CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #281 (12/24/2011) 
Recapped: 12/26/11

Announcers are JCR, JCC and Dragon Rojo. I guess Bucanero can't do the voice overs if he's in the matches.

Match 1: Olímpico, Psicosis, Volador Jr. © vs Atlantis, Delta, Guerrero Maya Jr. for the Mexican National Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 12/16/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:!2
Rating: very good
Notes: You can tell it's a big show because they've got the flame machine working. Ring announcer's voice is sounding echoing, as if there's a lot of empty seats or something. Guerrero Maya's headdress is a strong runner up for best of the night, but Park just beats him out. Everyone gets separate entrances. Olímpico nearly strangles himself taking off his scarf. PSICOSIS ENTRANCE VIDEO! This show wins. Volador is last. His mask is awesome, but I don't know what it is – some sort of dog. Rambo is commissioner. Tirantes is ref. Funny how that keeps happening. Invasors are going with green, challengers are going with blue (or as close to blue as Delta gets – Maya has new gear near his usual design but looking totally different due to the colors.)

1: Olímpico and Atlantis start, neither getting a lengthy advantage on the mat. They exchange one counts before Olímpico armdrags Atlantis away. More back and forth on the mat. Atlantis holds Olímpico in a standing surfboard, but Olímpico is just too strong. Olímpico gets a single for zero, Atlantis gets a single leg and puts on a tiled half crab . Elbow to the midsection while he's at it. Olímpico squirms free, gives up Atlantis' legs around his waist, and leans back for a two count. Atlantis turns it over, back bridge for a two count, face off. Crowd claps. Tags, Delta and Volador. Delta has body paint on, though it doesn't come off as any sort of design. Lockup, break. Lockup Volador waistlock, Delta kip up and armdrag from the mat. Standoff. Volador's not wrestling in his dog mask, but more something his normal style. Volador trips up Delta, Delta with a headscissors from the mat. Volador is not concerned, getting in his “woo” (and the camera cuts away, as it seem to often do at that.) Off the ropes avoidance, Volador flipping run, Delta misses a clothesline, zero leg trips, face off, and some shoving. Crowd chanting for Volador. Psicosis and Maya in. Quick counters to a Maya hiptoss. Psicosis goes back for one of his own. Psicosis' clothesline miss, Maya steps on Psicosis' thigh and turns for a heel kick. Springboard front facing armdrag. Crowd is booing, not sure why. Springboard tope reverse is – kind of evaded by Psicosis. Not sure what that was. Psicosis dropkicks Maya out, and follows with a tope to take him out. Olímpico in, Atlantis dropkicks him out. Atlantis runs – old man tope sends Olímpico into the seats. Delta powerslams Volador and heads up – bottom rope moonsault, middle rope moonsault, top rope moonsaults – lands. One....two........Tirantes has a pain in his side and can't count. Delta up to argue, Volador right behind, backcracker, Volador riding him all the way down, one two three quick count. Crowd is happy. Tirantes counts out the others in record time.

Rambo – walking in from the back, instead of ringside for some reason – listens to Atlantis' protests about the refereeing. Replays.

2: Rudos in control, with Psicosis sentoning Maya. Delta stomped as he rolls in. Swinging gate bomb for him. Atlantis kicked and stomped down as he comes in. Fans actually booing the rudos now. Corner charges for him, but rudos are too casual and Atlantis turns around a whip from Olímpico to one of his own. Atlantis charges, but Tirantes trips him up. He was checking his shoe, I see. Rudos keep going, but Rambo walks up to the ring to do something. Tirantes decides this is a good time to flee the ring, but Rambo catches back up to him. Rambo and Tirantes hove, while the Invasors try to plead to Rambo to let Tirantes stay. I guess Rambo ha ejected Tirantes, but security pulls him out thru the crowd. Meanwhile, Atlantis has one to the top rope - plancha on Volador. Other técnicos are inside, other rudos follow, but we have no referee. Técnicos avoid rudos charges and set them up – Cerebro Drive on Olímpico, Delta top rope moonsault on Psicosis (too far, they hide it.) Terror Chino makes it to the ring just as everyone's covering, and counts the one two three.

