CMLL on Televisa #1066 (02/04/2012) 
Recapped: 02/04/2012

Match 1: Blue Panther vs Negro Casas in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 01/27/2012

Winner: Time Limit Draw
Match Time: 10:00
Rating: good
Notes: Joined at the start of the time limit, with Negro already choking Panther with his vest. Panther hasn't gotten his jacket off. Zacarias joins Negro at ringside. Ref is Tigre Hispano.

Negro's told to stop choking Panther, so he takes him cross the ring for turnbuckle smashes before resuming choking, this time with Panther’s jacket. That's broken up too. Negro chops and kicks Panther in the corner. He backs up to celebrate, and Panther rushes out with a clothesline. Negro back on him with a kicks to the leg. Negro takes too long, kick is caught, and Panther puts on an ankle lock. Biting the boot! Negro gets the ropes, but Panther pulls him back in the center. Negro gets the ropes the other way, and Tigre Hispano pulls Panther off. Panther protests, but Tigre Hispano is not listening. Panther beats Negro with kicks to the chest, but Negro fires up. Panther kicks him over with a hard shot to the face. Panther stands Negro up, but Negro gets in a jawbreaker. Boot to the face sends Panther thru the ropes. Negro out after him, putting Panther in a hammerlock and running him shoulder first into the post. A second one. Panther holds on to the post to stay up. Negro goes up to the apron, runs off for a sill and Panther’s shoulder is not so hurt hat he can't catch Negro and slam him into the post. Panther points at the crowd and gets louder boos than cheers. Panther kicks over Negro. Negro thrown back in. Hair pulling cavernaria. Tigre Hispano asks Negro if he gives, and doesn't seem as concerned with the hair pulling. He does try to break it up, but he's not very good at it. Anther just lets go to yell at Tigre Hispano. Panther points at the crowd, hooks the legs, punches Negro in the inside, locks the arms and pulls back – tapatia! Negro breaks the arms quick, waves his finger to the crowd, steps out, and into a STF! Crowd loud for Negro. He can't hold the facelock, and Panther moves them both towards the ropes. Panther grabs them. We're about 6:20 in. Panther dropkick – missed (or hid) by a camera shot of Zacarias. Panther follows with a pescado, but Negro moves and throws Panther down. Negro smacks panther in the chest with kicks. Tiger Hispano telling them both to come in as he counts them out. Negro throws Panther in and walks him himself. Walking dropkick to the head. Camel clutch? No, casita? No, side bow and arrow. Negro couldn’t decide there and still hasn’t settled. He switches to an armbar, elbow forced into the shoulder joint. Tirabuzón now. Panther breaks free of the headlock and tries to hiptoss his way out, but Negro holds on and puts on a fujiwara. Panther is trapped in his own hold. 80 seconds left. Negro lets up, holding the arm while waking up the ropes. Falling over the ropes cross armbreaker. Tiger Hispano doesn't let it last for a second, breaking it up right away. Negro in good shape for a minute to go. Back in with a headlock, Negro visibly talking to Panther. Panther breaks free and they get into a big slap fight. Panther down, figure four on. 20 seconds. Negro tries his own ties hold rather than get out. They swiped at each other with punches as time runs out. We can see the clock, the fans can se the clock, but Tiger Hispano is facing away from it and has no idea the time is up. This is a great system. Hispano just keeps watching them as they keep fighting. Panther takes a look at the clock to see how much more they have to stall – about negative 10 seconds – and then someone finally blows the whistle to free them from this holding pattern. Boos. Not for the lack of situational awareness, but for the draw finish.

Clip to Panther asking Rambo for five more minutes. Negro spins him around and fouls him. Terror Chino is out her too for some reason, but neither ref did much to stop it until it was over. Negro celebrates, and skips off with his parrot friend.

Dos Leyendas video package (does not include Santo.)

CMLL Cartela: Sunday at Arena Mexico – uh, show's at Arena Coliseo.

Match 2: Estrellita, Lady Apache ©, Marcela vs Amapola ©, La Comandante, Zeuxis
Arena Mexico, 01/27/2012

  1. técnicas

  2. técnicas

Winner: técnicas
Match Time: 9:47
Rating: OK
Notes: Joined as the rudas have jumped the técnicos. Ref is Terror Chino.

1: Rudas knock around the técnicos, with Amapola going after Estrellita. They get to the one on ones, for the Comandante/Zeuxis lift up frontcracker on Marcela. Lady Apache is hung off the ropes for a flying axhandle. Estrellita held across the middle rope for a hard dropkick from Amapola. Rudas are enjoying themselves, crowd is in to them. Apache taken out with corner charges. Comandante slaps Estrellita hard in the midsection. Hard corner charges for her. Choke on the ropes. Rudas knock the técnicas out of the ring. They’re in no hurry to finish this. Another corner whip for Estrellita, but she runs up the ropes and comes down with an armdrag on Amapola. Estrellita gets a submission on Amapola, the other rudas break it up, Lady Apache and Marcela missile dropkick them and Comandante ends up falling on her partner. That's no fun. Lady Apache covers for a pin, while Marcela gets in one more submission. Amapola walks off.

