CMLL on Televisa #994 (09/18/2010) 
Recapped: 09/24/10

Match 1: Ayumi, Dark Angel ©, Marcela vs Amapola ©, Mima Shimoda, Princesa Blanca
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2010

  1. tecnicas

  2. rudas
  3. técnicas

Winner: técnicas (2-1)
Match Time: 10:34
Rating: good
Notes: Full entrances. Time to kill? Amapola has quite the coat, with the weird extension behind the head. Break before the match

CMLL Informa

Back to the match. Referees are Babe Richard

1: Dark Angel and Mima take turns with hiptosses. Dark Angels lands on her feet out of Mima's, but she takes Dark Angel down with a rollup and kickers her while she's down. Dark Angel up and missing a dropkick, and Mima grabs on with a headlock on the mat. Dark Angel tries to roll free, but Mima holds on. Back suplex does the trick. One two kickout. Some odd angles being used here – never know if they’re being bad or misaligned. Mima suplex is gets reversed into a Dark Angel small package for two, and the two continue to exchange cradles for a bit. They're nicely done, but the fall is not ending this quick, with no tags. Dark Angel dropkicks Mima out to end it. Tag to Ayumi. Amapola, looking like a less inflated version of Esther Moreno with her black body suit and light blond hair, dropkicks Ayumi. Whip, Ayumi back with a clothesline. Off the ropes, an oddly angled clothesline. They're like sickle clotheslines. Windup forearm! Amapola lays on the bottom rope, and the camera switch misses a hard running dropkick from Ayumi. Neatly enough, Ayumi saves them the trouble of a replay by doing a second dropkick, right to Amapola's face. Ayumi is fun. Of course, then they show the replay anyway. While that's going on, Amapola gets control, and gets in her running sit to the back. Replay of that too. Ayumi manages a fireman's escape armdrag, then gives Amapola running double knee in the corner. Amapola runs to a sitting position, so Ayumi adds another running double knee shot. Amapola pulls herself on the ropes, and Ayumi drops her with a double knee chinbreaker. Amapola rolls out to save her life, and Ayumi does the fake dive roll. Blanca in and staring at her, but it's Marcela who fights her. Marcela ducks the clothesline but not the chop, and they have a fight over those. Blanca wins by blocking it, kicking Marcela, and tossing her by the hair. Whip, Marcela climbs the corner and drops Blanca with a missile dropkick. Blanca flips Marcela to apron by her legs, but Marcela pulls her down by the hair and takes her over with a top rope headscissors. Double underhook – backbreaker. Mima kicks Marcela and holds her, but Blanca high kicks her partner, then flips Marcela right into a plancha on Mima. Other four in – Ayumi gets Amapola with a satellite armbar, and Dark Angel gets Blanca with a reinera. That's the fall.

2: More Dark Angel and Mima leads to Dark Angel battering Mima in the corner with punches, until Mima ducks one and chops Dark Angel for a bit. No one's impressed by Mima's chops, but Dark Angel's over head belly to belly suplex is impressive. Cover for two. Dark Angel dropkick barely connects, but its' enough to send Mima out. Fake dive pose. Marcela dropkick Amapola as she comes in. Marcela charges again, Amapola sets her up top and – pulls her off? Maybe Marcela flips free? Whatever the case, the ruda knocks Marcela adown and charge the técnicas to start the beatdown. Spinebuster, ax kick to the top of the head for Dark Angel. Toss/missile dropkicks spot on Ayumi still has a low connect rate - this time, Amapola dropkicks Ayumi low, and Ayumi grabs the area rolling around on the mat in pain. Marcela gets thrown around by the hair instead. Time to finish up - Blanca and Amapola get their finishes on Dark Angel and Ayumi for the fall.

3: Amapola sets Ayumi on the middle rand pulls her down hard, though it's shown from the far camera away and tough to make out. Mima a missile dropkicks Marcela. Marcela moves (easily) out of the way of a double dropkick from Amapola and Blanca, and superplex Mima to start the comeback. That's some start. A bit much, actually. Dark Angel and Ayumi clear out the other two – plancha on both. Marcela gets Mima with the double underhook backbreaker, for one pin and the referees speedily countout the others.

Since when do they play the music of the winning captain after the win?

Fans pick Místico to win.


Fan of the week gets to put Eléctrico in a full nelson.

Charly Manson promo.