3: Invasors start the fall by walking out. Terror Chino very loudly counts them out, and the Invasors walk back to the ring by 17. Psicosis and Delta in. Crowd making a lot of noise, not all of it coherent. Seem to behind the rudos, or at least more organized that way. Delta avoids Psicosis on the run for a bit, headscissors is reversed into a layout frontcracker, one two NO. Olímpico jumps into argue the count. Delta charges into Psicosis's Atlantida slam. One two NO. Olímpico can't believe this poor refereeing. Delta surprises Psicosis with a slam, moves him around, and goes up for yet another moonsault. Psicosis stops him with a shove to the floor, thanks. Maya nicely dropkicks Psicosis, Volador comes flying with a springboard plancha on him. Headscissors sends Maya flying. Volador leaps at Maya in the corner one, Maya gets crunched, Volador backs up and leaps again, Maya moves. Maya back up, charges, Volador flips him to the apron, Maya slaps him back, up top, Volador cracks May in the head with a swing kick. Both on the apron, Volador brings them both up to the top rope. This is going to hurt! Super armdrag! One two th-NO! Was that three? That looked like three, though Olímpico doesn't argue it as much as he has the others. Volador pulls Maya behind him, signals to the crowd for something, spins around – ah, inverted Gori stretch. Maya pulls himself up – and Olímpico takes him out with a springboard plancha! That was great. Olímpico covers, one two NO. Atlantis misses a dropkick on Olímpico, Olímpico loose 'rana, Atlantis rolls right thru, one two NO. Atlantis casadora cradle, legs tied one two Psicosis breaks it up with a dropkick. Whip, Psicosis spinebuster, catapult left, another Olímpico springboard plancha one two Maya breaks it up, Delta right behind him. Crowd boots. Delta dropkick Olímpico into the ropes, but both rudos come back with dropkicks of their own. Stereo slingshot tope con giros! Volador and Atlantis in, and crowd loud. Atlantis misses a clothesline, Volador superkick (first of the match!) Atlantis tumbles out, Volador runs, tope con giro crushed the legend. Terror Chino counting Everyone out. Non captains in, técnicos quickly taking control. Fans not liking where this is going. Delta lands on Olímpico with a guillotine flying double stomp, while Maya takes out Psicosis with a Rosa spun around into split legged powerbomb from last week. Técnicos cover, one two NO. Volador in, and Delta accidentally boosts him into a dropkick on Maya. Volador gets Delta with a headscissors to end him out too. Atlantis in, his dropkick misses. Olímpico back up to help. Corner whip, Volador running superkick nails Atlantis. Olímpico drags him back over, he and Volador holds Atlantis up, and Psicosis lands the senton, one, Maya already in to break it up. Maybe too fast that time. Olímpico grabs Maya, Volador superkick is errant – now those are coming frequently. Volador kicks Maya in the charges, Maya flips him on his shoulder, pulls him off, spins around, pulls him in the Alejandria, then goes for the Cerebro Driver but Olímpico breaks it up with a kick. Volador still has a painful fall there, but May and Psicosis are there to kick Maya. Delta in with a springboard dropkick to send both rudos out. Delta runs up the corner, walks the tight rope, moonsault onto Psicosis. Maya back in, tope con giro to take out Olímpico. And we're back to Atlantis and Volador again. Crowd LOUD. Atlantis dropkick misses, Volador frontcracker. Atlantis stunned, staggered, Volador setting up, Everyone can see it – backcracker! One two NO! Volador stares as his hand! I hope you have a backup plan. Crowd loud for Volador. Volador up, charging – right into the Atlantida. Atlantis goes to his knees, Volador is done. There were noticeable cheers when Atlantis got the Atlantida, this wasn't one sided, but maybe 60/40.

Match 2: Blue Panther vs Felino for the hair
Arena Mexico, 12/16/2011

  1. Felino reverse figure four (1:20)

  2. Blue Panther (1:38)
  3. DQ Felino (7:52)

Winner: Blue Panther
Match Time: 10:50
Rating: okay
Notes: Felino is out first. Panther drops his coat and hat on the ramp, and demands Felino back up before he comes in. Felino smacks Panther in the face instead. Felino on Panther with kicks and punches. The two are battling back and forth while we're seeing the very unnecessary matchup graphic. Ref is Bestia Negra.

