CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #12 (09/04/2010) 
Recapped: 09/18/10

Felino and JCR check Felino's watch and note Shocker's nowhere to be found when the show starts. How unusual for Shocker! Anyway, Felino is so hyper for this main event, he starts talking about it when JCR asks him about the rudos in the semimain. Oh, wait – Felino doesn’t want to talk about the rudos in that match, because he's one of them – and he's got to go. We're down to one commentator.

Match 1: Hijo del Fantasma, Rotoporky ©, Sagrado vs Ephesto, Felino ©, Terrible
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 08/17/2010

  1. técnicos

  2. rudos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 13:37
Rating: Eh.
Notes: Entrances. Felino sure does change clothes quick. Ephesto seems to be working out Mr. Aguila's gym. Porky tries to get to close to Felino while dancing. Referees are the usual.

1: Rey Bucanero and a guy who works for CMLL's who name I don't catch have turned up to be the announcers with JCR. Fantasma and Porky showcases (crowd very excited to see him) before the finish.

2: Short Sagrado bit – or it may have been cut by Teleformula, who appears to join the fall in progress – and a shorter Porky/Felino but before the rudos take over. Felino sets Porky up in the corner, hits him questionably low, and covers for the pin. That was weak.

3: Rudos stay in control, lots of walking around and punching and Porky related clowning. Porky is too fast for the the rudos, moving out of the way of Ephesto's charge, running over Felino with his gut, and eating Terrible's boot. Sagrado took out Terrible with a missile dropkick, Fantasma gets Felino with a headscissors and topes Terrible. Sagrado topes Ephesto. Match ash been built around Felino & Porky, so it comes down to them at the end. Felino tries to slam Porky, Porky is too fat, Felino collapses, that's the pin. Cut to break almost immediately.

Match 2: Místico vs Jushin Lyger
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 08/17/2010

  1. Lyger bomb (2:14)

  2. Místico casita (3:23)
  3. La Mistica (10:04)

Winner: Místico (2-1)
Match Time: 15:41
Rating: ***
Notes: As always, the edecans struggle but persevere and find a way to dance to Lyger's music. And then Lyger dances with them! Lyger is a great man. Loco is the ref. Místico waits on the ramp during the introductions, climbs the ropes to pose as his name is announced, steps in the ring...

1: ...and is immediately smashed into a corner buckle. Lyger takes Místico out to the ramp, and loudly slams him there. Lyger sends Místico down to the floor, and throws him into a post, shoulder first. Fans taunt Lyger, and Lyger taunts them right back. Místico thrown into another post. Loco is outside warning him, but Lyger just waves him off. Scoop, slam. Lyger telling the fans of. More gesturing then telling, but you get the idea. Back inside. Crowd chanting something at Lyer, but can't hear them over the announcers. Lyger clotheslines Místico. Lyger picks up Místico, spins once and half, and drops him with the Lyger Bomb, one two three. Good thing this is three falls.

2: Joined as Lyger is pinning Místico. Místico kicked out! That's a relief. Lyger sets Místico up on the top rope and goes after his mask, getting it 75% off but Místico holding it over his face. Required fall from the corner that causes Místico's mask to slightly fall of for a second. Cameras don't get it this time. Corner whip, Lyger charges in but no one's home. Místico swing kicks Lyger from the apron, springboard dropkick connects, casita, one two three. Well, this hasn't been much.

3: Lots of time left, but who knows how early this show will end. Lyger in no hurry to start, stopping to pose in different corners as Místico circles around. This turns into a crowd reaction battle, and the crowd's behind Místico tonight. Místico teases taking off his shirt, and Lyger tells him to do it already. Místico does, and Lyger chops him as he's getting the shirt off. That's thinking right here. Lyger doesn't follow up, though. Both up, Lyger chopping, and down goes Místico. Stomp. Boot choke. Loco warns him – about using the ropes as he chokes? They have an argument. Announcers try to figure out which language they're arguing in. Chop. Lyger in no hurry. Whip, Místico flipping run, Lyger claps his hands before missing a clothesline, Místico drops on him with a springboard reverse plancha. Spinning headscissors sends Lyger to the ropes, but he hangs on. Místico cups his hand to his ear and walks around the ring, as Lyger circles too. 619 fakeout sends Lyger out, Místico follows with a tope.

Replays, then back in. Místico 'rana, one two no. Both slow up. We're here already. Místico tries a bodyscissors cradle, but Lyger flattens him out with an inverted powerbomb. One two no. The long pauses are giving me time to proofread quite a bit. Místico charge, Lyger flips him over to the apron and slaps him to the floor. Lyger all the way up – plancha connects.

Both pull themselves up. Lyger crawls in, Místico circles around. Lyger charges, Místico stops him and knocks him backwards with a swing kick. Springboard sunset flip, Lyger rolls thru, dropkick to the face, one two no. Maybe Místico shouldn't obviously shove Lyger thru the sunset flip, that's not going to help him at all. Lyger argues the count. Felino has joined the announcers at some point. Spinning Lyger Bomb, and Bucanero is on top of it, noting it ended the first fall. One two NO. Crowd does not react special for it. Brainbuster! That's worked the last few weeks, but they're close to the ropes. Loco positions himself in between Místico's lower body and the ropes to count – one two Místico grabs the ropes. Lyger protests the lack of a three count to Loco, and those two argue for a moment. Lyger raise his hands in victory – and Místico inside cradles him one two NO! Lyger waves his finger no no no no no, he's not beat. Lyger misses a clothesline, Místico dropkick to the knee, casita one two NO. They're running out of finishes, except for the usual ones. Both slow up but grabbing each other. Místico suplex, blocked, Lyger suplex, blocked, Místico slams Lyger instead, and drags him near the ropes. Místico going up – no, pausing because the crowd is warning him. Místico decides to slow climb up anyway. Taking way too long. Top rope senton con giro, but Lyger isn't in the area code. He rolled out off the way way in time, and purposefully crawls back on top, one two NO. Lyger and Loco argue 3 versus 2 once more. Lyger stands up and yells. Místico off the ropes, back with La Mistica! Right in the center of the ring, Lyger gives up immediately. Loco jumps in the air to wave the submission, and lands on his back! That's a big win when you can get the ref to take a back bump. Crowd is joyous.

Místico wants a shot at Lyger's Middleweight Championship right here. Lyger grabs his arm and starts to walk off, but the chanting crowd distracts him. Lyger standing on the ramp, so people are tossing things at him, and Lyger chucks someone all the way across the ring. Lyger throws a fit and walks off.