AAA Guerra de Titanes 2011 (12/16/2011) 
Recapped: 12/25/2011

Video package! Only 3 hours and 40 minutes to go. I guess LA Park doesn't have to apologize to Jeff Jarrett if he never shows up. Jarrett pretty clearly says the bounty is $50,000 US Dollars.

Fireworks and loud noises. Reinas del Ring parading the AAA banners around the ring.

Announcers are Jesus, Andres and Arturo. Arturo sounds better, but not 100%. Six sided ring.

Match 1: Mascarita Divina, Mascarita Dorada, Octagoncito vs Mini Chessman, Mini Histeria, Mini Psicosis
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 11:36
Rating: good
Notes: Mini Vipers enter together, Psicosis with his belt. Octagoncito has swords. Mascarita Dorada is now using the Imperial March. Not a very técnico theme! He's in the same black and gold outfit as CMLL. Referee is Pepe Casas, last one out.

Pairs are Octagoncito & Mini Psicosis, Mascarita Divina & Mini Histeria, and Mascarita Dorada & Mini Chessman. Dorada springboards in with a headscissors on Mini Chessman and quickly starts for a dive, only for the Vipers to cut him off. Beatdown starts there. Histeria flying legdrop on Divina looks good. Mini Histeria is trying to take the Mini Abismo Negro role of Guy Who Yells A Lot At The fans and Organizes The Rudos, but he doesn't quite have the presence. Dorada is stood on the bottom rope for corner charges. Dorada turns a boost into a headscissors about five minutes into the match, sending Histeria out. Dorada takes care of Chessman with another headscissors, Psicosis dropkick him and celebrates, Divina waits for him to finally turn around, and then just has a chest slap right for him. Psicosis slaps back, off the ropes, Divina casadora armdrag, then a springboard plancha for two. Everyone else heading to their corners. Corner whip, reversed, Psicosis takes the knee bump out. Divina runs for a dive, but Histeria cuts him off and hops around. Big celebration by Histeria here. Chessman tries for a Histeria chants. Why is that cameraman in a Perros del Mal shirt? That will bug me all night. Divina stuns Histeria with a superkick, send him rolling with a back spin headscissors and barely gets a double rotation headscissors to send him out. That last one looked like a lot of work. Octagoncito in, Chessman in trying to start a chant. Octagoncito with the usual stuff, dropkicking Chessman out, ducking a Histeria clothesline and headscissors him too. Spinning armdrag sends Histeria out the other side. Psicosis in, and making martial arts pose. Octagón blocks everything and kicks. Under a clothesline, flipping out of something, casadora spot doesn't go great but they pull it together for an armdrag. Octagoncito tease dive, Psicosis runs for the crowd, and Octagoncito flips off the ropes instead. Dorada back in again with a springboard on Chessman, this time a plancha for two. Dorada kicks Chessman as he stands, headbutting him too. Whip, reversed, Dorada rolls under a leapfrog and dropkick Chessman. Rope bounce armdrag, shoulderblock, quebrada is sort of caught by Chessman, and Dorada armdrags out of it. Dorada rushes, but Psicosis cuts him off with a boot to the head. Corner whip, Dorada into the corner, Psicosis nails him with a knee to the midsection. Corner whip, Psicosis charges again, Dorada moves out of the way, Psicosis hits the corner, and Dorada drops him with a double springboard inverted tope. Dorada stand to the second rope, bodyscissors Psicosis over, then hops to the apron to the bottom rope, to the rope rope for a big quebrada. Divina headscissors Histeria out, and follows with a big tope con giro. Octagon flips dropkick Chessman out, and he lands the Asai tope con giro. Dorada back with with a springboard headscissors on Psicosis. Springboard tope, running over Psicosis back up to the top rope, top rope quebrada one two three.

After the técnicos get their hands raised for a while, Octagoncito gets the microphone. His partners have left. Octagoncito says the saddest day of his career was when Octagon turned rudo. Antonio Pena gave him the name Octagoncito, and he always liked the name, but not ever what Octagon's done. Octagoncito demands Octagon come out so they can discuss this in front of the people. Octagon doesn't come, and Octagoncito says he has no respect. Octagon – and his evil music – come out now. Octagon wastes no time shoving his mini. Octagoncito basically screams at Octagon. Interesting that Octagon has a Televisa microphone. Octagon says he's a legend and deserves to be treated like one, then punches his mini in the face. People scream, despite Octagon telling them to be quiet. I'm sure there are people just figuring out Octagón is a rudo. Octagoncito gets up and dropkicks at Octagon. Divina and Dorada rush back, but not before Octagon fouls his mini. Minis try to pull Octagoncito to safety, but Octagón shoves them away and slams Octagon one more time. They cover him up, but Octagon shoves them away to stomp a few more times.

Replays of the match.

Match 2: Pimpinela Escarlata vs Sexy Star in a lumberjack rules in a AAA's Reina de Reinas Tournament match 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: Sexi Star
Match Time: 8:53
Rating: poor
Notes: Konnan gets first entrance. He's got a strap. Sexi Star has an absurd outfit of cloth streams coming off a harness on her back. I don’t even know. Copetes is referee and is already out. La Braza is out in an evening dress over his gear. He's got a strap, and he and Konnan argue about something or other. Pimpi wears her title to the ring and passes out roses to the Telcel girls lining the walkway. He's got a giant hat too. Roses to the Penas, of course. Sexi yanks off Pimpi's coat, which is not appreciated. Copetes slightly tries to keep them apart long enough to do the belt presentation. Minis from the last match and exoticos – Polvo, Nygma and Krystal but no Yuriko – are out last to be lumberjacks.

