CMLL - 05/16/09

Had some extra time.

Match 1: Amapola vs Marcela in a lightning match
Arena Mexico, 05/15/09

Winner: Amapola
Match Time: 9:49 - backcracker
Approx Rating: quite good
Other Match Notes: This match appears to be sponsored by Mujers de Valor. Or it ought to be. Someone needs to organize a PSA campaign for the minis to get their lightning match on air. No entrances, but we do get in-ring introductions. Terror Chino is your referee.

Circle. Lockup. Break. Lockup, Marcela waistlock, Amapola out into a hammerlock. Marcela getting an escape each in an armbar, then turning it into a wristlock and taking Amapola down. Amapola gets to her feet, but gets pulled into a headlock. Reversed into a front facelock, reverse into an armbar, Marcela trips up Amapola and moves up into a crossface. Amapola rolls to her side to put Marcela on her back for a pinfall, one two no. Circle. Lockup, no, Amapola hooks Marcela's neck, flips her over her hip, then rolls backwards with Marcela locked by her arm. Amapola armbar, Marcela kips up to try and reverses it, but Amapola tightens it, takes her down, and tangles up Marcela's legs before spinning the hold into a lock – reverse figure four! Marcela's in a bit of trouble here, but gets the ropes. Alexis has quite the stylish orange surgeon's mask on while taking photos of this. Marcela crawls, and grabs the bottom rope with one, then both arms. Amapola does not let up, pulling her back from the ropes and stomping her. Marcela rolls out of an armbar and tosses her onto the mat, pinning her by her wrists. Amapola is easily able to bridge out of that pin attempt, then flips Marcela down to the mat by both pins, and rolls on top. One two no. Marcela clothesline is easily ducked, Amapola catches her and tries a back suplex, Marcela lands on her feet and ducks a back elbow, Marcela off the ropes, Amapola drops down, Marcela goes over her and then drops down her self, both up, zero leg trip by Marcela, both rolls to their feet for a standoff. Camera switches to Rey Bucanero, who is sitting in the front row as casually as a wrestler can possible look doing this bit. He appears to be doing his part to help the global economic criss by employing two women to sit next to him for tonight – edecanes who had the night off? Back in the match (about 1/4th of the time gone), Amapola flips over Marcela's backdrop attempt, but Marcela ends up getting a second rope headscissors anyway. Marcela waves by Amapola and (slightly) kicks Amapola to send her thru the ropes. Marcela not hesitating climb the ropes – plancha! Replays shows Rey leaning away from the dive, and into one of his companions. Both competitors up, but only Marcela in the ring . Amapola tries to come in ramp side, but Marcela kicks her back as she steps thru the apron, then walks out there to join her. Marcela kick, whip, reversed, and Amapola shoves Marcela down on the middle rope. Amapola backs up, shouting, and then charges – running sit from outside the ring this time. Amapola comes in just long enough to break the count, then drags Marcela in before climbing the ropes. Amapola climbing up – or not so much, as she stops for a moment, and Marcela wakes up and slaps her in the face. That'll teaching you to wait. Superplex? No, Amapola blocks it, and tosses Marcela off with a middle rope face first version. Amapola all the way up now, missile dropkick. One two NO. Both are looking tired, but Amapola's the one standing. Amapola picks up Marcela by her hair, Marcela a back elbow, and then come about 10 seconds of issues off waistlock. No timing for a bodyscissors, so Marcela just switches around to a hammerlock. Amapola back elbows free, then charges. Clothesline caught, and hooked right into a double underhook, into a backbreaker. Marcela measures up Amapola and then bounces off the ropes – running whatever just gets her backdropped to the apron. Marcela reaches back thru the top and middle to grab Amapola, but Amapola just grabs her by her hair, and gives her what would normally be a split legged faceslam but since that middle rope is right there underneath Marcela's midsection, turns into a painful looking gutbuster move. Marcela bounces to the outside, is up just in time to be knocked back down by Amapola's thru the ropes tope con giro.