Match 2: Mr. Niebla ©, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero vs Charly Manson, Olímpico, Psicosis ©
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2010

  1. Peste Negra

  2. Invasors
  3. Peste Negra

Winner: Peste Negra
Match Time: 7:25
Rating: eh.
Notes: Invasors enter as teams. It's just Perico (with a wig) for Peste Negra. Invasors let him walk into the ring, and then beat him down. Charly beats Perico with his own noisemaker! Peste Negro run out to make a save, which kind of lets them attack the Invasors from behind. Was that the plan – wait until Perico gets killed, laugh, and then run out?

1: it narrows down to a one on ones really quick. Negro Casas/Charly Manson is recent técnico Negro Casas – chop fight, sleeper, kick fight. Charly and Negro end up on the apron, where Negro gives Charly a big DDT, and lands his usual silla. Niebla slaps Olímpico into Bucanero’s slingshot chinbreaker. Niebla lands his own handspring back elbow, and puts Psicosis in La Niebla while Perico legdrops and taunts Olímpico.

Mystery luchador is very obviously Ultimo Guerrero.

Stellar Movements

2: Bucanero gets the best of Olímpico and Psicosis, then Niebla in to dance and catch his own spit. Quebradora con giros for Psicosis, and a slap sends Psi out. Charly Manson leaps in, then slaps out with Negro comes in. Manson does breathing exercises to calm down – then lets Psicosis take his place. Negro ducks a Psicosis clothesline and boots Charly on the apron. Negro takes care of Psicosis and Olímpico, but they grab him from behind and Charly chops Negro around. Olímpico clears off the opposing apron to start the beatdown. Crowd boos the Invasors – rudos who actually get booed here, how odd. Olímpico & Psicosis take turns holding Negro in a camel clutch so Psicosis can kick him repeatedly. Olímpico bumps Pierco off the apron, but Niebla saves his parrot friend. Negro’s kicked around a bit. Rey's picked up for Psicosis middle rope senton, though they drop the pirate before Psicosis actually connects him. Charly goes back to pounding on Negro. Referee call off the fall, though Negro was never actually beat. Doesn't seem like he gave up at any time either, though they might have ruled him out after those kicks.

3: They're brawling on the outside when the show picks up the match. Psicosis picks up the metal steps and pokes Niebla with them, and the closest referee immediately tries to get in and breaks up the match, giving into Mr. Niebla. It doesn’t seem like it's the finish – everyone seems a bit confused goes on fighting, and Invasors even go to their corners to continue, but the referee raises Rey Bucanero's arm again. Psicosis and Charly walk off, but Charly turns around and comes back. Not sure where Olímpico disappeared to.

Fans all picking Místico.

Cut back to the post match, where Negro Casas is challenging Charly Manson to a hair match. Everyone else has vanished (but the referees.) Charly says he's not going to face a CMLL wrestler with these referees. He wants Tirantes as ref. I guess that explains the finish?

Místico promo.

Match 3: Místico vs Volador Jr. Copa Bicentenario
Arena Mexico, 09/17/2010

  1. Volador top rope ‘rana (3:33)

  2. Místico up and over sunset flip (3:51)
  3. Volador backcracker (9:16)

Winner: Volador
Match Time: 16:40
Rating: OK? Usually Místico match in 2010.
Notes: Entrances. The dancing girls are very concerned about being caught up in a warzone on the aisle, looking back and forth to see if one's going to charge the other. No fight, though. Volador is wearing his black Venom outfit, Místico has his usual gear with red/green accents. Rafa El Maya is ref.

1: After all that, Volador tosses Místico to the ramp, and powerbombs him there. It's a gentle powerbomb. Místico thrown over the top rope and back in. Whip, big flapjack, and a kick to the head. Not in a big hurry here. Volador points to the ropes. Whip for Místico, clothesline misses, Místico back with a headscissors. Out he goes, Místico follows with a tope, right into the empty seat. Místico crawls in first. Volador on the apron, waiting for him. Místico charges, ducks the forearm and shoulders him in the midsection. Volador up top, but Místico catches him with a dropkick. Místico on his hands and knees, slowly standing up. Crowd boos. You can see how he might be tired, it's been nearly 3 minutes (or longer than that without the edit.) Místico pulls Volador towards the corner. Replay of his dropkick. Crowd booing Místico even more, and poses to annoy them. Taking way too long to get up, and Volador stops him with a swing kick to the head. Helps that Místico was just standing there with his head leaning over the ropes waiting got be hit. Both on the top rope – top rope 'rana, one two three.

Highlights of the Heroes de Bicentennial. Lizmark matches his mask with a tie, always a good fashion move.