Sexi gets in armdrags, Pimpi holds her down and yanks her around for the photographs, Sexi gets in more armdrags. Arturo has just put together there's a lot more rudos here than técnicos. Yes. Pimpi drop down but leads to Sexi kicks and slapping her around. Sexi headscissors, but Pimpi comes right back with a springboard headscissors. Sexi rolls out, but she's thrown back in by someone before she gets strapped. Copetes slightly shoves Pimpi for no reason, so Pimpi shoves him out and everyone straps and chases him thru the crowd. Hey, Gran Apache showed up at some point. Once the match resumes, Sexi throws Pimpi around by her hair and stomps her a bunch. This is much more Sexi dominate than I'd figure, and I'm not sure that' s good thing. Sexi stomps and kicks Pimpi out of the ring so the rudo can strap him. Corner whip, Sexi stops short of running into Pimpi's backside, but Pimpi still kicks her and armdrags Sexi out of the ring. Técnico lumberjacks strap Sexi. Sound guys turn up the crowd microphones just as the crowd starts chanting for Pimpi to kiss Copetes. Copetes covers his mic. Sexi slap is blocked, Pimpi walks the ropes, no, Pimpi slips off on her own. Sexi forearms her down and slide dropkick Pimpi out for more strapping. Pimpi leads the case around the ring, until Sexi lands on him with a plancha. Replays catch it better, though Pimpi did a good job of catching her. Both back in. Sexi forward roll into a fireman's roll for two. She's no Cinthia Moreno. Sexi kicks Pimpi out, everyone backs away because Sexi Star tope con giro thru the ropes. All the lumberjacks think about using their straps, but do not. For no particular reason. Back in, Pimpinela gets in a spinebuster and an elbow drop. Kristal in, for no obvious reason, and he's clothesliend. Copetes checks on Kristal, and Pimpi awkwardly jumps off his back into a dropkick on Sexi. Copetes shoves Pimpi, so now it's time for the kiss. Other exoticos on the apron, but Braza pulls them off and dives onto them. Lumberjacks fight among themselves. Konnan in, but Braza sneaks in and kisses him. Sexi ends up with a strap, gives Pimpi the four weakest strap shots of the match, and covers for 3. Amazingly weak finish.

Sexi gets the belt. Tecnicas eventually check on Pimpi, who simply can get up after those devastating strap shots. Replay of the finish does not make it look any better.

Toscano, in a suit on the video board, says El Consejo is on the way.

Match 3: Extreme Tiger & Joe Lider vs Nicho el Millionario & X-Fly  in a flaming tables match
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: tecnicos
Match Time: 13:47
Rating: amateur
Notes: Perros are the first group to have an entrance video. It's a relatively current one, since Nicho and Garza are in it. XXXL-Fly and Nicho enter with Tirantes and two of X-Fly's belts. They've set up tables at ringside and thrown some in the ring, but Nicho throws in a few more chairs. Nicho shakes Arturo's hands and messes with the other announcers. Nicho's hair is growing back nicely. Joe Lider is still using the 187 music. Move on. He's got the DTU belt and a bottle of something. Maybe lighter fluid? Lider tries to get in the ring, Nicho and Lider have words, and Nicho tries to steal the DTU belt. Perros kiss Tirantes boots before the match.

X-Fly and Nicho start the match by walking off. Then they just come back. Nicho distracts, X-Fly rushes with a chair, and they're off. Chair shots, hooray. Brainbuster on Tiger. Rudos really like thrown chair at people. X-Fly suplexes Tiger on the carpeted section of the ramp, then hangs out with the crowd. Lider is hiptossed into chairs. This is the point of the match where the fighting stops to set up a hundred props. Nicho tries to bring a table in, but gets the legs stuck in the bottom rope for a moment. Joe Lider powerbombed onto chairs, smacking his head on the seat. Nicho throws Tiger on top of a table on the outside, which immediately turns over and folds halfway. Nicho doesn't acre, he's sending the table in to X-Fly. Jesus sends a shout out to Crazy Boy, in the hospital today for (more) knee surgery. Set up continues, allowing Arturo to bring up the great Rey Misterio/Psicosis battles, I'd like to see one of them now. Nicho grabs the light fluid and starts to put on a table, but then changes his mind. X-Fly sends Tiger into a boost dropkick on Nicho. Tiger flips X-Fly to the apron, strips him up, and dropkicks him off. Well, “off” may be over starting it, because X-Fly slowly and carefully crawls off the apron to a table set up right next to it. Tiger climbs the top rope, 450 splash onto X-Fly works and the table breaks correctly. A huge victory! They should end the match right here before things go wrong. Lider in, swinging a chair at Nicho but ending up going into it face first. More replays of the Tiger move. Nicho sets Lider on the table, and goes for the gas,, but he can't get the can to open. Nicho goes up, but Lider slaps him and stomps. Table move out to the corner. Announcers laughing about the gas being missed up. Lider drops Nicho with a hanging DDT. Lider goes for the small can of gas, but Tirantes tries to keep it away from him. Can is open now – think Tirantes has been working on it – and Lider squirts on a table now leaning in the corner. It lights fast (where did the match get in here?) and Lider keeps soaking it with fluid. However, by the time Lider stops to go get Nicho, the flames have died off. Whip/reversal spot is supposed to end with Lider stopping right in front of the flaming table, but there's no flames. Lider is confused, slapped. Nicho pours more fluid onto it, and throws matches at it, which lights it up a little bit, but it goes out quick again. Nicho shoves Lider backwards into the table, barely. Nicho throws Lider out, who just shakes his head. X-Fly is alive, talking to Lider and kicking him. Thing the match is supposed to be over now and they're just totally in on man's land. X-Fly sets Lider on the barricade, grabs a chair, runs around the ring, and runs the chair into Lider's face. Nicho is messing around with the table in the ring. Eh's got it light good now, and Lider is both back in. Nicho and Lider grapple with each other, and Lider is slightly backed into the rapidly dying flames. Lider shakes like he's been electrified, but doesn’t actually move away from the flames. I guess that's it? Is that it? Lider shake around on the mat. everyone else sort of looks around. The table didn't actually break any more than it had before. No one's quite sure what's going on now. I have no idea where Tiger is. Perros set up Lider for more, but he wheelbarrow suplexes Nicho throw some chairs. Because he's totally fine now! Tiger is back on the apron now. Nicho out, Lider out with an Asai Moonsault! Because he's totally fine now! X-Fly does a flipping run that ends with, of course, X-Fly pulling up his pants. Tiger and X-Fly appear to blow something then Nicho – who is fine now - gives Tiger a hanging DDT off the apron to the floor. X-Fly follows with a slingshot senton con giro to the floor. Lider in and selling. Nicho sets up a table on the outside, X-Fly sets up one inside. X-Fly fouls Lider, which is legal here. Tiger is back alive – he's fine now! - but misses a springboard dropkick. Perros decide they'll try a Doomsday Device. This seems like a bad idea on the surface, but they also decide Nicho will be holding up Tiger, and X-Fly will be flying, making it a horrible idea. Lider stops it by crotching X-Fly, but he should've just let them try and see what happened. Nicho walks over to Tigre, who drops him on the turnbuckle, and crotches him on the top rope. Lider tries to dump gas the table, but they're all out. Lider finds a second bottle, and get the table lighted. He's putting a tone of gas out there, but you can see the wind just blowing it all away. Lider goes up, while Tirantes pours even more lighter fluid to keep it lit. Tiger offers to shoot the lighter fluid himself so they can maintain some semblance of logic. Lider gives X-Fly a Spanish Fly – into the edge of the table, having completely gone way too far left. I am shocked they haven't seriously injured each other there. Absurdly bad. Tiger fights the other table on fire, which it really gets, and Lider is spraying more fluid to keep it on blazing as Tiger finishes. Top rope 'rana puts Nicho thru the table, right on top of the flames, laying on the flames for a moment. Tirantes calls the match. Was this elimination rules? I don't know, I'm just happy it's over.

