillo Aerostar! Announcers seem to want me to call it a torpedo especial, but I'm not with them. Super Fly rolls in, Gallego back elbows him down, Super Fly hops up, over, front flip over, springboard armdrag. Super Fly spins thru the ropes to cause Gallego to go over them, has a nice flipping around, and poses in the center of the ring. He looks a lot better. Aero does a roll off the top rope in, Mortal with him. Aero around with flips and dropped with a back elbow. Corner whip, Mortal charges, Aero flips him to the apron, slips out to chase him, Angle kicks him back, Aero slips in as Angel charges and Angel runs into the post. Aero misses a dropkick on Gallego, Gallego off the ropes, Aero flips him to the apron, grabs his wrist, runs up the corner, and tries for a top rope armdrag to the floor. Timing is not there, Gallego takes the bump on a bit of a delay, but it was neat idea (for people who want to take crazy bumps.) Gallego recovers, then is right back in to face Super Fly. Good for him, they stop him quick and it's time for the beatdown. Whip, double backdrop. Super Fly headbutted out, and Aero in. Double flapjack, high ten, double elbow drop. Rudos are proud of themselves. Dropkick sends Aero out. Super Fly tries chopping with the old men, can not quite pull it off. They stomp him down. Whip, backdrop, Gallego takes a n odd route into a an Angel Mortal backdrop - that ends up as a senton on Super Fly. Aero in and attacking Angel Mortal, but Gallego slaps him. Corner charge, knocks down, catapult cutter. Didn’t know if the timing was going to be right on that, but they made it work. Corner clothesline for Super Fly. Aero whipped in, Fly flips him to the apron, then is boosted into a headscissors on Gallego. Angel Mortal tries a senton, almost gets it, and Super Fly leads him into an Aero flying armdrag. That didn't come off quite right, Super Fly does his dive – cartwheel moonsault one way, then Aero goes the other way with the no hands tope – right into a chair shot, OH NO. That was brutal, as was the far away camera shot they used to show it. Gallego uses the chair on Aero one more time. Then comes in and smacks Super Fly with it. Are chair shot DQs this week, Piero? I guess they are now. Mortal gets the chair and they go after Super Fly's ankle with it. Piero wants to actually do something here, but the rudos keep pushing him away. Piero breaks thru and raises Super Fly's arm.

They still can't find a good shot of the dive into the chair on replay. How annoying. If someone's going to try that sort of thing, they really ought to run it by someone in charge ahead of time, and if they ran it by someone in charge ahead of time, the production people should've been ready for it.

Now, after the match, there's a Air Force Reunited interview/video package. Fuerza Aerea appears to be Argenis (officially welcome to the group), Super Fly (back in – and back in AAA), Aerostar. I don't know, I think Argenis might have been better teaming with Fenix and Atomic Boy, they turn up more often.

Match 3: Argenis, Drago, Fenix vs Argos, Semental, Toscano
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, 03/11/2012

Winner: técnicos by DQ
Match Time: 12:20
Rating: good!
Notes: Ref is Hijo de Tirantes, who gets booed by the crowd. Consejo fans aren't fans of him either.

