CMLL on CadenaTres #218 (02/04/2012) 
Recapped: 02/09/12

Announcers are the usual cast of thousands. No guest luchadors.

Match 1: Aereo, Bam Bam, Fantasy vs Mercurio, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico 
Arena Mexico, 01/31/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 16:33
Rating: bleh
Notes: Ref is Rodolfo.

1: Pairs are Fantasy/Olímpico, Mercurio/Bam-Bam, and Nitro/Aereo last. Big news is Fantasy has red gear! I guess he's been booked enough lately to afford it. CadenaTres start promoting the shows coming up after this one, which seems like giving up on this one awful quick. Everything seems pretty basic. Aereo tries holding a wristlock when the rudos decide this can not go any longer, and attack him. Rudos beat up Fantasy, but Bam Bam decide to drop off the apron and not get involved. Huh. He does come in to take chops and corner charges after. Rudos feed Aereo for Mercurio to finish. Fantasy is brought in and beat but not pinned, which means Bam Bam has to come back. He's not thrilled with this idea and tries to fight, going after Mercurio even as Everyone pounds him. Mercurio ends up with some punches from the top, but it's his partners who get the win.

2: Bam Bam seems to shriek his way thru taking a bounce double hiptoss. Fantasy is awkwardly tossed into a Mercurio superkick. Aero takes corner charges. Fantasy escapes his corner charges, letting Mercurio fly out of the ring, setting Nitro on top, and superkicking Olímpico. Bam Bam keeps Nitro at bay with chops from the apron, Fantasy throws Nitro of the top rope, and Aero twists to lands a top rope splash. Fantasy's cradle on Olímpico does not look impressive, but counts. Mercurio runs from Bam Bam.

3: Mercurio starts in taking Fantasy’s offense anyway, though Bam Bam kicks at him when he sides out after a Fantasy armdrag. Bam Bam gets Nitro with a headscissors, looks out at the crowd, gets Nitro with a casadora faceslam, and then bolts up the ramp. Stomp, charge, thru the ropes dropkick spot does not look good, mostly because Bam Bam gets caught on the middle rope on the way thru. Nitro takes the bump anyway. Ah well, keep working on it. Olímpico leads Aereo thru a sequence, finally catching a clothesline and turning into a half crab with armbar. Aereo gives. Fantasy eventually headscissors him to the apron, and nicely slide dropkicks him out. Fantasy runs the ropes for no apparent reason – maybe a dive? - but just stop to get chopped by Nitro. Nitro runs and dropkick an area not entirely close to Fantasy, hanging himself in the ropes. That's probably the set up to Fantasy's finish, but Bam chops and kicks Nitro loose while Fantasy looked the other way. Fantasy wasn't actually trying for hi move, so I'm not sure what was going on there. They talk, whip reverses, Nitro misses a dropkick and falls on the mat. Fantasy hurks him up, leans him on the ropes, and Bam Bam does the guillotine legdrop. I guess he wanted to do it in that corner? Mercurio successfully sets himself in the ropes for Fantasy's finish. This hanging in the ropes bit looks extra contrived when it's done three times in a minute..

Match 2: Cancerbero, Euforia, Raziel, Virus vs Arkángel de la Muerte, Loco Max, Nitro, Skándalo in a cibernetico match 
Arena Mexico, 01/31/2012

  1. Arkangel cruz nipona Cancerbero (13:44)

  2. Euforia powerbomb Nitro (15:08)
  3. Skandlina on Raziel (17:13)
  4. Virus armscissors/armbar (18:33)
  5. Euforia Dragon sleeper bodyscissors (19:57)
  6. Loco Max mask pull Euforia (22:04)
  7. Virus motocicleta Loco (22:42)

Winner: Cancerberos
Match Time: 22:42
Rating: good!
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra. There are no outside referees, but the luchadors stick with the usual “wait on the floor unless you're next” cibernético tag rules. It looks odd when it's only 4 on 4.

