CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #27 (12/26/2010) 
Recapped: 12/26/10

Match 1: Averno, Mephisto, Volador Jr. © vs Blue Panther ©, Máximo, Toscano
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 11/30/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos
Match Time: 12:42
Rating: usual Panther bit of going beyond the minimum
Notes: Always nice when one of the Avernos gets to wear their Volador Venom shirts when actually teaming with Volador. Who's not wearing that shirt at all, but that would've required planning. No results ever came in for this show, and you can sort of see it in the crowd. There's been worse. Captains announcement is cut out. Edgar is ref again. Is Loco on vacation? I hope he didn't get purged.

1: Averno and Blue panther continue their personal semi-secret war. Usual mat work battle for them, which isn't really usual for anyone else. There is no winner, and they do manage to make tags and don’t just end the fall themselves. Volador and Máximo are next, where Máximo gives Volador pause to reconsider this whole rudo thing. Máximo is evasive, then tosses Volador around with a headscissors and an armdrag. Dropkick sends Volador out, and Máximo follows with a tope of his own. Toscano in with a plancha on Mephisto a ‘rana, while Panther puts Averno in a strange submission for the other pinfall.

2: Toscano offensive run, just in case we had hope of getting away with it. Toscano isn't wearing his stripping gear this match, just straight to the trunks. I wonder if he can no longer strip with Latin Lover in town? Volador/Máximo repeat next, Máximo getting in a spinning armdrag and a kiss. Double springboard butt bump for Mephisto, Panther covers, Averno dropkick him. Panther gets Averno down with a plancha, and then armdrags him into a inverted cross armbreaker, but Mephisto breaks it up. Mephisto sets Panther on the middle rope, but he comes back in with a headscissors. Both rudos miss a clothesline, but catch Panther on the next pass and awkwardly drop him with a double powerbomb. That looked mistimed, but Volador tops it off with a top rope plancha, and that's the fall. Panther's the captain, that's one.

3: No beatdown, everyone in their corners. Volador gets in his flipping run of evil, Toscano flips him to the apron, Volador comes back with a swing kick and springboarding in with an armdrag. Máximo in, Máximo eats a headscissors. Volador urns – tope con giro onto Máximo. Volador really just doing his técnicos offense as a rudo. Other four in, técnicos whipped into each other, but turn it around and knock out the rudos. Mephisto pulls out Panther with him, so Toscano decides to try a dive on Averno. There's a crowd shot here which makes it look like Toscano blew something, but he's having no problem with his pescado when they cut back. Volador and Máximo back in, but stalling. Volador clothesline misses, Máximo inside cradle, one two no. Máximo rolling reverse cradle with back bridge, one two Mephisto breaks it up. Mephisto whip, Máximo reverses, Mephisto sunset flip, one two no. Mephisto casadora cradle, but Toscano breaks it up. Whip, reversed, Mephisto puts hi s head down too soon, and Toscano inside cradles him for one. Toscano headscissors cradle one two Averno breaks it up. Averno whip, lift, and fireman’s carry cutter drop. Panther breaks up that pin, and we're just about back where we started. Panther starts a 'rana on Averno, but Averno blocks and hangs it. Volador and Mephisto dropkick Panther while he's upside down, and keep out the other técnico. One two NO. Rudos are a bit annoyed this isn't over. Whip, double back elbow to Panther, triple faceslam – nope, Avernos leave too soon and Panther reverses it to a casadora cradle. One two NO. Oh, JCR says that was captain vs captain. Good to know! Clip here? Rudos bring Máximo in, and Panther goes out. Double spinebuster on Máximo, and all three rudos go for middle rope headbutts. Spectacular fail, always. Técnicos all go for rollups, one two kickout all around. How would you feel if you were the one guy who didn't kickout there? Pretty bad. Máximo boosts Toscano for a dropkick, but Averno and Mephisto scatter, then drops the técnicos with Devil's Wings. Rudos cover, but then pull up the técnicos. Meanwhile, Volador superkicks Panther in the center of the ring, but reaches to pick him up and gets pulled in to Panther’s fujiwara armbar. Volador gives, and Panther wins. Rudos are totally confused.

Match 2: La Sombra vs Dragón Rojo Jr.
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 11/30/2010

  1. Sombra Brillante Suplex (2:15)

  2. Dragon Rojo Jr. powerbomb (3:48)
  3. Sombra 450 splash (13:36)

Winner: Sombra
Match Time: 19:39
Rating: really good
Notes: Joined with both men in the ring and shoving. Sombra hasn’t even had a chance to take of his futbol jersey. Edgar is still ref.

1: Dragon Rojo whips Sombra into the corner and gets in the low blow dropkick Poder Mexica lives on. Whip, clothesline misses, Sombra back with a headscissors. Sombra wastes no time, no hands tope con giro the floor. Sombra bumps a fan on the way down, but is nice enough to apologize. Sombra walks around ringside, recovering, and coming in the other side. Which is good, because Dragon Rojo comes in the normal side, and is in position for a springboard tornillo plancha. Brillante suplex, one two three BREAK.