Lider just shakes his head no, sadly. Yep! I'm not sure if he's referring to his ability to stand or the quality of the match, but I'm sure he's correct. Doctor is in to check on Nicho, though probably everyone. Lider stomps Nicho as they try to pull him away.

Match 4: Chessman, D`Angelo Dinero, Gunner vs Monster Clown, Murder Clown, Psycho Clown 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: Psycho Circus
Match Time: 10:03
Rating: fine
Notes: Chessman entrance video. Though it's about one paint scheme behind. Piero is already in the ring. Chessman is oddly in blue. No one knows who Dinero is. Or, “De Pope Angelos Dinero”, as they put it. Gunner compares biceps with a fan. Graphics spell all the Clowns names right, which is more an achievement then it should be. Psycho is wearing a Grinch mask. Monster has a spirited battle over his stolen child. Got to step your game up for the big shows! Mini Clown is with the rest of the clowns. Rudos jump the técnicos.

Beatdown gets the crowd to loudly chant for Mexico. Rudos punch everyone, Mini included. Pope knee drops Mini Clown low, which has to be a career highlight. Pope kneedrop for Monster a while, maybe he's just a knee dropping guy. Chessman frog splashes Psycho, despite the TNA guys holding the técnico in an odd position. Rudos are keeping it very simply to stomps and kicks and not trying much that involved communication. Except if that communication is annoying the crowd, they can do that. They've vaguely got the idea that they just can stay in forever, so someone's been actually explaining the rules to the new people! Murder fights back against everyone, Chessman gets in a slap, but psycho pulls him off. Psychos quickly take control of the ring, including Psycho landing a low blow headbutt. Announcers debate if that's a foul. Flying sit on Chessman, though it takes forever for them to set it up because Mini Clown has no idea what he's supposed to do. Both he and Murder do the sits. Pope manages to clothesline Psycho out, then Monster dropkicks Murder by mistake. Pope dropkicks Murder out and spinebusters Monster, sort of. Pope goes up, Monster stop him with chops, superplex, Pope wont' go, Murder powerbombs his partner to set up the superplex. That seems dumb. Also dumb – Pope rolls to the ropes to get out of the way of the next spot, unaware the next spot is Psycho splashing him. Psycho drops down from the top rope and runs over to dropkick him, but that throws off Chessman who was set to splash next, and his dropkick instead is awful. Murder presses Chessman into the buckle. Gunner in and forearming the big man. Punch battle back and forth. So sad I missed the Murder Gunner match. TNA guys run over Murder with shoulderblocks. Other clowns in, and clotheslining them out. Técnicos run, Psycho topes Pope, and Monster pescados Gunner. Chessman and Murder left in, Murder flips Chessman out of the ring, Mini starts for a dive, holds up, Murder picks him up, and Murder tosses him at Chessman. Chessman catches Mini Clown and chokes him. Murder goes up and, with help from Piero, planchas Chessman. Pope and Monster in and exchanging forearm and chest slaps. Pope get is a kick and DDT. Psycho winds up for a clothesline, but Pope blocks and gives him a STO. He's fired up. He's also got a giant clown on the ropes behind him. Pope taunts everyone, turns around to see Murder, and Murder dares Pope to climb up to the top rope. Pope explains he's not doing that. Monster hits Pope from behind, and feeds him to Murder – super bomb. One two three, Gunner in just too late.

Gunner knocks Mini clown off the apron and stomps Murder Clown. Monster pulls him off, but the camera man is more interested in the crowd. Gunner slams monster with some help from Chessman. Rudos set a chair on Monster's arm and attempt to break it, but Psycho rushes in for the save and the rudos are run off.

