CMLL on LATV (C3 #182) (06/04/11)
Recapped: 06/04/11

And, now they've skipped a week.

Match 1: Leono, Metálico ©, Metatrón vs Bronco, Semental, Súper Comando
Arena Mexico, 05/24/2011

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:56
Rating: eh
Notes: Ref is Tiger Hispano. Super Comando is wearing the Nazi mask. Hello LA!

1: Pairs are Bronco/Leono, Metálico/Comando and Metatron/Semental. Metatron falls to one knee on his first escape, and Semental looks awesome with his running tornillo. The gap is tremendous. Semental makes sure to annoy the técnicos before getting back to work. Metatron gets in a backdrop escape headscissors, and looks very nervous on a springboard flip armdrag but pulls it off. Semental takes the UG knee bump to the floor on a corner charge, and Metatron follows with a plancha. Other four in, Bronco kills Metálico with a clothesline and yells at him for trying. Super Comando takes care of Leono in the opposite. Whips, técnicos flip each other around and set up their finishes. Boos are the first crowd noise we've heard.

2: Leono sequence on Bronco is cut out, except for the Bronco shoulderblock that starts it. Metálico/Comando is basic. Sudden clip to Metálico being held down by Semental, and Bronco adding a top rope splash. That's the fall.

3:Ring girl is shown, but they skip ahead from there. Leono gets dropkicked on both sides of the head. Metatron held for a dropkick to the ramp. Metálico beat up. Leono held for kicks. Very simple stuff. Metatron ducks under a double clothesline that gets Semental, Leono and Metálico are slow coming in for a springboard dropkick and are tripped off the apron going for the dives. Metatron gets Semental down, whip, reversal, Semental charge Metatron and is flipped to the apron, but slaps back. Springboard side kick to the chest. One two three. Announcers aren't sure who the captain is and – local break as Leono comes in.

Leono is celebrating after they come back. Replays shows Leono to a headscissors into an armbar for the finish. Leono did a quebradora moonsault onto Bronco, so we must've missed quite bit. Oh, there's a Metálico submission too.

Match 2: Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Palacio Negro, Rey Cometa, Hijo del Signo, Magnus, Inquisidor, Hombre Bala Jr., Trueno in a Cibernético for a shot at the CMLL World Super Lightweight Championship
Arena Mexico, 05/24/2011

Winner: Guerrero Maya Jr.
Match Time: 13:09
Rating: entertaining!
Notes: Joined just before the whistle. Is this the battle royal? This is the battle royal, I'm still protesting this. Guys are throwing themselves around a lot here, I'll give them that.. I have no idea why Terror Chino is in the ring for this at the start.

Okay, teams are
OUT: Palacio Negro, Inquisidor, Rey Cometa, Hombre Bala Jr. (UG knee bump)
IN: Guerrero Maya Jr.., Magnus, Trueno, Hijo del Signo – who still keep fighting for a bit

