CMLL on LATV (new) #6 (04/03/2010)
Recap: 04/22/10

Match 1: Astral, Bracito de Oro, Eléctrico © vs Pequeño Violencia, Pequeño Warrior ©, Pierrothito
Arena Mexico, 03/26/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 6:56
Rating: not much
Notes: Entrances. Poor Astral doesn’t have a video. Bracito climbs up the steps to confront Warrior in front of his video screen, but Warrior and his great black and white checkered robe backs away and around him towards the ring. Pierrothito is out last and has his belt. By this time, Bracito has manages to knock Warrior down off camera. Everyone else stands around, Pierrothito cheap shots Bracito from behind, but is warned by a ref. Bracito brings Warrior in the ring to start the match.

1: After about 20 seconds of Bracito bumping around Warrior and out, the rudos attack him, but the other técnicos make super quick work of them. Not sure if it's the angle or the application, but Astral's finishing hold on Violencia looks unconvincing on first glance. (Think it's the angle, because it looks better on replay.) Feuding guys rush in for a spot, and Warrior retreats up the stage again.

2: Everyone seemed lost and on different pages. After another Warrior/Bracito bit, the other rudos casually started a beatdown. There was a long build to a top rope spot on Bracito de Oro which Astral sort of got involved with and never actually came together. Astral just got shoved off the top rope, the rudos went to do other things, and Bracito continued to lay on the mat waiting for someone to leap on him. Not good. Camera missed the Violencia finish, but that was more on the wrestlers having too many things going on at once. Rudos continued to aimlessly fight on the outside instead of trying to finish the fall. Thought they were just going to end it with a countout for a moment, but they brought it back in for more brawling. One of the referees finally explained they needed to finish the fall, so Pierrothito covered Bracito while he was under the ropes. That doesn't work, so Mini Warrior slammed Bracito, and Violencia added his senton to end this. Mini Warrior went right back to the mask.

3: Astral has a nice backdrop escape into a headscissors spot to star the comeback. The comeback spots by the lighter técnicos are the best part of the match, even though Eléctrico totally misses Pierrothito on his top rope moonsault to the floor. Even though it should end with Warrior and Bracito in the ring, Warrior sends Bracito out so he can get in a slingshot axhandle, then throws the big man back in. Warrior suplexes Bracito, but Bracito reverses it into a small package for the dreadfully abbreviated match.

Bracito punches and stomps Warrior, but in quite weak fashion.

Match 2: Metro, Sagrado, Valiente © vs Dragón Rojo Jr. ©, Misterioso II, Sangre Azteca
Arena Mexico, 03/26/2010

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Winner: técnicos (2-1)
Match Time: 11:14
Rating: seen much better
Notes: Metro has his belt. Valiente does not have his belt, but does have Monito. Poder Mexica enter as a group. Sangre has a skeleton head, and has handed off the bird helmet to Misterioso. I'm not sure I'm so high on the current Poder Mexica music. It'll have to grow on me. Dragon Rojo can not remember his opponents in the promo!

1: Short fall theatre continues. After a short back and forth, Misterioso flips Sagrado out of the ring towards the ramp, straight into a big Dragon Rojo dropkick. Metro rushes across ring to dropkick Sangre off the apron, but Misterioso spinebuster both remaining técnicos at once. (Tries to, anyway. He's no Ultimo Guerrero, it's a bit clumsy.) Misterioso holds them down for Dragon Rojo and Sangre Azteca's double low blow dropkick, and the rudos pick up the fall.

2: Poder Mexica beatdown, which is not the peak of some of their killing sprees but still pretty sharp, followed by Sagrado jump starting the comeback. The comebacks against Poder Mexica always seem very layered and planned. This one had Sangre taking a monkey flip back into the ring from the apron, Metro sending him more up than over. Metro backed up for a tope running rope con giro off the ramp onto Misterioso, while the other two finished up things inside.

3: Showcase is not good, with Valiente (bailing on a top rope move, going for it again, then just doing a flip back into the ring) and Metro (bad looking spin kick – I think it was a spin kick) not looking especially good. Match picks up when Poder Mexica adopts a strategy of letting the técnicos try to set up moves and then kicking them very hard. Dragon Rojo nearly separates Valiente’s head from his body with a leaping in the ring dropkick, and Misterioso later hammers Valiente with an enziguri. Técnicos get it together enough for Sagrado to set up Valiente on the top rope for a moonsault onto Misterioso, then the other técnicos defeat the other rudos.