They passed the halfway mark during the dive. This Replays showed that this time, Rey's girls reached for him to get away from the crashing bodies. Speak of, Amapola gets into the ring from the steps, and walks thru the ring to meet Marcela as she gets to apron. Marcela has a punch ready for her, but Amapola's already to block it. Punch to the midsection, head to the turnbuckle, no, Marcela blocks that and Amapola goes in instead. Marcela all the way up, and Amapola gets nailed by Marcela's missile dropkick. Knew we weren't getting out of here without one of those. Marcela covers, one two no. Both now getting you tired, but standing tired. Marcela misses a clothesline, Amapola grabs her in a waistlock, Marcela turns it into a bodyscissors cradle, but Amapola fights away before Marcela can hook the submission. Both back up, Amapola misses a clothesline, Marcela hooks that arm and the other – inverted Gori stretch. Amapola hurting, but able to flip out of it – into her own! Marcela goes forward, headscissors cradle into – a legscissors? a heel hook? I wish we had an angle where we could actually see what Marcela is going here, but we see Amapola screaming in pain and desperately trying to pull herself to the ropes. I'm going go with a kneebar, and Amapola is barely able to escape. Whip, reversed, Amapola brutalizes Marcela with a double choke bomb. One two NO. Crowd chanting for Marcela. What's Amapola trying now? Amapola standing, Marcela on her back, Amapola ties their legs together, then rolls to her back and puts on a submission. One I know I know, know I've seen in the luchawiki, know I've looked it up in the wiki before, and can't find the name. Hate the move section. It was also at this point where I checked my mail and found out about the CMLL press conference and got totally derailed. Let's see if we can pull together. The submission, which has their legs tied, and Marcela standing on her head, also has Amapola flat on her back, so it's just a matter of Marcela holding out long enough until the ref thinks to count Amapola's shoulder's down. He does, she turns over the hold to let go, then complains that her shoulders weren't really down. No dice. Two minutes to go! Lockup, Marcela slips behind, reverse split legged faceslam. One two NO. Magadan wants a DQ because Marcela pulled the hair. Good luck on that. Marcela helps Amapola up, and drops her for a gutbuster. One two NO. 90 seconds left on my clock. Marcela going all the way up once more. Double stomp, misses! Amapola rolled toward the corner to escape. Now she's up, grabbing Marcela by the side, and spinning her over for a variation on the leg DDT move. That bell ringing means one minute to go (or it's just a wacky coincidence, but let's pretend not because it's better that way.) Amapola slams Marcela and start to climb , but Marcela stops her with a shot to the back, and pulls her off - walking sitdown powerbomb. One two no. Thirty seconds, and both are just about done anyway. Marcela off the ropes, clothesline misses, Amapola ties her arms around her neck, backcracker, and Amapola nods along to the count, one two three. Beat the clock! Going out on a limb there and saying that one didn't get clipped. Amapola celebrates, Marcela is down. Rey politely claps for the camera. Amapola offers a handshake of sportsmanship after the match, and gets more of a handslap. Not that they feel like sticking with it. Replays. Good match. You know they knew it was going to be good, because it's Tony's cartoon – apparently Amapola's powerful enough to defeat the flu.

Match 2: Ephesto, Texano Jr., Terrible © vs Sagrado, La Mascara, Sombra ©
Arena Mexico, 05/16/09

  1. tecnicos
  2. tecnicos

Winner: tecnicos (2-0)
Match Time: 9:45
Approx Rating: More an angle than anything interesting as a match
Other Match Note: No entrances, at least of the version I'm watching. Terror Chino and Pompin are refs.

1: Match starts off with Sagrado/Ephesto on the mat and isn't too interesting. Mascara and Terrible eventually speed it up, though Mascara seems to whiff on the rolling dropkick that sends his opponent out. It breaks into a chaos instead of the expected change, with the rudos kicking down a tecnico, and a tecnico flying in with a move, until Sombra and Sagrado due stereo tope con giros onto Ephesto and Terrible. Mascara gets Terrible on the inside with a plancha and the bodyscissors roll into the campana for the fall.

