CMLL Puebla #104 (09/05/2010) 
Recapped: 09/18/10

Second anniversary show (which means the show number is close to correct!)

Teams for the next match due a group promo. Centella de Oro seems to be leading his team, Tiger Kid has his team.

Match 1: Asturiano, Black Tiger, Centella de Oro, Lestat vs Durango Kid, Puma King, Raziel, Scorpion in a cibernetico match
Arena Puebla, 08/30/2010

Winner: Raziel
Match Time: 12:38
Rating: really fun, like *** ½
Notes: Puebla has him as “Kid Tiger”, which may be right. I wonder how Lestat feels about Matt Hardy's recent wackiness. Rafael Maya gets put in charge of these eight goofballs. I am not sure if this is an atomicos or a Cibernético, actually. I though ti was a Cibernético, but they just put “primera caida” on the screen. Lots of discussion between the teams before this match can get started. Puebla guys wait on the floor, CMLL guys are mostly waiting on the apron, so maybe they don’t' know. Looks like Escorpion and Black Tiger will start whenever they do start.

Clip here? Off the ropes avoidance, Escorpion puts up the stop sign so he can pose. Scorpion's clothesline misses, Black Tiger back with a messing spinning headscissors. Tiger charges after him, tope con giro really would've been trouble if not for Escorpion's nice catch. Replay of the dive. Black Tiger in and looking at the fans, but Scorpio springboards off the top rope perfectly into a backcracker. One two three! That was quick.

Asturiano surprises Escorpion with a dropkick and takes over while they show replays and update the people in this match. (It's definitely a cibernético.) Raziel is in by the time the telecast returns, but Asturiano gets him with a walk up the ropes armdrag. Asturiano sets up for a dive, but Tiger Kid cuts him off with a superkick. Whip, toss into a gutbuster! That might be it. Tiger Kid rolls Asturiano on his back, then rolls him over completely again (now they're close to the ropes) one two foot on the ropes. Tiger id backs up across the ring, Asturiano charges with a casadora, but Kid Tiger crawls away from the campana or whatever it is. Kid Tiger shoulderblock, off the ropes, under the leapfrog, and back for the dropkick to the backside. One two PULLS HIM UP! No, don't do it! What a fool. Whip, Kid Tiger slow 'rana, Asturiano reverses it, one two three. What a fool. Crowd is thrilled.

Durango Kid in and dropkicking Asturiano, kinda but not quite on traget. Lestat is in while they update the eliminations. Lestat's really bad punches are a bit too close to being a Hardy Boy. Durango kicks him down and stomps him. Corner whip, reversed, Durango kid flips Lestat to the apron, Lestat blocks Durango's punch and springboards in with an armdrag. Out to the apron – Asai moonsault, no one's home, Lestat lands on his feet and gets chopped down anyway. Durango Kid back in – but so is Asturiano with a wheel kick. Whip, quick reverse into a step over heel kick by Durango. Whip, head down too soon, Asturiano jumps on his back and pulls him into a sunset flip, one two NO. Nifty idea. 'rana, Asturiano can't get the legs to hook them, one kickout. Durango ducks a clothesline and locks on with a sort of a jumping legscissors. Cross armbreaker, Asturiano gives.

Centella de Oro and Escorpion. First time we've seen Centella. Chop fight break out, no winners. Centella off the ropes, over, under, Escorpion rolls and Centella stomps him. Whip, reversed, time for some of Centella's wacky jumping armdrags. A second, then off the ropes, and tossed into an Escorpion flapajck. Lestat jumps in to bail on his partner, springboard sunset flip, Escorpion rolls thru and runs over him with diving double knees. Escorpion's got this one in hand. Hard chop for Lestat. Whip, reversed, tilt-a-whirl escaped, Lestat kicks him, Canadian Destroyer. Nothing brings the announcers more happiness than yelling the name of an American move. Not even winning a house from CMLL. One two three.