Cibernético recap. The video makes it look like Cibernético has spent his time away forging a steel chair, which makes as much sense as anything Cibernético ever does. More sense than Amadeus!

Match 5: Cibernético, Electroshock, Zorro vs La Parka, Octagón, Silver King 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 10:28
Rating: fine
Notes: Manaquito is with Silver King and doing Silver King poses. Octagon has slightly new gear. Parka is the only person on his team to get a video, though it's técnico Parka. Tirantes is out after him as ref. Zorro's generic video is a giant cross. Lokillo is with Electroshock. Cibernético gets the biggest reaction to his music. Cibernético takes quite a while to appear. Cibernético even has trouble walking down a ramp, his knees must be awful. Crowd is really into him. He's not wearing a Bizarros shirt.

Parka and Octagon both take their runs at Cibernético and are dismissed easily. Parka bails instead of facing him again. Electroshock, Silver King, and Lokillo repeat their bit form the last TV show, almost spot for spot. I liked it better with Lokillo was Cuije. Manaquito tries to bite Electroshock's leg, which is tough to do when the teeth o his mask are face. It looks like he's doing something else. Lokillo takes out Manaquito, Silver King kicks Lokillo, Electroshock kicks Manaquito. Silver and Electroshock wrestle just long enough to set up more mini spots, and and Electro tope on Silver. Electro comes back in and goes for another for no real reason. Zorro is sucked into a Silver King dropkick to the back. Parka dances now. I guess it's an evil dance. Zorro somehow sucks Silver into sunset flipping Parka, and Parka punches Silver to break it up. Silver accidentally kicks Parka, and Zorro tosses Silver with a belly to belly suplex. Zorro sends Octagon into parka for an accidental armdrag, which is an odd way to go. Zorro grabs his stick, and Octagon grabs his sticks. Octagón miss, Zorro misses, Octagón bails. Cibernético and Parka in, but the rudos jump Cibernético to start the beatdown. Tito Santana and Tiger Cota are out to help with soft chair shots. Parka hits Cibernético with a chair. Jesus can't believe Parka would do that. Parka is right, Cibernético beat up his family and everyone's taken Cibernético's side. Silver gives Electroshock a top rope superplex. Cibernético ducks a double clothesline, and clotheslines Silver and Parka. Kick to Octagon, Punch to both Milicia guys. Stunner to Parka. Electroshock gives Octagon a horrible cutter – that's on Octagon. Quebradora for Silver. Zorro back in, swing at miss at park, Park slide under the next pass and gets hit then. Shot for Tito, Shot for Tiger, shot to Silver to the front and the back. Garra Cibernético on Silver, técnicos all cover, one two three.

Técnicos win, so the rudos immediately destroy them to show how little that meant. Chessman is out to help. Billy el Malo and Escoria surprise everyone by still existing enough to run out for the save. They take out the Milicia with big moves, because those are the guys who rare going to take big moves. Everyone else just stands around for a moment before Electroshock and Zorro take out Chessman. Cibernetico's helped back to his feet and his music plays. Kind of expecting the Bizarros to turn on Cibernético here, but everyone shakes hands and raises each other's arms and such. Does this mean Escoria can be friends with Ozz & Cuervo again?

Match 6: El Mesías vs AJ Styles 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: Mesias
Match Time: 17:33
Rating: didn't work for me
Notes: Arturo explains the stips for the next match – the only way Mesías will ever get a title shot is if he wins. No reaction to AJ Styles. Jesus pronounces AJ Styles oddly. I like how hugging Marcela Pena is part of his entrance video. They've failed to include him doing the move to big fat Morishima, but they have about a thousand shots of fans hugging him and declaring how much they love him. You will love this man! We will not stop until you do! He's got druids today, and three crosses (so three times Zorro?) And fireworks around the ring too. Arturo: “AJ Style [sic], you are the best! [pause] Yes or no?” Was he asking him? I don’t even know with this show. Piero is referee.

Fast battle on the mat gets them nowhere. Mesías doesn't look that much taller than Styles. Maybe not at all. Headscissors bit, then a long conversation in a headlock. This is the longest headlock I've seen in some time. Styles shot off, over, under, into a dropkick. Mesías clotheslines him again, and Styles bails. Jesus now calling him “AG Styles”. Fine work, as always. Mesías long headlock. Shot of, under, over into a Styles dropkick. Back elbow. This has been a useful 3 minutes. Styles poses. Mesías head into the buckle. Chop. Crowd sounds dead, in comparison to what we've heard tonight. Corner whip, Styles charges in, Mesías kicks him in the face. Mesías turn to chop AJ in the corner. Whip, Styles rolls over a backdrop and slams Mesías. Shot of the announcers – one looking at his notes, one looking at the card they've prepared with the names of the wrestlers (HOORAY! Too bad they seem to have spelled Styles name wrong) and one messing about on his computer. Quite a both no one's watching. To be fair, Andres is glancing up at the monitor occasionally, though the monitor must be showing him at this point. Styles is covering Mesías for two and putting on a chinlock. Styles yelling at the fans, though we can't quite hear him. Mesías elbows out, but Styles elbows him in the neck and chucks him out. Styles poses. Mesías tries to come back in, Styles baseball slides to keep him out. Style s waits for Mesías gets up, slingshots for a pescado, Mesías moves, Styles lands on the apron, and Mesías clips him before he can do any more. Styles bangs his head on the apron before coming in. Chop. Walking around ringside. Mesías threatens to send Styles into the commentators, but throws him in instead. Marisela shot. Styles stomps Mesías now. Whip, reversed, Styles sunset flip, Mesías rolls thru and dropkicks him. “Superkick!” Mesías tries to start Mesías chants. People will chant if the camera is on them. Mesías takes his time, gets a double jab to the throat. Jawbreaker by Mesías. This is at US speed, which is a bit of an adjustment. Head into the buckle on Mesías. Shoulders to the midsection. Snap mare, kick to the spine. Kneeling surfboard. Mesías elbows up again. Off the ropes, AJ Styles back elbows him down. One hundred minutes to go! Styles pulls out an inverted STF, which is much cooler than anything else that has happened in this match. Mesías acts as though he might give instead of reaching five centimeters for the rope directly in front of him. He decides to grab the ropes. Choke on the ropes. Abdominal stretch by Styles. Ten minutes in and this has been not been much. Perhaps it'll improve with a new paragraph.

