CMLL on CadenaTres #185 (06/18/2011) - LATV (07/02/11)
Recapped: 07/02/11

Match 1: Astral, Bam Bam ©, Shockercito vs Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Olímpico, Pequeño Warrior
Arena Mexico, 06/14/2011

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:01
Rating: OK 
Notes: Ref is Bestia Negra.

1: Pairs are Bam Bam/Nitro, Astral/Warrior next (Warrior tries to lift the Palacio Negro headstand headscissors, fails) Shockercito/Olímpico (rudo gets much the better of that, finishing with a pescado.) Técnicos clean up in the ring, though their finishes are not quite clean.

2: Rudos start the beatdown when Warrior catches Bam Bam's feet in the corner and swings him around into a backcracker. Astral gets the wheelbarrow frontcracker. Bam Bam evades a corner charge from Olímpico, Olímpico sits on the top rope, Bam Bam slaps him and superkicks Nitro away. Bam Bam climbs all the way up top on Olimpico, but Warrior joins him, hurracarrana-ing him of for Olímpico. Nitro adds a top rope splash, and that's it.

3: Beatdown continues. Rudos give set up Bam Bam for a convulsed dropkick. Powerslam and powerbomb in the corner for Shockercito. Astral with some questionable selling off a boot – he gets hit, he jumps up in the air, he lands on his feet, and then falls on his back. Bam Bam again evades a corner charge to start the comeback. Headscissors for a hurracarrana, missing senton by a not paying attention Nitro. Bam Bam flips out over him on a corner charge, and drops him with a backbreaker. Bam Bam's partners are nowhere to be found. Warrior steps back in and slowly walks over to dropkick Bam Bam out. Warrior looks away to taunt, and Astral shows up with a springboard armdrag. Off the rope evasion big, Astral looks sure looks unsure a lot, casadora armdrag sends Warrior to the ropes. Warrior up slow, missing a clothesline and taking a quebradora. Shocker gets Olímpico with a headscissors into an armdrag, and follows out with a big tope. Nitro misses a clothesline and is superkicked in the face by Bam Bam. Whip, reversed, Bam Bam spins thru the ropes, Nitro goes out thru them, and Bam follows with a tornillo. Warrior dropkick Astral, when it looked like Astral was moving but not quick enough. Warrior tries another dropkick, Astral kicks him thru the ropes this time, and follows with a walk up the ropes tornillo. Bam Bam rolls thru a sunset flip but gets lapped by Olímpico, Olímpico misses a dropkick and hangs him int the ropes, and Bam Bam cuts him down with a guillotine legdrop, one two three.

Wow, new ring announcer is not very good.

Match 2: Ángel Azteca Jr., Ángel de Plata, Fuego vs Dr. X, Loco Max, Nitro
Arena Mexico, 06/14/2011

  1. rudos

  2. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:01
Rating: ok
Notes: Referee is Rodolfo Ruiz.

1: First pair is Plata/Nitro. When Nitro walks off after a chop fight, Dr. X ends up in, and Fuego races in to fight him. Dr. X decides he's leaving, and Fuego chases him halfway back to the entrance. Fuego eventually gets a stern looking Loco Max instead, but Dr. X jumps the técnico as soon as he goes for a submission, and the beatdown starts there. Rudos waste no time untying Fuego's mask. Rudos focus on Fuego for a bit, but Everyone gets a turn. Loco Max tease the Skándalo stomping dropkick, then just stops near the corner and gets Plata with a questionable low kick. Loco holds Fuego for Dr. X to kick while Nitro finishes off Angel Azteca with what sure looks like a cradles but is ruled a submission. Dr. X rips up Fuego's mask while his partners are getting their arms raised.

2: Beatdown continues. Angel Azteca turns a boost into a dropkick on Dr. X to start the comeback. Quebradora for Loco Max, Nitro eventually flips him to the apron. Azteca slaps him away and springboard back in with an armdrag. Loco Max whips Azteca in the corner, Aztec moves and his hesitantly slaps Loco Max, and Plata rushes in so he can do the monkey flip. Dr. X takes care of Azteca, and dropkicks out Plata, but is too busy trying outside to see Fuego in. Slap, snap mare, Fuego goes for the mask. Rodolfo Ruiz tries to break it up, but Fuego shrugs him off and keeps going. Tuareg make the save. Fuego is able to flip Dr. X to the apron after a corner whip, and the Angels trip him up, but Nitro clotheslines Fuego in the face and the announcers go Crazy. Azteca I boosted into a dropkick on Nitro again, Plata dropkicks Loco Max out and flips Azteca to apron – Plata tope on Nitro, Azteca moonsault on Loco max. Fuego and Dr. X left in again. Fuego backflips over Dr. X, armdrags him around, Dr. X blocks a back elbow and goes for Fuego's mask, Fuego blocks and pulls off Dr. X's mask! Fuego pounds Dr. X on the ground, so much that Ruiz can't raise the rudos arm. Fuego goes crazy, smacks the mask into the ground many times and telling the ref he was totally justified. Angel de Plata can't believe Fuego did that.

