CMLL on LATV #20 (09/11/2010) 
Recapped: 09/16/10

Opening music is different this week.

Match 1: Astral, Mascarita Dorada ©, Último Dragoncito vs Demus 3:16 ©, Pequeño Warrior, Pierrothito
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:43
Rating: Good.
Notes: Pretty sure Dorada doesn't know Demus & Halloween have broken up, because he's fighting one or the other every match. I think Demus's shirt has a cartoon of him, Hiroka and a dog on it.

1: Demus and Astral start of on the mat, as the announcers discuss the bicentennial tournament. At this point, Demus has won, and a lot of guys in this match are in the yet-to-happen second bracket. Other matchups are the usual ones: Pierrothito/Dragoncito and Dorada/Warrior. Those are a bit sharper, but that's what you'd expect. Highlight is Dorada toping Warrior, Warrior catching him on his shoulders, and Dorada armdragging away anyway. Other técnicos are whipped into each other, whipped into the corner, and moving out of the way of charges. Minis follow with simultaneous moonsaults the floor. Dorada and Warrior back in, Dorada up and over sunset flip for three (though Warrior wasn't much down.)

2: Demus/Dragoncito is short but good. Astral double springboard flips in. He still seems vanilla. Lots of escaping via flips from Perro's moves, but a chops top him. Astral drops down on a charge, walks up the ropes on turn, flips, poses, and Demus dropkicks him in the back. Demus whips him around, Pierrothito trips him up and pulls him out, and Warrior lands the guillotine legdrop. Demus cleans out the other técnicos, including pulling Dorada to the top of the ramp and throwing him down. Warrior gives Dorada the tiniest stunner ever, and other rudos double hiptoss him into Warrior's upraised boots. Casadora frontcracker for Dragoncito, and Pierroth covers for the pin. Warrior tosses Dorada back in the ring, each técnico grabs him by a limb, and everyone kicks hi in the back for a bit. Everyone covers for the fall.

3: Corner clotheslines on Averno. Dorada is to quick for his, escaping and headscissors Pierrothito out. Demus manages to get in a boot to the head to stop the quicker man. Demus tosses him around by his mask, but Dorada recovers to get Demus with a double spin armdrag. Demus yanked around by his hair, kicked around. Whip, and a triple spin headscissors! Even Warrior applauds at that one (though he may be slightly sarcastic.) Dorada is dizzy, so Pierrothito tries to run him over with a kick, but Dorada falls out of the way in the time. Pierrothito reverses a whip and tosses Dorada behind him to the ropes. Dorada never totally lands on the ropes, but falls forward into a plancha on Demus. Demus catches him great, but I'm pretty sure that's not what they planed there. Pierrothito and Warrior bumble fighting Astral, and both end up on the camera side. Smart people start running out of the way. Astral tries a pescado, but the rudos catch it. That leaves Dragoncito – tope con giro bounces off and over in the pile and right into the guy sitting in the second row. That looked no fun for anyone. Dorada tosses Demus around in the ring, up to dropping him with a forward fireman's slam. Top rope Asai Moonsault, but Demus gets his feet up. And Dorada bounces. Double underhook piledriver, one two three.

There is no way that's not a piledriver. Demus collects his partners as Demus lays motionless. Pierrothito is so concerned, he walks over Dorada on his way to celebrate.

Match 2: Felino, Negro Casas ©, Rey Bucanero vs Charlie Manson, Héctor Garza ©, Mr. Águila
Arena Mexico, 08/13/2010

  1. Invasors

  2. Peste Negra
  3. Invasors

Winner: Invasors (2-1)
Match Time: 13:34
Rating: not as good or as fun as hoped
Notes: Referees are Tirantes and Babe Richard.

1: Negro and Charly last on the mat for a bit before the Invasors decide to clear the ring. Parrot runs from danger. Bucanero is held on the apron for Garza's loud kick. Backbreaker/legdrop combo for Felino and that finishes him. Aguila tosses Negro down, and Garza pins him with – an elbow drop? Huh. Tirantes congratulates Garza on his well fought win.

2: Invasors really don't do much before the parrot comes in and grabs Garza from behind. Garza turns to chase, and Rey pushes him in front of the Invasors kicks. Peste Negra take over the ring, and quickly win. Camera misses Negro's dive. Bucanero holds Charly down, and the Parrot splashes him. Felino and the Parrot run around the ring making airplane motions. Garza tries to get a hold of the parrot, but the Peste Negra kick him away. Felino lifts Aguila on his shoulders, ,and drops him face first on the ramp.

3: Garza gets trapped in the wrong corner and kicked around by Bucanero, Felino and the parrot. Negro provides a distraction. Garza manages to crawl away and yell something loudly enough to get bleeped. Aguila probably should not be doing headscissors at this point. Garza appears to have spent the last week in the tanning bed. Negro swears so blatantly, he gets bleeped AND blurred. Garza has the better of Bucanero until the parrot sneaking in a quasi foul. Felino misses up with Charly dances with the parrot. . Charly kicks the apron down in mid-dance, but he and Felino are a bit lost for a moment. Charly ends up taking a backbreaker and spearing the post. Negro and Garza starts of comedy and then turns into a strike battle. I knew this was going to be comedy, but I expected better comedy for some reason. Or better something. Garza rolls out after taking a kneebreaker. Parrot tries an apron plancha, Garza catches and tosses him. Negro tries his silla, Garza catches him too, but Negro turned into a 'rana (!) and sends Garza head first into the post. Bucanero and Charly in and slapping. Manson is able to slide Bucanero out on his chest, and follows with a big tope. Felino flows with his double jump tope con giro. Aguila spins around and poses before just getting over the ropes with his slingshot tornillo. Negro does cartwheel (???) before Garza cuts him off with a kick. Whip, Negro drop toe hold, casita, one – no, wait, Tirantes it the ref and he has to tie his shoe. Negro shoves Tirantes, Tirantes shoves Casas, Hector Inside cradle, Tirantes fast count – one two there.

Tirantes walks off before anyone can argue with him. Replays and they're done.