Shoving match breaks out at the whistle. Consejo knocks the AAA guys back, but Fenix is boosted into a dropkick to know Toscano & Argenis out. Semental's tripped onto the ropes, but the other Consejo guys pull Argenis and Drago out before they can do more. Toscano & Argos beat them up on the floor, and it looks like Semental gets Fenix with the bodyscissors piledriver in the ring. Drago makes it back in and kicks Semental, Semental escapes a torito, Drago gives him a spinning DDT anyway. Argos in, headscissors into the backcracker still has the big hitch in the middle of it but he'll never give it up. Argenis in – behind the back faceslam for his brother. Toscano’s turns a Rosa into a superplex, and a legdrop. Who's left? Fenix. He and Toscano get into a chop fight, which Fenix somehow wins. Spinning heel kick connects, Fenix signals before trying a suplex, and Toscano blocks it, blocks it, and lifts Fenix onto the ropes. Fenix positions himself as Argos goes up, slips, and pulls him off with a headscissors. Semental crushes Fenix with a top rope legdrop. Consejo's finally to control of this one. Argos goes up – tornillo moonsault onto Fenix to the floor, or over Fenix a bit. Drago in, double back elbow in. Drago whipped to Argos – Skándalo Driver! Toscano adds the Sangre Azteca low blow dropkick, more or less. Argenis in, double back elbow, lifted up, and Toscano springboard dropkicks him down. Whip for Dragon, he grabs the ropes, and the técnicos pull Toscano on. Camera shows Argenis yelling outside and almost misses an awesome Drago spot, using a boost from Argos to fly over the top rope and headscissors Semental to the ground. Argos turns and runs into a flipping armdrag from Fenix. Fenix celebrates, and then gets clotheslined on to his head by Toscano. Argenis in with a springboard dropkick to send Toscano out. Drago in too, starting AAA chants. Argenis wanders out to taunt his brother into coming in. AAA chant again. Argos misses a clothesline and slide out. Other Consejo guys in and knocking down Argenis. Whip, clothesline misses, springboard headscissors sends Semental out. Toscano flipped to the apron, forearm back at Argenis, but Argenis knocks him down with a swing kick. Argos in, and face off again between the brothers. Crowd not loud for this at all. Evasiveness includes Argos getting in the running front flip bit, and Argenis blowing a roll over the ropes to the apron. They figure it out, but Argenis springboard turning headscissors back in not good, and the crowd is really quiet until they turn for the cheer spot. Fenix and Toscano in. Toscano poses, Fenix does not approve. Chop fight. Fenix, chopping a lot, Toscano is into reacting a lot. Corner whip, reversed, Toscano misses the corner whip, Fenix with a lot of short forearms and a big chop. Fenix backs up, charges, running boot to the face. Toscano falls out of the ring. Argos in, evasion, waved by, and then both men get totally lost. Argos runs thru a trip spot, they both stumbles around for a while until Fenix gets his partner back on track. Semental pulls him down by from the outside, which may have been as good plan as any. Everyone talks as they pick Fenix back up and chop hi in the corner. Corner whip, Argos sort of charges into a kick, but just be over to Fenix can leap off him into a DDT on Semental. Fenix has a flashy kick for Argos and headscissors him out. Fenix takes off – superman plancha into an armdrag at the last second, then back in to pose in Toscano's face. Drago's turn. Toscano works him over with forearms. Whip, clothesline misses, Drago back with a nice headscissors. Argos in, both pointing to the crowd before they actually fight. Shoves, both off the ropes, both kicking each other down. I'm not sure I buy these two as much equals as they do. Drago pulls off a fireman's escape headscissors, Argos hitting the ropes, and not going thru. Semental kicks Drago down, and Argos walks over to help him. Corner whip, Argos in, Drago moves, out over Semental, and Argos kicks his partner. Semental stays on all fours while Argos yells at him, and Drago boots off Semental into a headscissors on Argos. Semental does manages to block a kick and clothesline Drago down, so maybe he just needed Argos to get out of there. Pit at the técnicos too. Whip, clothesline misses, Drago back with a flip into a headscissors. Drago up top, moonsault tornillo looks a lot better and is much more on target than Argo's. Argenis in, charging his brother but hiptossed into the corner. Toscano comes into work over Argenis with punches. Argos take off his shirt, and tries to choke his brother with it. Even that doesn’t go well. Corner whip, Fenix flips Argenis to safety, then tosses Toscano’s to the post. Argos flipped to the apron, swing kick by both técnicos to knock him to the floor. Argenis up to the top rope, looking unsteady, just getting over the ringpost for a moonsault. Fenix knocks Argos down with a tornillo for dives all around. Semental and Drago back in, but the camera spots Hombre en Negro on the stage. Announcers don’t' appear to be surprised, fans do turn around to see him. Inside the ring, Semental knocks over Drago with a tornillo bodyblock, but Drago gets right back up for a kind of slow motion armbar. Semental gets right of that. Hombre en Negro is twirling his cane on the way to the ring. Drago spinning headscissors into a DDT. Tirantes takes his time getting into position, because he's waiting for the run in – and it arrives, cane shot to the back of Drago, and a second for good measure. Tirantes calls for the DQ.

Texano and Mascara Año 2000 Jr. rush in for a beatdown. Toscano powerbombs Fenix good. Argos goes for Drago's mask. Hombre de Negro hits people with his acne, and marches in place for no apparent reason. Consejo poses in the center of the ring. Hombre de Negro marches a bit more.

Match 4: Damián 666, Halloween, X-Fly vs Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown [AAA TRIOS]
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, 03/11/2012

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 9:07
Rating: ok!
Notes: Mini Clown is with the Psycho Circus. The ones who aren't stealing children make belt motions. Jesus says “Killer, Monster, Psycho” - two out of three ain't bad. In t-shirt updates, Damian 666 is wearing a Damian 666 shirt, Halloween is wearing a block shirt, and X-Fly is five steps behind his partner wearing a XXXL Super Tarin shirt. Huh? Piero is ref. Commissioner is Herman Cardona? Perros jump Psychos.