Durango and Lestat going after it. Durango flips to the apron, but forearming Lestat away. Durango leaps to the top rope and jumps follows with a tornillo onto Lestat. No staying on for a pin. Lestat charge, blocks Durango's punch, and scoops him up. Forward fireman's slam, and Lestat goes up top. Centella cheering from the outside. Lestat faces the ring, hops to spin around, and moonsaults Durango Kid. One two three.

It's down to Raziel for team CMLL rudos. Lestat stays in, and they pick up with Lestat having dropkicked Raziel out of a dropkick. Lestat covers, one two no. Chop. Whip, reverses, Lestat goes over, back with for a monkey flip, but Raziel cartwheels out of it and dropkicks Lestat to the floor. Centella checks on his partner, but then rushes in to take his place. Centella rallies the fans. Centella off the ropes, 'rana, rolls thru, Raziel on top, one two NO. They were almost in the ropes there. Centella retreats to a corner, runs out, casadora cradle one two NO! Centella drop toe hold, casita, Raziel shoves him off, Centella bounces off the ropes with a back elbow to knock him down. Centella takes a break, charges again for an elbow, Raziel shoves him to block it, drop toe hold, legs tied up around the wrist, Centella flipped to stand on his head, Raziel slips his arms under Centella legs, and steps on Centella's arms, then its down for pressure - that's Super Comando's Clutch, but may be done better. Done really well, at any rate.

Lestat and Raziel, that's all that's left. Picked up with Raziel down. Lestat clothesline caught, Raziel back elbows him into the ropes. Raziel charge,s Lestat flips him over the ropes, and Raziel takes a big bump to the floor. Lestat sets up again, and this time the Asai moonsault connects. Lestat drops to his knees and then his stomach in exhaustion. Both crawl back in, Lestat looking in better shape. Lestat dumps Raziel in front of the corner. Thumb across the throat, slapping the buckle. Lestat not in a speedy mood as eh climbs. Guns pose (haha), hop twist, moonsault, the pool's empty! Raziel covers, one two NO. Raziel chops Lestat into the corner. Corner whip, reversed, Lestat charge in but again comes y up empty. Raziel sets him on the ropes near the buckle, and climbs up on the middle buckle with him. What's his plan? Raziel puts on a pumphandle armbar – ohhhhh, middle rope split legged inverted powerslam! Raziel just killed that bugger. One two three. You could count to a billion on that one.

Replays. Raziel talks about the best. I'm not arguing with him.

Match 2: Blue Panther, Máscara Dorada, Místico © vs Héctor Garza, Mr. Águila, Psicosis ©
Arena Puebla, 08/30/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 10:14
Rating: good
Notes: Garza tosses his shirt at Místico and dropkicks him to sneak attack the técnicos.

1: Brawling beatdown. Místico makes a quick comeback off a missed corner charge, but Psicosis is able to put him down with a dropkick and Dorada isn't fast enough in to take advantage of the numbers. Powerbomb for him. Tirantes trips Panther as he comes in. Psicosis gets Panther up in a tapatía with both his partners helping, then lets go of the arms so Garza can kick him. Psicosis drags Panther from the ropes and pins him, during a replay. Rudos kick around Místico, who threatens to hit Tirantes. Garza cheap shots Místico, snap mares him, and Tirantes break the speed record on his three count. Místico might've kicked at one. Terror Chino argue about the count, but says he's helpless to the técnicos. Rudos celebrate with Tirantes.