Nope, he's still stuck in the abdominal stretch. Mesias trying to shake and rally with the crowd, but the crowd does not react until he actually hiptoss Styles. Chops. Whip, Mesías tries a hiptoss, but AJ puts the abdominal stretch right back on. Mesías fading. So am I. Mesías finally slips out to a wristlock, Styles back elbows him a few times, jumping kick misses, Mesías gives him the front cracker. Jesus called it a lung blower, and Arturo's never heard that before, but is happy to learn. Mesías punching Styles and blocking his punches. Whip, big backdrop. Clothesline, clothesline, clothesline, pose. Punching, Styles is staggered an wanders around until Mesías punches him again. Whip, clothesline misses, powerslam by Mesías one two NO. Crowd loud for that. Mesías lifts AJ on his shoulders, AJ slips out, Styles back suplex into a faceslam. One two NO. Styles heads up, but Mesías cuts him off with a punch. Mesías yells for Mexico. Both up top, Styles, fights back with punches and knocks Mesías off. Styles falls to the apron in the process. Springboard plancha connects, one two NO. Styles complains to someone about the count. Not Piero at first, which seems odd. Maybe a camera we're not seeing. Styles goes for a piledriver. Mesías blocks it twice, and backdrops Styles out. Mesías waits for Styles to get up, good spear. One two NO. Mesías misses a clothesline, Styles lands his backflip kick, one two NO. Styles side backbreaker one two Styles stops covering, though Mesías kicks out. Styles waves Piero off and head to the apron. Springboard 450 meets knees. Styles is pointing up, and stumbling backwards into a backcracker. Mesías heading up – crowd at it's loudest point – top rope splash , one two three. Loud reaction for the finish.

Konnan's music plays, as he and Dorian Roldan walk to the ring slowly. They're showered by a coupled rinks and popcorn. Mesías is laying in the ring. Styles is gone. “Ricky!” Dorian congrats Mesías for the win, but asks him if he thought it would be that easy. Jeff Jarrett has a surprise, a second match, versus Rob Terry. I like how Dorian screams Rob Terry as if anyone there knows Rob Terry. I'm not sure why Konnan was here.

Match 7: El Mesías vs Rob Terry 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: Mesias
Match Time: 4:19
Rating: eh
Notes: (Ref is still Piero.) Terry brings a chair with him to the ring, sliding it in a corner.

Mesías tries to clothesline him right away, misses, and takes a jumping heel kick to the face. Terry punches Mesías repeatedly. Head into the buckle. Choke on the ropes. Knee to the midsection. Elbow to the chest. Corner whip, Mesías charging clothesline. Terry waits for Mesías to get up, and swings an axhandle over Mesías' head. One two NO. Terry checks if that's actually two. It is! Forearms to the chest. Neck vice! Is Mesías gassed or something? Terry is breathing hard and he's only be at it for two minutes. Mesías waves his arms up as he gets up. Elbows out, off the ropes, into Rob Terry's clothesline. Two count. Mounted punches. Screaming. Terry making it a that's it bit while Mesías is dead. Scoop, running powerslam, one two NO. They couldn't mange to get the ref in the shot there. Terry picks up the chair, pounds it on the mat, waits for Mesías to get up, careful chair shot to the head. Piero and Terry yell at each other. Terry wedges the chair in the corner. Terry picks Mesías up, yells at him, whip him at the chair, Mesías reverses and Terry goes in head first to the chair. Inside cradle, 3.

Terry knocks Mesías and beats him up, but they've got to show crowd shots instead. Terry punches Mesías until Cuervo and Ozz rush to make the save because – uh, AAA? Terry miss a clothesline on him, and they double spear him. Hey, remember when you guys hated Mesías and turned on him? No? No. They stomp Terry until the Pope and Gunner make the save. Choking and such. Vampiro walks out of the save, though he's got to pose on the stage first. No face paint. Clotheslines for Pope and Gunner. There's a loud reaction for him coming out, though it dies quick. Clothesline on both guys. Terry chokes Vampiro, but the Dark Family kick him and dropkick him. Vampiro clotheslines Terry out, and his friends stop him from coming in. Good sized Vampiro chant – we don't seem to be hearing anything past the first five rows, but those rows are into him. Vampiro gets a microphone, and says he was not a good person last time he was in AAA. His mic is breaking up, but he says he was in a bad place, hear and spirit. Joaquin walks to ringside while Vampiro apologizes to the fans. Vampiro still out of breath, kind of rambling, but saying seeing Konnan on screen caused him to come back. Konnan's out watching this from stage, and Vampiro says he wants to finish Konnan. Vampiro wants a new start in AAA with everyone. How about a new start with the microphone they're all trying to point him to? Cuervo finally grabs it and pushes it on Vampiro. Vampiro promises to take on Perros del Mal, “El Consejo” (you're reading ahead!). Oh, this microphone isn't on at first. Vampiro says this is his home, with these fans. Vampiro proposes La Secta & Vampiro team up against the enemies of AAA in 2012. I like how the TNA guys are watching from the stage, having no idea what's being said. Joaquin's in the ring, so Vampiro apologizes to him, saying the problem was him, and asks to be let back. Vampiro speaks to Marisela too. Without Antonio Pena, there'd never be a Vampiro. Joaquin says Vampiro has made many errors, but he's accepted back if the fans and the wrestlers want him back, and they do. They hug. Music starts to play, but Mesías stops it to asks Joaquin to give him a chance to bring the title back to Mexico. Oh, right, the angle this match was supposed to be.