Loco Max gets Dr. X another mask as the técnicos and referees get Fuego away.

Cadena3 talks about the history of Black Warrior, including losing his mask to Místico. No one from CMLL watches this show. Good use of “Crazy”.

Match 3: Black Warrior ©, Sangre Azteca, Valiente vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Héctor Garza, Olímpico
Arena Mexico, 06/14/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:08
Rating: bleh
Notes: Referee is Bestia Negra.

1: Announcers are just reading lists of names! Opening pair is Olímpico & Valiente, and the técnico makes Olímpico work a bit. Olímpico is willing to do mat work early in matches, he's just not that interesting at it. Valiente grabs the bottom rope to get free of a leg hold at one point, but the bottom rope he grabs is right into the rudo corner, and Garza and Dragon stomp him. Quit ea bit. Olímpico pulls Valiente into the center of the ring, Warrior rushes into break it up with a stomp, Valiente armdrags Olímpico away, Olímpico takes a shot at Warrior, and the ring quickly fills up. Stand off. Tags to Sangre and Dragon. Crowd remembers this storyline, even if the promotion seems to have willingly forgotten. Hold for hold battle. Dragon Rojo likes slapping the mat hard in the general area of Sangre's legs without actually hitting them. Sangre armdrags Dragon Rojo to his corner, then gets surprised by Black Warrior rolling into the ring and into him. Guess that's a tag. Garza and Warrior can't get going until Garza strips off his shirt, and it's shoulderblocks and zero counts until Garza strips off his pants. Garza complains about being fouled on an armdrag, Warrior does his dance, Garza kicks him and does his own interpretation. Garza tricks Warrior into sliding out, and kicks him in the face as he comes in. It's the rudos' ring from there. Sangre gets a flapjack and a kick. Double bulldog for Valiente. Warrior's brought into finish it.

2: Camel clutch/kick to the face for Sangre. Garza covers him, and pulls him up. Valiente takes the loud Garza kick on the apron. Warrior gets the jump on Garza, but Olímpico bails him out. Warrior is held for Garza, as if they're feuding, and Garza kicks him in the midsection. Valiente kips out over a corner charge, rudos clothesline Dragon Rojo instead, Sangre those those two out with the boosted dropkick, and Valiente ropes Garza into the second row. Sangre plancha onto Olímpico to take him out. Dragon Rojo and Warrior in, dope toe hold, 619, casita, that's it. Crowd HATES the 619. Referee counts the others out, though no one pays much attention to it. Rudos threaten to walk out.

3: Today's new Sangre Azteca técnico tweak – he still takes the monkey flip, but he lands on his feet. Rolling wheel kick looks better vs Olímpico. Dragon Rojo gets a quebradora and a springboard dropkick. Garza in to start a pose off and win via kick. Corner whip, Sangre spins around while Running to the corner, Garza misses the charge and gets slapped in the backside. Valiente pulls him down by his hair for good measure, and holds his legs for Sangre's low blow dropkick. Garza does not get his foul call. Valiente out shoves Olímpico and drops him with a quebradora. Garza tricks Valiente into running the ropes for a cheap kick. Valiente comes back with a headscissors, but Garza pops up and clotheslines him in the back of the head. Corner whip is reversed, and Valiente monkey flips Garza back and forth. Garza tries to claim a foul from that – no luck. Dropkick sends Garza face first into the buckles. Dragon Rojo and Olímpico bumble versus Warrior, with Rojo being spun kick off the apron and Warrior landing the apron tope con giro into him, and apparently into some drinks a front row fan had left in front of him. Bad move. Meanwhile, Valiente came back from yet another kick to give out yet another quebradora. Valiente grabs Garza and holds him for the low blow dropkick from Sangre, but the referee starts counting it as a pin (generous – Garza kicks out to be safe) and Olímpico trips up Sangre anyway. Valiente springboards into another Garza kick, while Olímpico finishes Sangre.