2: Rudos pretend to give the técnicos a fair shot only to jump them from behind all over again and start the beatdown. Místico would probably be more effective if he fought his actual opponents instead of grabbing Tirantes by the collar every chance he gets. Garza tosses him a far into Aguila's gutbuster, then works hard to pull of Místico's mask. Místico takes the blind loud kick off the apron from Garza. Tirantes congratulates Hector with a hug then, then blocks Panther from punching his buddy. Double clothesline on Panther goes bad, and Panther leads Aguila and Garza into springboard dropkicks from the other técnicos. Triple dive? No, Panther fakes out the tope to send the others around the corner. Camera sticks with Místico for his dive, but he doesn't (people in the way) and we miss Dorada's dive on Garza. Místico climbs down to the floor to brawl with Aguila instead. Panther and Psicosis back in. Psicosis takedown, kick is caught, Panther spins him around and holds him down in a pre-nudo lagunero – he didn't left him up, didn't kneed to I guess. Terror Chino counts the pin.

Why is Siki Osama wearing a Matt Schaub jersey? So many questions!

3: Garza and Místico start, though Tirantes can't seem to count quick fast enough to beat Místico here. Místico gets Garza with a headscissors, Aguila gets Místico headscissors, Dorada tries a springboard inverted tope, but Aguila kills him with a dropkick to the back. Dorada rolls out, and both he and Místico get crushed by Aguila's tope con giro. Good they had two people to catch him. Garza tells them to get up so he can dive, but Panther's waiting for him – shoulderblock sends Garza out. Psicosis in to confront Panther. This is the high point of Psicosis career. Psicosis off the ropes, under a clothesline, back with a headscissors, out with a tope, sending Panther up the aisle. Dorada in, but the other Invasors have the best of him with kicks and such. Dorada tossed up by Garza, down on Aguila with a 'rana, no one there to count, now Terror Chino does – one two three. Místico off the ropes, La Mistica on Garza. Tirantes throw his arms up, there's nothing he can really do. Garza gives. Crowd is thrilled.

Místico challenges for the tag titles. Without Tirantes referees. Dorada gets to talk too. Místico gets the fans to chant naughty words at Hector.

Sombra vs Volador hype interviews/video package.

Match 3: Volador Jr. vs La Sombra for the Mexican National Light Heavyweight Championship
Arena Puebla, 08/30/2010

  1. Sombra rope flip twisting moonsault (3:43)

  2. Volador corner headscissors piledriver (2:05)
  3. Volador mask pull (19:38)

Winner: Volador (2-1)
Match Time: 25:26
Rating: Great. **** ¼, give or take a half star.
Notes: Sombra doesn't have his usual music. Diamante is his second. Nitro is out with Volador. Title belt presentation and rules discussion! Wow, there's a lot of time left in this show. Rafa el Maya is the presiding referee.

1: Crowd shot, and Volador already has Sombra in a modified figure four when they come back. That was quick. Volador tips up Sombra, armdrag, Volador holds on for one of his own, standoff. Lockup, shoulder to shoulder, Sombra backs Volador up a couple steps, falls on to his back, and monkey flips Volador over, they both hold onto the wristlock and Maya has no issue counting them both down – one two no. Both roll, Volador using Sombra so they can both get to their feet. Volador monkey flip, but Sombra flips out of it onto his feet. Zero leg trip by Volador, Sombra headscissors him from the mat. Sombra with the trip, Volador pulls of a casadora armdrag. Volador sweep, cover for zero, Sombra trip, headstand over, standoff. Sombra off the ropes, flipping over Volador. To the middle rope, and headscissors sends Volador out. Sombra wasting no time – tope! Volador set spraying yup the aisle, and Sombra-masked fan in the front row is up and clapping for his man. Replays while the seconds check on their luchadors. Sombra back in first, Volador taking a moment before getting up the apron. Sombra punches, Volador blocks and swing kicks him in the chest. Volador climbs to the bottom rope poses, climbs all the way up, and gets crotched by Sombra. Elbow to the top rope was enough. Sombra flattens Volador in position, climbs up first, rope flip twisting moonsault, one two three. That's one to the challenger.

