CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #7 (08/07/2010) 
Recapped: 08/07/10

Match 1: Metal Blanco, Stuka Jr., Valiente © vs Averno ©, Exterminador, Máscara Mágica
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 07/13/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 18:54
Rating: messy
Notes: Referees are the two Guadalajara referees. Mascara Mágica still looks like Mascara Mágica. Hey, remember how Averno stopped being Rencor Latino and started being Averno? It was because he was feuding with Mascara Mágica! Small world. This seemed a very important to share at the time, less so when I’ve gone back to edit this. Metal Blanco has his belt.

1: Metal Blanco/Averno is Averno putting him in arm submission for two minutes. Metal Blanco gets nothing. There's a natural break, so Averno rolls out, and Metal Blanco is upset about getting no comeback. He demands Mascara Mágica tag Averno back. Averno reluctantly returns, and tosses Metal around a bit more. Metal Blanco's partners consoles him after the repeated failure, but Averno's gone now and Exterminador is in. Crowd chants “Pirruris” at Exterminador, and it seems like they've been doing it for a while based on everyone's reactions. Exterminador is highly annoyed. Meanwhile, Metal Blanco still demands to face Averno. Averno doesn't want to go in, but just to keep this going, in his comes. Metal Blanco manages to armdrag and dropkick Avenro this time, finishing with his handspring pose. I think Averno just let himself be hit get Blanco to leave him alone. Averno sulks out side, and annoys the fans. Mascara Mágica takedowns on Stuka and starts running punches to his chest, which cues a rudo beatdown. Rudos clean house via brawling, and Mágica goes rips up Blanco’s mask, taking the whole top half off. Exterminador tries to do the same with Stuka's mask, but has a few problems. Mágica hangs Stuka on the top rope instead, and Exterminador dropkicks him questionably low. Mágica crotches Blanco on the post on the outside. Averno finishes things with a Devil's Wings on Valiente, though Exterminador gets Stuka with a spinebuster for good measure.

2: Rudos, having been stymied with Stuka’s mask, find his trunks much easier to shred. At least the right leg, the left leg is a bit more of a problem. Mágica spinebusters and punches him again. LEGDROP ON THE LEG. It’d be like old times if Mágica was wearing the Spider-Man trunks. Metal Blanco manages to sneak a backbreaker on Exterminador when the other two aren't paying attention, but he's worked over and kicked out soon after. Valiente walks up the corner on a whip, but comes down nowhere close to Mascara Mágica for the armdrag. That takes some effort after the fact. Exterminador dropkicks him out. Stuka whips Mágica and dropkicks him out. Averno misses a kick on Stuka but knees and headbutts him. Stuka off the ropes, Exterminador kicks him. This is all a bit off. Metal Blanco comes in so it's two on two brawling. Rudos just kind of kick Stuka to the apron, then come together to boot Metal Blanco. Crowd is quiet. Valiente back in. Are they just going to restart this comeback? Okay, pretend the last minute and a half of the fall didn't happen: Valiente walks up the corner on a corner whip, Mascara Mágica throws himself thru the corner, Valiente hopes down to armdrag Exterminador. Averno misses a senton, and runs right into a Valiente backbreaker. Stuka does an Asai moonsault only Mágica, which gets the crowd back into this big time. Metal Blanco runs up the ropes and springboard out with a tornillo. Valiente almost loses his footing on a double springboard jump to the top, but comes back with a headscissors. Layout chestbreaker, one two three.

Técnicos keep brawling after the fall, with Valiente pulling Avernos' mask briefly, and the other rudos thrown around by their hair. Exterminador's trunks are ripped up.

3: Mascara Mágica is lifted by his hair, and they rip up his tights as well. Averno spends a lot of time running from Valiente. Valiente finally catches up to him when things settle down, and punishes him with a monkey flip. Loud slaps, too. Valiente has a bad landing off a corner back flip, but still armdrags Averno out. Mágica kicks him down, and turns towards Metal Blanco, clearly expecting him to jump in. Blanco does not, so Mágica turns back to stomping Valiente while signaling him. Stuka lets Blanco know too, so when Mágica turns back to Blanco, Blanco does springboard in – with something a cross between a silla and a headscissors. It's all ugly, that I know. Mascara Mágica clearly regrets returning. Exterminador helps him up, and they miss a slow clothesline on Blanco. Blanco back with a dropkick that only gets Mágica. Exterminador picks him up, while Metal Blanco comes back wit a springboard armdrag. Blanco runs, but just for another handspring dive fake. Stuka in, and ends up dropkicking out both the unmasked rudos. Averno ends up standing on the floor with them, setting up a nice triple tope by the técnicos. Exterminador ends up in the second row. Crowd is very appreciative. Stuka back in and backbreakers everyone. Mágica and Exterminador gets a handle on him long enough to miss a clothesline, but still boosts Stuka into a Mágica powerbomb.

Not the captains, so this goes on. Mágica boots Blanco in the corner. Whip, Exterminador clotheslines, Mágica grabs him and Exterminador lifts him up for the front powerbomb, but Metal Blanco reverses it into a bodyscissors cradle while Exterminador celebrates. One two three.

Still not the captain, so it's 2 on 2. Metal Blanco headscissors Exterminador out, but Averno rushes in and boots him. Valiente in for his side. Off the ropes, waved by, back with a headscissors. Valiente Special is picture perfect. While they're both down, Averno reaches over to Valiente, and bites him on the hip! One referee is out breaking that up, leaving Loco in. Replay of that, and back with Metal Blanco almost wining over a 'rana. Blanco kicks Exterminador in the chest, but while Loco talks to Stuka, Mágica storms back in, fouls Metal Blanco, and pulls Exterminador on top. Three count, and the match.

Match 2: Máximo & Sagrado vs Héctor Garza & Texano Jr.
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 07/13/2010

Repeat from the previous week.