Match 4: Rey Bucanero vs La SombraBlue PantherAtlantisMáximoTexanoFelinoSagrado in a NWA World Light Heavyweight cibernetico tournament semifinal match
Arena Mexico, 06/14/2011

  1. Felino inverted figure four Sagrado (8:10)

  2. Blue Panther pin Felino (10:33)
  3. Sombra springboard standing moonsault Texano (12:55)
  4. Atlantida on Máximo (13:36)
  5. Panther pin Atlantis (15:39)
  6. Atlantis pin Panther (15:39)
  7. Rey Bucanero Canadian Destroyer Sombra (21:24)

Winner: Rey Bucanero
Match Time: 21:24
Rating: very good
Notes: Everyone gets their own entrance this time. Zacarias dances in with Felino. Wait, Rey & Texano enter together. Texano is wearing the TRT shirt, and Rey is wearing the TT shirt that has his name on the side. Zacarias is laid out on the ramp for some reason (Bucanero?), then heads to the back. Bestia Negra is a ref.

Sombra and Felino start! History there, as Karla points out. Quick cradles and reversals for two counts off the bat, then some battles over drop toe holds that don’t' seem so smooth. Chop battle ends with Felino waking off. Bucanero and Panther next, Rey tossed around with armdrags until he can finally trip up Panther for a bit. Panther turns the tables and slaps him from the ground, and Bucanero tries to fight the mad dog from underneath. Blue Panther has gone feral or something. Bucanero walks off the stage, Panther keeps staring at him, and Texano kicks him from behind. Texano's shirt has the Texano logo under the back color, nice touch. Texano kicks Panther out of the ring, but he gets his old rival Máximo. Texano is amused – maybe he remembers how he won that rivalry. Crowd chanting loudly for a kiss. Máximo spins around first, armdrag exchange, zero pins exchange, stand off (with another spin.) Waistlock goes badly for Texano. More comedy leads to Máximo armdrags and a pose. Tags to Sagrado and Atlantis to finish up a cycle. Sagrado gets in the plancha and the two quebradora, to a minimum reaction, before being attacked from behind by Felino. Felino strips off his vest, and throws it the to the rudos. Whip, reversed, quebradora and superkick from there. Sagrado tope! Sombra and Texano in. Crowd actually chants for Sombra. I'm so unused to these técnicos being cheered. Flipping run, clothesline ducked under, headscissors looks odd but gets it done. Sombra bumps Texano into the ropes, off the ropes, cheap shot by Bucanero, Texano lifts Sombra up, and catapult holds him for his partner. Rolling senton connects. Hoo Hoo Hoo and a pin, one two no. In the background, Máximo sends Texano out with the spinning armdrag. Bucanero up to deal with him, Máximo blocks everything and gives Rey the big kiss. Inside cradle, one two NO. Atlantis breaks it up – and Panther is in for him. We've got all sorts of interesting things here. If only Sagrado ever feuded with anyone! Panther lands a running plancha, but Atlantis gets up and monkey flips him. Panther is able to land on his feet on that, but stands there long enough for Felino to come in and clotheslines him. Slap. Corner whip, reversed, Panther charges in Felino's kick, Felino out with a sunset flip, Panther rolls thru, Sagrado rolls in to get Felino, Felino moves, off the ropes avoidance, Felino clothesline and follow up dropkick. He does those quick. Felino hooks an inverted figure four – and Sagrado gives! Sagrado's out first.

Felino walks around celebrating, belatedly realizing Sombra is waiting for him. Avoidance spots, Sombra does a backflip for no reason, and Felino times the counter dropkick well. One – Panther leans in to break it up. Panther's not even supposed to be on the apron! Sombra gets Felino with a springboard headscissors, lines up near the ropes, and sends Panther over with a pescado onto the smelly cat. Texano blasts Sombra with a dropkick. Máximo in and cartwheeling over a dropdown! Hiptoss for Texano, springboard, armdrag sends Texano out. Máximo going – tope connects on Texano. Sombra and Atlantis going, Sombra brushes off of Atlantis with a quebrada, Bucanero grabs Sombra, Sombra still kicks Atlantis away, elbows free of Bucanero, and flips off Atlantis into an armdrag on Bucanero. Atlantis clothesline misses, springboard armdrags rids him of the ring. Sombra going for a dive, but Felino caps him in the knee with a dropkick. Whip, spinebuster, inverted figure four on again – and Panther sneaks in and covers him. This doesn’t seem legal at all but the ref's going to count it – one two three!

