CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #5 (07/31/2010) 
Recapped: 08/04/10

Match 1: Ángel de Oro, Ángel de Plata, Stuka Jr. vs Cancerbero, Shigeo Okumura, Yoshihashi
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 07/06/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 18:05
Rating: OK
Notes: Referees are Loco Estrada and the other Guadalajara referee who's name I don't know.

1: Slow start. Pairs are Angel de Oro/Yoshihashi (still figuring out he can skip the chinlocks here, fans entertain themselves chanting against each other), Plata/Cancerbero and Stuka/Okumura. Maybe it's just the camera not hiding it, but Okumura gets to place to set up spots a lot faster than eh needs to. Cancerbero boots Stuka out, fakes a dive, and lures Stuka in position for Okumura's apron tope con giro. Angels rally against the devil dog, and Yoshihashi is no help at all. Takedowns, submissions, that's it.

2: Oro looks good against Yoshihashi, though no good enough to prevent Cancerbero from mockingly clapping for him. Plata oles Cancerbero with a couple of handshakes and is slapped for it. Cancerbero stomps Plata on a monkey flip try, put place Plata on the top rope on a corner charge, but gets kicked away and headscissors. Double springboard tope knocks him down, quebradora keeps him down. Plata back flips for fun. Stuka and Okumura chop fight. Stuka over, under, cheap shotted from behind, and the rudos take control of the ring. Angels are knocked off the apron, though Plata decides to wander around the stage instead of actually going down. Angels walk back in and are chopped around. Cancerbero decides he'd like to go beat up on the rudos on the floor rather than help his Japanese partners. I think that's his idea, anyway. Brawling and mask pulling. Rudos get it together for corner clotheslines, then hold Oro for a Okumura missile dropkick. Pin? Yoshihashi German suplex, one two three. Oro is still folded up after. Cancerbero gets Plata with a half crab armbar, and that's the fall.

3: Beatdown continues. Cancerbero unties Stuka's mask, and the rudos tease taking it off. Stuka's whipped into a Cancerbero quebradora con giro, and Stuka's mask goes flying. Or, more accurately, Stuka grabs his mask and tosses it while in spin. No one on the rudo seems aware of this, and they all please innocence while the Angles are for the DQ and the match. Stuka is still down covering his face, and Okumura slips back in the ring, throws the mask to Stuka, and Stuka puts it back on. Referees decide to allow this to go on. Angel de Plata argues with one referee from inside in the ring, and Stuka reaches out and tags him, but the referees won't allow the switch either and the angels are just losing their minds now. Rudos have all gone to the apron for a moment to stay out of trouble, but come back in. Okumura and Cancerbero hold up Stuka to taunt the técnicos, then the Japanese go out again. Oro reaches thru the ropes and makes a tag, but again the referee say it doesn't count - he's to far from the corner or something. Yoshihashi takes over and chops Stuka down, but Stuka crawls away to make a completely legal tag to Plata. Again, the referees disallow it, and the rudos are allowed to pull Stuka back. Double chop finally goes wrong, Stuka gets booted out as the Angels come in with springboard armdrags. Triple dive tease turns to no dive. Stuka just hops to the apron for an Asia Moonsault as the other two slide out and back in. Angels come back together for a flips and a boosted dropkick, before their own Asai Moonsaults on the other rudos. Replays. Okumura and Stuka back in, Stuka fireman’s drops Okumura in the corner of the ring and heads up. Okumura is sitting up as Stuka knocks him back down with the top rope splash. One two three, that's the match.

Match 2: Héctor Garza & Texano vs Máximo & Sagrado
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 07/13/2010

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Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:22
Rating: usual, not worth watching if you’ve ever seen these guys before
Notes: Hey, remember when Texano turned on these Texano? Neither do they, it’s okay.

1: Rudos jump the técnicos off the bat, and it doesn't go long. Lots of holding for hits. Máximo lays on top of Hector Garza after he rolls off the pin, and Texano has to break up the sexual harassment. Garza teases the giant swing, and then does a slowly and barely off the ground version.

2: Early part of the fall is based around butt slapping. Máximo starts the comeback, misses the fainting pin splash, still rolls up Hector in a small package while Sagrado finishes Texano

3: Ring girl slips a bit on the ramp, which gets as a loud as a reaction of the night. She responds by doing a high kick, then jumping in place on her high heels. You can tell how serious Hector Garza is taking this match, because the third fall is when eh finally takes off his warm up pants. (This causes Máximo to faint.) Crowd chants for – Máximo kissing someone in the crowd? Sagrado takes out Garza with a tope near the end of the fall, and that section just explodes. Crowd seems a lot fuller than the stat of the show, and really into it (even if this just feels like a rote match between these four). Máximo gets Texano with his usual plancha off the apron, and crowd chants for another kiss. Máximo teases kissing the ref as the production goes to a replay of his dive. Garza/Máximo comedy, Máximo lands the kiss, but it's Texano who finishes with the surprise small package for the pin. Garza tosses Sagrado into a pin on Texano, but Sagrado gets the 'rana to tie it up. Hector is actually great in his disbelief about this fall going on. Hector immediately trips Sagrado into the bottom rope, Texano yanks Sagrado's mask, and Garza pulls him in an inside cradle. Referee is dealing with Máximo, but comes back in time to count three.

Técnicos get revenge by holding the referee for a Máximo kiss.