CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #287 (02/04/2012)
Recapped: 02/07/12

Announcers are JCR, JCC and Dragon Rojo.

Match 1: Diamante, Metro, Sagrado © vs Ephesto ©, Misterioso Jr., Vangelis
Arena Mexico, 01/27/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudo

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:01
Rating: eh
Notes: Monito is out with Sagrado. Referee is Terror Chino.

1: Diamante and Ephesto don't get far. Vangelis and metro are their next, a Metro dropkick sort of near Vangelis sending him out. Sagrado almost screws up a rope flip armdrag on Misterioso but pulls thru. Ephesto takes a quebradora quickly, manages to flip Sagrado to the apron, and dodges out of the way so Vangelis can land his thru the spear. Rudos take it from there. Misterioso tosses Diamante to Vangelis without even needing to check to see if he's there, and then perfectly sets up Metro for Ephesto. That's good team work.

Dragon Rojo thinks Vangelis did a German suplex. I hope Metro clears him up on that before he asks Dragon Rojo to take one.

2: Corner charges for Diamante. Metro's clotheslined out. Sagrado slaps everyone, gets slapped right back, but avoids a Misterioso corner charge to start a comeback. Misterioso throws himself out, so Metro dives on him while Sagrado takes care of the other two. Ephesto runs into a Diamante swing kick, and Diamante finishes from there. Sagrado has a different finish than usual, setting Vangelis on the top rope before springboarding over for the 'rana.

3: Técnico showcases go well for Metro, and not so well for Diamante. He pulls it together, sends Vangelis out, and goes for an Asai, only for Misterioso to kick the ropes out from underneath him. Diamante goes to the floor, and Sagrado leaps into plancha Misterioso. Springboard headscissors sends Misterioso out, but he's kicked on the way thru going for a tope. Maybe stop diving that way? Misterioso back in with Metro, but both looking at the crowd. Misterio charges Metro, misses, and takes the monkey flip. Misterioso pulls himself up in the corner, Metro misses a clothesline, Misterioso shoulderblocks him in. Misterioso runs to the opposite corner, jumps to the second rope, tries to springboard the top rope, missed and tries to sit on them instead, but instead falls backwards off back into the ring, and nearly on to his head. I have no idea what the plan was there. JCC accuses Monito of shaking the ropes. Metro dropkicks Misterioso out, but everyone’s lost right now. Ephesto misses a clothesline and leaps into Metro’s arms. Metro drops him with a side backbreaker. He starts for a second, but Misterioso pulls him out. Ephesto tries to dropkick the tecnico, and only gets the rudos. I think they’re back on schedule. Diamante springboard sunset flip on Vangelis. Whip, reversed Vangelis powerslam one two NO. Diamante kicks Vangelis out thru the ropes, goes for the Asai again, and this time gets it – Asai tornillo the floor. Misterioso keeps shrugging off Sagrado’s moves, and chops him off the apron. Metro comes back and independently superkicks Ephesto to take him out. Misterioso charges, and Metro sets him on the ropes, trying to get him in position for something. Sagrado climbs up next Misterio, poor looking Spanish Fly for three. Metro lifts up Ephesto, walks him around, and drops him directly on his head with the German suplex. Metro has such a bad angle on it that he can't hold onto the pin and keep Ephesto down. Not that Ephesto is getting up anyway. Metro and Sagrado cover him for the pin. Dragon Rojo winces watching the replay.

Match 2: Marco Corleone ©, Máximo, Rush vs Rey Bucanero, Terrible, Volador Jr. ©
Arena Mexico, 01/27/2012

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  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:09
Rating: ok
Notes: Terrible and Bucanero have their belts. I wonder if that is a plot point. Also La Comandante, who is probably not a plot point but seems to be in a good mood. Volador gets last entrance. Ref is Tirantes.

1: Volador has no patience for Máximo's antics. Bucanero tries to slap Marco and duck his punch, but Macro just changes the timing on his punch the third time and Bucanero goes down. Terrible comes into stick in for his partners, back elbowing Marco out of the ring. Rush missile dropkicks Terrible out, and follows with a tope. Marco comes back in with Air Italiano on Bucanero. Volador ignores that and brings Máximo top the top rope for the moonsault sideslam, but Máximo kisses him to the mat instead. That's the fall.

2: Terrible gives Marco openings – opening to dance, which is never a good thing. Comandante goes crazy for Marco's abs, and Terrible slaps some sense into her. Terrible's slaps have no impact on Marco’s chest, and Marco clocks him. Volador has better luck kicking around Terrible than Máximo. Bucanero takes the Máximo kiss. Rush goes thru Bucanero to boos, then calls in Volador. They get different reactions. Volador gets in his flipping run, but is still powerslammed and dropkicked. Terrible and Rush have a chop war ended buy a Terrible punch. Terrible puts his head down well too soon on a whip and takes a clothesline. Corner clothesline, bulldog out. Rush yanks around Terrible's hair and wanders around, allowing Terrible to sneak in a dropkick. Beatdown starts here, Comandante helping out on the outside. Terrible clotheslines Máximo and dropkicks Rush off the apron in one charge. Máximo and Terrible go slap for slap, and Terrible lays him out with a kiss! Máximo is slow falling down for the Bucanero senton. Bucanero (and eventually Terrible) set up Marco for Volador's finish to end the fall.

3: Rush eats the Running Volador superkick. Rush tries to battle against everyone, and he and Volador have a big even bad froth before Terrible tries to get in between. He's not entirely successful. Everyone Marco and Bucanero wander in to get I between before things settle down. Rush promptly evade a corner whip and takes out all three rudos himself. Máximo tries to kiss Terrible, but doesn’t quite. Rush belly to belly suplexes him instead. Máximo dropkicks Terrible out. Volador and Rush have another chop battle that seems more intense than is meant to be – Volador starts yanking Rush's hair as he swings, which is quite rough. Dragon Rojo says “100% professional” and I don't believe it! Volador lifted up for Marco's dropkick. Bucanero runs in too, but runs into Marco’s punch. This is a long post comeback, a técnico beatdown. Bucanero’s flipped to the apron, punched off, and topes by Máximo. Volador ducks a clothesline, and tope con giros Máximo. Terrible back in, but Rush gets him with a kick and holds him down so Marco can go his dive to the people on the outside. Rush and Terrible in and chopping, Rush winning with a slap to the side of the head. Rush knees Terrible in the face, off the ropes, 'rana, Terrible blocks in and powerbombs him good. Terrible seems to be at least on the ropes when he's covering, but Tirantes counts anyway – one two three. Tirantes counts out the other técnicos, though Marco clearly comes back in.

Replays shows Terrible hooked his leg under and around the bottom leg.