AAA on Televisa #1023 (12/17/2011) 
Recapped: 12/22/11

Recap: Jack and Perro have had issues. LA Park broke Zorro, broke a monitor, broke Konnan's wallet.

Match 1: Fenix & Jack Evans vs Dark Dragon & Héctor Garza 
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 12/01/2011

Winner: Fenix & Jack Evans
Match Time: 12:19
Rating: sloppy and disappointed
Notes: Pepe Casas is ref. Everyone's in the ring when we pick up.

Fenix and Dragon start, with fast paced mat wrestling. Announcers are pushing these as dream teams as Dragon Dragon and Fenix exchange anklelocks and spinny escapes. This is follows by the most elaborate sunset flip punch block avoidance bit. They're moving faster than the crowd is reacting, the crowd is reacting much. Fenix kips up into landing an enziguri, yells at the crowd, cartwheels and takes an enziguri. Kicks are avoided, posing standoff. Tags, Garza charging in to face Jack. Jack wants to dance first. Crowd goes with it. Garza watches, waits for Jack to backflip, and puts up the stop sign. Wish he lost that in the move. Garza is going to strip, but not dance. Garza throws his pants in Jack's face to blind him, and kicks Jack in the leg. Garza has quite the bulging gut associated with certain pharmaceuticals. He should've kept with the black Perros del Mal shirt, it's slimming. Garza kicks Jack around and throws jack up, but Jack gets back on the apron while Garza is off doing something or another. Kick to Garza on the charge in, Jack stands on the middle rope for no reason, and Garza kicks his leg out fro under him. Dragon sends Jack tumbling to the floor with a guillotine legdrop over the apron. Beatdown, with the two rudos having switched partners for the moment. Garza slaps Fenix down hard as Dragon posts Jack. Replay of the legdrop actually looks worse, don’t' do that. Dragon and Garza slap around Garza for a while, then stomp around Jack. Garza more than content to let Dark Dragon do the work here. Dragon slaps Jack around, and whips him into Garza's boots. Dragon flapjack, Garza kicks him on the way down, one two NO, though I think Garza pulled him up because he told Pepe to stop counting. Andres having a lot of trouble saying “Dark” - maybe they should've gone with Black! Fenix tossed up on the air, Garza stick a knee out for an inverted atomic drop, Dark Dragon adds a – dropkick to the knee? I'm not entirely sure. Garza holds Fenix, Dragon runs the ropes a lot before adding a legdrop to the back of Fenix's head. Garza Running kick to the face, Dragon covers, again Garza stops the count because he wants more. Maybe don’t cover then? Dragon kicks Fenix, though Garza keeps telling him to cut off Jack. Jack is not cut off, and knees and punches Dragon a bit. Hector again sits back and watches, maybe teaching Dragon a lesson. Jack turns towards Jack, and Garza lays him out with one kick. Whip, kick to the chest. Dark Dragon tries to take off Jack's non-existent mask. Good time for a break.

Back in. Jack Evans real name is mentioned, as required. Fenix whipped to the ropes, slide out, Jack flips in, under a clothesline, and landing a springboard backflip back elbow. Fenix springboard plancha on both too. Fenix tossed into a headscissors on Dragon, but Garza takes him out with a kick. Jack charges Garza, but Garza trips him up and goes for - a camel clutch cradle doesn’t matter, Jack rolls thru for his own hold, Garza escape that and kicks him. Dark Dragon dropkicks Jack in the back too. Fenix back in, under a Dragon clothesline, and not really hitting him with a jumping enziguri. Garza does his umpteenth thigh slapping kick of the match. Corner whip,re versed, Fenix goes in, Garza flips him tot eh apron, Fenix slips him from there, Jack sneaks up and holds Garza down, Fenix top rope senton con giro, setting himself up on top, moonsault tornillo the floor. That was a spectacular dive, though that took a little longer to take. Garza checks on Dragon, and waits to do more. Hector finally picks Jack up, corner whip, Jack slips out at the last second, and Garza throws himself out. Jack backflip kick to Dragon, flipped to the apron wildly, and springboard back in with a split leg faceslam in. That was nice. Jack to the apron, no springboard moonsault into a tope con giro by Jack, an incredible athletic move that Garza was not at all ready for. Bet he was expecting an Asai, I know I was. Garza gets kicked in right bicep on the way down, and Jack doesn't even slightly get caught. Dragon in, charging Fenix on the apron, but getting spun around. Fenix tries to come in with a headscissors, but it's turned into a faceslam. One two Jack breaks it up. Dragon whipped to the ropes, sunset flip on Jack, slow count (off screen) and Garza breaks it up with a loud kick. Rudos cover Jack, and Fenix breaks it up. Fenix gets a hot on Dragon, but of course Garza kicks him again. Rudos set up técnicos and go for quebradas. Técnicas move, though Jack doesn’t quite move enough (or Dragon doesn't go quite far enough away.) Fenix and Jack kick Garza out, Fenix goes for a cartwheel kick on Dragon that's not close – maybe Dragon was suppose to move – and Fenix gets him with a toe kick on the next pass. Jack kicks Dragon, grabs him, ARRAIBA MEXICO, running powerbomb into Fenix's raise knees. That was unusual. Fenix sets up Jack on the top rope, and Jack hops off with a tope con giro onto Jack. Fenix heel kicks Dragon, and lands the double flying knees. Jack back in, fireman's drop forward roll, and holding him in position for Dragon's double stomp. Dragon slightly moves, but Fenix gets most of it. 630 senton, one two three. Garza watched the last bit on the apron, and didn't try to get in until three.