Bucanero sends Panther out with a dropkick, and Atlnaits runs – tope again. Had a few of those already. Bucanero picks up Sombra and slaps him, but misses a clothesline and is slid out by his chest. Sombra runs for a dive, but rolls over the top rope instead at the last second, faking out the cameraman completely. Texano in, Sombra tries a springboard dropkick, but Texano fakes out and moves just in time. Texano congratulates himself on his intelligence and tries a senton – Sombra rolls out of the way of that. Both slow to get up, Sombra puling from the crowd. Both up, Sombra goes to Texano’s shoulders, and spins into a casadora cradle one two NO. Both guys breathing hard. Texano stomps Sombra, lifts him up, Sombra’s try for a 'rana is blocked, and Texano crushed him with a sit down powerbomb one two NO. Texano yells at the crowd. Chop, sending Sombra into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Sombra charges in, Texano flips him to the apron, Sombra knocks him back and heads up. Texano recovers quick, shoves Sombra’s legs so Sombra falls off onto his shoulders. Tornado Texano – reversed into a small package! One two NO! These two work well together. Texano clothesline is turned into a fireman’s drop, springboard moonsault into a standing moonsault, one two three!

Sombra stands up. Atlantis immediately levels Sombra with a forearm to the head. Panther in and chopping it out with Atlantis. Panther sent into the ropes, back with a sunset flip, but Panther rolls backwards to send Atlantis careening into Máximo on the apron. Máximo goes for the kiss, Atlantis blocks, Máximo slaps him and head up – flying armdrag. Armdrag again, armdrag - oh no, he got caught into the Atlantida. That's it. Atlantis, Panther, Bucanero and Sombra are all that's left.

Sombra dropkicks Atlantis out, casadora cradle on the incoming Bucanero, one two NO. Bucanero firing up, but also waiting for Sombra to stand up. Sombra clothesline caught, turned into the triple side backcracker/elbow driver thing that really needs a name. One – Panther breaks it up. Panther and Sombra double clothesline Bucanero the apron, but Atlantis rushes in and dropkicks Panther. Sombra charges to Atlantis - quebradora, quebradora, Atlantis asks the crowd if they want more. Dropkick sends Sombra out, and Bucanero comes out of hiding with a apron tope con giro! Panther and Atlantis left in, and probably left alone for the moment. Panther charges, right into a high backdrop. Panther up, up on Atlantis’ shoulders, forward roll cradle. Panther reverses on top one two NO. Panther signals to the crowd. Atlantis 'rana, one, Panther rolls thru one two NO. Panther off the ropes, into a spinebuster, Atlantis reaches down for a leg submission, Panther rolls him in just the way to pin them both, Sombra and Bucanero rush into cover their opponent one two three. Double pin. These two don’t argue it.

Announcers are way behind Bucanero. Bucanero is a corner charge, Sombra scoops him up and drops him in the dead center of the ring. Sombra motions to the ropes, steps up on the inside of them, springboard moonsault into a moonsault gets knees! Bucanero covers one two NO. Bucanero off the ropes, charging a downed Sombra, and taking a wild bump to the floor of a monkey flip. Bucanero hurting, surely. Sombra to the apron – Asai moonsault hits perfectly. Replays. Both gather their breath on the outside. Bucanero tries to get in, falls down, Sombra gets in, Bucanero makes it to the apron. Bucanero slaps Sombra, slingshot front cracker! Bucanero jumps on top, falls off, gets back on, and gets pulled into a small package one two no. Both guys trying to draw from the crowd. Sombra slaps the mat and pulls off his shirt. Slap fight with Bucanero, who is still wearing his shirt. Bucanero kicks Sombra into the corner, Sombra moves and smacks Rey's head into the buckle. Bucanero stumbles back – Brillante Bomb! Announcers are very sad. One two NO! Both slow up. Sombra slams Bucanero and starts to head up, but you can see Rey sitting up to make his move. Crowd tries to warn Sombra, Rey plays dead, Sombra climbs up, and Rey crotches him on the top rope. Rey turns Sombra around on the top rope, climbs, stumbles climbs up again – brainbuster? Super shoulderbreaker? One two Sombra has the ropes! Good, I don't have to figure that out. Bucanero going up! This seems like a bad idea! Rolling senton misses by a large margin! Sombra crawls on top, one two NO. These guys have gotten a lot of time here, and it's been good. Sombra fireman drops Bucanero one more time – rope flip tornillo moonsault connects, though Sombra grabs the middle rope on the way down. One two – Bucanero has his foot on the bottom rope. Crowd doesn't know what it'll take, but they are behind Sombra. Sombra sends Bucanero into the ropes, Bucanero back with the Bucanero Destroyer! Announcers mark out. One two three. Bucanero celebrates nearly as much as his announce crew.

Sombra gets a strethcer out as Bucanero celebrates and the announcers hype next week's title match.