Nitro and Virus have a quick even exchange. Euforia controls Skándalo and sends him rolling out. Raziel can't help but lean in and yells support to Cancerbero when he's facing Arkangel, which distracts the Tuareg member. Arkangel responds with a ton of elbow focused holds. Cancerbero gets loose, but doesn’t get much on his own moves. Cancerbero hiptoss Arkangel and tags in Raziel, and they have a bit of an issue. Raziel slaps Arkangel in the face, challenging him. Arkangel chops him hard, Raziel chops Arkangel down. They stare at each other, and Arkangel tags in Loco. Last one in. Loco with arm holds, Raziel with a northern lights suplex. Someone has bugle in the crowd? Exchange of two counts, standoff, and out for tags. The eliminations might start now!

Back to Virus and Nitro, leader vs leader. Nitro knocks Virus down with shoulderblocks and a big kick. Corner whip, Nitro runs into Virus kicks and takes the middle rope headscissors. Nitro out, Virus tags in Euforia as Skandalo comes back in. Skandalo pulls Euforia down by the mask on a shoulderblock, and goes after the mask. He doesn’t get it, but doesn’t seem bugged. Corner whip, reversed, Euforia monkey flip! Euforia goes for one in the corner, but Skandalo pushes him to the ropes, and they both tumble out. Raziel has jumped in line to face Arkangel. Monkey flip, Raziel cartwheels out of it, Arkangel clothesline misses, Raziel back elbow connects. Over the shoulder lift, rolled off into a gutbuster. Loco reaches on for a tag, but Raziel just dropkicks Arkangel out. Loco in, but missing a dropkick on Cancerbero. Cancerbero runs him over with a shoulderblock. Off the ropes, over, in and into a clothesline. Loco chop knocks Cancerbero into the corner. Whip, Cancerbero kips up and out, rolls back, under a Loco chop, shoulderblock knocks him down again. Cancerbero runs up the ropes (!!) and of with an armdrag. That doesn't get the reaction it should get. Cancerbero runs the ropes, but Arkangel knees him from behind. Whip, drop toe hold, rolling into neck snap, and Skandalo right in with the dropkick to the face. Raziel in, missing a dropkick. Skandalo knocks him to the corner. Whip, Skandalo corner body splash, Euforia set up in the ropes, and Nitro immediately landing the low blow dropkick. Loco is right behind, but with a running slap instead of the usual kick. Arkangel running low blow headbutt! I don’t know how that actually works, but they did it fast! Euforia waits of Arkangel to get up, and knocks him clear of the ring with a back elbow. Nitro in, over Euforia, under a clothesline, kicks caught, Euforia swing misses, Nitro spins him and clotheslines him. Chop. Whip, drop toe hold, camel clutch, and Loco adds – no, Cancerberos pull out Euforia and Loco dropkicks him partner. That was well timed. Virus surprises Loco with a clothesline, and chops him in the corner. Virus yells at the crowd for more. Cancerberos all on the apron now. Corner whip, Virus corner clothesline, Raziel running back elbow, Euforia running clothesline, Cancerbero corner clothesline! No time in between here, Loco just getting blitzkrieged, Skandalo charges in, clothesline misses, Cancerbero kicks him up and awkwardly drops him near the corner. Crowd getting on that when they refuse to react to the cool things, kind of annoying. Virus slingshot senton, Raziel slingshot senton, Euforia slingshot senton, Cancerbero slingshot senton! Cancerbero dropkicks the stunned Skandalo out of the ring. Arkangel decapitates Cancerbero with a clothesline to stop the run. Chop. Whip, reversed, Cancerbero quebradora con giro! And again, not quite as well, but enough to try a pin – one two NO. Arkangel chop, corner whip, feet up, Arkangel catches it, teases it, and swings Cancerbero around for a the sitting on the ropes clothesline. Pump splash, one two NO. Arkangel slaps Cancerbero down. He slowly gets up, Arkangel chops him into the ropes. Whip, Cancerbero springboard plancha (!!) right into an Arkangel gutbuster. Arkangel with a sort of cruz nipona from the side, rocking Cancerbero back and forth. Not totally sure what the idea is here, but that's enough to get Cancerbero to give. 4-3!

