IWRG on Teleforumla #20 (03/20/2010)

Match 1: Black Terry (c), Chico Che, Dr. Cerebro vs Avisman, El Hijo del Diablo, Gringo Loco
Arena Naucalpan, 03/14/2010

  1. Gringos

  2. Black Terry
  3. Black Terry

Winner: Black Terry's team (2-1)
Match Time: 16:35
Rating: about the same level as the other matches in this feud
Notes: Gringo Loco hands out the tornillo on the way to the ring. Gringos now want to know as Gringos VIP. Nice making jackets and sunglasses. The other team enters as a group, but the Gringos rush Black Terry and Chico Che on the sitars. No idea where Dr. Cerebro ended up. Oh, the rudos have found him and hit him.

1: No opening whistle due to the brawl, of course. TeleFormula does not have the best shots of this, just zooming in with it's steady cameras, all of which are set to shoot the ring and far away from the action. Dr. Cerebro dives off the raised seats onto someone, except the camera mostly misses it. Black Terry and Diablo head to the ring, and I guess that's the official start of the fall, though I'm timing from earlier. Black Terry gives Hijo del Diablo a backcracker (that's 1.) Pose. Small package, reversed by Diablo, one two three. Terry complains he was under the ropes, but no. I guess Black Terry is captain. Técnicos are confused, then argue with the referee. Fight breaks back out on the outside, with much slapping all around. Hey, I actually hear the whistle.

2: Announcers talking about Muhammad Ali vs “a luchador”. I guess that's vaguely like what's to come. Rudos appear to be winning the brawl. It's no that it's close, it's that they can only mange to show one fight at a time and only the ones nearest to the ring are actually lit. I like how they have spotlights spinning around, but can't use one to light the area where Diablo and Cerebro are fighting. Back in the ring, it's more brawling and biting of foreheads. Diablo and Cerebro find the Corona fridge. Backbreaker/middle rope legdrop on Black Terry, actual wrestling moves. Gringo and Avisman take out Dr. Cerebro with a double dropkick to the knee, and add a moonsault/legdrop combo. Two man suplex on Chico Che, and a Diablo drops Gringo in a wheelbarrow legdrop. Diablo has joined the other two in the ring, and they hold Cerebro in armbars. Diablo sunset flip, Gringos off the ropes, Cerebro is sat up, and dropkicked down. Gringo has time to get some more tortillas out of his bag and toss them to the crowd. He also gets some cactus leaf out, and pricks his finger in setting them up on the mat. How is this legal? Gringo and Cerebro battle with the spiky plant right behind Cerebro. Punches and chops back and forth. Gringo off the ropes, dropkick knocks Cerebro into the ropes, he bounces forward but doesn't fall on the pointy leaves. Gringo Loco charges, Cerebro scoops him up on his shoulders, (Diablo puts his hands on his head and is scared of what's next, though doesn't actually do anything), F5 onto the cactus leaves. One more lift and drop on the cactus, as Black Terry clears Avisman out and hits Diablo. Diablo wanders over to Cerebro, and gets dumped on the cactus leaves as well. Sliding dropkick by Cerebro knocks Gringo all the way to the second row. Avisman comes back in, as the officials carefully clean up the ring. Black Terry hiptoss, Cerebro springboard leg lariat, Chico Che spear. Terry covers, one two three. Diablo back in, so I guess Avisman wasn't the captain. Chico Che headbutts Diablo, Terry and Chico pulls him in a two man tapatía, and Cerebro adds a dropkick to the head. Chico Che going up! Chico Che top rope splash! That'll do it.

Everyone continues to fight on the outside. Break.

Everyone continues to fight on the outside. Still. Chico Che and someone go into the crowd, with a referee trying to break it up.

3: Brawl eventually returns to the ring. Hey, look, they can't get their graphics to work. While Black Terry fights Avisman, the match grinds to a halt when Cerebro comes in the ring, then drops to his knees. He's bleeding form his forehead, and there's some corner about it, enough to stop the match temporarily. Everyone, including Dr. Cerebro, ends up rolling out, laving Terry and Avisman in to exchange chops. Terry catches Avisman and drops him with a cradle DDT to end that. Tags to Chico Che and – well, no one coming in right now. Chico has discussion with referee Rosas first, then Avisman comes back in for more slaps to the chest. Chico Che cartwheel over a drop down? Chico Che bottom rope headscissors! Gringo in, Chico Che avoids him off the ropes, then pulls of a spinning headscissors to send Gringo out. Diablo in, but Chico Che stops him with a quebradora. Chico Che celebrates, then tags out.

