CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #18 (10/23/2010)
Recapped: 10/25/09

Show opens with Felino dancing with and violating his new title belt. Such a happy crazy man. JCR and Bucanero join him, and Rey's in a hugging mood. JCR notes the rudos in the opener are all from La Laguna. JCR also says the main event is a battle between two youngsters, so one for two for him. As Rey kisses JCR, it's pretty clear this show has a one take limit.

Match 1: Blue Panther ©, Máximo, Sagrado vs Dragón Rojo Jr. ©, Euforia, Último Guerrero
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 09/28/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 9:44
Rating: bad
Notes: Playing the part of GDL Referee #2 this week is Rafa el Maya. Huh.

1: Euforia tries to go hold for hold with Blue Panther, which works out well until Panther reverses a sunset flip to send the rudo nearly into a Euforia kiss. Euforia breaks it time, but still gets punched and a flying armdrag from the exotico. Dragon Rojo lands a nicely placed kick from the outside to nail Máximo on the run, and the rudos start the beatdown from there. Dragon Rojo and Sagrado is a dangerous combination, as illustrated by Sagrado (accidentally?) dodging a Dragon Rojo legdrop right after they get started. Dragon Rojo is confused, but managed to elbow Sagrado while he's laying there. Senton de la muerte for Máximo, Ultimo Guerrero tried for a personal best headstand mark on that one. A second for good measure, and that’s how UG pins Máximo. Dragon Rojo struggles to put on (I guess) a cavernaria on Blue Panther. Panther has no idea what Rojo is doing, or Rojo has no idea what Rojo is doing, but it lasts so long that Euforia finishes off Sagrado with the Euforia Special first, and Dragon just gives up. Rough fall for that man.

2: Rudos still in control – but they totally botch the flying sit, Ultimo Guerrero not be able to handle Euforia to boost him and almost backdropping him into Sagrado. My recap may just be gifs of wackiness from this match. Dragon Rojo manages to low blow dropkick Blue Panther without incident. Sagrado comeback kick spot is slow, but his flip over a double clothesline goes well and the técnicos quickly lay out the rudos. Máximo gets the captain, but Panther gets Euforia up in a tapatía with some help from his friends.

3: Panther randomly posts Euforia as they're trying to get this fall started. Showcases go Máximo (Máximo doing Máximo things), Sagrado (required superkick) and Blue Panther last. UG shortly takes the knee bump to the outside, and Panther follows with a slow slingshot silla. That was unusual. Dragon Rojo misses a clothesline on Máximo, Máximo inside cradles him, Sagrado gets Euforia with one of his own as he tries to break it up, one two kickout. Rudos rammed into each other, técnicos pins, rudos kick out. Sagrado and Dragon Rojo go down, Euforia misses a charge on Máximo and spears the post, and Máximo spears him with a tope Sagrado gets Dragon Rojo in a time killing submission, and – well, I don't know, the camera work is pretty awful in this match and they've missed the finish here. I believe UG fouled Panther and decided to fake his own at the same time. That's how Loco Estrada rules. UG is up, fine, and complaining, and Panther is down and still hurt, so right call.

Match 2: La Sombra vs Mr. Águila
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 09/28/2010

  1. Aguila powerslam (2:54)

  2. Sombra Brillante Driver (5:00)
  3. Sombra 450 splash (10:31)

Winner: Sombra (2-1)
Match Time: 18:25 
Rating: good!
Notes: Maya, who hurried to the back after the last match, is back here as ref.

1: Lockup, Aguila waistlock, Sombra out to an armbar. Aguila slips out to grab a sort of knee bar, holding Sombra on the ground, Sombra breaks free, and gets a zero count pin before they both back away. Lockup, Sombra headlock. Aguila shoots Sombra off, Sombra back with a shoulderblock. Whip, dueling flipping runs, Sombra waved by, back with a headscissors. Aguila out, Sombra charging – tope con giro connects, Sombra slipping a bit on the floor on the landing. Does Aguila have spikes in the back of his gear? Aguila does have fake sort-of mohawk spikes on his back. That's odd. Both in, Sombra shutting Aguila down with a quebradora con giro. Aguila misses a corner charge, Sombra’s just too fast. Waistlock – no, Aguila kicks Sombra a couple times to take control, walks up the ropes, bounces off them, lands back on his feet, then scoops Sombra up for a powerslam one two three? Three? I guess all the running up the ropes helped? Huh.

Sombra needs time to recover from this devastating powerslam. Good thing there’s a break here.