Euforia comes flying in with a dropkick, but misses the just arriving Nitro. Whip, reversed, Euforia leaps, Nitro makes a u-turn behind him and sneaks in a clothesline. Chop sends Euforia into the corner, corner whip, Euforia gets the boot up, swing punches misses, Nitro casadora into a mecedora – no, Euforia gets close before it’s even slightly on. Whip, corner clothesline connects this time. Nitro backs up to celebrate. Chop. Whip, Nitro flips to the apron, Euforia chopped away, Nitro back in with a top rope plancha. Nitro off the ropes, 'rana – no, Euforia powerbomb. One two three. Leader of the Tuareg, down!

Loco and Virus in, crowd up for this. Chop fight turns it an punch fight. Loco runs, whips Virus, gets reversed immediately slide out, Virus chases him out, Loco back in, Virus punch blocked, Virus slips in with an armdrag. Loco Max runs out again, and Virus just tags instead of chasing. He's got the better of him. Skandalo knocks down Raziel with a kick. Long talk in the corner. Corner whip, Skandalo runs in place and charges, and Raziel sets him on the top rope. Raziel super armdrag, one two NO. Raziel pounds the mat in frustration. A couple people chant for him, which pleases Raziel. Fireman's drop, and Raziel lets everyone know he's going up. This works, sometimes, but he's taking a while. Oh, wait, it isn’t the splash - Raziel moonsault! It connects not great, but better than Delta – one two NO. Raziel can't believe that didn't work. Chop. Corner whip, Raziel charges in, Skandalo flips him up -, runs him to the middle of the ring – Skandlina! One tow three. Announcers are so happy for that move. 3-2, Tuareg.

Arkangel drops Euforia. Snap mare, and Arkangel says he's going for the mask. What do these guys have against Euforia's mask? Arkangel unties it, ingoring the warning of the ref. Chinlock, and Euforia reaches up and goes for Arkangel's mask. Arkangel is not a fan of that, smacking him on the chest a few times. Arkangel armbar, Euforia tries a neck pinch, but Arkangel armdrags him away. Euforia back and charging, Arkangel leaps over, then leaps off the middle rope for a plancha. Arkangel Euforia shoulderblock, Arkangel follows him and knocks him down with a rolling back elbow. Virus in, Arkangel leap rolling over him, inside cradle – no, Virus turns into an armscissors armbar, quite easily. That’s it for Arkangel. 2-2.

Skándalo's turn to knock down a Cancerbero. Virus stays in, just long enough be dropkicked out of Euforia’s clotheslines Skandalo, one two NO. Euforia trying to rally the crowd, who's not really picked a side here. Euforia off the ropes, 'rana turned into a Skandalo powerbomb, one two NO. Skandalo smacks Euforia into the corner. Corner whip, Euforia charge in, Skandalo lifts him up – Skandlina, no, Euforia slips out in a inside cradle, one two NO. Good someone figured out a counter for that. Skandalo up first and booting Euforia in the other corner. Charging again, no one him, Euforia reverse rolling cradle into the Dragon Sleep with bodyscissors – Skándalo gives immediately.

It's Loco Max as the last man standing for the Tuareg. He misses a dropkick on Euforia. Euforia levels him with one chop, but Loc Max wont' give. Euforia stands him up in the corner only to knock him back down with another chop. Corner whip, Euforia charging, no one home, and Euforia hits the post on the way out. Virus misses a clothesline, Loco clothesline, clothesline, casadora into a cradle, one two NO. Loco up first, small package one two NO. Loco Max grabbing the ropes, up to the second one and off with a sunset flip. One two NO. Loco wants to know how close he was, not lose enough. Whip, Loco leapfrogs, Virus rolls out and Euforia comes in with a slingshot kick. Fans boo, and Euforia tells them off and smiles about it. Euforia thanks he's got this bagged. Loco up on his shoulders – death valley driver. Euforia stomps Loco a few times, walking over him to tag Virus. Loco grabs Euforia by the ankle stops top it - Virus gets in to argue. Euforia stops Loco one more time and reaches down – and Loco unmasks him and covers him up. One two three!