2: Sombra's fired up, but Volador takes his time starting this fall, and gestures to the rudos fans. The building really hasn't filled up since the first (TV) match; it was just maybe 7 rows deep at the time and it's still that much but they've turned the lights down. All along, though, it's sounded like there's a lot of people in the upper section, and the occasional shots up above seem to confirm it. Volador off the ropes, over, wavy by for a flipping run, and back with a spinning headscissors. Sombra grabs his head. Volador off the ropes, punch misses, Sombra shoulderblocks him, hides in the ropes, Volador spots him and dropkicks him straight to he floor. Pull that trick on someone else. Volador waste no tope – tope con giro to the floor. Sombra fan now very concerned! Replays of the dive. Volador just getting up as they come back live. He rolls in over the bottom rope, while Sombra circles around to a side and pulls himself up with the ropes. Springboard plancha connects, but they keep rolling. Sombra into the corner, Volador charges, Sombra flips him up, Volador gets the headscissors and drills Sombra into the mat, piledriver style! One two three! Maya is calling for help as soon as he gets three, and both he and Diamante are concerned. Volador is thrilled, and so are the rudo fans.

3: Diamante is walking Sombra around the ring, massaging his neck, as the whistle blows. Sombra is still hurting, putting his head down on the apron. All this needs is Diamante putting a cape on Sombra, Sombra walking towards the back, Sombra stopping, ripping the cape off, and rushing to the ring in James Brown style. Sombra instead just climbs back in the ring. Volador tries to ambushed him with a dropkick, but Sombra spins out of the way, and goes back to holding his neck. Sombra charges into the corner with a jumping elbow, but Volador moves this time and Sombra is slower to cover. Volador monkey flip, Sombra lands on his feet, Sombra clothesline misses, Volador leaps at him for a monkey flip, Sombra just dumps out him over his head and out of the ring. Sombra running, flip over the ropes and off the apron to the floor. Volador slide in at the same time, and cuts Sombra off with a kick as he tries to dive back in. Volador takes his time, wait for Sombra to get up, and puts him back down with an Asai Moonsault. Crowd chants for Sombra as we see a replay. Maybe that's Volador? Maybe it's both? Volador crawls in, Sombra stand on the apron. Forearm battle is won by Sombra. Sombra springboard 'rana – no, Volador just lets him drop for a self powerbomb. One two NO. Announcers are already going nuts. Replay of the powerbomb. Back live, Sombra's seated, Volador tries a kick, Sombra ducks under and inside cradles him, Volador rolls thru and reverses it to a double armbar! Sombra's hanging on, hanging on, Maya teases the give up, but Sombra holds on some more. Sombra turns his body around on the mat, probably going the long way, but holing on a long way, and finally getting his foot on the ropes. He had to turn that 270 degrees, but he did it. Volador powerbomb. Cover, feet on the middle rope one two kickout, though I think Maya caught it at the end. He lets Volador know about it, anyway. Volador untying Sombra's mask before rolling him back over for another pin. One two no. Both guys waving for support. Volador off the ropes, Sombra moves out of the way and Volador flips himself to the apron. Sombra double jump dropkick knocks Volador to the floor – top rope moonsault to the floor! Both guys slow up,. Sombra climbs back in. Nitro actually lifts Volador up and helps him to the apron, which gets him a warning from Maya. Sombra's in the middle of the ring on his knees, Volador's sneaking behind him – yes, it's time for the required cavernaria. One arm drop. Two arm drop. Three – NO! Sombra's got he arm up. He's firing up. He's breaking the chinlock. He's – falling on his face because he's tired. Volador get sup and stomps him feet. Volador sets up Sombra's legs for that figure four variant we saw earlier, but Sombra pulls him into an inside cradle one two NO. Not only did Maya take a moment to get into the right position, but he did the dramatic slow count. Sombra not happy with him, and Maya accidentally gets kicked in the kickout. Whip, reversed, Volador