2: Sombra gets a showcase, which is kinda of slow, but that's more because that's the speed Texano and Terrible feel like going more than anything Sombra’s doing. Texano's is pretty insistent on getting his handshake, and leading it into a Terrible clothesline. Sagrado's up next, with again Texano countering stuff into a Terrible cheap (big boot) shot. It's almost like they're a team. Sagrado's headstand on the top rope and lean backwards onto the apron is a lot less agile looking than it sounds. Loose headscissors for both unmasked guy, yet Ephesto is the guy pulled down by his hair. He also takes the obligatory quebadora. La Mascara in for the same, tecnico gets going, Terrible gets in a cheap shot, tecnico comes back. Ephesto doing a lot of observing. Terrible tries hold La Mascara in place from his knees to make sure he doesn't get clotheslined by accident, so of course Terrible ends tries a dropkick and get his partner. That sends Terrible out, and Mascara sends Texano out with a headscissors. Ephesto manages to side step the rolling dropkick, but Mascara gets him on the next pass with a spinning armdrag. Ephesto starts to spin roll out of the ring, hits the bottom rope and stops, re-adjusts to roll under, gets to his feet on the floor, and continues to be propelled backwards by the armdrag. Eighteen different laws of physics were just broken there, but the end result is Ephesto backs into Rey Bucanero, standing and looking away from the ring for no good reason. Rey Bucanero's beverages get knocked out of his hands (one of his ladies gone, the other bolting from this right after the shove), but Rey takes what's left in the cup and throws it at Ephesto. Ephesto isn't going to take that form some fan, double legging Bucanero into the second row. Rudos hurry over to put the boots to Bucanero as both men scrum on the floor. Everyone else just kinda watches from the ring for a bit, then the referees decide maybe they should come out to stop this. Where's security? Texano grabs Bucanero by the collar and pants, walks him a ways, and throws him into the announce desk. Tecnicos raise their arms like they've won the match – was there a countout somewhere in there? Ephesto was out of the ring for about 25 seconds before the refrees joined him, so maybe they did count them out at lightning speed. Tecnicos are leaving, so it's good enough for them.

Ephesto didn't get to do much during the match, but seems to be trying to make up for it with punches on Rey now. Referees eventually get the rudos off of him, just enough for them to stand Rey up and drag him elsewhere. Ephesto manages to have a hand on Bucanero and untie his own mask at the same time. I don't know. Security finally gets involved as the rudos get a chair, that's probably a good idea.

The show returns to see the security isn't much good at stopping the rudos before the jab Rey with a chair. Security tries to drag Rey to safety, but he struggles, preferring to go back and get beat 3 on 1 some more. Rudos return to the ring and congratulate themselves so their two fall loss. Replays show there was a countout, they just missed it the first time. Back live, Rey is somehow back out on the ramp and fighting again, and getting mugged by all three guys. Terrible knocks him off the ramp and into the crowd with a straight right cross, and security and other CMLL staff swarms again. I think I spot Panico just as this cuts off.

Vignette: Dos rants about Shocker. Serious dramatic promo by a guy in blue jeans – and then he's suddenly hearing Shocker's counter promo as if he's a ghost. Because he is! Both Dos Jr. and I think this is very strange.

Match 3: Dos Caras Jr. ©, Mephisto, Averno vs Shocker, Mistico ©, Blue Panther
Arena Mexico, 05/15/09

  1. rudos
  2. tecnicos
  3. tecnicos

Winner: Misitco (2-1)
Match Time: 15:38
Approx Rating: OK
Other Match Notes: Shocker waits at the end of the ramp to meet Dos, who's the last guy introduced. Naturally, he's coming in thru the crowd, and laying out Shocker's partners before he returns around and sees what happens. Shocker is able to ducks Dos' clothesline and drop him with a right, but back up arrives for Dos before he can do more.

1: Beatdown. I'm afraid this is Dos' problems as a rudo in a nutshell: Mephisto and Averno hold Shocker, Averno holding Shocker's left foot, so Shocker's left leg (and higher up) are completely exposed for a kick. Dos looks at it, stand sand place and looks at the ref. Stands on the bottom rope and stares out at the crowd (because his name just got announced), points at Shocker and – slaps him in the face. Mistico is not so beat that he can't stand and pose when being hit. Replace of Dos beating up Shocker last week. Dos punches Shocker for a bit on the ramp, suplexes him on the ramp, and then gets to hard work of posing and dramatically taking off his soccer jersey. Dos holds Shocker in the ropes while Mistico makes a mini comeback with a headscissors on Averno, but Mephisto stops that from going any further. Dos whips shocker, and give shim a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker before acting the goof. Dos has really crappy looking punches for a guy who was actually punching guy for real at one point. Do you think Dos Jr. has ever seen a Dos Jr. match? I'm thinking he's not big on that sort of thing. I'm not sure Dos realize he's feuding with Shocker, and not some guy in the crowd. I guess that would work if people cared about Shocker more. Mephisto gets Panther with Nudo Lagunero, which is something they probably should notice. Mistico goes up high on the flapjack. Dos press slams him with one arm, and Averno gives him the Devil's Wings for the win.

