CMLL on Televisa #1038 (07/23/2011) 
Recapped: 08/04/11

Match 1: La Máscara ©, La Sombra, Máscara Dorada vs Averno ©, Ephesto, Mephisto for the CMLL World Trios Championship
Arena Mexico, 07/15/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 27:05
Rating: very good
Notes: Técnicos enter separate, rudos enter together. Referee is Babe Richard.

1: No hurry to start here. Dorada in with Ephesto to get it going, though it takes them a couple tries to get past a lockup. Belts are shiny. These two trade simple submissions and slightly more complex cradles for a bit. A bit more complex after Ephesto gets them into the ropes, with Dorada doing well enough that Ephesto tries to run off the ropes, and is immediately armdragged out. Sombra and Mephisto in next. Crowd loves the Sombra. These two are moving quick off the bat, Mephisto unable to slow Sombra down for long. Jumping snap mare sends Mephisto out. He seems to have dropped some of his freaky muscle weight. Averno in, so Sombra tags in Mascara. Averno not so concerned this time, crowd still behind Mascara. Off the ropes evasion, reversals after reversals lead to a Mascara off the middle rope headscissors. Tope in to Averno, check. Other four all in, Dorada flips Sombra to the apron, but Mephisto boots him into Ephesto’s upraised feet. Sombra springboard in for a flip 'rana, but, Mephisto just blocks it and puts on a crab. Pinfall and submission at the same time. Averno checks his top lip as he gets his arms raised.

Stellar Moments

2: Rudos in charge. Mephisto and Ephesto hold Mascara for some trash talk from Averno, and a headbutt. Corner clotheslines and he's out. Sombra evades Averno, but Ephesto grabs him. Sombra kicks Averno away, and Averno kicks him in the inside of the leg. Leg held, and Mephisto punts it. Dorada dropped in the middle of the ramp, and Ephesto takes the double hiptoss splash. Sombra tossed high in the air, drops to the mat, and gets kicked in the head. Averno actually covers, but pulls Sombra up at two. Crowd singing for the rudos. Triple boot for him. Mascara kicked around. Whip, Averno spinebuster, other two drape him off the apron, and Averno adds the dropkick to knock Mascara to the floor. That does leave Averno alone in the ring, and Sombra jumps him to springboard headscissors Averno. Bodyscissors bomb one two, Dorada helps cover, Babe Richard restarts the count (!!!) one two three. Sombra gives Richard a look before celebrating.

Mephisto slides in to check on his guy. Técnicos pull Mascara in to get his arm raised, but he's still grabbing his neck.

