CMLL Guerreros del Ring on 52MX #324 (02/04/2012) 
Recapped: 02/05/12

Announcers are JCR, Miguel and Amapola.

This is the show with a couple Black Eyed Peas hanging out at ringside for the last two matches.

Match 1: Máximo, Titán, Triton vs Felino ©, Pólvora, Shigeo Okumura
Arena Coliseo, 01/29/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:36
Rating: ok
Notes: Zach is with Felino. Referee is Pompin.

1: Pairs are Triton/Okumura, Máximo/Pólvora and Titan/Felino. JCR brings up the Titan/Pólvora match here. Crowd is loud and into Máximo (and the rudo fans are into adding “puto” to every chant.) Titan/Felino is only a matchup for about two seconds before everyone gets involved and there are dropkicks all over the place. Triton headscissors Pólvora, who stop on the mat, and then starts sliding out again. Titan and Triton both tease diving on Pólvora. He runs around the corner, and Maximo catches him with his plancha. Rudos knock down the TT with chops, but they quickly come back and finish. Titan pulls out a stun gun to set up his rope flip moonsault, which hits but not by much.

Máximo walks out of the ring to try and kiss Will.I.Am. There seems to be more photographers than security (none) around them, though they did clear out a couple of rows of seats. Máximo is instead prevented by Will.I.Am covering his mouth and an autograph seeker.

Black Eyed Peas video package.

Bobby Bonales video package.

2: Felino wants a handshake from Titan, but Titan is not high on that when he sees where that hand has been. Both Pólvora and Felino chop Titan around for a bit. Titan rallies back with a dropkick on Felino, and his longest ever handwalk to set up a flipping headscissors. Felino seems to want to make short jokes to Triton, but they're the same height. Headscissors there. Okumura slows down Triton with a quebradora, and Triton slows down himself by losing his balance on the top rope and slipping down the apron. He rallies back with a springboard headscissors. Pólvora surprises Triton with a clothesline, but evasion spots set up a Triton guillotine legdrop. Máximo gets his turn to go thru everyone, but Pólvora stops him with a missile dropkick and the beatdown starts there. Okumura & Pólvora spinebuster Máximo. Felino waves them off from doing more – arm pit to Maximo's face instead. And that's the pin! Triton comes in to get smacked around a bit.

3: Beatdown. I think Felino wants to second rope elbow drop Titan at one point, but Titan just kind of rolls out of the way and Felino has nothing to do. (Triton grabs his leg, so he gets that.) Corner charges for Triton, and Zacarias kicks at him from the apron. Rudos knock around Triton some more until Máximo trips up Felino and pulls him out. Titan springboard dropkick Pólvora over, and Okumura whips Titan into a leap off Polvora's back to the top rope and off onto Felino. Máximo slams Okumura in position for Triton – or at least what he thinks is position. Okumura is about a third of the ring away from him, but Triton still manages to overshoot him by a great enough distance that he can land on his feet without touching the rudo, then fall forward with a pseudo elbow drop for the pin. This outdid anything Delta's ever done, though 52MX does a better job of hiding it than Televisa usually does. Máximo's kiss is a bit more on target

Zacarias, a man of priorities, ignores the losses and gets fist pounds from Will.I.Am and crew.

Match 2: La Máscara, La Sombra ©, Valiente vs Averno © , Ephesto, Mephisto
Arena Coliseo, 01/29/2012

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:25
Rating: ok
Notes: Entrances. And now I know why they usually dub in the music here. It does not sound well thru the TV in this building, lost in a hundred other sounds. Ref is Maya.

1: Ephesto and Valiente start on the mat, Valiente doing well. Valiente goes for a run up the corner armdrag, choose the rudo corner to do it, slips on the way up, and the rudos all over him. Beatdown starts there. Brawling all around. Averno goes for Mascara's mask. I think, if you were a fan who just happened to be wearing an Mascara mask and happened upon Averno, he would definitely go for your mask. He really wants that mask. After working over the others, rudos hold Mascara for Averno kick, though Mascara does get to spit at him again. Averno sneaks in a Fuerza punt foul on Mascara. Mephisto distracted Maya, but Averno is totally in not caring mode. Rudos pile on top for the pin. Valiente wanders in, is immediately beat.

2: Mascara barely keeps his face covered. Crowd rallies behind him. Averno pulls Mascara up at two after a Mephisto running kick, then starts ranting at him. Rudos almost accidentally double chop Averno, but hold up in time. They then miss a double clothesline anyway, and Máscara superkicks Averno out. Sombra planchas them both, and Valiente tosses him into a headscissors on Mephisto. Those two técnicos wrap up there. Averno and Mascara end up back in, Averno puts up the stop sign – and bolts! That was great. Máscara chases him to the ramp, and headscissors him on the loud yellow metal. Maya tries to put a stop at him, and the técnicos try to get him ejected. Probably for missing that low blow earlier.

Mephisto hangs out in between with his new friends, the Black Eyed Peas. Sombra spots him and threatens to kick him, and Mephisto tries to use the band as human shields. They are very worried they are going to be kicked in the face, but everyone survives.

3: Averno tries using the ring girl as a protection. This does not work. Valiente pulls off flips with the rudos – backflip armdrag with Averno, front flip thru a Mephisto monkey flip. Tricky double springboard headscissors too. Valiente chases Mephisto near clear out of the arena. Sombra gets Ephesto with an up and over armdrag easy. Averno and Mephisto knocks Sombra down, help each other to headscissors. Mascara is too fast for Ephesto. He strips off his shirt to face Mephisto, and gets kicked down in the process. Mephisto looks out into the crowd, and then walks over to the fans , saying hi to a just arriving Joan Sebastian. Just a bit late. Mephisto tries out the cowboy hat while his partners are actually doing the work. Meanwhile, Averno is in with Mascara and going for the mask. Flipping armdrag sends Averno out, and Mascara nails him with a tope. Valiente miss a dropkick on Mephisto, flip him to the apron, and Mascara pulls him off. Valiente goes for a tope – but gets his partner, uh oh. Sombra and Ephesto left in. Sombra doesn't like this. He runs right into Sombra’s fireman's drop. Sombra moonsault into – well, a stomp, because Ephesto just didn’t roll at all! What a counter. Sombra handled it well, considering/ Averno blows him up with a dropkick. Rudos with a triple submission, and Sombra is done.