CMLL on CadenaTres #217 (01/28/2012)
Recapped: 01/31/12

Announcers are Enrique, Gerardo, and Karla.

Match 1: Ángel Azteca Jr., Metatrón, Rey Cometa © vs Hijo del Signo, Puma King, Skándalo ©
Arena Mexico, 01/24/2012

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:44
Rating: OK
Notes: Referee is Rodolfo. Lineup graphic for this changed match (Metatron in for Sangre) is actually correct, which doesn't always happen with this show.

1: Puma has improved gear, his yellow ringed tank top swapped out for a sleeveless shirt. Colors are the same, but he's got a crown in the middle now. Looks good. He and Azteca go back and forth on armdrags, though Puma goes more back and Azteca forth. Signo lets Metatron show what he can do on the mat. It's not much. Metatron armdrags Signo away, but Signo throws him around by the arm and brushes his hands over the ease of this matchup. Metatron gets armdrags back, but we don't get to see his reaction. Signo feigns another exchange, but tags out. Skándalo and Cometa are last. Fans boo Comet armdragging Cometa and rolling to his feet. They do not boo the handwalk headscissors, but they don’t cheer. Skándalo out, other rudos in with stereo thrust kicks. Signo can't quite get it up as high as his friend. Azteca rolls in between them, and Metatron planchas them. Técnicos for the rudos the corners, and sent into each other. Star! Cometa grabs Skandalo for a powerbomb in the middle, but Skandalo just stands up, loads Cometa on his back, stops in the middle, and drops the Skándalo Driver. This is a horrible time for the giant graphic, but there it is. I think the idea is Skándalo landed on the técnicos legs, preventing them from breaking up the pin. It's the finish, anyway. No, the replays show Signo holding onto one leg of each men while Puma just gets up, so the técnicos are just kind of dumb.

2: Rudo beatdown features more shout outs than offense. Low blows all around, because apparently that's the only rudo think they teach nowadays. Skandalo and Puma are pulled out, and Signo misses a dropkick on Azteca. Fans boo. Azteca keeps running the ropes for a while with no end in sight, Signo takes him down (ah, that end) and Metatron – misses on a top rope sunset flip. Metatron gets up and cradles Signo, but the rudos break that up. Justified boos. Cometa missile dropkick wings Puma, 'rana on Skandalo, one two three. Other guys get their finishes, but Skandalo is captain. Announcers are half aware of who's in this match, talk about Sangre Azteca Jr. getting a fall. Announcer does figure it out.

3: Signo and Metatron are in briefly. Short enough for Metatron to be loudly booed. Azteca runs over Puma with a shoulderblock, headscissors him, and armdrags him out. Cometa lands double knees on Skándalo in the corner, sets his legs in the ropes, has the técnicos hold him, clears out Puma and Signo with chest slaps, and lands the low blow dropkick. He is so annoyed with Skandalo for doing that every week. Signo & Puma double kick does not go as well this fall, but at least one of them hits the target. Metatron is a day late on the flying armdrag, Angel Azteca is better this time with a headscissors. Both go for dives, but Skandalo trips them up and Signo adds a dropkick. Cometa superkicks Signo, but Puma throws him on his head with a German suplex. Skandalo runs the ropes and drops an elbow low. Rudos hold Cometa in place, Signo top rope plancha one two three.

Match 2: Euforia, Raziel, Virus © vs Hooligan, Loco Max, Nitro ©
Arena Mexico, 01/24/2012

  1. Tuareg

  2. Cancerberos
  3. Tuareg

Winner: Tuareg (2-1)
Match Time: 12:18
Rating: ok
Notes: Ref is Pompin. Loco Max is angry before this match starts and hyperactive on the apron. Raziel is wearing the black and white Cancerbero gear. He must not wear it much, because I never noticed how odd it looks for him.

1: Pairs are Euforia/Nitro, Raziel/Hooligan (!), and of course Loco/Virus. Euforia and Nitro end up in a faceoff, while Raziel armdrags Hooligan and chases him off. Virus gets a near fall of a corner charge counter kick and a middle rope elbow drop, then ducks a Loco max chop and just straight knocks him down with a shoulder to the midsection. Tuareg rush into attack him, and get Raziel and Euforia before they can get it. Tuareg set up Virus in the corner for Loco's foul. Tuareg whip Raziel without appearing to have any sort of plan to do anything with him. Or they totally botch the double clothesline before stopping him with a chop. Loco sits on the top rope as if he's waiting for them to set up a move, but Hooligan and Nitro just clean up things themselves. Maybe he just wanted to be out of the way.

2: Usual Tuareg beatdown, Loco Max leading the way. Hooligan gets in the low blow dropkick with no Skándalo in this match, though it sure looks like he barely touches Raziel. Loco is busy screaming at the fans form the middle rope while Hooligan has Virus in a camel clutch, so Euforia is free to boot Nitro. And Raziel shoves Hooligan out. That leaves Virus with Loco Max, and Loco Max does not like that at all. Loco can’t do anything to Virus, who clothesline him around and gets him with off hand punch. Nitro comes in and clotheslines Virus, but Virus recovers to scoop him up for and drop him in the center. Raziel top rope splash! Euforia top rope splash from the opposite corner! That may be the first time they've landed that.