Halloween wastes no time organizing the furniture. Murder sat on a chair and speared. Low blow chair assisted dropkick for Monster. More various low blow shots for the other Clowns. Murder chokes Damian until X-Fly walks over to break it up. Murder and Monster are whipped, Halloween and Damian miss clothesline and the Clowns knocks them down. Psycho wheel kicks X-Fly out of the ring too. Flying sit on X-Fly. Halloween chops everyone, and rudos down to send Murder out. He turns into a chop from the other two, who knocks him out. Murder presses him, others kicks him away. Crowd loud for Psychos. Damian demands to face Murder in himself. Other clown leave, but only while ringside people pass the clowns a giant red trash barrel to bring in. Murder and Damian go thru a sunset flip reveal bit, then Damian falls down as Murder kicks him. Press slam for Damian. Halloween rushes in and spears Murder. Or “superblock shoulder!” Halloween superkicks Monster, but monster still send him in the corner, takes him down and set sup for the quebrada. X-Fly kicks him off the ropes to breaks that up, and low blow headbutt Monster. Psycho breaks that up with Psycho stomps. X-Fly gets up while Psycho is freaking out, waits for him to stop, and chucks a chair at him. Corner whip, reversed, Psycho runs into a boot, but X-Fly runs out into a powerslam. One two no, with Damian sliding into break it up too late. X-Fly trips up Psycho into the middle rope, climbs up, and Psycho crotches him. Psycho climbs up with him, Damian and Halloween over, the other Clown over, Psycho grabs X-Fly – stacked up superplex/powerbomb spot. Clowns end up on top, one two NO. They're trying to do the epic finish, and it's too rushed to get there. Ring is cleared out of everyone but Monster, who miss a pescado on Halloween and gets speared instead. Murder clotheslines Damian, and (accidentally?) corner splashes him instead. Corner whip the other way, and this time Damian moves a bit quicker, getting out of the way in time. Murder throws himself out. Halloween hits Murder on the outside, sits him down in a chair, and Damian’s tope takes Murder out. Psycho in, but X-Fly is behind him with the trash can, smacking Psycho as he turns around. X-Fly sets Psycho over the trash can, leaps, swanton bomb onto the trash can. Psycho covers, one two – Perros pull Piero Psycho and Monster lay them out with topes. Murder back in - top rope splash on X-Fly. Piero back in, one two three. Crowd does go nuts for the win.

About 10 seconds of a celebration, then replays.

Match 5: Daga, El Mesías, Jack Evans vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Héctor Garza, Nicho el Millionario
Centro Civico de Ecatepec, 03/11/2012

Winner: Perros
Match Time: 23:31
Rating: OK
Notes: Mesías looks less than motivated, but maybe it's skewed by Jack running like a crazy man around the place before. Having the little animation of Mesías over his graphic is nice, though it'd better if they didn't have him in an outfit he hasn't worn in a couple years (or at least it seems that long.) These Perros del Mal are all wearing Perros del Mal on their t-shirts. Nicho stares into a Psicosis mask he'd holding and they stick with that shot for a while. Oh, he's talking to it. Hijo de Tirantes is ref. Nicho leaves the Psicosis mask on a post. Rudos jump the técnicos.

Perro goes after Jack on the outside, knocking him over the barricade. Daga tries to help, and that allow Jack to get in a few shots before Perro gets him again. Chair shots and such, Perro absolutely smacking Jack in the head with one. Perro and Hector go after Jack’s forehead, but he doesn’t bleed right away. Nicho supelexs Daga on the floor and dropkick Mesías around while Hector helps Perro. Jack is finally bleeding when they toss him out. Lots of brawling, some walking around. Nicho finds new places to suplex Daga. This is where I get I bored and start planning on what I'm going to be doing next instead of playing attention to this. Focus is on Perro beating Jack, but mostly just holding him for kicks and such. It's much different than the other matches, but it's slow. Perro does a bunch of rubbing Jack's blood on him. Daga's brought in for more holding and hitting, though they eventually get around to combos. Mesías runs into break up a pin off Garza's quebrada, and the rudos eventually get around to beat them. Announcers are running thru the Rey de Reyes card to kill time. After 8 minutes of beatdown, Mesías ducks a double clothesline and spears Perro. Clothesline for the other two. Jack forearms Perro and Daga gets Nicho with a flying DDT. Brawling back for the técnicos, Mesías and Hector in the ring while the others go outside. Jack does a moonsault off the barricade, which is neat. Not much foot room there. Técnicos hold the ring and stop the Perros coming in for a bit. Técnicos chase the rudos almost over the barricade for a bit. Rudos eventually come back, though this kills a few minutes.