2: Comandante runs the ring girl off. Apache confuses Zeuxis, pays for it with a big kick to the face. Zeuxis eventually rushes way into a sit down powerbomb for a two count. Lady Apache swings, misses, and gets dropped in a back suplex powerbomb. Zeuxis stomps Apache, to the ropes, but Apache stops her with a clothesline, then sends her out with a clothesline over the top. Apache runs for a dive, but Comandante grabs her and chokes her. Short clothesline, Apaches reverses the clothesline to a casadora cradle. Marcela in, springboard armdrag for Comandante, and yanking the rudas around by the hair. Whip, reversed into a quick slap to the face. Comandante gets to do the hair tossing now. Whip, quick reverse, Marcela high knee. Comandante tries to claim a foul, which doesn't seems like it's going to work. Marcela gets in another high knee the other way, trips Comandante up, and lands a springboard double knee to the midsection. Marcela asks the crowd if they want one more, and Comandante gets out of there before she can. Comandante crawls on her hands and knees back to their corner. Amapola and Estrellita in. Crowd chants for her. Estrellita dances, Amapola shoves her, Estrellita swings, Amapola ducks and slaps her. Estrellita slaps her right back. Whip, Amapola under, over, Estrellita dances and Amapola dropkicks her hard in the backside. Amapola fireman's drop, off the ropes, springboard elbow drop but no one home. Estrellita up to- missile dropkick. Amapola to the ropes, and Estrellita dropkicks her hard again. Amapola tries to get out, but Estrellita pulls her back for a pin. Two count. Whip, reversed, Amapola charges in, Estrellita moves out the way well too soon, Amapola keeps running to spear the post on the way out. Estrellita goes for the dive, but the rudas save her by kicking her back down. Marcela planchas those two, but they stop her with a slap. Whip, Apache lifts Marcela up into a headscissors on Comandante. Rudas double chop Apache down, but misses Marcela. Marcela helpfully waits for them to stop, then flips Apache into an armdrag on both. Rudas knocks down the técnicas with clothesline. Corner whip, tecnicas as both get submission on, feuding people back in, Amapola tries to spear Estrellita and takes out the ref instead. Crowd is amused. She got him good. Both Estrellita and Amapola are surprised, but Amapola grabs Estrellita up for the Devil’s Wings – but Terror Chino is up quick, braking up the hold and giving the win to Estrellita. She is thrilled.

CMLL Cartela: Tuesday in Arena Mexico - actually in Arena Mexico, a Fan Appreciation day.

And hype for next Friday's show.

Match 3: Atlantis ©, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Mephisto, Rey Escorpion, Último Guerrero ©
Arena Mexico, 01/27/2012

  1. tecnicos

  2. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:26
Rating: good
Notes: Trios champs have matching Atlantis style jackets. Too bad the rudos jump them on the way to the ring. They got to start looking for that, it keeps happening! Dragon Lee is with them, walking but in street clothes. He high fives Mephisto and gets in a kick on Delta before they bring it to the ring, and eventually wanders off. He is moving slow. Ref is Babe Richard, who is basically letting the rudos do whatever they want.

1: Atlantis takes the running sit. It's about two minutes after they've been jumped, and he still hasn’t been able to get the jacket off. Delta takes the Escorpion wheel kick. He is getting better at it. Triple powerbomb lays out Maya. Atlantis slide out to Kick Atlantis and chop him farther into the crowd. There are some very scared front row fans there. Delta & Maya try to help, but they're slapped and kicked away. Rudos back in, double boot for Delta. Corner charges for Maya, and tripped up for the senton de la muerte. No pin there, hmm. Whip for Maya, double back drop turned into a sunset flip on Mephisto. Rudos try to kick, and Mephisto is spun up into it instead. Maya gets out of the way, and Delta is late as always for the springboard headscissors. UG knocks him down, but Atlantis quebradoras him and rips up the mask. UG has already done a job on Atlantis' mask, so it's about even. Maya roots him on fro the apron. Maya waits for someone to intercede, but no one does. UG breaks free, but misses a charge and flips out of the ring. Atlantis drops him with a tope. His partners clean up, then bring Atlantis back in.

2: Maya flips Escorpion with a dropkick and smacks him in the back of the head with another one. Escorpion slaps Maya to one knee and puts on a hammerlock, but Maya just turns that into a jumping snap mare into a float around DDT. Maya blocks Escorpion punches and nails him with a spin around toe kick to the face. Someone’s been working on new bits. Flipping armdrag and Escorpion better get out of there. He does, but Maya keep chasing him. Atlantis goes after Guerrero too, Guerrero stumbling down on the ramp as Atlantis cashes him. Everyone gets to a standoff. Delta and Mephisto end up back in when things settle back down. A lot of evasion to set up the flapjack/kick to the chest bit. Delta is no Dorada in height. Something's been clipped out here, because the fans are booing, then they come back for a Delta headscissors out. Delta headscissors Mephisto from the apron as well. Guerrero and Atlantis in, Atlantis throws him with a big armdrag. UG flips over on one dropkick, but evades the next. Hard chop fight, and they both goes for each other’s masks. They tumble out and keep fighting, then go to the ground and keep fighting. Delta tries to dropkick the other rudos, fails, gets whipped back to the corner and flipped to safety by Maya. Maya kicks down Escorpion, and Delta headscissors Mephisto out. Escorpion misses a senton on Delta, and Maya gets him with a springboard armdrag into a senton. Escorpion Maya down with a slap , but Maya monkey flips him right out of the ring. Maya and Delta go up – tope con giro one way, whatever Maya does (a plancha?) the other way. Captains back in. UG charges, Atlantida, UG slips down the back Atlantis rolls thru, UG blatant uppercut foul. That's it.

Cut to Atlantis demanding a singles match, sin referee. Good luck on that one. Ultimo Guerrero boos the fans booing him, shows Atlantis the section Atlantis the section he ripped off his mask, and accepts the super libre match. He'll demonstrate he's [catchphrase]. That's it.