3: Cancerbero hold the ring. Two kicks and a back elbow for Nitro, then held for a Euforia dropkick. Two boots for Hooligan. Cancerberos can't quite manages to do three at once. Loco is held for Virus to slap. Corner whip, Loco this the corner chest first, Euforia slaps him on his backside. Euforia and Raziel hang Loco in the ropes, Virus goes for the dropkick, Tuareg trips him up, Cancerbero kicks thru the ropes at him. Virus keeps Loco Max from doing anything with a clothesline. Raziel adds his own, and they whip him to Euforia to lift him up. Triple press slam – to the floor. That's a DQ, which the announcers do know. Rudos stomp down the Tuareg.

It looks like they're playing the Nueva Figura vignette in between matches, which is weird.

Match 3: Fuego, Hijo del Fantasma, Sangre Azteca vs Kraneo, Morphosis, Mr. Águila
Arena Mexico, 01/24/2012

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:56
Rating: ok
Notes: Ref is Bestia Negra.

1: Aguila, still in the Venom makeup, gets the better of Sangre in their slightly extended opening exchange, finishing with a couple of hipblock takeovers. Sangre expects them to keep going, but Aguila tags Morphosis and won't come back in. Fuego fares better, going thru ex-Histeria and causing ex-Alebrije to slide thru the ropes on a missed attack. Fantasma, in his only participation of the fall, topes Kraneo. Other rudos fail to get the drop on Fuego, and he sets them up for Sangre's low blow dropkick (Estacas Aztecas.)

2: Azteca does get his comeback on Aguila this fall, sending him out with a running tornado DDT. Kraneo tries to claim a foul on a wheel kick. That seems unlikely. Fantasma gets in his offense run, including pin wheeling poor Mije. Rudos decide that's enough and slowly beat the técnicos. Mije pays Sangre back with a low blow headbutt, and I think Aguila mocks Sangre after. Aguila needs some explaining before the swinging gate bomb, but they work it out. Mije doesn't seem to even tough Fantasma on the triple legdrop, but oh well. Aguila bronco busters Fuego in the corner to be weird.

3: Brawling beatdown doesn't seem to accomplish much before Sangre Azteca is avoiding a corner whip and knocking rudos into each other. Kraneo takes the low blow dropkick, Aguila kicks him out, Fuego springboard dropkicks him, Morphosis kicks him down, turns and eats the Phantom Lariat. (“DDT!”) That's it for Morphosis, but he's not the captain. Kraneo kicks Fantasma out, allows Sangre to throw himself out, and goes for an Asai. This does not happen, Sangre pulls him off. Fuego tries toping Aguila, but gets his partner. Fantasma and Aguila in and stripping. Fantasma lands the enziguri on Aguila and superkicks Kraneo, but now he’s got no one left to hit. Mije runs under and past Fantasma, who's confused until Aguila used the distract to connect on a jumping heel kick him. He adds a Senton, and the rudos lay on top for the pin.

Announcers are still sure Fantasma used a DDT when narrating the replays.

Profile of Negro Casas includes a shot of Tropicasas accepting his AAA Hall of Fame plaque from Joaquin Roldan and Negro facing Místico. No one from CMLL watches this show.

The promos are back! Though they're back with Negro Casas, who's the last person to need one. He does make fun of Porky, Mascara and “el nino” and tells us not to miss the smell coming our way.

Match 4: Felino, Mr. Niebla, Negro Casas vs Ángel de Oro, La Máscara, Super Porky
Arena Mexico, 01/24/2012

  1. rudos

  2. tecnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:45
Rating: eh
Notes: Peste Negra enter together. Zacarias is in a dancing mood. He's also dressed like Niebla, including a matching tattoo. Felino is wearing a wig, though he takes it off to wrestle. His hair is growing back well. Referee is Maya.

1: Angel de Oro and Felino have an atypically complicated back and forth on the mat. Atypical for what I expect out of them at this point. Porky, who's looking huge, faces Negro. They try to do the test of strength back bend and back up, and Porky is just not going to make it back up. Negro turns it into a battle on the ground and Porky doe a suplex when they get back up, but it's tough to hide. Niebla and Mascara have a comedy slap off, with Niebla falling face first on the apron to end it, but still the rudos somehow jump the técnicos and beat them in each corner. This is a long fall. Zacarias helps Niebla stomp Oro. Felino wins with a running kick to the chest, though there might have been a casita they forgot to show.

2: Rudos backfire on a corner whip, Oro topes Niebla, rudos line up for Mascara to fall on them repeatedly, and Porky falls of the second rope for a winning splash. Quick fall!

3: Técnico routines go Brazo de Plata, Angel de Oro, La Mascara. Mascara puts Zacarias on the middle rope instead of kicking him, but that allows Niebla to come in and kick him by mistake. Niebla does his Niebla dance, catches the spit, but Máscara kicks him into spitting to Zacarias. That was something. Mascara superkicks Niebla, Niebla bounces off the ropes instead of going out, then rolls out by the ramp side instead. How odd. Negro punches Máscara right in the face and rags him around by the eye holes, Máscara drags him around by he hair, Negro heel kicks him, an and goes up, Mascara kicks him out and topes him. Angel de Oro in, running, but no one to run at, Felino and Niebla aren't in his away at all. Felino misses a corner charge on Oro, Oro misses a corner charge the other way, Niebla tosses Oro into a flying clothesline form Felino. Niebla lands a top rope splash, Porky tries to break it up and splashes his partners, rudos cover for three, then roll Porky over and cover him too.