Start of the cibernético is covered up by a local ad, but probably by not much. First pair is Inquisidor/Magnus, which new even larger wings on his wristbands. The end of their exchange is edited, but they're fine from what I get to see. Usual partners Maya & Bala are next, and they exchange two counts before tagging out. Signo and Palacio in third, Palacio required to flip in the ring, of course. Signo kicks Palacio in the back at one point one point, and Palacio sell it as if he's just been stabbed. Then he comes back and gets the big handwalk spinning headscissors. Amazing powers of recovery. Inquisidor/Trueno are next, so we probably did miss someone. Trueno gets Inquisidor with a quebradora, knocks him out of the ring with a rolling back elbow, and follows with an nice run up the ropes springboard tope. Comet and Signo in, with a quick chest slap war. Signo jumps very high on a drop down, so high that Cometa almost gets tripped jumping over. Flipping run, headscissors, dropkick just gets there, and Comet teases a dive. Just a pose though. Cometa gets up, and Magnus pulls him over with a springboard headscissors. LOUD boos. Rope avoidance for a bit, Magnus pulls out the Astor Boy running front flip. Armdrag and a dropkick sends Cometa out. Magnus runs up the corner, almost slips, but holds I together long enough for a plancha! Everyone is alive! (Boos.) Bala and Maya in again, Bala with a trip, over, under, rolling over, waved by, and Bala back with a springboard tope. Maya celebrates a bit, got to follow up. Corner whip, reversed, Bala goes in chest first, and Maya lands the running double knee to the face. Whip, reversed, Maya went over, around, and back with the big spear. That's one of his moves now, it's so weird. Bala out, Palacio Negro in with a springboard dropkick. Palacio stomps Maya. Chest slap knocks down Maya. Palacio stands him up, whip, reversed into a Maya's tirabuzón! Inquisidor break that up with a dropkick for some reason, but Trueno is in to deal with him. Chest slap fight breaks out and goes a few rounds. Trueno blocks one and quebradoras him, one two NO. Chop sends Inquisidor back to the corner. Corner whip, charge, and Trueno eats boots. Inquisidor out, sunset flip one two NO. This is fun, this is really going to suck when the local break comes in. Trueno up and slapping. Dropkicks sends Inquisidor down but not out. Trueno rushes, Inquisidor flips him on the apron, Trueno fights him off from there, springboard – uh, I don't know. I think Inquisidor was supposed to do a frontcracker, and just kind of pushed Trueno down. Inquisidor puts on a Texas cloverleaf, then seems to trip and fall on the mat. I don’t think he's meant to apply it from the mat like that, but everyone pretends this is what's supposed to happen, and Trueno gives up. Not the greatest finish there.

Signo dropkicks Inquisidor our. Bala in and missing a dropkick on Signo, who wildly stomps and kicks him on the mat. Maya is very angry about this, but Signo is actually on his team now. I wonder if that's what the ref on the outside is explaining to him. Corner whip, reversed, Bala charges in, Signo kicks him away and clotheslines him over. Signo stomped in the mat. Whip, Bala jumps over the top rope and rolls on the ramp, then runs around and runs – running tope kind of hits, bad angle to tell. Interesting idea, anyway. Bala dropkicks Signo out, and follows with a nice Asai tornillo. Palacio in and dropkick Magnus as he comes in. Whip, Magnus flapjacked. Palacio Negro steps over Magnus head and puts on a double armbar, but Maya break sit up (!). Palacio out, Maya after him – thru the top rope tope con giro. Maya might have kicked a women in the second rope with that one. Bala dropkicked Magnus. Slap into the ropes. Whip, Magnus back, and barely over in time for a backdrop. Bala off the ropes, Magnus forgets to trip Bala into the ropes but Bala takes the bump anyway (!), Bala hangs in the ropes all on his own as Magnus goes up for the guillotine legdrop. One two three. This match goes well until someone tries a finish!

Inquisidor dropkicks Magnus in the back, sending him out. Signo is ready for Inquisidor, but waiting for him to turn around. Inquisidor charges, Signo leapfrogs and back elbows. Chop. Corner whip, reversed, Signo runs back, whipped the front way, front cracker, one two th-NO. Inquisidor whips Signo, Signo back with a 'rana, Inquisidor rolls thru, one two NO. Signo shoulderblock, springboard plancha, Inquisidor counter dropkicks – and doesn't come close! Signo sort of lands on Inquisidor's knees, but that's clearly not the plan. Luckily, Signo is kicking out that one. Inquisidor whip, reversed, Signo powerbomb, modified nudo, Inquisidor gives and leaves and we're okay with that.

Rey Cometa waits for Signo to break free and turn around – missile dropkick sends Signo flying out to the ring. Maya in, spinning headscissors sends him out. Who else? Cometa sends him out – tornillo! That was a .5 on the Rey Cometa Tornillo scale. Palacio and Magnus back in, Palacio lands a dropkick to the knee that Magnus spins oddly on. Palacio not sure what to do next. Magnus up , clothesline is caught and Magnus is lifted on shoulders. Palacio holds him there for a bit, waits for Cometa to climbs to the top rope, and drops him in front. Cometa 450 splash! One two three. They're allowing a lot more teamwork than usual in this one.