2: May be joined in progress. JCR talks about Dragon Rojo winning the first part of Copa Jr. He's all over Sombra here with a boot choke. Chop. Whip, big boot to the head. Dragon Rojo celebrates on the ropes. Maybe you should win a fall? The little girl in the Dragon Rojo mask approves, who am I to disagree? Dragon Rojo smashes Sombra into the corner face first, then elbow smashes Sombra's leg. Whip, drop toe hold, camel clutch – no, Sombra fights it. He doesn’t want offend El Hijo del Santo! Sombra fights free and pushes Dragon Rojo away, but Dragon Rojo still picks him up and hips him again. Sombra turns it into a flipping run and comes back with a spin into something like an inverted headscissors. He was totally facing the wrong way, whatever you want to call it. Dragon Rojo off the ropes, powerslam, one two no. Whip - no, Dragon Rojo holds on the topes. Crowd chants – something? Whip, Dragon Rojo slides out, Sombra slide out, Dragon slides in and points to his head, Sombra jumps on the apron and knocks Dragon Rojo out with a springboard dropkick. Sombra right after him with a high speed tope. Both men down on the outside and tired. Sombra throws Dragon Rojo in and walks around ringside. Sombra springboards in – right into a self head crushing powerbomb. That looked brutal, and Sombra did it to himself. Maybe Dragon is suppose to slow down the speed there, but he really didn't.

Sombra doesn’t get up between falls. He's just down. The ring card girl causes Rey Bucanero to lose his train of thought.

3: Dragon Rojo sets Sombra on the top rope and forearms him in the back. Time to go after the mask? Yep. Sombra tries to stop Dragon Rojo and seems to be doing as much untying himself. Sombra does knock Dragon Rojo away and starts to turn around, but Dragon Rojo climbs back up with him. Superplex? Yes. One two NO. Chop on the ropes. Whip, Sombra flips over the rope to the apron, and slaps Dragon Rojo away. Dragon yells very loudly at this. Sombra slingshot in with a headscissors – time for dive 3? Sombra lines up for it, Dragon Rojo dives back in, and Sombra flips off the apron to he floor. Sombra crawls back in, but Dragon Rojo knocks him back out with a dropkick. Dragon Dive? Yes, slignshot tope con giro! Both crawl back in, but Dragon Rojo gets in a forearm. Dragon Rojo lazily drags Sombra around, inside cradle, one two NO. Sombra casadora cradle, one two NO. Sombra 'rana, one two NO! Felino tries to start a Sombra chant! Sombra off the ropes, reverse tope meets dropkick, one two NO! Dragon Rojo argues the cadence there. Dragon Rojo suplex. That probably won't be enough, but Dragon Rojo tries anyway. One two NO. Dragon Rojo kicks Sombra. Powerbomb? Sombra feds himself for it, but Dragon Rojo lifts Sombra on his shoulder for a Gori Stretch. Sombra won't give, and he'll reverse to a sunset flip, one two NO. Dragon Rojo appears frustrated. Perhaps if he tried one of his moves? Dragon Rojo kicks at seated Sombra, Sombra ducks under for an inside cradle, Dragon Rojo rolls thru for a double armbar! Daniel Bryan he is not, but it's a nifty submission on the Dragon Rojo curve. Sombra manages to scoot a foot on to the ropes. Dragon Rojo gets up and kicks the bottom rope in frustration. Try the powerbomb! Sombra off the ropes, waved by, back flip over Dragon Rojo, and catching him with a Northern Lights suplex! One two NO. Dragon Rojo claps his hands, but Dragon Rojo just lifts him on shoulders, drops him on the mat, and takes off his shirt. Time to end this? Springboard back flip into a moonsault splash, Sombra actually pulls Dragon Rojo off the mat when pining him, one two NO. Now Sombra's the one who can't believe this won't end. Dragon Rojo and Sombra exchange forearms from their knees. Now chest slaps. Dragon Rojo just falls over after one and Sombra covers for two. Sombra picks up Dragon Rojo, fireman’s drops him in front of the corner, adjusts him a bit, and climbs up. Rope flip moonsault eats knees! One two th-NO! Dragon Rojo wants to know what it'll take. Dragon Rojo psyches himself up, a bad sign. Corner charge to nothing. Sombra charges, Dragon flips him to he apron, Sombra flips back in with a headscissors. Dragon Rojo out, and Sombra goes up - moonsault over the corner post to the floor! Dragon Rojo is actually the first one up, staggering around ringside. Both circle around before making it to the ring. Dragon Rojo back in first, Sombra springboard in – right into a Dragon Rojo counter dropkick – one two NO! Not the quickest count by Edgar there, but Dragon Rojo is blaming himself. Dragon Rojo starts at a leglock, Sombra cradles him, one two NO. They’re running out of usual finishes. Sombra tosses wrist tape into the crowd? Sombra charges Dragon Rojo – Dragon Rojo catches him, bounces him off the ropes – DRAGON BOMB! One two th-NO! Well that's it, Dragon Rojo ain't winning this match. I appreciate him trying that move for me, much appreciated. Dragon Rojo gets up again, Sombra ducks under the clothesline – Brillante Suplex one two the-NO! And now they've officially kicked out of everything. Dragon Rojo charges Sombra in the corner, Sombra moves again, Sombra slams Dragon Rojo again an goes up – 450 splash may knee Sombra in the midsection on the way down. One two three SHOW ENDS.

Teleformula! What are you going to do.