CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #25 (12/12/2010) 
Recapped: 12/18/2010

Felino doing the Shocker bicep kiss as Bucanero lists the técnicos is great. We're one week away from the hair match with Aguila now.

Match 1: Mascarita Dorada ©, Meteoro, Shockercito vs In Memoriam, Pequeño Nitro, Pequeño Warrior ©
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 11/16/2010

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  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 14:05
Rating: varying wildly depending on who was in.
Notes: There is no one here for this show. In Memoriam is a fan of chains. Pequeño Warrior still has his mask at this point, of course. Threw me of for a second. I didn't realize this until right now: Meteoro is what they called Speed Racer in Spanish speaking countries. Which is why Meteoro is wearing that outfit. Warrior meets Dorada in the stage, and the way the edecanes clear out before Dorada even makes his way down signals something is going to happen. Nothing does. Oh well. Refs are Loco Estrada and uh, no one? Wow, you know attendance is bad when the refs aren't even showing up.

1: GDL locals start, Meteoro armdrags In Memoriam out, teases a dive, flips off the ropes and poses. Meteoro stands around the center of the ring waiting for In Memoriam to get back in, but he's thinking they're done. This seems to go for a while before they go back to doing spots. Meteoro's the size of a short regular size guy and really thin. Meteoro is bigger and taller than his partners. Not absurdly so, but he can't be a mini full time. Their exchange isn't much. Dorada working with mini Nitro is not near as good as Dorada/Warrior usually is. Shocker and Warrior lead to the end game, with a Shocker tope. Dorada dumps Nitro and Meteoro does the same to In Memoriam. Dorada lands the triple springboard moonsault and we never quite see what Meteoro does. From the path he was taking, my guess is quebrada.

2: Again, this starts with Meteoro & In Memoriam in, and they look very much not good. They are not near the level of the locals who usually make this show (and shouldn't be expected, given their usual experience level and position.) After a spinning headscissors goes wrong, Pequeño Warrior has had enough, and just runs from his corner to the técnico corner to beat up Dorada. Stunner on the floor starts the beatdown. Warrior teases press Dorada onto the seat, does not. Nitro goes after Meteoro’s mask for a while. Warrior tosses Dorada up the stage. Meteoro at least takes the finish well. Shockercito takes the crucifix powerbomb into the corner, which seems a bit much for the 400 or less people here. Hey, look, people leaving. Rudos all dropkick Dorada and pin him too.

3: They actually let Meteoro work with one of the regular guys where, and he manages a slow fireman's escape headscissors before doing the same dive tease as before. Memoriam is in the right spots for Shockercito’s moves, even if it only lasts 15 seconds. Dorada and warrior are their usual good, with Dorada sending Warrior out with a double rotation headscissors and following with an Asai. Everyone else in, técnicos send the rudos out – dives, tope con giro one way, tope the other! Dorada back in with a flying headscissors on Warrior, and a Toyota roll for the win.

Match 2: Máximo, Rush, Sagrado vs Dragón Rojo Jr., Héctor Garza, Taichi
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 11/16/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 15:48 
Rating: eh
Notes: Taichi's invisible dog totally flirts with the jumping ring card girl.

1: Opening mat segment goes to Rush & Dragon Rojo. I guess that's a choice you can make. They don't embarrass themselves. Garza and Máximo is next. When Garza takes of a shirt and tosses to Máximo, Máximo kiss the shirt and puts in the corner to keep for later. Sagrado takes out Taichi with a tope, but the rudos avoid the técnicos finishes to wrap it up in the ring.

Garza notices Taichi is still laid out in the front row, on top of a woman. Hector helps Taichi up, and then cuddles with the woman himself. Crowd is amused, Taichi is too hurt to be angry.

2: Beatdown. Lots of corner charges. Going thru them the second time fails as always, with Máximo landing the flying butt bump on Garza, Sagrado springboard into an armdrag on Dragon, and Rush superkicking Taichi. Rush and Sagrado hold Garza for Máximo’s kiss, which the crowd wants – and gets. Announcers and fans go crazy and that's the finish. Announcers are greatly amused by the replay.

3: Rush gives Garza the stop sign to pull of his own pants, and Garza is just appalled anyone would do this. And of course he hits Rush while Rush is undressing. Fair enough. Hey, look, a match where Rush does multiple superkicks. Garza is out on the mat, and Máximo begs to come in to take advantage. Rush agrees, and Garza starts running. There's actual moves in here before it turns into more Máximo/Garza comedy, but that's what dominates the fall. Sagrado tires another tope on Taichi, but Garza cuts him off with a kick. Rush dropkick Garza out, and follows with a pescado, but Garza kicks him too on the way down. Máximo is left in with Dragon Rojo. Máximo nearly runs into the ref, and Dragon Rojo decides to fake a foul. Máximo argues it, and Dragon Rojo cradles him up. Other rudos back in to help cover, that’s it.