Pause for a sec – teams left are Palacio Negro & Rey Cometa vs Guerrero Maya & Hijo del Signo.

Signo rushes in and dropkicks Cometa out. Palacio steps back in, and misses his dropkick. Signo kicks Palacio into the corner fiercely, ans,t is on his back, and smashes Palacio's head in the middle buckle repeatedly. Maya complains again – he's on your team! All very confusing. Whip, avoidance, Palacio handwalk backflip into a headscissors cradle one two three! Neat variation.

Microclip – Palacio is celebrating, is also dropkicked out by Maya. Cometa in with a plancha on Maya. Off the ropes, Maya clothesline misses, Maya backdrop, Cometa turns it into a sunset flip, Maya rolls thru to his feet and kicks, Cometa drops to his back to duck under the kick, then hooks Maya in a cradle, one two NO. Cometa is fired up. Clothesline blocked, Bala hooks both arms, then a leg and hangs Cometa upside – Alejandrina Breaker! Referee indicates Cometa gives up in the hold before the breaker portion, but then counts the three anyway.

Maya and Palacio are the final two, and we have a local break cutting in at any second. Tension is high! Crowd is into this. Palacio knocks Maya down with leg kicks. Corner whip, reversed, Palacio Negro corner sunset flip, one two NO! Maya clothesline is caught, Palacio scoops him up, and fireman's side drops him by the corner. LOCAL BREAK ARGH!

Match is over by the time they're back. Sad. Replays of all the finishes, including Maya dropping Palacio on his head with a square piledriver – his Apocalipsis Maya.

Match 3: Delta, Hijo del Fantasma, Metal Blanco vs Mephisto, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
Arena Mexico, 05/24/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:10
Rating: okay
Notes: notes

1: After a bit of switching around, they end up with Delta/Mephisto in. They battle evenly. Other pairs are Yoshihashi/Blanco and Okumura/Fantasma. Fantasma leaps to the apron for a dive, but Mephisto dropkicks him off, and stars the beatdown there. Yoshihashi has yet a new finish, then holds Delta in place for Okumura's finish.

2: Beatdown. Mephisto sets Fantasma on the top rope and tries to pull of his mask. Clip, and Fantasma is just sitting there by himself, rudos paying attention to someone else. Fantasma gets free, hits Okumura (rudos are dealing with Delta), is still ignored and rolls out on his own. Uh huh. Metal Blanco takes a questionably low kick. Press slam, kick to Delta's chest. Fantasma kips up over a corner charge, duck a double chop to take on Mephisto and is waved into a tope on his rival. Other técnicos take turns landing springboard planchas, set the técnicos near the center of the ring, and land a top rope splash and a top rope senton con giro.

3: Clip here with Fantasma and Mephisto in. Mephisto is suddenly down, it's off putting. Mephisto whipped to the corner, face planted there, and monkey flipped out. Mephisto goes out, Fantasma runs up the corner, but poses instead of diving. Mephisto had walked away, it's a good idea. Yoshihashi has lost most of his facepaint. Delta ducks under a clothesline to get a headscissors, then tries a cartwheel back roll over the top rope into a headscissors. Metal Blanco in, random clip into a headscissors here. Blanco sends Okumura out. Yoshihashi in, missing a clothesline, both guys look blank for a second, metal Blanco big boots him out and teas dive – setting up tope con giros by the other two. Blanco and Yoshihashi in, Blanco sunset flip, one two no. Blanco drop toe holds Yoshihashi on the ropes, crowd boos loudly when Blanco even starts for the 619, he does it anyway. Springboard 'rana sends Yoshihashi out the other side of the other dives. Blanco runs up the ropes and off quick with a big plancha. No pause at the top, full speed. Rudos in with Delta, he ducks a double clothesline, Mephisto tosses him up, 'rana on Okumura, Fantasma springboard sunset flip on Mephisto, kicks out by both rudos. Rudos quickly finish. Mephisto holds up Fantasma a long time before letting him fall free to the mat. Fantasma kicks his legs in the air while being held down for the three count.

