CMLL on Televisa #1069 (02/25/2012) 
Recapped: 03/04/2012

Dos Leyendas teaser

Announcers hype Bobby Bonales.

Match 1: Máscara Dorada & Volador Jr. vs Euforia & Guerrero Maya Jr. in a National Parejas Increible eightfinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: Máscara Dorada & Volador Jr.
Match Time: 4:36
Rating: fun
Notes: Guerrero Maya may now be a space monster. I am not 100% sure. Ref is Pompin.

Maya and Dorada start, battle of armdragging. Rudos evidently get bored with their mat wrestling, with Euforia flying it n out of nowhere with a missile dropkick to Dorada's back and Volador superkicking Maya out. Volador has his fans, as always. Evasion spots, Volador barley touches Euforia, and Euforia goes flying. Backflip off the top rope spot almost goes bad, but they hold it together and Volador headscissors Euforia out. Volador slides out after him, only Euforia is coming back in – slingshot tope con giro! Dorada in – running slingshot tornillo. That was tight. Maya out last – tope con giro thru the ropes, kicking a front row fan. This is why have barriers now.

Volador and Euforia make it back in first. Volador torito, Euforia rolls thru, Volador clothesline caught, Euforica Special! One two th-weak kickout, but apparently it's one. Dorada springboard headscissors Euforia, Dorada blocks Maya's clothesline, Maya does the same, and pulls Dorada in - Cerebro Driver! One two Volador breaks it up. Was Corner whip for Maya. Volador charging superkick. Euforia forearms him, Dorada sends him to the other corner, charges misses, Euforia goes for the big submission, but Volador sneaks behind – backcracker! One two three. Maya springboard reverse tope met with an overly loud dropkick. That's it.

Match 2: Máximo & Mephisto vs La Sombra & Mr. Águila in a National Parejas Increible eightfinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: La Sombra & Mr. Aguila
Match Time: 3:30
Rating: ok
Notes: No video for Aguila? Referee is Edgar, making a rare non-GDL appearance.

Rudos start this time. Back and forth evenly up until an Aguila headscissors to send Mephisto out. Aguila doesn't tease the dive, just poses. Unenthusiastic tag to Sombra, who springboard backflips to face Máximo. Crowd loud. Lockup, Máximo full nelson feel up. Sombra's annoyed. Shove, slap to the face, gesturing about the whole feel up thing. Máximo is sad. Crowd chanting for a kiss. Máximo off the ropes, cartwheeling over, waved by, back with a Spinning armdrag. Sombra under a clothesline, back with a Sombra rebound armdrag, Sombra everything blocked, Máximo goes for the kiss, Sombra blocks, off the ropes, headscissors sends Máximo out. Mephisto in, flapjack and high kick for Sombra. Aguila boots Mephisto out, Máximo back in and headscissoring Aguila to the ropes. Aguila slowly rolls out, and Máximo starts for a dive before Sombra cuts him off with a springboard plancha. Mephisto grabs Sombra, Máximo goes for the kiss, Sombra escapes, Máximo kisses his partner by mistake. Máximo shoves Sombra, shoulderblock, back the other way – Mephisto kicks his partner and drops him with the Devil's Wings. Sombra just looks at Mephisto as he walks past him to the corner. Rope flip senton, Aguila jumping spinning heel kick, one two three.

CMLL Cartela: Sunday @ Arena Coliseo.

Prince Devitt

Match 3: Atlantis & Mr. Niebla vs Kráneo & Super Porky in a National Parejas Increible eightfinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: Atlantis & Mr. Niebla.
Match Time: 4:02
Rating: eh
Notes: ref is Maya.

Niebla and Porky start. Crowd is louder behind Niebla, interestingly. Porky chant does rally, especially after Niebla slaps him. Sumo charge, down goes Niebla. Porky does a crane pose, because Asian is Asian. Charge, Niebla goes down again. Niebla switches tactics to slaps. Off the ropes, shoulderblock. Off the ropes, into a Porky hiptoss. Off the ropes, Porky hiptoss, a little less effort on that one. Porky blocks everything, hipcheck sends Niebla thru the ropes and to the floor. Atlantis and Kraneo in. Headlocks, shot off, and Kraneo knocks over Atlantis. Kraneo mocks the Atlantis chants. Off the ropes, over, under, and into a monkey flip (!) Kraneo of the ropes, quebradora by Atlantis, and a dropkick sends Kraneo out. Atlantis tope! Atlantis almost caught the ropes on the way out, that would've been it for him. Mascots in – and Zacarias blows up Mije with a clothesline. Mije out, Zacarias runs for a dive, then runs to the apron, then trips, then falls off and kind of blows his dive into Mije, landing short. Mije doesn't sell that silliness. Niebla sunset flip, Porky sit, Niebla moves, scoop, slam. Niebla not hurt all, just going straight up – top rope splash. One two three. Maya quickly counts out Kraneo, who's just watching from this knees, and that's it.