2: Sombra misses a half hearted corner charge. Aguila kicks him down. Aguila in no hurry. There's almost 20 minutes left, he's got some time. Whip, back elbow. Aguila goes to rip the mask, but gets warned and argues the point. Chop. Whip, Sombra flips over Aguila, off the ropes, back with a headscissors – wait, no, Aguila just drops him down on his face. Stomp to the inside of the right leg. Aguila picks up Sombra and puts him in the corner. Corner whip, Aguila charges in, Sombra moves out of the way. Sombra charges, Aguila flips him, Sombra blocks and fights him off. Springboard armdrags on the way in, pausing shoulderblock, Sombra rushes to the ropes to do hang in between them spot. He's hanging before Aguila is even moving, so Aguila just runs over and dropkicks him to the floor. BAD PLAN. Aguila spots Sombra, backs up, charges, and kind of connects on his slingshot tope con giro. A bit off to the side, as replays show, but Sombra goes down like he was pulled with. Sombra brought back in, put in a mask pulling chinlock. Aguila listens to the warning and lets go. Suplex – no, Sombra small package one two NO. Sombra off the ropes, headscissors – no, Aguila powerbombs. One two NO. Aguila points to his head and yells to the crowd. Is he going u? No, second thoughts. Corner charges, Sombra moves, Sombra inside cradle – no, Brillante Driver! One two three! Sombra strips off his shirt in celebration.

3: Aguila threatens to walk out, then yells at the card girl not to bring out the card. She pays them no mind, because he's shot go shake her backside of the camera. This is not an exaggeration, this is what actually happens, and the announcers greatly approves. Sombra tries to surprises Aguila with a dropkick as he comes back in, but Aguila moves and stomps him into the mat. Aguila takes of his shiny weight belt and straps Sombra with it. Aguila's warned, but really paying attention. Aguila shows off his belt to the crowd for a bit, then goes to use it again, but Maya rips it from his hands. Sombra gets in a chop, but Aguila chops into the corner, points to the ramp, gets the ref to look, and hits Sombra questionably low. Boot choke in the corner. Whip, Sombra Flair flips to the apron, Aguila charges with a forearm but Sombra blocks it, Sombra jumps for a forearm but Aguila knocks him clear off the apron! Aguila is making a point to counter the usual. Aguila backs all the way up – over the corner tope con giro! Vuelo Aguila! Sombra posted. Aguila breaks the count, goes back out. Aguila slowly back in, Sombra surprises him with an inside cradle, one two no. Sombra up, bodyscissors cradle one two NO. Aguila tries to kick Sombra’s head off, but Sombra ducks an inside cradles him again, one two NO. Slow count there, for my money. Whip, Sombra tries a knee lift, but Aguila flips over for the inside cradle, one two NO. Both need a moment to catch their breath, and I actually believe it here. Sombra off the ropes, Aguila tosses him up, Sombra ‘rana, and Aguila rolls thru one two NO – Sombra grabs the ropes. Thought Aguila was going to, but Maya was right there. Aguila up first. Whip, reversed, Aguila slides out, Sombra does his front flip handspring to the floor, Aguila comes back in, Sombra cuts him off with a springboard dropkick. Time to dive? Tope! Sombra throws Aguila back in, and climbs the aprons lowly. Springboard plancha flattens Aguila, and Sombra stay son for the pin. One two NO. Crowd loudly chanting here. Sombra misses a clothesline, Aguila grabs him with a waistlock, Sombra tries to back elbow free, but Aguila slips under, and drops him with a full force front suplex! Felino roars for that one. One two NO. Aguila and Sombra up, Aguila kicks Sombra, and powerbombs him. One two NO. Mixed reaction from the crowd. Mixed reaction from Aguila, who seems pained. Sombra picked up. HEADBUTT. Again. Extra power with all that hair, you know. Suplex, Sombra slips behind, scoops up Aguila on his shoulders, and drops him in the corner of the ring. Sombra checks him self before trying a quebrada, Aguila rolls, Sombra adds the standing moonsault, one two NO. Sombra scoops up Aguila again, and sets him down near the corner this time. Sombra points to the corner. Probably should do more than points. Sombra climbs up the outside, which allows Aguila to stand up and socks him from the inside. Aguila superplex! One two NO. Maya took his time getting in position there. Both slow up. Sombra grabs the ropes, Aguila grabs him from behind, Sombra switch, Brillante Driver! One two NO, Aguila barely gets a shoulder up. Sombra argues with Maya about it, but the ref isn’t changing his mind. What now? Corner whip, reversed, Aguila charges, no one's home, Sombra scoops him up one more time, dumps him in front of the corner. Sombra goes up. Facing out – 450 splash! One two three!

Replays of the finish, and that's it.