3: Back to even to start this. Ephesto and Sombra in, Sombra flipping run, up and over armdrag sends Ephesto spinning out of the ring. Other two in and missing with a double clothesline, Sombra fights them both of at the same time, rebound shoved off headscissors on Mephisto, springboard reverse headscissors on Averno. Sombra not stopping – front flip to the apron into a headscissors on Averno! Sombra poses on the top rope. Clip? Máscara rolling dropkick sends Ephesto out. Averno was already in, but stops to point. Crowd seems a bit split. Máscara off the ropes, spinning armdrag sends Averno out. All the rudos are out, triple tope destroys the front row. Replay of that. Back in. Sombra fireman's drops Mephisto in the middle of the ring, springboard moonsault into a moonsault lands, one two NO Ephesto break it up. Ephesto powerbomb, one two NO. Crowd behind Sombra, loudly. Whip, Ephesto kicks Sombra down, legs twisted neck crank nudo variation. Dorada runs the ropes, and dropkicks Ephesto in the back to break it up. Whip, reversed, Dorada 'rana, one two NO. Dorada with a neat step up into a sunset flip cradle, one two Averno hurriedly breaks it up. Release pumphandle slam, one two th-NO. Averno yells to the crowd. Dropkick misses, Dorada flipped to the apron, Averno looks the wrong way, realizes, charges, and Dorada drops down so Máscara can get in his swing kick. Top rope plancha connects, Dorada ducks a clothesline, dropkick to the knee (boos) casita one two Ephesto breaks it up. Mephisto goes right after Dorada and kicks him off the apron, as Ephesto outs off Sombra. Averno slams Máscara in the center. Everyone to the middle rope – everyone tries a swandive headbutt, everyone misses. That has NEVER worked! Mascara inside cradles Averno, Averno rolls thru, other técnicos try for springboard 'ranas on the other rudos, and all are caught into powerbombs one two NO! Crowd way into this. Bodies all over the place on the ring. Máscara and Averno up first, Máscara kicks Averno, suplex – no, Mephisto stops that with a kick and goes for the suplex. I see there this one is going. 3 on 3 suplex goes the técnicos way. They all cover, one two NO (Ephesto seems to kick out at 3.4, but Richard has stopped counting.) Técnicos all miss dropkicks, rudos kick them all out. Rudos running, dives, though Averno is like five steps behind – Ephesto tope, Mephisto slingshot tope con giro, Averno no hands tope con giro! Replays of that. Babe Richard counts the whole band of them out, but Averno makes it back in. Dorada in to face him. Headscissors reverse into a faceslam, Averno hooks the leg one two th-NO. Corner whip, Averno charges in, Máscara puts him on the top rope, big slap to his chest. Dorada climbs up, but Averno gut jabs him. Super Devil's Wings – halted by a Máscara swing kick. Both técnicos move Averno’s leg to the outside of the ropes, set him up for a superplex, but Mephisto and Ephesto slip under – stacked up superplex. Sombra splashes Averno for one more pin, one two rudos let go to break of their pin to break up Somrba's. Everyone seems exhausted, including the announcers. Dorada and Sombra fireman's drop the rudos by the corner. Sombra with a rope flip twisting moonsault, Dorada with a tornillo senton con giro, they cover, but Averno kicks Mascara and gives him a Devil's Wings in the middle. Técnicos have to give up their pin to break it up. Captains are cleared out of the ring. Rudos rammed into each other, and Dorada boosted into a dropkick on both. Sombra and Dorada set up in the corner – tope con giro one way, moonsault the other way. Mascara and Averno left in, Mascara all fired up. Mascara of the ropes, spinning small package, Babe Richard doesn't think the shoulders are down and has to walk around first, one two NO. Mascara complains about the pin while Averno sighs a sigh of relief. Máscara casadora, into the campana – no, Averno crawls free. Leo says Mascara had the ding, but not the dong. Averno misses a clothesline, Mascara Devil's Wings. One two Mephisto breaks it up with a kick. Ephesto in now, too. Sombra fights Mephisto off from the apron, springboard plancha on him. Ephesto knocks him down with a punch, but steps into a flying armdrag from Dorada. Mephisto and Averno kicks Dorada. Double back elbow, Averno holds him up, and the others add dropkicks. Everyone covers, one two Sombra breaks it up, with Mascara a step behind. Crowd isn't as loud as they were a couple minutes ago, but they haven't lost them. Rudos clear out Sombra and Dorada, and then set up Máscara for the same double dropkick – but the técnicos pulls them away, and Máscara reverses to a campana. Mephisto breaks free just in time to break up the hold with a kick. Mephisto whip on Mascara, Máscara gets the boots up, sunset flip, Máscara rolls Mephisto back in the path of a Dorada springboard ‘rana. Mephisto stays in, Dorada springboard inverted tope, and Mephisto takes him out with a counter dropkick one two Sombra breaks it up with a springboard legdrop. Sombra gets the crowd back into it. Mephisto dragged into the corner. Rope flip moonsault one two Ephesto breaks it up. Ephesto clothesline misses, Sombra powerslam, one two th-NO. Sombra gets the crowd's attention., then circles back to Ephesto. Whip, clothesline misses, Sombra spinebuster, head down to pick Ephesto up, Ephesto Roll one two three? Announcers aren't sure at first, but that's the motion Babe Richard is making. Sombra tries to argue the point, but sadly leaves.

Mascara gets Ephesto with a sunset flip while he's recovering, but the other two make the save. Whip, pump powerbomb, Mephisto and Averno leave too soon, and Máscara gets Ephesto with a 'rana, one two three!

Long crowd shot while the rudos figure out what just happened. Máscara kicked down, but Dorada in with a plancha on them. Double clothesline misses, Dorada boosted headscissors on Averno. Mephisto flips him to the apron, Dorada swats him away and sends him out with a springboard headscissors. Dorada claps his hands, points and runs – Brillo Dorada! Back to La Mascara and Averno. Crowd behind Mascara here. Off the rope evasion, Máscara springboard into a casadora, but shrugged off, and Averno waves his finger no. More rope avoidance sets up a roll on the ground, and Averno turns it right into a campana! Mascara shakes his head no, no no, YES. New champs.

Averno celebrates like he just won his mask back. Mephisto too. Mephisto and Ephesto give their captain a big hug.

Clip to the técnicos putting the belts on the new champs.

Next week hype, includes the Leyenda Azul