Reinas del Ring.

Jack vs Perro video package.

Match 8: Drago, Fenix, Jack Evans vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo, Halloween, Héctor Garza 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: rudos
Match Time: 14:13
Rating: good
Notes: Fenix has some random music. And no crowd reaction. Drago's nun-chuck routine is back, though he's lit so darkly that we couldn't actually see it. Redoing it in the ring helps. Crowd noticeably perks up for Jack's music. He brings his cruiserweight title to the ring. Random girl jumps out of the crowd kiss Jack, Jack faints down the ramp, then back bends back up. I think the girl tries to jump back in the ring and can't make it back. Jack is grabber by another girl on his way too. Perros del Mal take a while to appear. Halloween has his belt. Jack throws something at the Perros as they get close to the ring, but they only pause before they go back to slapping hands. Técnicos dimly turn their backs on the Perros before the bell and get jumped. Ref is Copetes.

Garza tosses Fenix up in the air and kicks him on the way down. He doesn't go quite as high as Dorada, but it's a start. Halloween spear on Drago. Perro gives Drago a chair shot to the back. At least it's well aimed this time. Chair shot to Jack's back. Jack on the outside, chair held in front of his face, and kicked in his face. Fenix sat in the chair and dropkicked out of it. Slingshot hold, Garza quebrada on Fenix. Perros tease pinning him. Drago jumps Garza, but is pulled off. Perro whips Jack with the camera wire on the outside, then beats up both him and Drago. Arturo has no idea who this Fenix is. Not the only one. Fenix moves out of the way of a Perro dropkick, sending Halloween out. Fenix follows himself with a nice over the top tope con giro. Perro holds Jack elbow. Garza slowly slips of his shirt, and kicks Perro directly in the face, of course. Like old times. Drago gets Garza with a tope rope headscissors, then follows him out with a tornillo. Jack wallops Perro with a chair three times, which finally knocks him down. Jack pounds on Fenix and punches him, with Fenix coming over to help. Técnicos hold Perro, and Drago chair shots him in the head. Nice running kick by Fenix to Perro's head, and a Drago dropkick to. Perro is bleeding (but Perro is also getting his hands up on these chair shots.) All three técnicos pound Perro's head before finally letting him roll out. Perro almost attacks his friends before being calming down. Garza tries to control Perro while Halloween messes with the técnicos. Jack kicks Halloween in the legs, and Halloween slaps him down. Corner Whip, Jack flips to the apron, Jack kicks Halloween back, springboard tornillo toe kick back in. Garza in, Jack kicks him, backflips past him, heel kick is caught, Jack sort of front flips and definitely back flips into a kick. Garza out. Jack sets up for a dive, and – that that camera switches almost misses it – Perro kicks Jack with a chair shot to the head. Jack does no get his hands up on that one, though he does on the next. Perro demolishes Jack with punches, then holds him for a Garza kick. Copetes is keeping the técnicos out a while Perro and Garza work on Jack's forehead. Dragon's almost to the point of punching Copetes, but the rudo rush over and kicks the técnicos. Jack is bleeding and spitting up, so Garza holds him in a chinlock for photos. Halloween chops around Fenix, misses in a kick, whip, Fenix clothesline misses, Halloween waistlock, Fenix elbows free and gets his own waistlock, Halloween gets to the ropes and sort of back elbows him away. Fenix rolls thru, runs past and runs up the ropes to kick Halloween in the face. Garza and tripping up Fenix with a kick to help. Perro goes rabid on Fenix, Garza pulls him off, Perro crawls back again, Garza pulls him off, Perro goes on him again, and Garza posterns Perro out of the ring. Perro swings at ringside, kicking a ringside guy directly in the head while rampaging, and swing at the fans. (Ringside guy does not really sell it.) Back inside, Garza whips Fenix to the ropes, Fenix swings to the apron, slaps Garza hard, and comes back in with a tornillo armdrag. Garza spins out, a Fenix does an elaborate rolling sequence to lead to his pose and tags to Drago. Chest slaps. Drago with a forearm to the face off the ropes, over, under, Halloween puts his head down too soon and gets it kicked. Dago looks at him, backs up, off the ropes, into a spear. Whip, Halloween clothesline misses, Drago rolls over his back, blocks a kick, spins Halloween around, gives him a stunner, and holds him there so Garza can accidentally kick his partner. Garza is sad, turns around, begs off from Drago, Drago thinks for the half a second it takes for Garza to kick him. Drago sent had into the corner. Chest slap for him, chest slap for Fenix. Corner whip, Garza charges in, Drago kicks him away, sunset flip on Garza, Garza rolls thru, fakes the kick, Drago covers up, and Perro dropkicks Drago from behind. Perro gets in a few extra stomps. Slap to the chest. Corner whip, Perro charge in, Drago kicks him away. Drago charge out after a moment, headlock headscissors takeover. Rudos charge, Drago ducks under a clothesline and Garza boots him into a dropkick on Perro. Drago off the ropes, flipping armdrag sends Garza out. Drago runs, but a rolling pose and no dive. Fenix back in, scooping Halloween on his shoulders after and dropping him in front of the corner. Fenix goes up top – flying double knees straight to Halloween’s face. Halloween rolls out, Fenix looks at him, Garza tries to sneak dropkick and misses. Fenix charge, flipped to the apron and slapping Garza back. Fenix stands on the middle rope, spreads his legs, and Drago dives thru for a tope to Halloween. Fenix springboard in, dropkick to send Garza out. Fenix points at Garza points up, backs up, charge up the ropes moonsault tornillo on Garza. Jack and Perro back in, crowd up for this. Perro making faces. Forearms back and forth in a scrum, Perro stops Jack and gets in suplex, double stomp. Jack rolls to the ropes, while Perro rolls the other way, no pin. Fenix in, but Garza clips him with a kick. Whip, Fenix sets him up top, slaps to the chest, Fenix up with him, Garza chops his back off, Fenix nails Garza with a jumping kick, pulls him off with inverted crucifix bomb, one two no. Fenix swings a kick at Garza, Garza ducks down, Fenix standing moonsault one two NO. Fenix pounds the top turnbuckle and heads up, but Perro rushes over and gives him a chair to the back. Garza go sup with him – huh, it's a Guerrero Special. How about that. Garza says this is it. Double pumphandle face first powerbomb, one two three. No one reacts as if it's a three count until Piero raises Fenix's arm, not even the announcers. Everything thought Fenix kicked out, he did not.