forward roll into inverted figure four! Sombra in trouble, and slapping the mat in frustration. That alternates with a push up to crate some room. Sombra grabs his heed, turns, pounds the mat, turns, an d finally gets to the bottom rope. On the other side of the ring this time. Volador frustrated, Sombra nodding his heads to the fans. Volador waving to the rudo fans? Whip, reversed, Sombra head own too soon, and Volador scoops him up inverted Gori Special. Sombra holds on, but he's got no ropes to get to this time. Sombra fires up one more time, pulls him self over, and gets a headscissors cradle one two NO! Sombra bodyscissors cradle one two NO. Both gathering their breath. Sombra lifts Volador on his shoulders, and drops him – in the center of the ring? What's the plan here? Sombra steps on Volador, goes to the ropes, catches his breath, looks at the fans a bit. Quebrada, Volador rolls out of the way, Sombra standing moonsault hits, I guess. Sombra moonsaulted too far this time, and Volador didn't roll straight, so Sombra hit him on the knees. Everyone acts as if Sombra hit what he meant to hit, cover one two no. Thank goodness that wasn't the finish. Volador sits up, Sombra kicks, Volador lays down, Sombra moonsaults on top of him in one motion. One two NO. That was about a four count with how slow it was. Sombra and Volador grab at each other, Volador untying Sombra's mask a little more. Volador clothesline misses, Sombra back with a headscissors, and out goes Volador again. Another dive? Super tope con giro! Over the top, looking just like the flip he does off the apron, but farther on. Frantic towel waving by the seconds as TVC Deportes gives us a couple of replays. Volador got hit by Sombra and still almost landed on him. That's odd. Both guys look shakey, but Maya watches Sombra come in and misses Nitro actively shoving Volador into the ring. Announcers notice. Sombra clothesline misses, Volador 'rana, Sombra rolls thru one two NO. Announcers are way into this. Both slow up. Volador into the corner, Sombra charges, Volador flips him to the apron, Sombra slaps him down. Volador gets back up on the apron, and they both climb up the ropes. Both on the top rope, Volador 'rana, Maya takes the long way around to count again, one two NO. Volador can't believe this. Announcers yell “SUPER FRANKENSTEIN” many times. Sombra clothesline misses. Volador step over enziguri is ducked. Sombra scoops up Volador drops him by the corner (very close) and hurriedly climbs up. Rope flip moonsault! Sombra with the dramatic cover one two – Volador has the ropes. Sombra hit the dive but he needed to pull Volador a little bit away from there. Sombra's a bit frustrated now. Sombra goes up again, but takes his time. Rope flip moonsault meets feet this time. Volador covers, one two NO. Nitro argues the count. Volador leading chants for himself. Volador off the ropes, dropkick misses, Volador stuck in the ropes, and Sombra brings him out with a guillotine legdrop. One two no, again Volador has the bottom rope. Sombra pulls Volador to the middle of the ring, one two kickout. Both guys masks look loose. Sombra pointing to the técnico section as everyone makes noise. Whip, reversed, reversed again into a Sombra inside cradle into a sort of bridging suplex! Crazy! Maya circles around to cover one two NO hand on the rope again! Sombra tries to pull Volador to the center of the ring, but eh won't let go. Sombra grabs both legs, and catapults Volador into the middle rope had. Volador dragged into position, and Sombra heads up again. Crowd uncertain about this, and Sombra takes a long time climbing – so long that Volador climb up with him. Both on the top rope – moonsault sideslam. One two NO! Announcers head is about to explode. Lots of stomping on the wood seats, or banging on the seats or something. Volador signals for noise. Clothesline misses wildly, Sombra front cracker, Volador staggered, backcracker! One two th-NO! What's left to kick out of? Sombra clothesline misses, Volador puts his hand up, Nitro distracts Maya, Volador pulls off Sombra's mask, small package, one two three. Awwww.

Nitro carries Volador around in celebration. Técnicos protest, but Volador gets his arm raiised. They're out of time, so the replays air over the final credits.