Match 4: Máximo, Rush, Strong Man © vs Atlantis, Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr.
Arena Mexico, 05/24/2011

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:30
Rating: usual
Notes: Only entrances on the show. Bucanero is wearing a camera hat! He must take it off in the ring, it's gone by the next time we see him. Could've been some wacky angles. Ref is Tiger Hispano.

1: Rudos end up jumping the técnicos. Strong man misses a corner charge on all three rudos,and they pound him. Rush is slapped around by everyone. Bucanero lands the top rope twisting senton on Rush, but no pin. Volador gets in a lot of punches. Strong Man is crotched coming in, and the other two rudos hold him for Volador's guillotine legdrop.

Another weird edit during the edecan interview. Now I think they must be cutting for time, except the show still ends a few minutes early.

2: Bucanero flits with the card girl. Corner whip for Strong Man,and a Volador superkick. Máximo is whipped in too, Strong Man puts him on top and fights off Atlantis and Bucanero. Máximo gets Volador with a flying armdrag, and rush adds a tope con giro on him. Strong Man takes out Atlantis, and Bucanero and Máximo have their usual bit. That fall was almost nothing. Strong Man is so strong, he hurts Máximo raising his arm and giving him five.

3: Rey Bucanero uses the ring girl as a human shield, holding her tight. Rush tries to pull of Volador's mask, and stomps him hard in the Tree of Woe. Volador runs from him at the first opportunity. Bucanero accidentally hits Strong Man and runs from him. Volador and Bucanero agree to take on Strong Man together. They do the Guerrero huddle dance, and Rey spins Volador around so he's facing Strong Man and Bucanero's facing the ropes and escaping. Strong Man does not appreciate that. Volador strips off his shirt, still gets press slammed. Bucanero tries to break it up with this, slaps fails, kisses Strong Man's hand, and throws himself out. Atlantis decides he's going to stand up to Strong Man. That odes not work. Bucanero tries attacking Strong Man from behind. This does not work., and his new t-shirt gets ripped up so Strong Man can slap him directly. Chop. Corner whip, Bucanero goes flying in chest first, Strong Man pump splash. Strong Man does not cover, which is good because no other rudo looks to be in a position to break it up. Strong Man to the middle rope, flying shoulderblock on both Bucanero and Atlantis. Posing, and tags. Rush in. Crowd boos – Volador in and booing himself! Volador is awesome. Rush poses, Volador leads the chants for himself. This is hilarious if totally unprofessional. Rush poses on the top rope, and Volador uses it as a chance to get in the testicular claw. Off the ropes avoidance, Rush powerslam. Boooooooo. Dropkick sends Volador out. Off the ropes, under ran Atlantis clothesline, and running him over with a jumping elbow drop. Rush teases more. Into the técnico covers for a chop. Corner whip, reversed, Bucanero flips Rush to the apron , Rush knocks him away, goes up top, and gets Atlantis with a missile dropkick. Superkick for Bucanero, show somehow claims that is a foul. Rush struggles to his feet, is helped out, is not happy when that help is from Máximo. Strong Man and Máximo do their usual slapping bit. Bucanero slaps Máximo around and exposes him. More slaps. Spinning armdrag sends Bucanero out. Armdrags and springboard butt bump for Atlantis. Superkick takes out Máximo with a superkick. Crowd is with him. Boot check. Corner whip, no one home, Máximo springboard headscissors. Other rudos boot him down. Double clothesline misses, Strong Man shoulderblocks them both out. Máximo tope on both rudos, they grab him, turn, and get hit by the Strong Man plancha. Volador and Rush left. Rush misses a dropkick. Whip, reversed, Volador kick spins Rush around. Front cracker is blocked, Rush lifts him up on his shoulders, Volador squirms free, straight foul kick. Ref saw, it, that's a DQ.

Karla talks to Bucanero, who see surviving Strong Man as a win.

Karla talks to Rush, who's not happy with Volador. And that's it.