Halloween relieves Fenix of his mask. Drago comes back in to check on him. Perro and he have a standoff, which leads to the Peros beating him down too and taking his mask. Replays of the match.

Wagner/Park recap.

Match 9: Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park for the AAA Latin American Championship 
Estadio Hermanos Serdán de Puebla, Puebla, 12/16/2011

Winner: LA Park
Match Time: 21:10
Rating: ok/good
Notes: LA Park has some monologue before his new theme. No one's using Thriller anymore. Park has Octagon with him, and a giant Indian headdress. Lots of belt motions on the way to the ring. Park also puts on his gloves on the way to the ring. Guess it’s time to work. They have a LA Park video, but they're not showing it on their video board. Park makes sure to have words for Marisela Pena and her section. 25K! We should be up to 75K with Tito & Tigre running in the other match. I'll let Konnan off the hook for the exoticos, I don’t' think they're his. Hijo de Dr. Wagner is with him, holding up the belt. A kid jumps out of the crowd to hug Wagner. Belt presentation si to the hard camera side. Ref is Copetes.

Cut to a SUV driving up near the seats, with it's horn blearing. Toscano gets out, and a camera follows him to the ring. The front of his shirt says “El Consejo”, and the back says “Luchador de Clase Mundial” He drove in the outfield, so he's got walk thru the fans and jump the rail. Announcers recognize him only then. Toscano's microphone has no name. Toscano asks AAA if they want a war, in front of their people, with his guys, or does Wagner have no cojones (hand motions here)? Toscano challenges all of AAA. He is almost doing a Razor Ramon accent at point here, and almost into the Ramon taunt. Toscano says CMLL is superior to all of AAA. Toscano asks Wagner what he has to say. Wagner has to get the cheap pop by saying hi to the fans in this city. Wagner says Toscano has cojones showing up to here, right before this match. Does AAA want to fight him? Does Toscano have more to say? Toscano says there's no one AAA ain't nothing, and his guys are going to create a revolution of lucha libre. Maybe El Consejo is IWRG? Does Wagner understand? Toscano keeps asking him, Wagner understands. Toscano keeps on saying “Nostrosos Consejo” and poking Wagner's microphone, like Wagner is missing a cue here. Wagner finally grabs the microphone and asks about the nostroso – he only sees one person here, and AAA is the best. Toscano needs to show respect – transition to catchphrase, and big slap to Toscano. Security NOW swarms Toscano and pulls him out of the ring, but Park just as quick stomps Wagner down.

