CMLL Guadalajara on Teleformula #5 (07/24/2010) 
Recapped: 07/26/10

Felino bails on the announcers , leaving his belt and dirty underwear behind with Julio Cesar and Shocker, because he's got a match. What's the match playing behind the announcers? It's Neutron, awesome.

Match 1: Delta, Diamante, Gallo © vs Ephesto, Euforia, Felino ©
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 06/29/2010

  1. rudos

  2. técnicos
  3. rudos

Winner: rudos (2-1)
Match Time: 12:34
Rating: ok, but nothing great
Notes: Abbreviated entrances.

1: Quick moving fall, técnicos getting some offense and the next rudo jumping in to break it up but getting very little before the next técnico steps in. Fuerza D looks a bit sloppy, but Delta's Asai Moonsault onto the masked rudos goes well. Gallo & Felino, matched up here, end up being the last pair that actually matters. Felino tripped up Gallo easily and had the clear opening for the casita, but opted for a different role instead. Been a while since I've seen Ephesto do that finish, and usually not the legdrop part of it.

2: Mostly a brawling, submission time killing beatdown. Diamante sells everything like's been electrocuted. Gallo starts the comeback, escapes a double rebound hiptoss with a headscissors on Felino. That's more to set up the other two with a springboard headscissors, right into their dives. Straight moonsault by Delta, corkscrew spring moonsault by Diamante. Felino lands a top rope reverse plancha (nice name, Shocker) on Gallo, but Gallo rolls thru, shoulderblocks him, and knocks him over with a quebrada for the fall. Gallo is thrilled.

3: Lots of revenge brawling on the outside before this fall gets started. One on ones include Felino taking off his shoe, and forcing Gallo to smell the inside. That should be a disqualification offense! Julio Cesar explains the story about Delta originally being named Guerrero Delta, but someone put the wrong name on the program and it stuck. Delta looks the best of the three in this fall's one on ones, but Felino trips him up when going for a dive and it runs from the rudos from there. Gallo's whipped into Ephesto's shoulderbreaker. Euforia clearly wants to give Diamante the Euforica Special, but Diamante turns the wrong way, so Euforia just powerbombs him very hard instead. That's never fun.

Match 2: Jushin Lyger & Mephisto vs Máximo & Místico
Arena Coliseo Guadalajara, 06/29/2010

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  2. técnicos
  3. técnicos

Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 17:18
Rating: mailed in for the first two falls, at least ok for the last one
Notes: Lyger holds up a Lyger sign that's nearly unreadable on TV. Oh well.

1: Felino joins the announcers during the opening moments of the match. Místico/Mephisto on the mat goes nowhere. Lyger is deathly afraid of being kissed by Máximo, and won’t wrestle him, then walks around covering his face. Problems continue this way, until Máximo is distracted by the crowd chants and Lyger ax-handles him from behind. Both the rudos beat up Máximo, then Mephisto take care of Místico himself. Mask untying time. Místico has dark hair today. Mephisto gets it to pop up for a second, then Místico falls backwards in the ring and the mask comes off again, but Místico finally get it back secure. Místico makes a comeback, ducking a clothesline and headscissors Mephisto, but Lyger stops him and the rudos kick down the técnicos again. Outside of Lyger's anti-Máximo tactics , this has been not much of a fall. Lyger gives Místico a quebradora, then a brainbuster that's close to a suplex. Mephisto finishes Máximo too.

2: Joined in progress. Rudos still in control, still brawling. Bad quebradora by Mephisto on Místico. Mephisto teases a martinete on the ramp, but of course no. Místico and Mephisto blow the comeback superkick spot they were setting up – Místico slips – so they just huddle and try it again. Mephisto breaks away so he can fail again against Máximo, Máximo taking Lyger with headscissors and Mephisto takes his own. Místico holds Lyger for Maximo's crawling kiss, which I guess somehow gets past his mask. Replay of Máximo licking his lips and getting for the kiss. Usually finishes for both técnicos for the fall.

3: Normal técnico showcase fall, making it a lot more action packed the prior two, but nothing you haven't seen from these guys often before. For the finish, Máximo took out Mephisto with a plancha off the apron, Místico escaped the brainbuster to give Lyger a suplex and added a springboard senton con giro for the win.