Match 4: Averno & La Máscara vs Olímpico & Valiente in a National Parejas Increible eightfinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: Averno & La Máscara
Match Time: 2:44
Rating: eh
Notes: No video for Averno? So they haven't updated these in 9 months at least. Averno and Mascara are competing for reactions. They stop to argue, and Olímpico dropkicks out Averno. Ref is Babe Richard.

Valiente tries to knock out Máscara, but Mascara sidesteps and superkicks him. Olímpico knocks Mascara over for quick zero counts, but runs into a quebradora. Máscara clothesline misses, but rolling dropkick connects. Mascara runs – tope knocks over Olímpico in the front row. Valiente and Averno in, Valiente headscissors sends Averno out. Valiente runs – big tope, front row section screams. Máscara in, but no one to fight. Valiente meets him on the apron, Mascara slaps him, suplex in – no, Valiente reverses to a small package one two NO. Mascara clothesline misses, Valiente Buster! One two Averno breaks it up with a dropkick and yells at the ref. Yells at the crowd too. Pumphandle slam, one two Olímpico breaks it up. Olímpico's finish, Mascara's turn to break it up. Máscara STF, and Valiente breaks it up. Valiente puts on an authentic time killing hold, but moves before Averno can dropkick it up. Corner whip, reversed, Averno charges in, Máscara sets him on the top rope (Averno almost falls off) and slaps him. Valiente fights him up top – oh no, Averno's jabbed him. Middle rope Devil's Wings. Máscara is putting on the campana at the same time, so that's it.

Averno and Mascara stare at each other. Circling, poitnign at each other. Averno walks off

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday – Reyes del Atlantida vs TRT.

And next Friday – Dos Leyendas.

Bracket update.

Match 5: La Sombra & Mr. Águila vs Máscara Dorada & Volador Jr. in a National Parejas Increible tournament quarterfinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: La Sombra & Mr. Águila
Match Time: 4:56
Rating: good
Notes: Come to think of it, they may have video of Aguila, it just may 3 or 4 looks ago. Wait long enough and he'll be back to one of 'em. Tirantes is ref.

Match joined with Dorada getting the floating headscissors on Aguila. How you do! Dorada helps Volador to the rope for a moonsault, then hits his own tope con giro. Volador and Sombra slide in and are slow up. Huh. Dueling flipping in, Volador clothesline misses, Sombra springboard backspring headscissors sends Volador out, but Dorada in with a springboard dropkick for him. Volador kick, blocked, Dorada misses a clothesline, Aguila kick caught, he flips away, they both look, and Aguila lands the jumping spin heel kick. Aguila yells to the crowd. Waiting. Something seems off here. Volador in, says something to Dorada, charges, and kicks. Aguila. Off the ropes, charge and Aguila tosses him out. Sombra tosses Dorada out. Sombra and Aguila backs up to the opposite corner – tope con giro over the corner by both, Sombra even landing on his feet!

Volador and Aguila back in, Volador miss a corner charge, Aguila slips him in the back and drops him with a back suplex into a faceslam. One two NO. Aguila climbs up – nope, Volador just shoves him all the way out. Volador posing on his way up, but Sombra stops him with a forearm. Both battling on the top rope- off the rope 'rana by Sombra. Sombre sits on top, one two Dorada breaks it up. Corner whip, reversed, Sombra charges in, Dorada puts him on top, and slaps him good one. Sombra hops to the apron, climbs up behind Sombra, shot to the back of the head on, his shoulders – top rope headscissors roll/powerbomb. One two Aguila breaks it up. Aguila behind the back face first powerbomb one two NO. Volador up, Aguila misses the clothesline, Volador sets up for the superkick, then realizes Aguila is not turning around and switches to the backcracker. Aguila almost realizes he was supposed to turn around too late there, and then starts crawling away immediately after making the move. That was odd. Sombra backcracker on Volador, Dorada spinning torito on Sombra one two NO. Volador was going to try and force Tirantes to count three there. Everyone to their feet, Volador hops on Sombra's shoulders, Aguila kicks Dorada – wheelbarrow suplex, Destroyer, one two three.