Técnicos get their arms raised, but that just means it's open for Perro Aguayo Jr. to rush in and clock them with a chair. Garza jumps back to life to help the técnicos down. Perro and Hector cut open Jack. Drago rushes out for the save, blowing mist in Dark Dragon's face. Perros take off without being touched.

Perros del Mal video package, focusing on Jack beating him two times, Perro screaming about it, Garza joining, and a little bit of Nicho vs Tiger oddly.

QPPC Monterrey.

Recap of Fake Zorros. Wait, this angle is going nowhere, isn't it? I guess Park killing Zorro is supposed to be the resolution? I don't know, they've moved onto the fines bit, and then the Cibernético bit.

Match 2: LA Park & La Parka vs Dr. Wagner Jr. & Electroshock 
Gimnasio Agustín Millán, 12/01/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 7:57
Rating: distressing!
Notes: Tirantes is the referee. Parkas seem to be on decent enough terms.

Wagner fakes out Park with a handshake for an extended period, and Park bitterly shoves him. Wagner is so mean. Chops go Park's way. Wagner gets up and tries again, Park misses a clothesline and runs into an armdrag. Wagner bumps Park out of the ring, slowly teases a dive, steps over Parka – this is going to be the worst to proofread – and is tripped up by Park. Park accidentally hits Parka on the way in. Park runs into a Electroshock forearm, Parka is tripped up next to him, Electro splashes both, técnicos pile on top, rudos kick out. Electroshock cups his ear to the crowd. No one cares about you, Electroshock. More than usual. Toluca crowd is badly miced or dead, though Toluca crowd haven't been as loud the last few years. Parkas block sunset flips thru the power of dance, but miss punches and get rolled up for two. Wagner gets Parka with a casadora cradle while LA Park walks off to strut. It'd be great if Park remembered he hated that guy and didn't rush back to break up the pin, but this is where we are in 2011. Rudos with a not so active beatdown. Electroshock dragged in the center of the ring, Park directs Parka to a corner, both climb up, Park counts to three, flying headbutts totally miss. Electroshock rolls up Parka, and Park breaks it up again. Parka accidentally kicks Park instead of Electroshock, then feeds his foot into the Wagner dragon screw. “El Twister!” I'll accept it. Electroshock is hanging out in the corner, Wagner runs towards him, Electroshock ducks down as if he's going to flip Wagner to the apron, Wagner holds up and explains to Electroshock that will not be happening, Electroshock shakes his head and moves out of the way, Wagner apron con giro on Park. Electroshock cutter on Parka, Tirantes takes his time going down to count, one two and he holds up before three, though Parka might have kicked out anyway. Electroshock threatens Tirantes. Horrible Electroshock casadora (might have been on Parka) into an anklelock. Park wanders back in to break it up. Wagner in with a giant DDT on Park. One two NO. Wagner kicks Tirantes for no reason, that was a fair count. Random time for a break.

Back live, Wagner runs into a Park powerslam for two. Park kicks Wagner so he's hanging in the ropes, then kicks him loose. Park tope rams Wagner into the barricade. Electroshock and Parka. There are fans chanting for Electroshock, I'm forced to point out. They don't last. I'm not going to last. Electroshock slaps Parka and Parka strikes back with right hand slaps and chops. Crowd boos, Parka poses. Right hand by Parka, who walks away to stand on the ropes for no reason. Electroshock back with slaps and such. Cover one two NO. Electroshock intimates Tirantes, but that was not an unreasonable count. Park and Wagner are slowly fighting on the outside. Electroshock gives Parka two quebradoras, and covers for two. Parka casadora cradle, hand on the ropes, one two three. HOORAY. Crowd eventually remembers to boo.

Octagon, Decnnis, Tito Santana, and Dark Dragon run out to help the Parkas, who really need no help. Out to make the save is Joaquin, who's allowed to walk in the ring and yell at Octagon without anyone hitting him. Octagon does tell everyone to stand down. Joaquin takes off his coat, because he's a tough guy. Octagon making the same jokes as me. I guess they're going to fight? Joaquin PUNCHES OCTAGON IN THE FACE. This is absurd, even for Octagon. Octagon, being a smart guy, just fouls the lawyer. LA Park somehow ends up with Octagon's sticks and uses them on Joaquin and Wagner. Cue Cibernético's music. He's got a chair, wonder how this will go. Octagon lifts up Joaquin for the chair shot, but of course Cibernético is here to beat up the rudos. Well, after Octagon, just the rudo midcarders – chair shot to Tito, to Dark Dragon, to Decnnis. Cibernético celebrates by throwing down the chair, so Parka picks it up and hits him. Good 10 second run there, Cibernético. Chessman, Halloween, Nicho walk out now. Good timing on their part, they're just their to beat people up. LA Park chokes out Joaquin with the sticks for a while. Psycho Clowns wait for their music to play and rush the ring. Hijo de Dr. Wagner is with them. Rudos run without a fight. Shot of Marisela looking – out of it, actually. Cut to Cibernético on a stretcher.