1: Both are punching back and forth, grabbing each other's hair and going out. Felino manages to smack Panther into the post. Kicks to chest, but Panther blocks one, smacks Felino in the chest, and sends him into the post. Panther rolls Felino in, but Felino smacks him as he comes in. Felino kicks Panther in the chest repeatedly. Negro tells him to go after the leg, and Felino does, stretching Panther's right leg around the bottom rope. Bucanero is trying to get the crowd to start chanting. Felino corner whip, corner clothesline, corner whip, corner clothesline, snap mare, running kick to the face, inverted figure four, that's the fall.

2: Felino holding Panther on the ropes. Standing him back up for a chop. Whip, Felino drops down, Panther smacks him in the back. Panther pulls Felino into a cavernaria. Crowd chants for Panther. Felino won't give, so Panther bites his hand. Ref pulls him off. Whip, Panther over, over again, into a clothesline, Felino quick dropkick. Felino poses. Negro is fired up. Felino picks Panther up – Panther catches him in the Fujiwara armbar. Felino gives quick, but Panther has to be shoved off to let go.

3: Felino gets in a shot on Panther by surprise and clotheslines him, but Panther trips him up and goes for punches. Felino puts his hands up to block, and the ref pulls him off for using closed punches. Panther kicks at the ref even as Felino tries to put on waistlock, then starts kicking at Felino. Felino with grounded elbows to the head, which seem to be working well but are hard to see unless you're hovering over the top off the ring. Both let go and get up, Panther misses a corner charge, Felino inside cradle one two no. Felino small package one two no. Felino tries to start a Si Se Puede chant. Crowd behind panther. Panther off the ropes sunset flip, Felino blocks and punches Panther repeatedly. Felino sits over Panther, Panther finishes the sunset flip, Felino rolls thru and gets his own cradle, one two no. Felino up first and kicking Panther. Felino ties up Panther's legs and pulls, but that's not getting him anywhere. Felino gets on Panther's back to stop him form moving, but Panther doesn't appear in danger. Felino moves around to get the armbar, but Panther blocks and gets to his own armbar. Whip, Felino runs backwards into the ropes, then bounces back whit a dropkick for anther. Felino Dive connects, right in front of Negro Casas. Negro yells at Panther as we see replays. Panther back in, kicking Felino as he comes in over the apron, and choking him over the top rope. Shot to the chest, shot the post – no, blocked, and Felino kicks him away. Felino springboard reverse plancha, Panther rolls thru, one two NO. Crowd shot. Panther with a standing submission. Crowd booing, and Felino getting a questionably low blow to get free. Kick to the leg, chops. Negro is very much more visible than Bucanero here, gesturing wildly to Felino. Whip, quick reverse, Panther single leg takedown and anklelock. Felino screams in pain, but is creaming no. Felino, crawls, and gets the bottom rope. Panther inverted figure four, Felino's own hold. Felino pounds the mat, grabs the bottom rope. Panther clothesline blocked, Panther picks up Felino for a martinete, but Bestia Negra breaks it up. Negro was rushing on the ramp to protest too. Rambo over and talking to everyone. I think Negro wants Panther disqualified for even trying it. Long discussion before they give the Rambo a microphone. Rambo tells Bestia Negra that any other attempt for a piledriver is a DQ, and Bestia Negra repeats it (a little clearer.) Panther can't believe it, and Negro si signaling something about it to Negro. Clip? Felino scoops Panther an slams him. Top rope elbow drop connects. Felino lays on top, one two NO. Bucanero trying to start a chant for Panther, but no one taking him. Felino powerbomb, right next to the ropes. One two Bucanero this Felino, maybe kicking him off the ropes. Bestia Negra turns to talk to Bucanero, so Felino scoops up Panther, turns him upside down for the piledriver. Negro rushes in – on TV, it looks like he's trying to stop Felino, who may not be aware that even trying this will get him disqualified – but Bestia Negra knocks over the entire group before it can go any further. He immediately gives the match to Panther.

Felino basically asks the crowd if he should be disqualified, and they're all behind him, but he'll get the haircut because he's the better man. Panther walks out on this. Felino angrily gets his hair cut and Negro vows to avenge him.