Virus in but protesting, and Loco easily inside cradles him – one two NO. Loco casita, one two NO. Virus up and swinging, Loco waistlock, Virus rushes to the ref, scaring the ref out of the way, and sneak in a foul heel kick, Virus back elbows Loco down, motociclcea, done!

Loco gets the microphone and calls Virus is considered great luchador and a great maestro, but if he wants to prove it, he'll take on Loco Max in a mano y mano match. Virus says it's right they call him Loco, because he really crazy. Virus accepts the match.

Euforia, interviewed backstage, says the Cancerbero laid down the line and proved they were a higher level than the Tuareg.

Announcer interviews Super Porky, who's looking more like Brazo de Oro with the mustache. Porky can name one of his opponents tonight (Felino) and gets another on a second guess (Kraneo).

Match 3: Máximo, Metro, Super Porky vs Felino, Kraneo, Psicosis 
Arena Mexico, 01/31/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:10
Rating: eh
Notes: Ref is Bestia Negra. Mije is with the rudos, but Zacarias is not. Smart move, they'd either fight or take over the world.

1: Rudos quickly tire of Máximo and start the beatdown. Metro tossed into Felino's clothesline almost works. Announcers are still getting up on these new names. Corner charges are great for Porky to take. It only requires leaning forward occasionally. Mije finishes off Máximo for his team. Announcers are completely unaware Máximo is not the captain and believe the fall is over for a bit. Nice Kraneo spear sets a Mije low blow headbutt.

2: Porky takes the double backdrop. He's also the one who starts the comeback on a corner whip, flipping Kraneo to the apron. Máximo pulls him off, and Metro takes him out with the ramp dive. Porky flattens the other two.

Metro tosses Mije out on Alebrije, not that they get a good shot of it.

3: Felino somehow ends up with a Felino mask on. It does not help him. Porky goes thru everyone. Rudos not thrilled to wrestle Metro. Psicosis gets superkicked just standing on the apron, and Alebrije is felled by a chop. Felino comes in, misses a clothesline, Metro tries to grab him twice, Felino backs away both times, then Felino yells at just leaves. I don't even know. Alebrije takes the giant armdrag. Metro leapfrogs forever Mije and gives him the big armdrag too. Máximo and Porky knock people out of the ring until Máximo topes Felino and Kraneo. They sort of catch him, but Porky jumps on the pile from the apron. Psicosis is left in with Metro, nearly gets the corner layout front cracker, but Metro kicks free and dropkicks him down in the corner. Rolling senton, lift up German suplex, one two three. Psicosis had that one well scouted, holding in his head as close as possible. No counts out for the others.

Match 4: Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas, Volador Jr. vs Blue Panther, La Máscara, La Sombra 
Arena Mexico, 01/31/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:04
Rating: good
Notes: Volador – in his Predator outfit – wisely gets an entrance before the Pesta Negra. If he waited, he’d have to run out of the inevitable. His mask looks great. Zach is with his troops. Niebla looks prepared for cold weather battling. Zacarias is in a dancing mood. No fight before the whistle! Ref is Tigre Hispano.

1: Crowd way behind the rudos. Mascara holds Volador down in a double wristlock, Negro breaks it up, Panther tries to get at him, but Tigre Hispano isn't having it. Volador teases a cheap shot at Panther, and Sombra blocks him off. Negro is busy leading his own chant now. Mascara gets another hold, Negro breaks it up, and Panther gets him with chops now. Fight is on,. It goes the rudos ways, as it always tends to. Zack kicks his nemesis Mascara around. A lot of brawling, all the rudo's way. Sombra is balanced on his head for a bit. Corner charge for him end with the Volador spiral, Sombra ending up in the other corner on impact. Negro heel kick, Volador backcracker, Niebla top rope splash puts down Mascara. Negro knocks Panther up the aisle, and pounds on him in between the fans.