Dr. Cerebro starts to come in, but it's Black Terry vs Gringo Loco instead. They compete for cheers in the corners. Gringo rushes Terry and kicks. Whip, reversed, Gringo kicks Terry, off the ropes, clothesline knocks Terry down. Cover, one two no. Gringo Loco's clothesline is caught, but he spins Terry into a DDT, one two no. Corner whip, reverses, Gringo gets his boot up, off the middle rope, and jumping right into a cutter. Terry covers, one two Avisman breaks it up. Chest slaps. Corner whip, Avisman counters the charge with a sunset flip, one two no. Terry inside cradle, one two no. Announcers having microphone issues. Avisman dropkicks Terry out, and runs – tope! Gringo in, and waiting for his dive – tope con giro onto both men. Chico Che in! Crowd chants for him. He's got a red circle of blood on his forehead, but he's going to try this – thru the rope tope! Diablo in to try his own, but Cerebro cuts him off with a missile dropkick. Cerebro looks a bit shaky on his feet and maybe lost more blood than he was planning on today. Cerebro puts Diablo in a armbar, then grabs Diablo's wrist – Diablo had some sort of knucks on his hand! Cerebro puts them on himself and decides to hit Diablo. Once gets him a warning from Rosas. Cerebro persists, Rosas grabs him, Cerebro knocks out the ref. Cerebro continues working over Diablo, and the second referee returns from checking on the dive victims. It looks like he's going to let the match continue, but the he notices the other ref out and calls the match off.

Match 2: Dhani Jones vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr.
Arena Naucalpan, 03/14/2010

Winner: Mascara Año 2000 Jr. by disqualification
Match Time: 7:32
Rating: good for what it was.
Notes: Mascara Año 2000 Jr. is wearing a sombrero and a poncho, and has Mascara Año 2000 Sr. with him. He might as well be waving a Mexican flag. Crowd is completely behind the masked rudo. Gringo Loco leads out Dhani Jones, wearing a mask as Oro Negro. He's also tossing flowers to everyone. I have no idea. There are some people willing to high five Dhani. Looks like he's also throwing out glittery confetti- he'd totally be banned from Arena Puebla!

Dhani Jones climbs in the ring, walks around some, then goes back to the apron to hop back in. I think he may be having a little fun with this. Or maybe they just needed another take for TV. Referee meeting with both wrestlers about what is legal and what is not, not something you see out of title matches. Groin are still illegal, good to know. This has to be explained to Dhani. Before the match can start, the ring announcer and the referee have a discussion, then the referee talks to Gringo, and Dhani Jones is upset about something. There's the commission who I forget who it is, and he discusses with Gringo and Dhani – the mask must come off before the match. This seems very much like a planned bit, but that's okay.

And, we're off. Mascara turns to wave to the crowd, and Jones grabs him to lockup. Battle over the lockup. Break. Lockup, no, Mascara shoves him away. Pumping his fist – but Dhani Jones tackles him into the corner. Jones backs off and Mascara crawls out, grabbing his ribs. Devastating tackle from a football player, you see. Mascara taking his time on the outside. Up to the apron, but Dhani Jones knocks him off with an elbow. Dhani gets to pose a bunch here. Mascara in no hurry to continue this. Dhani posing on the middle rope. Mascara back up to the apron, and knocked off again. This is really going nowhere. Jones doing a lot of walking around the ring and waiting. Mascara on the apron, Dhani holds him and forearm him a bit. Suplex in! Running elbow drop. One two NO. Dhani waves to the crowd, then puts on a chinlock, I guess. Dhani is way into the chinlock, screaming to the crowd. Jones lets go, and waves to the crowd. Oh, he's going after the mask. Dhani appears to yank it rather without untying it, and that's not getting him anywhere. Jones scoops up mascara on his shoulders, spins around with him, and drops him forward. Jones to the middle rope – but Mascara saves his life with punches to stop him. Mascara scoops Jones off the middle rope, and slams him from his shoulders. Mascara is fired up. Posing on the ropes. Plenty of posing. Jones tackles Mascara into a corner again. Kicks and chops. Chops in the corner. Corner whip, Dhani Jones charges in, Mascara moves this time and kicks Dhani Jones into the corner. Out to the apron, to kick Jones back into the ring. Cover! One two foot on the ropes. Mascara is upset. Chest slaps on the ropes, Mascara stopping to signal to the crowd after the second. Whip, Jones off the ropes, into a back elbow. Jones goes down, flat. Mascara waiting for Jones to get up – running takedown! Somehow, Mascara hurt himself on that. BREAK. And this is where the show ends

Back, and Mascara is picking up Dhani. Whip, Mascara charges in with a clothesline. Corner whip, corner forearm. Snap mare, with Jones landing on his back. Snap mare, this time Jones landing on his side. Oh well. Seen worse. Kneeling surfboard by Mascara. Mascara waits for Dhani to get up. Dhani stands, spreading his arms wide and making himself as big a target as humanly possible. Mascara dropkicks him, and Dhani collides with the referee, behind him for no reason. Referee goes out of the ring. Dhani and Gringo, and Mascara Sr. take a look at the ref. Mascara grabs Dhani from behind, Dhani heel kick fouls him. Gringo throws the ref back in! One two three!

Mascara Año 2000 Sr. tried to stop that count, but was a bit too late. Dhani Jones rushes to one corner to pose, than to another, then to a third, but the referee and the seconds are still having discussions. Referee wants to talks to Dhani, but Dhani's too busy posing. Referee signals to Dhani that he saw what happened (though he has a forward kick instead of back kick) and awards the mach to Mascara Año 2000 Jr.