Park grabs Wagner and walks him to the other corner as Toscano struggles against the security. It takes a while for them to pull him away and drag him tot he back. They have to take Toscano off his feet, and he fights the whole way. Park punches Wagner, even using his belt. Shot to the back. Park is in no hurry until Toscano is finally in the back, and not even there. Wagner fights back thru a waistlock, slapping at Park, but Park clothesline down. Octagon walks in, and Park takes the ref and points him at Dr. Wagner while Wagner yells at hits Wagner for a bit. Octagon out, Park slaps Wagner thru the ropes to them, and they both smash Wagner's face into the table. Announcers talk about fines, but Wagner hasn't broke anything yet. Octagón knocks Jesus' headset off his head. Park taunts Marisela again, so he's up to 100K. Park rams Wagner into the ringpost. Octagón holds Park for more punches. Park punches Wagner up the aisle. Suplex on the ramp. That thing is irresistible. Park rips up Wagner's mask. Copetes is not counting anyone out, I assume. Hijo de Wagner is in the ring starting the Wagner chant, which is not really helping anything. Helping the chant, I'll give him them. Park is distracted by the chant and smacks Wagner for it. Wagner thrown back in. Wagner shoves in the corner and slapped down. Kick to the leg. Corner whip, reversed, Wagner charges – no Copetes trips him up, and Park kicks Wagner in the head. Hijo de Wagner complains, but gets told to go back to the floor, while Octagón slips in and chokes Wagner. Wagner's going gray, that's no good. Park strut. Crowd chanting against Park, Park makes belt motions. Hijo de Wagner makes the Wagner signal to fire him up. This does not work. Choke on the ropes by Park. Park holds Wagner in armbar in until he starts chopping back, Copetes grabs the arm, Park swings, and gets the ref. Wagner shoulderblocks Park, runs to the ropes, Octagón grabs him. Wagner kicks at Octagon, dodges, and Park slides thru the ropes to wipe out Octagón with a dropkick. Wagner sets up, runs, and takes out Park with a tope. Don't see that much from him. Wagner rolls in first, fixing his mask. Park charges, and wildly misses a dropkick in the corner, bouncing off tot he mat. Wagner charges, Park tosses him head first in the corner. Park charges, Wagner trips him into the corner. Wagner kick to Park's leg to trip him up. Wagner as Park's yellow belt, and smacks him in the back. Kick to the head. Casita, Copetes, moves the belt before covering, one two NO. Wagner chops Park. Corner whip, reversed, Park charges in, Wagner sets up for the corner sunset flip, flashes a double Wagner sign, and finishes, one two NO. Park tries to kick Wagner in the corner and misses repeatedly, Wagner ducks a clothesline, ducks a back elbow, duck a spinning kick and lands a jumping clothesline. Wagner rips up Park's mask. Choke. Face bite. Match has very much slowed down. Corner whip, reversed, Park charges in, Wagner kicks him, Park staggers away charge again, gets kicked again. Wagner charges out, Park powerslams him one two NO. Reversals lead to a Park elbow driver, one two NO. Wagner firing up. Park shoves him in the corner, climbs up, and Park slaps Wagner. Both on the ropes now. Superplex? Yes. Both guys down and hurting. Cameraman go over to the crowd and ask them to chant for Wagner to get on TV. They do, and they do. Wagner crawls on top of Park, covers, and gets two. Crowd is three and a half hours into this show and sounding that way. Armdrags by Park, Wagner moves on the third and kicks Park. Wagner lays on top for two. Shining wizard by Wagner. Both slow up, Wagner dropkick misses, Park dropkick sends Wagner out, Park tope lays Wagner out in the aisle. Both men down, but helped up by their seconds. Octagon rolls Park in, Hijo walks Wagner Jr. to the other side and rolls him in. Park up first. Park sits Wagner in the ropes, and pulls him back for a backcracker. Park waves Octagón in, and gets Copetes to look away from the ring to not see in. Octagón with punches for Wagner, but misses one, kick is caught, and Wagner gives him a Dragon screw. Octagon is horrible at taking it. Park taunts Marisela again – that's $125K by my count – and Marisela throws her drink in Park's face. Park clears his eyes, turns around, and Wagner knocks him over with the apron tope con giro. Octagoncito runs to the ring, circles around, and springboard dropkicks Octagón out of the ring. Hijo de Wagner set up, and topes the other second. Octagoncito stomps Octagon and walks to the back, seemingly expecting Octagón to follow. He does not. Park and Wagner back in after that intermission. Wagner sit down powerbomb, and Copetes doesn’t want to count. One two Copetes hurt his hand and cant' count. Wagner seems more tired than angry. At first, but then starts pointing at Copetes. Park looks back at Park, holds Copetes, and moves as Park charges. SO does Copetes. Wagner works over Park with punches. Copetes grabs his arm, so Wagner thinks about and shoves him down. Wagner back to punches, Copetes grabs him, Park punches both down an goes up, Park middle rope splash only gets Copetes. He's done for now. Wagner and Park both slowly stand up. Park kicks at Wagner, Wagner slips and ends up underneath his boot, Park falls on top, they both just let go and get up again, dragon screw works this time. Casita, but no one's home. Wagner makes a point of counting his own pin, one two three [pause] four! He got four! Hijo de Wagner tells him he should probably check on Copetes. Wagner checks on Copetes by standing over him and yelling at him. Park sneaks behind, uppercut low blow foul, and right into t a cradle. Still no ref. Park counts his own pin – one two three. No four, though he seemed to think about. Park waves to the back for someone to run down. Piero jogs out and slides in. Park lifts Wagner up, layout frontcracker. Crowd loudly chanting for Wagner. Piero counts one – horrible crowd shot timing – two kickout. They got back in time for the kick out, at least. Park throws Piero out for no real reason. Piero does get back to his feet fast. Reveals set up Wagner’s giant DDT, but both men are down. Wagner up first. Piero is grabbing his ankle on the outside. Maybe you can check that inside, maybe? Wagner sets Park on the ropes and climbs up. Middle rope frontcracker? I guess that’s what that was. Wagner covers again, still no ref. Actually Copetes gets up, sees Wagner covering, and then plays dead again. Wagner gets up and yells at Copetes. Slap to the face to wake him up. Copetes is still playing dead. Meanwhile, and the camera mostly missed it, Octagon slide in the brass knucks to Park, and Park loads them on his hand. Hijo de Wagner spots this and rushes in, to forearm and clothesline Wagner. Octagon in and punching Hijo de Wagner out. Wagner kicks Octagón, Wagner Driver to him. Wagner drops the straps dramatically, but has no idea Park is behind him. Loaded punch, park hides the knucks, one two three.

Park celebrates, the only man left standing. Not for long though: Toscano, Texano Jr., and a ski-masked man jump the rail, all in El Consejo masks. He's too thin to be ek Balam, in a Perros del Mal joke not even this audience will get. El Consejo attack the Wagners. Park and Octagon decide they're leaving. Ski Masked man pulls off his mask to reveal he's – uh, Mascara Año 2000 Jr., and no one cares. There's zero chance he was the guy they had planned for that spot. Wagners are destroyed for a while, then Hijo is unmasked. Security is not out to stop Toscano this time. Toscano shines the other shows with the mask. Toscano is really great as a rudo here. Mascara Año 2000 Jr. gets a microphone. Texano says the war between AAA and el Consejo has started. The best are in Consejo. Texano says he's heard Wagner talk on the microphone, in magazines, in forums (!) and now they're shutting him up I the center of the ring. El Consejo is the best. Texano calls out Joaquin, Dorian, Jarrett, Konnan, because El Consejo will show they're #1 against all. Psycho Circus finally run out for the save. Texano and Mascara are quickly out thru the crowd, though Toscano gets head around back toward the entrance for some reason. Clowns go back in the ring, so Toscano calmly circles back over and leaves thru a different section. Ill organized way to end it, but there it is.