Match 6: Atlantis & Mr. Niebla vs Averno & La Máscara in a National Parejas Increible tournament quarterfinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: Averno & La Máscara
Match Time: 1:43
Rating: just an angle
Notes: Joined with Averno punching Atlantis in the face. Referee is Tiger Hispano.

Máscara is taking care of Niebla, but Averno knocks Niebla out of the ring himself. Máscara and Averno look like they're ready to go against each other now. Niebla comes in to distract them with a missile dropkick. Whip, Averno jumps in and lands a corner clothesline, Mascara with a slow headscissors. Atlantis in, Averno kicks him, drop toe hold, elbow drop, Máscara spinning armdrag, and Averno feints like he's going to hit Mascara. They have a faceoff again. Niebla in, Averno's clothesline misses, and the Niebla slaps Mascara down. Averno slaps him a bit. Corner whip, charge, Niebla flips Averno to the apron, and slaps him down. Máscara in, waved by, and back with a better headscissors. Atlantis in with a plancha, Mascara clothesline misses, and Averno kicks Mascara. Atlantis dodged, so it was an accident, but he's not so sad about it. Máscara shoves Averno, then the other team takes care of both of them. Atlantis casadora cradle on Averno, Niebla hammerlock headscissors on Mascara, and they're done. Zacarias didn't even get to come in.

Niebla and Averno start chopping each other, but Averno sneaks in a low blow kick and down goes Mascara. Averno stomps him a few times, and walks off to pose. Mascara slowly chases after him.

They briefly show Sombra's video playing and Sombra walking to the apron. No sign of his partner.

Tournament update.

Match 7: Atlantis & Mr. Niebla vs La Sombra & Mr. Águila in a National Parejas Increible tournament semifinal match 
Arena Mexico, 02/17/2012

Winner: Atlantis & Mr. Niebla
Match Time: 4:01
Rating: good
Notes: Back live, Sombra is indeed standing next to the ring, with his partner nowhere to be found. Everyone stalls a little bit, and Sombra gestures at Aguila when eh finally does arrive. Ah, Aguila probably had to get Mije, who's with him now. Sombra and Aguila charge, and the fight is on. Ref is Maya.

Sombra and Aguila run Niebla and Atlantis in to each other. Niebla sent to the corner, Aguila charge in, Niebla whipped out into a Sombra superkick. Sombra lifts up Atlantis, Aguila chops him down, Sombra catapult, Atlantis clothesline, and up top – big legdrop. Niebla gets on the apron, but Aguila kicks him right off. Niebla brought back in. Sombra drop toe hold, Aguila legdrop, Sombra dropkick to the back of the head, Niebla not at all ready for that one. Shot to Atlantis' back. Corner whip, right into Aguila's back elbow. Corner whip, Atlantis charges in, Atlantis moves, Sombra charge into a quebrada. Aguila stops him with the jumping spinning heel kick. Niebla quebradora, Aguila escapes, Aguila spinning heel kick, Niebla a escapes, and slaps for Aguila. Slap for Sombra, dance time! Spit is – caught. Atlantis claps for him! Atlantis wants a high ten, but they're dropkicked out by the other team. Sombra & Aguila charge – tope con giro on both! Mije and Cuije in, Mije whips Zach to the corner, Zach moves out of the way, out to the center of the ring, takedown and punches for Mije! Both scoot out as the bigger guys come in. Aguila & Sombra take control, Aguila following a dropkick to the nee with an eye poke. Niebla and Atlantis whipped into each other, Niebla whipped to Atlantis, Atlantis flips his big partner to the apron and kicks away the opposition. Niebla in with a plancha on both, Atlantis splashes both. Aguila and Sombra up, casadora cradles one two NO. Sombra and Aguila charge in again – Atlantida! Takedown, and Nieblina! That's it.

Atlantis and Niebla hug. Niebla kisses Atlantis!

Recap. Bobby Bonales. And done.