Nicho and Daga exchange strikes, Nicho forced to cover up and still gets kicked in the gut. Nicho does stop a Daga flying kick of some sort by just kicking him. Chops. Double chop sends Daga into the corner. Corner whip, Daga flips to the apron, Nicho charges in, Daga stunners him over the ropes, heads up, and totally misses on a spinning armdrag, flying a foot away from Nicho. Nicho just lets Daga fall, but Daga gets right back up and clothesline him. Garza clotheslines Daga and taunts the técnicos. They come in, and Perro goes mad stomping Daga in the meantime. Garza has to pull him off, as usual. Daga rallies back for an awkward clothesline spot with Garza. Whip, reversed, Daga flips over Garza, then they both get stuck before Daga pulls out a sort of armbreaker. Daga up top, waiting for a bit, then missile dropkicking Garza out of the ring. Daga swings in the direction of a photographer, who moves just quick enough. Mesías and Perro in, but Perro spits and Jack and Jack wants in. Jack is still pretty bloody. Nicho offers to come in, but Perro is willing to stay and have people chant his name. Perro and Jack swing at each other, and Perro gets the better of that, though Jack keeps fighting. Clothesline sends Jack an inch back into the ropes, and Perro dumps Jack in the técnico corner. Mesías in, but Garza gets in his face. Shoves, Garza slaps Mesías in the face reputedly and knocks him down. Garza off the ropes, into a Mesías forearm. Mesías off the ropes, into a Garza kick. Mesías dropkick Garza on the next charge. Garza claims foul, but no. Mesías grabs Garza by the ear lobes and pushes him in the corner. Chops. Corner whip, Mesías spins and charges into a boot. Garza whips Mesías, Mesías clothesline blocked into a backslide, but Mesías won’t go over. Garza spins him, and Mesías catches him in a urange. Perro rushes in and attacks Mesías before he can cover. Nicho in behind with stomps. Perro taunts the técnicos. Perro slowly picks up and taunts the crowd . Punch, and down goes Mesías. Tirantes talks to Nicho about something. Crowd shot, whip, reversed, sunset flip, Mesías rolls thru and dropkick Perro. Mesías covers, but Tirantes won't count. Mesías doesn’t seem too upset. Tirantes talk to Garza. Corner whip, reversed, Perro misses the charge and Perro goes over the buckle. Mesías brings him back, but Perro back elbows him down. Perro charges, Mesías powerslams him, one Nicho breaks it up. Elbow drop, stomps, and taunts for the técnicos. Jack comes in, but Tirantes backs him up. They argue for a bit, then Daga argues too. Crowd is loud for Mesías. Corner whip, but Mesías just punches Nicho as he charges in. Nicho charge in again and gets kicked. Nicho charges out, and Nicho catches him with a heel kick. Crotch chop for the técnicos. Jack and Daga storm in, Tirantes grabs them with each hand, and that's where Daga gets hurt. Daga's hand brushes across Tirantes wrist, then he's checking the inside of his hand. It's very incidental, but he's starting at his hand right away, then having a word with Tirantes which includes Tirantes looking down at his right wrist. Tirantes is very obviously adjusting his wristband one shot later, then he and Daga are talking for a bit as Tirantes keeps working on his wristbands. Mesías tries powerbomb Nicho, Nicho escapes, Mesías backcrackers him anyway. Quick shot of Daga hurrying to the back – I think you can see blood spurting out of the hand. Announcers are baffled, but have spotted the bleeding. Mesías and Garza square off, talking, though I'm not sure they know what happened yet. Tirantes keeps messing with his wristband. Brawling, Garza teases going out, doesn’t, then tags in Perro. Jack rushes him and forearms him down. Lots of mounted punches, and more to the back of the head when Perro rolls over. Tirantes gets in the middle, Jack shoves him away keeps going after Tirantes. Tirantes pulls him off, but Jack jumps back on Perro and pounces him again. Crowd isn't reacting big for this, because they like Perro. Mesías rushes in and takes out Tirantes with a quebradora. That's not a DQ this match, but it does get people to cheer. Tirantes rushes over to hug Nicho, and presumably discuss what happened. Mesías and Jack are talking too as Jack holds Perro over the ropes. Garza rushes over to hit Jack, but Mesías smacks Perro with a chair shot anyway. Split screen shot of Daga's bloody hand backstage. Perro and Jack back in, Jack punching a punch drunk Perro. Whip, reversed, Jack springboard flip over Perro, Perro still flips him with a clothesline. About time for the end game. Perro slams Jack, and heads up. Everyone else he disappeared. Perro top rope senton con giro misses, not even close. Garza seems like he's being helped to the back now. Jack 630 senton misses, not even close. Perro rolls Jack to the apron, uses the ropes to hold Jack up, and drops him with a pedigree. One two three.

Nicho comes back in to run around and celebrate, while Perro stands over Jack and keeps punching. Mesías comes in for the save, but Halloween & Damian are out to uneven the numbers. Replays. That's the show.