2: Niebla rushes the ring girl to – smell her neck? Meanwhile, Negro is yanking Panther's arm around the post. Mascara tastes the Volador running superkick. Crowd wants more. Triple boot for Sombra. Máscara rolls under a clothesline to dropkick Niebla. Volador superkicks him, Sombra springboards headscissors him in, Negro slaps him, but Panther is in to face off. Chop fight, Panther headbutt wins it. Whip, quebradora con giro, and headbutts on the mat! Panther punches Negro in the head repeatedly. Tigre Hispano threatens DQ, not that anyone cares. Whip, Panther head down too soon, Negro kicks him in the midsection and dropkicks him out. Negro pescado! Sombra avoids a Volador charge, lifts him on his shoulders, and drops him for the wheelbarrow suplex just as Máscara jumps off the top rope and over onto Niebla for a plancha. Three count there, La Mascara casita for another 3. Panther has regained control enough to stretch Negro's leg around the bottom rope. Tiger Hispano pulls him off and warns him.

3: Volador and Negro Casas use the ring girl for protection (and for a hug, in Negro's case.) Negro and Volador deal with a fan, and discuss what to do next as they come back to the ring. Negro and Panther in. Negro getting knees first, but Panther going back to the headbutt. Head into the buckle, slap knocks Negro down. Panther back all he way up, boot to the face. Negro backs Panther back sup again, dropkick to the face. Panther suplex, one two Volador breaks it up with a kick. Sombra in to confront him. Shirt off. Sombra is appalled at all of this – he didn't wear a shirt. Volador waves to the crowd, and the rod chants back. A bit for both. A lot of point at the crowd. Sombra off the ropes, flipping run, Volador punches misses, Sombra springboard backspring headscissors and Volador gets out. Niebla in, misses a clothesline, Sombra flipping out of a backdrop, shoulderblock, push off headscissors sends Niebla stumbling out. Negro in, so Sombra rushes and tags Panther back in. Negro's okay with this. Negro tries to distract Panther, and it does get in the first shot. Chops back and forth, Negro heel kick caught, and Panther clotheslines him. Negro sets up the legs, grabs the arms, and Volador stops him with a superkick. Panther is still hunched over on top of Negro, so he just finishes the tapatía anyway as Volador leaves. I think Volador thought Panther was pausing for someone to break it up, but he was just kind of slow. Negro can't break free, but Niebla can rub his armpit sweat on Panther. Panther still won’t let go, so Negro pulls Tiger Hispano on top to break it all up. Tigre is thrown to the mat in the pileup, and very slow up. Negro heel kicks Panther, puts on a hold, but Sombra breaks it up. Tags to Mascara and Volador. Split chants again, but Volador much louder. Volador waves Zacarias in. Zacarias poses, and does Marco’s dance. Máscara takes off his shirt, and Zach faints. Volador drags him off. Volador kick , off the ropes, sunset flip, Máscara rolls thru, check kick misses, Volador him with the multiple kick up bit to show how off (!), Máscara just waits, and superkicks him when he stands up. Mascara runs – and slide out because Volador moves. Quebradora on the floor instead. Máscara back in, and Niebla slows him down. Niebla mocking dance of – I don't know, everyone. Whip, Niebla Mascara slides out, Niebla slides out, Mascara in, Niebla in, Máscara tease the head kick, Niebla covers up, Máscara kicks him in the backside. Mascara off the ropes, headscissors, out goes Niebla. Zacarias back in again and kicking Mascara in the leg. Mascara sets Zacarias way, and kicks him in the face. Announcers are very sad for Zach. Lots of boos! Negro and Panther in again. Chop fight back and forth, getting more intense until Panther slip in one to the face. Hammerlock, but Volador breaks it up. Sombra back in for him. Another pose off. Volador ducks a clothesline, dueling flipping runs, Máscara and Niebla in, they both start of their holds, Niebla realizes what Mascara is doing and slaps him out of the campana. Sombra up, but he’s clothesline down. Niebla dance! Spit is - caught. Kiss for Volador! Máscara and Sombra kick hem both out of the ring – tope, tope con giro to them. Panther in, Negro trips him up, casita, Panther escapes, charges Negro, Negro lifts Panther to the top rope to crotch him, then pulls him off to cover. Tigre Hispano goes down to count, but then awards the DQ. Negro gets in a couple more shots, then walks off.