2: Magadan reacts to something going on that the cameras aren’t interesting in showing us. When they pick up, Místico is on the ground on the floor and Volador is climbing out to join him. Replays shows Volador put Místico on the top rope, which miraculous caused him to bounce to the floor. Odd physics on that one. Volador picks up Místico and rams him into the post back first. Clip? Volador crawls back in, and Místico is very slow to join him. Místico makes it back in, so Volador throws him back to the ramp, and chases him to the stairs. Kick to the head. Volador climbs up the stairs with Volador, and tries to suplex Místico off the elevated portion. Místico blocks it, and superkicks Volador to the stage below. Volador takes a safe bump, doing a roll in the process. Fans boo as Volador gets up on the main entrance stage – Místico drops on him with a huge plancha off the stage. Místico goes back to the ring to celebrate, and to argue with Rafael Maya about it going back to follow up. This breaks up the count, which is good since Volador is taking his time coming back. Volador is all shaky on the stage, and staggers back down the ramp down towards the ring. He's a slow staggerer, but makes it back in – and right into a drop toe hold. 619 (boooooo.) Místico up and over sunset flip, one two three. That was not a lot.

No break, right into the third fall, though a break's coming.

3: Circling. Clip? Volador's on the apron some how, and kicking Místico down in the ring. Volador let’s everyone know he's going up, then stands on the bottom buckle for a bit. Slowly climbing to the second. Slow climbing to the third, and Místico kicks the ropes to crotch Volador. Volador falls back in the middle of the ring, and Místico pulls him into the corner, one two no. Místico misses a clothesline, Volador gets a fireman's escape headscissors. That sends Místico out, and Volador follows with a tope con giro.

Volador crawls back in, leaving Místico behind. Místico is dead tired, gets to his feet, dives on the apron, is dead tired again. Volador tries to hit him as he again, but Místico swings kicks him down. Springboard sunset flip, Místico holds on for a second (blocking Volador from rolling thru), then pushes Volador thru, Volador back with a dropkick to the face. One two NO. Snap mare, mask ripping. Whip, clothesline misses, Místico headscissors, I bet he's going to do a dive. Oh look, he did a dive. This match is every Místico singles match ever. Both dramatically crawls back in and take a break. They go to break just as they're resting – if ever there was a time to cut something out, that was it.

Toscano has no energy even in the lineup section.

The clues all on the mystery wrestler identity all but say “his name is Ultimo Guerrero.”

Volador goes up. Slowly. No one can climb fast in this match. Místico stop him with a swing kick. No one can climb to the top rope unimpeded in this match. Moonsault side slam. One, two, kickout. Místico can't believe it, but does have about 15 seconds to consider it. Crowd shot, and back to dueling casitas. Volador gets his in, one two kickout. Crowd chanting for both men, but Volador seems louder. Both guys are really tied. Crowd shot. Both guys are doing their flipping runs and full speed. I'm beginning to think this might be fake. La Mistica, Volador throws him down on his chest. Volador falls to his knee, breaths for a bit, pounds the mat, then is told by Maya to cover, and goes to cover – one two kickout. Both up, Místico snap mare. He stretches for the mask, but before Místico can rip it, he's distracted by the boos. Místico is really upset about them this week. Whip, Volador back with La Mistica, but Volador squirms free at the last second. Místico points to his head, and his arm a bit. I like how the Mística not happening exhausts them both. Both up, and the ropes, and the crowd competes on chants. Crowd shot, and suddenly Volador is out of the ring. Boos – let's just assume headscissors, because here's the dive. Tornillo – comes up empty. It's kind sad when even that spot is kind of routine. Volador throws Místico back in, sneaks up behind him – backcracker. One two three. My god, Místico should just stop going for tornillos. It's the only way he loses big matches.

Volador celebrates as medical personal check on Místico. He's not moving but blinking a lot. Confetti rains down and the smoke machine go off after a bit. Ringo Mendoza and Satanico come in the ring, and Místico is stretched out. No one seems that concerned. The older wrestlers present Volador with his trophy. Volador shakes both of their hands, and Satanico pulls Volador in to say something in his ear quick. Not sure if it's a congratulations or what.

You can hear booing as they turn the music down. Volador declares himself King of the People, and thanks his maestro Satanico profusely, even getting on a knee to accept a handshake. Crowd chants for Volador. Is this a different version of Volador's music? Is this just different music? Is it a mashup? I'm more interested in this than Volador's post match interview – it's definitely a mash up. Volador talks about his being a big win in his career and confirms he's staying on the rudo side – he's the best rudo.

Next week: Sombra, Mr. Niebla, Místico, Olímpico, Strong Man, Negro Casas, Rey Bucanero, Volador Jr. and Mr. Aguila.

Why do they have this really generic white/red logo everywhere?