CMLL on Fox Sports (Mexico) #271 (10/15/2011)
Recapped: 1/21/12

Announcers are JCR, JCC and Dragon Rojo.

Match 1: Héctor Garza, Máscara Dorada ©, Toscano vs Mephisto ©, Rey Bucanero, Terrible
Arena Mexico, 10/07/2011

  1. técnicos

  2. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 8:14
Rating: eh
Notes: Toscano is wearing a black armband with “PAPA” on it. Rey & Terrible enter together, Bucanero very bald from last week. Ref is Tiger Hispano.

1: Dorada and Bucanero are in briefly before Garza gets a lot of time do his thing with Terrible. As Garza removes his pants, they do the usual crowd shot to a woman. She's much more interested in her phone conversation than Garza's goofiness, which the announcers sort of point out. Garza makes sure to rub Bucanero's bald head a couple of times. JCR praises Toscano for being a professional and wrestling despite the death of his father, Jose. If anything, Toscano seems more energetic. He headscissors Mephisto out and follows with a tope. Finishes follow directly.

2: Garza in to annoy the rudos, Dorada in to get the floating headscissors on Mephisto, Mephisto out of the ring – and randomly beating up Toscano. I guess Rey knocked Toscano off the apron and they missed it, but it's a weird transition into a beatdown. Giant swing/dropkick for Dorada. General brawling and slow chasing of Garza. Toscano held for a questionably low kick. Toscano immediately ducks a double clothesline and headscissors Mephisto out. Rudos kick him down, Garza strolls in, rudos knock him down. That seem fair. Rudos charge him angina, Garza leaps over them, and Dorada barely connects on the springboard double dropkick. Brillo Dorado looks good. Garza adds superman dive on Bucanero. Toscano plancha on Mephisto, escape a tilt-a-whirl, off the ropes, Mephisto tosses him up and fouls him on the way down. That's it.

Match 2: Volador Jr. vs Jushin Lyger in the Leyenda de Plata final
Arena Mexico, 10/07/2011

  1. Lyger bomb (1:40)

  2. Volador backcracker (1:54)
  3. Volador Spanish Fly (11:17)

Winner: Volador (2-1)
Match Time: 14:51
Rating: ok
Notes: Volador is in his Tron outfit. Ref is Tirantes, in very red pants. Shocker is Lyger's second, Mr. Niebla is Volador's second.

1: Volador quickly gets to the flipping run and headscissors Lyger out. TOPE! Girl fan looking the wrong way nearly got clipped by Lyger. Got to move away faster next time. Volador throws Lyger back in, but takes a few seconds to climbs up o the apron himself. Lyger charge is blocked, and Volador hits the swing kick. Springboard in, 'rana dropped into a powerbomb. Lyger grabs Volador quick – running (two steps) Lyger bomb one two three. One mistake! Crowd boos, mildly.

2: Volador and Lyger slap fight. Volador kick caught, spun, Lyger shoulderblock, off the ropes, Volador catches him on the run with an enziguri style kick to the back. Volador charges, and Lyger flips him – all the way to the floor. Lyger off the apron, tope con giro turns Volador over completely. Lyger in, Volador pulling himself up and crawling in slowly. Volador does start running soon as he gets up in the ring, Toyota roll blocked and shoved off, Lyger clothesline misses, Volador superkick, Lyger turns around, Volador poses and drops him with the backcracker. One two three.

3: Lyger wants a handshake. Volador will not give him it, turning to the crowd. Crowd chanting for Volador, though Lyger trying to stop them. Lyger offers the handshake again, Volador accepts. Hug – and Lyger knees him low! Crowd boos that one. Lyger's smart enough to figure out what's going on and adjust to it (can he take over programming?) Lyger insists the knee was to the inside of the leg. Tirantes did not seem too concerned. Lyger headlock, shot off, Lyger shoulderblock. Lyger off the ropes, over, whip, reversed, Volador quick armdrag. Volador runs, Lyger lifts him up, Volador flips of the ropes op, Volador clothesline misses, he retreats to the corner, Tirantes move out of the way. Lyger charges, Volador puts him on the top rope, but Lyger comes off with a headscissors. Volador out, Lyger up top – big plancha to the floor. Lyger in, Volador slowly in as well. Volador clothesline misses badly, Lyger ‘rana, Volador roll thru one two NO. Fans are into Volador, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of them here. Volador tires a casadora cradle, but Lyger sits down to block it, one two NO. Lyger quebradora, and he's going up. Crowd boos, which distracts Lyger. Lyger up top, frog splash one two NO. Lyger charges, Volador moves, Lyger hangs himself in the ropes, and Volador lands his guillotine legdrop. Volador covers, but Lyger is way under the ropes. Volador gets up, pulls Lyger free, one two NO. Volador off the ropes, Lyger catches him and tosses him over. Lyger to the apron, kicks Volador away, but Volador pulls him off before he can try whatever Asai he wanted. Volador up to the apron himself. Volador readies himself, and lands the quebrada. Volador back in, but Lyger clips him in the back of the knees, and puts on a cavernaria. He is no Dragon Rojo, so this fails. Lyger lets go and tries something else – la tapatía! Volador in trouble this time, but refusing to give. Lyger rolls him back, both down, one two NO. Lyger chops Volador good. Whip, quick reverse, Volador rolling legsweep into a kneebar. Crowd really quiet, I don't know if it's them or the mics, because I can barely hear the ring. Maybe the announcers are just way too loud. Lyger rolls over and grabs the ropes to escape. Both up, Volador clothesline misses, Lyger kicks him, running powerbomb into the corner. Volador sets up, and Lyger smacks him down in the corner. Lyger catches his breath, then declares this it. Brainbuster! One two NO! Clip? Volador ducks a clothesline, frontcracker, Lyger is staggered, Volador calls for it, backcracker, One two NO. Volador signs to the crowd, slowly ties up Lyger's legs, Lyger surprise small package, one two NO. Crowd coming loud for Volador. Lyger looks very tried. Shocker discussing the match with photographer Vera. Someone should've gotten him a lollipop. Volador flips Lyger to the apron, Lyger fights Volador up and climbs, Volador gets him with a swing kick. Crowd sense it as Volador climbs up top. Lyger pulled up to a standing position – top rope superplex. Well, didn't think that was it. One two NO. Announcers can't believe these two keep kicking out. Whip, quick reverse into a drop toe hold, Lyger casita one two NO. Lyger corner charge, Volador moves, running superkick and Lyger's dropped in the corner. Volador up top – but Lyger crotches him there. Lyger climb up to join him – a top rope superplex by the other man! One two NO. Crowd was booing until the kickout. Lyger out and pointing up again. Volador swing kicks him again, climbs to the middle rope, and promises the end to the crowd. Lyger standing up top with him – moonsault sideslam, one two three.

Niebla carries Volador around the ring. Volador gets his plaque, and they turn off the lights a couple times so people can take photos of his glow in the dark outfit. Lyger and Volador shake hands after the match. Volador signs a kid's shirt! And that's it.