Dos continues to leisurely work over Shocker, including running him into Tony's easel and hitting him with a chair.

2: Rudos still in control. Shocker gets the chair some how, but Dos gets it back and hits Shocker with it again on the outside. That probably should be a DQ, but no one much cares. Everyone’s either posing or resting. Not the match for action. Shocker make the comeback off a couple missed charges, Dos eventually dropkicking his partners. Mistico runs down the ramp, and gets boosted into another dropkick on Dos by Panther. Dos doesn't go down, but does go out, so Shocker can send him into the easel for revenge. Security finally decides maybe they should move the easel to a safer spot, behind the announcers. Other tecnicos clear out other rudos in the ring, and Mistico does a top rope tornillo on both Averno & Mephisto. Mistico lifts up, but rudos bail out before getting hit by Panther's tope, and Mistico catches it instead. Shocker and Dos left in the ring, but taking their time with the crowd instead of fighting. Dos kicks Shocker in the leg, and pinwheels him by the head. Double bicep, thumb out pose. Shocker off the ropes, hitting Dos with a jumping forearm and getting on top of him for punches. Shocker's actually look as bad, but he goes for a facelock instead of continuing to do them. Averno & Mephisto break that up, but miss on a double clothesline, and Shocker takes himself and Dos out with one instead. They roll around on the ground while the tecnicos come in – Mistico plancha, Panther boosts him up, no one's home, rudos go for finishes, but tecnicos escapes – Mistico up and over sunset flip, Panther Indian deathlock on Mephisto, maybe. Shocker chases Dos up the apron.

3: Panther is in, briefly. More time is spent on Dos running from Shocker, using human shields when possible. Mistico and Mephisto have a pose off for a bit instead of wrestling. 619, springboard headscissors, and they're done. Averno comes in, springboard headscissors on him, fireman’s carry into a spinning headscissors. Rudos aren't even getting a start on Mistico, he's just taking them out. Panther bum rushes Averno out with a shoulderblock, Mistico keeps Mephisto out with a dropkick. Panther starts climbing the outside of the ropes, as if he was going to do a moonsault to the floor, and then looks over at Mistico, who's just as confused as the rest of us. Mistico figures out Panther wants them to do the dives at the same time, and climbs the rope too. We get split screen for the dive – except both cameras turn to watch Mistico moonsault out and we miss Panther's dive. Shocker and Dos left in. Crowd is into it, even if it hasn't been much to write home about. Dos spins out Shocker with a shoulderblock. Not in a hurry to follow up. Dos shoves Shocker into the corner, and then slaps him hard. Hey, something good. They have a decent slap fight, which ends with Dos forearms. And then Dos dancing. Dos loads up Shocker on his shoulders, and spins him off – well, into giving Dos a headscissors. Crowd boos. Shocker of the ropes, powerslam., slow posing. Dos off the ropes, over, no, Dos trips him up, rolls to his feet, and knocks down Dos with a big boot. Dos rolls out, Shocker teases diving and stays in, then runs again – ah, a tope thru the corner because Dos had moved. Dos gets sent up the aisle on that impact. Other four in, rudos take control briefly, Mistico Kicks Averno away on a corner charges, Panther sets up Mephisto on the ropes and points to Mistico, who pulls him off with a springboard 'rana. Mephisto back up again for Panther’s sunset flip, rolled around into a farmer’s roll. Panther manages to circle around the ring in such a way that Mistico and Averno have enough of the middle of the ring unobstructed for La Mistica. That's it.

Shocker backs Dos up the aisle, same as we were last fall. Tecnicos get their arms raised, Dos wanders back, thinking about jumping Shocker on the outside, and hides with the fans rather then face shocker.